Happy 61st birthday to me

Happy 61st Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Every day of your life is special. However, today’s extra special because you’re celebrating your 61st birthday. Obviously, this doesn’t happen every time!

And how do you treat your special day?

You go all out for yourself. You spend quality time pampering and surrounding yourself with warmth. You speak good wishes and prayers ahead, to smoothen out the days of your new year.

Despite all you had to battle with the previous year, you made it to this point. And quite frankly? It can only get better from here! Make the day memorable by celebrating yourself with these happy 61st birthday to me wishes and quotes.

Ps – Because I love to plan ahead, I’ve also included birthday wishes for ages 62 to 69. Enjoy!


Best 61st Birthday Quotes for Myself

My time is far from being over. For my 61st birthday, I’ll make great strides, and live my best life yet. Happy birthday to myself! Many happy returns to me.

1. I’m grateful for the opportunity to show others the way. I’m grateful for the kind of life I lead. May this year bring me all of my heart’s desires. Happy 61st birthday to myself.

2. The light I have inside me will continue to shine. Nothing and no one will make it go down this year. Cheers to year 61!

3. It’s an incredible blessing to see another year. And I’ll treat every day of this year as the blessing they are. Happy 61st birthday to me.

4. It doesn’t matter what is thrown my way this year, I am already an overcomer! Welcome to year 61, (insert your nickname).

5. Even if no one says it today, I know that I have come a long way and that I have done well for myself. For my 61st year, I know that I’ll do even better. Happy birthday to me.

6. The last 365 days were great. Here’s praying that the days ahead of me will be peaceful and beautiful. Happy 61-year-old birthday, (insert your name).

7. I deserve every blessing I’m enjoying today. I’ll also spend this year relishing them. Happy birthday, sugar baby.

8. I have so many reasons to be thankful for today. I truly have come a long way. Here’s hoping I enjoy many more reasons to be grateful. Happy 61st birthday to me.

9. Here’s wishing myself a special birthday celebration today. 60 was great, and 61 will be better!

10. My star will continue to shine for the world to see. All I have to offer will be on manifestation this year. Happy 61-year-old birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 62 Years Old

Today’s marks the start of another amazing year. May year 62 bring me answers to all of my expectations. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

11. May this be a magnificent year for me. May the blessings that come with it exceed those of the previous year. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

12. I am surrounded by so many reasons to celebrate. May I never lose these reasons in my new year. Cheers to 62!

13. I never knew I’d be here today. With all the storms thrown my way, I came out well. Here’s to another 365 days of goodness and comfort!

14. I have faith enough to know that all my heart desires for this new year will come through. Happy belated birthday to me.

15. My skin may have wrinkles, but there’s no stopping my mind. Cheers to another 365 days. They’re going to be a blast!

16. I am even inspired by my life. I am inspired by every turn on the journey. I’m definitely looking forward to what the new year has in store for me. Happy 62 birthday to me.

17. I’m going to take out time to reflect on how far I have come. Because I truly have come far and done well for myself. Happy 62-year-old birthday, (insert your name)

18. Last year was particularly challenging for my loved ones and me. Because we overcame the challenges, we’ll do so again this year. Happy birthday to me.

19. I’m ready for life’s adventures this year. I’m ready to do the many things I have my eyes set on. Age is a number, after all! Happy 62nd birthday to me.

20. I look forward to the decades ahead of me. I look forward to a long life, prosperity and good health. I look forward to the fine things of life. Happy 62nd birthday to me.

Happy 63rd Birthday to Me

I look forward to a rich and fulfilling life this year. Here’s wishing myself a happy 63rd birthday celebration!

21. If there’s anything I do well, it is that I never give up. In the coming days, amidst different battles, I’ll remember to continue to fight. Happy 63rd birthday to me.

22. May this year come with good memories and surprises for my family and me. Cheers to my big 63!

23. I’m grateful to God for enriching my life so much. I’m thankful for all the sweetness and favour I enjoy. May these never depart from me in this new year. Happy 63rd birthday to me!

24. Here’s sending loads of love ahead of me. May the path ahead be stress-free and enjoyable for me. Happy new year to me!

25. Here’s to another year of selflessness and being a beacon for others. Happy 63rd birthday, (insert your name)!

26. May this year that has started on a good note continue to remain so. Happy 63-year-old birthday, (insert your nickname).

27. I’m grateful that I’m in this moment. I’m grateful for the highs and lows. This new year will surpass my expectations. Happy birthday to me.

28. May this year end on a high note for me. May it come with unexpected blessings and open doors for me and mine. Cheers to the big 63!

29. Looking forward to enjoying as much happiness as I can this year. Happy birthday, (insert your name). I love you so much.

30. I’m fighting with everything I’ve got to have a good year. And I truly will have a good year. Happy 63rd birthday to me!

64th Birthday Prayers for Myself

Come rain or shine, I pray that this will be a year I’ll always remember for good. Happy 64th birthday to me.

31. This year, I decree that I have the strength and that I can overcome whatever is thrown my way. Happy 64th birthday to me.

32. I have a father that is always on the lookout for me. So, I know that every day of this year is secure. Happy 64th birthday to me.

33. This is a year where I enjoy great peace, comfort, prosperity and warmth. Welcome to year 64, (insert your name).

34. As I celebrate turning 64 today, I pray that God will continue to fill my life and family with his blessings. Many happy returns to me!

35. This year and beyond, may I enjoy longevity, progress, goodwill and fortune. Happy 64th birthday to me.

36. Glad that I stepped into the new year with renewed energy. May this energy wax strong for the rest of this year. Happy 64th birthday to me.

37. I’m blessed to be celebrating another milestone in my life. For my new year, I ask for more of God’s blessings and guidance. Happy birthday to me.

38. I serve a faithful God, so I know that this year will go well. He will faithfully lead me and mine through it. Happy 64th old birthday to me.

39. I’m grateful for good health and strength. I’m grateful for the warmth I’m surrounded by every day. May this good fortune continue to be my lot. Happy new year to me.

40. I’m optimistic that I’ll have more reasons to celebrate in this new year. Cheers to year 64, (insert your name).

41. God has promised to not leave me nor forsake me. In this new year, I’m holding on to his promises and trusting that he will see me through. Happy birthday to me!

42. I have a father that is a winner. So, I win all the time! I don’t give up, I don’t lose, I win all the time! Happy birthday to me.

43. I’m thankful to God for the many victories of the past year. I’m thankful for the victories that will colour this year. Happy belated birthday to me.

44. May happiness, favour and true peace be my lot this year. Already, 64 was a good year! Cheers!

45. I’m not going to live this year as a helpless person. God will help me and mine. God will walk with us every step of the way. Happy birthday to me.

Happy 65th Birthday to Me

I’m grateful that I never gave up on myself. I’m grateful that I have seen another year. Here’s wishing myself a happy 65th birthday celebration.

46. Looking forward to this new year with excitement in my heart. May it be my best one yet. Happy 65th birthday to me.

47. My life is truly a testimony. And this testimony will not cease or be cut short. Happy 65th birthday to me.

48. Life is for the living, and I’m living mine to the fullest this year. Cheers to a year of comfort and enjoyment!

49. I’m truly proud of all I’ve accomplished over the years. I look forward to accomplishing more this year. Happy 65th birthday celebration to me.

50. I’ll live every day of this year like it’s a miracle. Because everything about me is a miracle. Welcome to year 65, (insert your full name). It’s going to be a beautiful one!

51. I’m really optimistic that I’ll have a fantastic year. 65 will do me well, and bring me beautiful things. Happy birthday to me.

52. This year, I’m looking forward to enjoying the fresh air and just relaxing. 65 is my year of comfort, and I’m living like the queen I am.

53. Since I’m living in the moment, may every day of this year be my best one yet. Cheers to another 365 days, (insert your nickname).

54. This year, I refused to be boxed into tight corners. I’ll live and do very well. Happy birthday to me.

55. Who’s going to be standing tall at the end of year 65? That will be me! Cheers to a brand new year!

66th Birthday Quotes for Myself

Even at 66, I’ll continue to make great strides and progress. This year will come with incredible blessings and favour. Happy birthday to myself!

56. I love how I look at life with so much passion and enthusiasm. May both of these not be absent in my life this year. Happy 66th birthday to me.

57. Truly, life is a gift. I’m going to cherish mine, and live it to the best of my abilities. Happy 66th birthday to me!

58. I truly have lived a good life. And I am still open to the goodness that is ahead of me. Happy 66th year birthday, (insert your name).

59. This year, I’m putting only my best foot forward. What do I have to lose, after all? Cheers to year 66!

60. The last 365 days were filled with loads of fun. Hoping this year comes with its own blessings. Happy birthday to me.

61. I’m grateful for this unique life that is mine. I’m also looking forward to unique blessings in this new year. Happy 66th birthday to myself.

62. My grass will always be green. My life will always be filled with progress, good news and favour. Happy new year to me.

63. The cards thrown at me were hard. But I made them work somehow. Here’s to another year of progress and comfort. Cheers to the new year!

64. I look forward to helping more people this year because it’s how I draw fulfilment. Happy 66th birthday, (insert your nickname).

Birthday Wishes to Self at 67

Here’s wishing myself the best of this season. May I continually find reasons to celebrate. Happy 67th birthday to me.

65. I’m truly a gift that keeps giving. I’m grateful for how far I’ve come, and I look forward to the blessings that’ll come with this year. Happy 67 years birthday to me.

66. Whenever I remember what it took to get here, I always feel like crying. I am blessed, and I have lived a good life. Here’s wishing myself a happy 67th birthday celebration.

67. I’m grateful for the blissful life I’ve led so far. For 67, I look forward to peace, favour and more blessings. Happy birthday to me.

68. I have no doubt that I’ll do well this year. My health, finances and family are preserved from harm as well. Happy 67th year birthday to me.

69. I can’t imagine a life without my family and loved ones. May they continue to surround me with the strength and stability they offer. Happy 67 years birthday to me.

70. Today’s no ordinary day. 67 years ago, I was born. I’m thankful for life, and I look forward to the new year with expectations in my heart. Happy birthday to me.

71. I deserve beautiful things, and I’ll enjoy them for my 67th year. Happy belated birthday to me!

72. Glad that I’ve gotten to the age of 67, completely in charge of my life. May I continue to enjoy this freedom in good health, comfort and wealth. Happy birthday to me.

73. May life treat me well this year. May it come with all my expectations. Happy 67th birthday, (insert your name).

74. May this be the next best year of my life. May this chapter usher me into beautiful opportunities and testimonies. Happy 67th birthday to me.

75. Life has really been kind to me. May this kindness also continue in this 67th year. Happy birthday to me.

68th Birthday Messages for Myself

If there’s anything I know how to do well, it is not giving up. As I’ve seen a new year, I’ll enjoy amazing testimonies as well. Happy 68th birthday to myself.

76. I’ll keep unboxing this gift that is life. And with every unboxing will come favour, good health, long life and prosperity. Happy 68th birthday to me.

77. I’ll keep watering my seeds of goodness and kindness. They’ll definitely yield me great returns. Cheers to year 68!

78. Just like I recorded wins last year, I’m looking forward to more this year. Happy 68 years birthday to me.

79. I’m grateful for the gifts I’ll be surrounded by this year. 68 already smells like victory. Happy birthday to me.

80. My year is dipped in glory and goodness. I’ll definitely end year 68 on a high note. Happy birthday to me.

81. I’m grateful for my own journey. Grateful for how I’ve owned and loved my narrative. Here’s to freedom, good health and fulfilment. Happy 68th birthday to me.

82. May God’s blessings abide with me and mine every day of this year. Happy birthday, (insert your nickname).

83. I’m one of the kindest people I know. May this year come with kindness and blessings for me. Happy birthday to me.

84. I am full of ideas that transform lives positively around me. I know how to move my life to the next best level. Happy 68th birthday, (insert your name).

85. Every day of this year, I drip glory and beauty. My life is going to go well. Happy birthday to me.

69th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

I pray that this year comes with all the blessings I’ve envisaged for it. Here’s also wishing myself the best of the season. Happy 69th birthday to me.

86. As long as God lives, I know that I can face tomorrow. My future is also secure because of this fact. Happy 69th birthday to myself.

87. This year is already a victorious one for me. And I look forward to more years as a victor. Happy 69th birthday to me.

88. I’m lucky to have warm family members around me. In this new year, I pray that God keeps us together in love. Cheers to my 69th year.

89. May my life remain an inspiration to others. May other people look at me and be able to draw strength. Happy 69th birthday, (insert your name).

90. For my 69th birthday, I’m ready for higher levels of victory, open doors and connections. Happy birthday to me!

91. This year, I pray that I’ll not cry over my friends and loved ones. Goodness and warmth will continue to be all our lot. Cheers on 69, (insert your name).

92. This new year, I pray for true happiness and health for me and my family. May this be my best year yet. Cheers to me!

93. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the people God put in my life. So, I ask for the strength and capacity to guide the people around me this year. Amen. Happy birthday to me.

94. More doors are being opened for me. I walk in abundance and victory like never before. Happy birthday, (insert your name).

95. May special blessings fill my life and that of my family. May God’s eyes never be off our lives. Happy birthday to me.

96. I’m grateful for my faith. I’m grateful for how it has shaped me. I’m thankful for the hope it provides me. I’m certain that this will be a good year for me. Cheers on 69!

97. I pray for God’s continual guidance and support as I journey through my 69th year. May this be a truly remarkable year for me. Cheers to 69!

98. For my new year, may God preserve me and keep me as fit as a fiddle. May his goodness, aura and warmth continue to surround me. Happy 69th birthday to me.

99. May satisfaction and fulfilment never depart from my life. May remarkable things continue to happen to me and my loved ones. Happy birthday to me!

100. I pray for unbridled happiness in this new year. I also pray for health, strength and longevity. Happy 69th birthday, (insert your name).

Hope these birthday wishes make you feel as special as we think you are on your 61st birthday. Hope they add fanfare to your special day and usher you into a year of amazing testimonies.

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See you (again)!

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