Happy 28th Birthday Wishes for Son

Happy 28th Birthday Wishes for Son

One of the many joys that come with being a parent is having the opportunity to celebrate your kid as they grow, each year. Parenting is no easy task, but it definitely is fun too. It comes with a lot of smiles and sometimes tears but surely, there’s nothing to be compared to the joy of seeing your children happy with little or no effort at all.

Sons are special, even right from infancy you can agree that they are a happy handful. They can be energetic, agile and extremely active, but then, they can also leave along their wake, a lot of things destroyed. If you are a parent to a child with any of the mentioned qualities, maybe you should try out some ways to keep a boy calm or you can as well jump in and get involved in their boy games.

Children especially boys vary in attitude and character, and this helps greatly to mould them into the kind of adult they are to grow into. That’s why it’s best to closely observe your child from infancy, through the teenage so that his transition into adulthood will not come as a rude shock to you.

There are many ways you can celebrate your son and of course, many positive words you should always say to your child, most of all, it’s to make sure that you do a good job of being a parent in the long run.

From age 1 to 28, there are a thousand and one ways to give your son the most memorable celebration and let your son know how proud of him you really are on every of his birthday, these happy 28th birthday wishes for son are just one out of it.

Asides congratulatory messages, when he’s crossed a milestone and gets to the age of 28, positive words and affirmations are always good to chip into his daily routine.

Give your son a warm birthday gift in the form of any of these wishes as he celebrates his 25th birthday, he absolutely deserves it and more.

Happy 28th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

I woke today with so much joy in my heart and pride, it’s your 28th son. Many times you have done so well and made me so proud that I’m grateful you’re my son. So many wishes in my heart for you today, and I’m sure they’ll all come true just for you. Have a very happy birthday.

1. Only one prayer for you today, may the days that are to come be filled with unimaginable blessings and amazing opportunities. Happy birthday, son, welcome to 28.

2. A year older today and I am sure that you’re definitely wiser. May every day of your life be filled with all that you desire for each day. Many happy returns of today, dear son.

3. Today, I’m the proud father of a 28-year-old young man and I can’t be any less happy. Happy birthday to you, son, you’re wonderful and that’s what you’ll always be.

4. Today, you’re 28 and it still feels like a dream, just like yesterday that you were a tiny baby boy. May God bless all of your existence, my sweet son, happy birthday to you today.

5. Thank you for giving me the joy of being a proud parent, I promise to always be right here for you, dear son. Happy birthday to you today.

6. Dearest son, today I’m happy that you’re 2 years to 30. I’m grateful forever to God for the gift of you. As you grow older, may each of your years in life bring you closer to more prosperity and happiness. Happy 28th birthday, son.

7. May the roads ahead of you lead you to greatness, dear son, so that we can all continue to be proud of you. Happy birthday, sweetheart, your days and existence are blessed forever.

8. I wish that your life be open to endless possibilities no matter what and may your life be great always. Happy birthday to you, dear son, you are an outstanding young man already.

9. Plenty hugs for you today dear son, you are my baby even at 28 or 38. Don’t worry, I’m bringing the fun down to you today. Many happy returns of today my darling son.

10. Your dad and I still can’t believe you’re 28 already, you’re growing so well and so fast, dearest son. Happy birthday to you today, darling, you’re the best son ever.

11. Happy birthday, son, I’m excited that you’re 28 today. Cheers to the best son any parent can ever ask for. I love you son.

12. May this beautiful world accommodate you comfortably, may all of your dreams and aspirations in this life come to fruition. Live long and prosper dear son, happy birthday to you today.

13. Dearest son, you’re loved, you’re special, you’re unique, you’re my life’s greatest joy. On this special day of yours, I wish you a very happy birthday.

14. I am not that amazed at the man that you are becoming, you’re my son, that’s to be expected. I love you and I leave you into the hands of the Most High to take good care of you all the days of your life. Happy birthday, darling.

15. Since the day you came into this world as my son, it’s been filled with laughter and overall joy. May all that you set your mind to become, happen. Many happy returns of today dearest son, happy 28th today.

16. Knowing you, having you, watching you grow has been a most wonderful experience that I don’t mind reliving all over and again. Happy birthday, son, you’re the best.

17. Just some few years back, you were a toddler struggling with your first steps. And boom, today, you’re 28! I wish you could stay a kid forever but that’s not possible. You’re my kid, forever though. Happy birthday to you, son.

18. May this day bring a lot of fun and amazing memories to you. My wish is that life will forever be favourable to you dear son, happy 28th birthday.

19. I don’t dare to imagine life without you in it with me. Thank you for being a son and more. May your life be blessed dear son, happy birthday darling.

20. Your smartness, handsomeness, strength, uniqueness, and everything about you is just one of a kind. Thank you for being the best son I could ask for. Happy birthday to you sweetheart.

21. Go into your new year with nothing short of positivity and optimism. It’s your very important day son, and nothing will ruin it. Happy birthday to you today my love.

22. Today you’re 28 but the truth is, no matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby boy. I’m just happy that it’s a perfect day for you and us all. Happy birthday, son, enjoy 28 and the years ahead.

23. Dearest son, may all the days of your life be spectacular! This is my utmost wish for you today. Sending love across to you, happy birthday darling.

24. No matter how old you grow, I still have to think up the best birthday present to gift you because you’re my dearest baby. Happy 28th today son, you’ll live long to celebrate even till 82 and more.

25. It’s a great thing to be able to celebrate this age with you, dear son. From 2 to 8, and not to 28, I wishing you a winning year and life ahead. Happy birthday, darling son.

Best Happy 28th Birthday to My Son

The best of my life was the day of your birth and every anniversary reminds me of this. Today is the anniversary of your 28th year on this earth and how time does flies! Thank you for being the best my son, I am blessed to have you. Happy birthday today, may long life and prosperity be your portion.

26. Daily, I am thankful that the heavens gave me one of its angels as my son and now you’ve grown into an awesome young man. I wish you a very happy birthday son, many happy returns of today.

27. 28 hearty cheers to you today and to all that’s to come. You’ve been doing so well that we can’t help but be proud of you. I wish you a blessed year and years ahead, happy birthday to you sweetheart.

28. There are so much to be thankful to God for today, one of it is you have grown so fast and so well! Long life and prosperity today son, enjoy your birthday.

29. Our lives are blessed because you’re our son, I can’t ever forget that fact. Happy birthday today son, enjoy 28, your gift is here too!

30. This year is special, it’s your 28th birthday. I am so proud of how far we have both come. Happy birthday to you my sweet son, may all the days of your life be pleasant.

31. Right from infancy, you really are a special child. Growing up, you are blessed by God. Happy birthday, son, I love you always and forever.

32. Who deserves a special birthday treat today? Definitely you son! Because no matter how old you grow, you’ll always be my baby boy. Happy birthday, darling.

33. My little adorable boy has grown to be a most pleasant young man, that was way too fast! It feels like I didn’t get enough time to enjoy watching you grow up. Happy 28th today son, long life and prosperity to you.

34. I wish you nothing short of a wonderful and fantastic birthday today and the year ahead, may God bless everything that concerns you. Happy birthday to you!

35. Celebrating you is not going overboard, you are a son and more. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest son, you surely deserve it. Happy birthday to you.

36. Today is all about you, so go ahead and have loads of fun as much as you desire. It’s your special day today son, and it’s a special year too. Happy 28th birthday to you.

37. My little boy is now 28! This tells me that you’re growing older and I must confess that I’m not so ready for it. Still, have fun and enjoy. May God be with you always. Happy birthday, son.

38. No matter how old you grow, celebrating your birthday is important to me, more than anything. So, happy special day dearest son. Long life and prosperity are yours.

39. To my greatest gift from God, happy birthday today son. I’m always grateful to the Almighty for the gift of you to me. Cheers to you, may today mark an amazing beginning.

40. Not much to say today, just gratitude to my Maker because you turn out to be a great son. Happy 28th birthday to my little boy turn a grown man.

41. Your life has been a great one of beautiful testimonies that I’m so sure God is taking you places. Happy birthday, son, I wish you an abundance of blessings all the days of your life.

42. We cannot be any less proud of you son, always and forever, and that’s because you’re doing so well already. Happy 28th birthday darling, may God keep you.

43. Today, you’ve got all spotlight because it’s your one special day in the whole of the year. May your light shine bright forever son, happy birthday to you today.

44. This year will mark a remarkable one to you, this is my greatest wish for you today. Happy birthday, son, I love you always.

45. An outstanding young man with a very strong mind, I look at you every day and I’m proud that you’re my son. Nothing stops you my dear, happy birthday to you today.

46. The world is your stage and it is set for all that you’ve got to show, happy birthday today son, you will be great forever!

47. You’re a star son, always and forever. I hope you’ll never forget that. Happy 28th birthday to you today, I’m glad you’re a full-grown man already.

48. This year, you’ll move closer to your dreams and aspirations. May the world light up for you dear son. Happy birthday to you today.

49. Today, I’m not just celebrating your 28th year, I’m celebrating the excellence and great success that you stand for and the ones that are to come. God bless you totally son, happy birthday to you.

50. 28 hearty cheers to my son who has grown to be an amazing young man! I can’t be any less proud of you. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity my darling son.

Let your son know that you’re proud of how far he has come, wish him more success in the years to come on his 28th birthday and set his path ready with /words of wisdom/ and these happy 28th birthday wishes for him.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post just as I had fun putting them together.

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