Best Happy Birthday Captions for Boyfriend on Instagram

Best Happy Birthday Captions for Boyfriend on Instagram

It’s perfectly okay to scream your love for your boyfriend out for the world to hear (and read). Especially when he is supportive, caring, and always puts your interests first.

This is why I have put together these amazing Instagram captions for your boyfriend’s special day. They are unique, warm and will help you adequately communicate how you’re feeling.

So, feel free to go all out for him today. Also, feel free to use as many of the following best happy birthday captions for boyfriend as you’d prefer. Enjoy!

Instagram Captions for Boyfriends Birthday

One simple gift that doesn’t cost much for your lover’s birthday is in the wishes you send that day. With these Instagram captions for boyfriend’s birthday, you can be sure that your boyfriend or girlfriend will have a swell time.

1. Honestly, agreeing to date you was one of the smartest things I ever did. And I wish you everything good as you begin your new year. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you so much.

2. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday today and I can’t keep calm! Happy birthday, my love. Welcome to your season of laughter and peace. I love you!

3. Happy birthday, baby. I’m glad for your existence in this life, and in my life. I can actually say that I started living when you came in. May this new year be a lit one for you.

4. You’ve fulfilled me in every way possible, and I dare say that I’m content with how my life is with you. Happy birthday love of my life.

5. Even something as casual as your smile is worth celebrating today. Happy birthday, dear. May this new year be a colourful one for you. I love you.

6. Happy birthday, darling. Your love is burning in my heart, and I doubt the flames will ever go out. I love you.

7. I celebrate you today and always, my king. May the new age come with big blessings that supersede your expectations. You know I love you!

8. You deserve all the beautiful presents you’ve gotten and more. For your new year, I pray that life deals kindly with you. Happy birthday, lover.

9. No message is long enough to describe how glad I am that you’re alive to witness another new year. Here’s wishing you a season of open doors and massive opportunities. Happy birthday, dear.

10. Your sweetness is intoxicating. Lord knows that I can never get tired of you. May your life be much sweeter this year. Happy birthday, love of my life.

11. You’re brighter than the entire galaxies put together. In this new year of yours, I pray that your light will shine brighter for the entire world to see. Happy birthday, honey.

12. You’re my wish come through. You’ve always been, and I dare to say that you’ll always be. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

13. Here’s a big thank you for always coming through for me. May God cause His face to shine upon you every day of this year. Welcome to your best year yet!

14. It is shocking how you always look this young and relaxed every year. I certainly have a thing or two to learn from you as always. Happy birthday, my darling. Live long and keep glowing!

15. You’re my personal angel. All the battles you’ve fought by my side are evidence of this. May this year be a really good one for you. Happy birthday, dear. I love you!

16. “You’re a special man.” This was one of the first things I said to you when we started dating. Months down, and it still remains true for me. Happy birthday, dear.

17. There’s nothing better than the sound of your voice on a frustrating day. And on this day, I pray that you have zero reasons to worry and fret this year. Happy birthday, love.

18. Other men pale in comparison to you. It’s not like they ever stood a chance anyway. Happy birthday a man after my own heart. I love you now and always.

19. Happy birthday, baby. I’ll never understand how I got blessed with you. But I’ll always be thankful. May this year be a very colourful one for you. I love you.

20. Happy birthday, my love. No one matters more to me than you, and I’m looking forward to the many blessings that will come your way this year. Live long!

21. The world we’ve created for ourselves is one I never want to be apart from. Happy birthday, my special man. I love you like crazy!

22. In your arms, I have all of the comfort and tranquillity I need to survive. In this new year, I pray that you’ll always survive whatever storms life decides to throw at you. Happy birthday, my prince.

23. Your love pulled me out of my shell. Your love is pure, relentless and beautiful. I’m glad that you’re the man I get to share everything with. Happy birthday, love of my life.

24. My walls didn’t stand a chance with your love, and I’m always grateful for that. Happy birthday, king. I love you dearly.

25. You pursued me with all consistency and alacrity. There was no other option than to love you with all my heart. Happy birthday, dear. May your days be full and rich!

26. Everything fell into place when you came into my life and loved me. May things always fall into place for you this year. I love you, boo.

27. Everything I need and will ever need, I have found in you. You’ll always be enough for me. Here’s sending you all my love on this special day of yours. Happy birthday, babe.

28. There’s nothing that manages to set me at peace as much as your smile and touch. Happy birthday, the man that always gives me peace. May your days be long and beautiful always.

29. Happy birthday, dearie. Try as much as I can, I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you. Here’s to a new year of love, laughter and clarity. I love you, (insert his name).

30. Can you tell that you make my heartbeat every time? I’m thoroughly and unashamedly in love with you. Happy birthday, baby.

31. Happy birthday, love. I truly started living and loving hard the day I met you. May this new year be filled with loads of amazing things for you. I love you, babes.

32. I’ll always be thankful that our lives are interwoven. I’ll always be thankful that you’re the man I get to spend forever with. Happy birthday, boo of life.

33. I love how meshed our lives are together. I really am glad that I get to grow old with you. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

34. Happy birthday, love of my life. May your fire burn bright and long for the world to see. Welcome to your new year!

35. You’re God’s masterpiece created specially to light up the world. And I’m certain that you’ll fulfil all of the plans God has for you. Happy birthday, darling.

36. Happy birthday to you, baby. Gradually, you’re getting closer to your dreams. I know that you’ll do big things in life!

37. There’s nobody else I’d rather spend my forever with. I love you now and always, babe. Happy birthday to you.

38. Today, I’ll be showing you just how much you mean the world to me. But first, here’s wishing you a happy birthday, love. Long life, prosperity and good health!

39. You’re worth every sacrifice I make. Thank you for going all out for me. It feels really good to know that you’re always in my corner. Happy birthday, love.

40. You’re my superman, the man of my dreams, and the absolute love of my life. Welcome to your new chapter. It’ll be your best one yet.

41. I’m certain that no other man can love me as much as you do. Hope you also know that this is true for me. Happy birthday, sweetie. This year will be a blessed one for you.

42. I am so proud of how far you’ve come, and all you’ve been able to make of your life. I have no doubt that you’ll do even greater things this year. Happy birthday, baby.

43. I’m proud that I get to love you in this lifetime. I’m glad that you’re the man I get to spend my forever with. May your new year be filled with so much light and love. Cheers to your new year, honey.

44. You’re my partner for life! And on your special day, I wish you more adventures, laughter and peace. Happy birthday, love of my life.

45. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t love you more than I already do. You’ve taken up every space in my heart, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday, my love.

46. Whenever I think of you, my heart swells with love all over again. It is my prayer that this year will be a much better one for you. Happy birthday, love.

47. I’ve watched you get better and stronger with each passing day. This year, it is my prayer that you continue to evolve for good. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

48. You rock my world! As you celebrate a new year today, may you always find reasons to be shocked with good news. Happy birthday, babe.

49. I just need you to hold my hands, and everything just falls into place. May your lines always fall in pleasant places this year. Happy birthday, love of my life.

50. Honestly, my world became all right when you came into it. Happy 33rd birthday, the man of my dreams.

51. My priorities changed for the better when I met you. You’re truly the man for me. Here’s wishing you everything beautiful on your special day. Happy birthday, dear.

52. There’s nothing as sweeter and better than your love. I pray that your life in this new year will be sweeter and better as well. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

53. You’ve stood by me so much, and I hope to do the same for you as you enter into another phase of your life. Happy birthday, my darling.

54. I don’t know how else to express how you make me feel. But I do know that I’ve never felt safer and as beautiful before now. Happy birthday, my love. Live long and make progress.

55. I have no doubt that this year is going to be a good one for you. It’s going to be your next best chapter. Happy birthday, my love.

56. I’m certain of the many amazing things you’ll do in this new year. Launch out already! Happy birthday, babe.

57. I don’t know anyone else that works as hard as you. This is why I’m wishing you loads of opportunities to relax and just have fun. Happy birthday, babe. I love you always.

58. This year, I hope you find the boldness and strength to go after the things that make you truly happy. Happy birthday, good man.

59. There’s no limit to the things you can do. And I’m looking forward to seeing you unleash. Happy birthday, babe.

60. The thought of spending the rest of my life with you leaves me happy and content. Happy 28th birthday, boyfriend. I love you so much.

61. This year, I pray that you enjoy freshness and fruitfulness in whatever you set out to do. Welcome to another chapter, babe!

62. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hugging and kissing you. Of course, the times I spend with you will always be my favourite. Happy birthday, lover.

63. You know the right chords to pull with me. You’ll always remain my favourite person, darling. Happy birthday to you.

64. I’ll always be yours. Just as you’ll always be mine. Happy birthday, sugar. It’s a beautiful year already.

65. I owe your parents for bringing you into this world, and for training you into an amazing man. Happy birthday, baby.

66. I hope that you enjoy the fruits of your labour this year. I hope that all your dreams are made into reality as well. Happy birthday, baby.

67. You compliment me perfectly. Life is so much easier with you by my side. This year, I pray that your life will be filled with so much ease and comfort. Happy birthday, dearie.

68. You’ll always be the love of my life, my first and last. Happy birthday, boo. I love you with all my heart!

69. I’m glad that I’m the one that gets to date the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. Happy birthday, my love.

70. You’re a continuous source of life and enjoyment for me. For your new year, I pray that your life is filled with sweetness and enjoyment as well. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

71. Your zeal at everything is just amazing. As you face your new year with it, may it pay off. Happy birthday, my darling. I love you.

72. Your energy should wear me out, but it gives me life instead. Happy birthday, my love. Welcome to your next best chapter.

73. I love your spirit, and how you’re not scared to take on anything life throws at you. I pray that you always remain this way and that you prosper mightily. Happy birthday, love.

74. Time and circumstances have tested our feelings for each other, but we’ve always come out victorious. May this year also be a victorious one for you. Happy birthday, lover boy.

75. My one true friend and lover, may life always give you reasons to rejoice and be thankful. Happy birthday to you. Of course, I love you.

76. I stand content and confident in your love, and I know you’ll continue to make me feel this way. Happy birthday to you, dear.

77. I made the best choice when I agreed to spend the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday, the man of my heart.

78. You deserve all the love there is, and I’ll always be here to supply it to you. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

79. You’re everything wrapped up in one. I can’t wait for the world to see the stuff that you’re made of. Happy birthday, darling.

80. You always inspire me. I know that I want to be better because of you. Happy birthday, my source of strength and inspiration. I love you plenty.

81. You’re beautiful in all of your forms, and here’s a promise to always love you in them. Happy birthday, my love.

82. Thank you for loving me with all your heart. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to share the rest of my life with. Happy birthday, baby.

83. I’m certain that I will never get tired of loving you. Happy birthday, love. Welcome to your new year!

84. I’ve seen your strength, and what you’re capable of. I have no doubt that you’ll do amazing things in life. Happy birthday, dear.

85. I’m grateful for our friendship and love. I’m grateful that it’s you I get to do life with. Happy birthday, hot stuff. I love you so much.

86. You compliment me so well that the chinks in my armour are hardly noticeable. I’m always thankful for the gift of you. Happy birthday, babe.

87. Your willingness to sacrifice leaves me dumbfounded all the time. This year, I pray that you find unlimited happiness and warmth. Happy birthday, dear.

88. Thank you for providing me with a safe space. You’re truly God’s gift to me. Happy birthday, sugar.

89. You gave me forever by loving me. Today, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and peace. Happy birthday, baby.

90. I wouldn’t complain if all our children come out looking like you. Because you’re an absolutely amazing man. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

91. You’re the true definition of a good man and I’m grateful for you always. Happy birthday, dearest boyfriend of mine.

92. May God continue to bless and prosper you in all that you do. Welcome to an amazing year, babe. Happy birthday.

93. I’m so glad that God altered all of my plans with you. You’ll always be the best thing to have happened to me. Happy birthday, sweetness.

94. Thank you for loving me for who I am. Thank you for loving me despite my faults. Cheers to a new year, dearest.

95. Rather than sink with the enormity of what I feel for you, I’m surprisingly afloat. Happy birthday, dearest. Love you always.

96. May this new year come with as few regrets as possible for you. Happy birthday, my darling.

97. I’m in love with what your love does to me. This year, I wish you nothing but heaven’s best. Happy birthday, darling.

98. Thank you for always believing and seeing the best in me. You don’t know how grateful I am to have you in my corner. Happy birthday, my sunshine.

99. You’re the most daring man I’ve ever met. This year, I pray that all your efforts pay off. Happy birthday, my man. (It sure feels good to call you that).

100. You’re rich in quantity and quality. I pray for a healthy life for you this new year. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

I hope these Instagram captions bring your boyfriend as much warmth as they brought me when writing them.

You can also share them with friends and loved ones. Thank you!

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