Happy Birthday Status for Wife on Whatsapp

Best Happy Birthday Status for Wife on Whatsapp or Facebook

Wives are the support systems that live with us for a lifetime, giving, loving, caring and tending. They’re gifts that you unwrap daily, and you can trust not to be bored as they’re different packages rolled up in one.

Today, alongside the gifts, the songs and the loving, you can send her as many text messages as possible, and update your status as many times as you can.

Here is different happy birthday status for wife that do justice to the different emotions you’re likely feeling about your wife. And of course, they also allow you build upon them.

Romantic Birthday Status for Wife

Nothing on earth is too much to celebrate a lovely Wife on her Birthday. Here is the best collection of Romantic and Happy Birthday Wishes you can use as your status on her Birthday.

1. You are in my heart now and forever. I love you mightily, wifey. Happy birthday.

2. Loving you has been a blessing, a privilege, a dream that came through. Happy birthday to you again, my darling wife.

3. I can’t fully show you how much you mean to me, but Lord knows there’s nothing I won’t do for you. Happy birthday, wife, my rock.

4. You make me complete in ways I never thought possible; you love me in ways that make me with each passing moment. Thank you for being my wife. Happy birthday.

5. I’m safe with you, and I have no doubt that our children will be well cared for by you. Here’s to your first birthday as my wife. I love you, baby.

6. I love you now, tomorrow and always; it would have always been you, baby. So here’s to you- my wife, my lover, my friend, my home keeper, my cry buddy. Happy birthday, wifey.

7. You’re the only one for me, wife. And I promise to live each day with you, caring for you, loving you, providing for you, laughing with you, crying with you. Happy birthday, sweety.

8. Baby mi, may your dreams come through in your new year; may your lines fall in pleasant places; may there be plenty of opportunities to show the world just how wonderful you are. Happy birthday, sugar.

9. Yesterday was your birthday, and I watched you struggle to bring our boy out. You have a strength that I’ve never seen in anyone else. And your smile just makes my world all right. I promise, baby, to live right by you always. Happy birthday in arrears, wifey.

10. I won’t just you special today alone; I promise to do it for the rest of our lives together. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

11. Here’s sending you my love on your special day. Already, you’re blessed. Happy birthday, honey.

12. If I had my way, I’d keep you in bed all day, showing you just how special you are to me. But there’ll be tonight, and I’ll celebrate you as the special person you are to me. Happy birthday, dearest wife.

13. I’ve grown healthy because of how tenderly you love me, nurture our love and care for me. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

14. When you look at me, my heart bursts with so much love. I feel safe with you, wifey; you make opening up comfortable. Happy birthday.

15. With each day that passes, I’m convinced I didn’t make a mistake by making you, my wife. I’m truly grateful for the gift of you. Happy birthday, sugar mi.

16. You’ll always be the one for me; years together with you haven’t shown me anything less. I celebrate you today, baby. Happy birthday.

17. If for anything, I’ve only grown deeper in love with you over the years. Thank you for nurturing our love with so much tenderness. Happy birthday.

18. Even when we fight, I’m grateful for you; the makeup is always something to look forward to. Winks! But much more, I’m grateful for the good and happy times we’ve and we’ll continue to share. Happy birthday.

19. I can trust you completely. And knowing my background, trust has always been an issue. But thank you for being different, for showing me different, for being someone I can lean on always. I know I’m healing because of you. Happy birthday, wife.

20. I think of you, and I have cause to be happy. Thank you for adding so much colour to my life. Happy birthday, sunshine.

21. Have the happiest year ahead, darling. I’m sure gonna make today awesome for you. Happy birthday, darling.

22. Today and for the rest of this beautiful year, I just hope I can make some of your wishes come through, as you’ve made mine come through. Happy birthday, darling. You deserve everything good.

23. Here’s to the woman that fulfils me. Happy birthday, angel.

24. I stare into your eyes and my world is all right. Thank you for staying with me, and being my chill pill. Happy birthday.

25. Your birthday is another opportunity to tell and show you how very beautiful you are. Happy birthday, my love. I hope you like the flowers.

26. Here’s another opportunity I get to tell you how much I love you, and that regardless of all we’ve been through this period, my love is unchanging. I know we’ll get past the pain. Happy birthday my wife.

27. You make my life look like something out of a dream; only this time, I get to live it in reality, and with you. Happy birthday, baby.

28. I look at you, and I fall in love again and again. You’re an addiction I’m not willing to get over. Happy birthday, dearest addiction.

29. Happy birthday, honey. Long life and prosperity. I love you.

30. With you, I’m stronger, better. I hope I’m all of this to you too. Happy birthday.

31. I look into your eyes, and I’m lost. But baby, I never want to be found. Happy birthday, wifey.

32. You make me want to work hard, so as to give you the finest things of life. And I don’t see this as a bother, cos you deserve everything good. Happy birthday.

33. Falling in love with you is the best thing that could have happened to me. Thank you for the assurance of this every day. Happy birthday, baby.

34. Thank you for being my chill pill, honey. I love you always. Happy birthday.

35. I’ve always got the hots for you, and five years of marriage hasn’t diminished that. So, here’s to another year of being as amazing as you’ve been. I love you, baby.

36. It’s been years already and I still catch my breath when you walk into the room. Every day, I’m grateful I have the opportunity to celebrate your day with you. Happy birthday, sweety.

37. I look at you every day, and all I want is to be the best version of me. How I got so lucky with you, I know only God could have wrought this. And I promise to treat you right always. Happy birthday, baby girl.

38. Loving should be something that’s intentional; despite the faults and deficiencies of the other person, we still decide to stay through. This is exactly what you’ve done for me. And I’m grateful for the gift of you. Happy birthday, wife.

39. You’ve always been my priority, and I don’t intend to treat you any less as you’ve stepped into another new year. I love you always, sweety; happy birthday.

40. I’m eager to come home every day; that’s how wonderful you’ve tended and nurtured our marriage. Thank you for being such an amazing wife and mother. Happy birthday, darling.

41. You’re my home today, tomorrow and forever. Happy birthday, love.

42. I watch you pray for me, love me, feed me, care for me, and I just want to go on my knees always to thank God. You’re my home, baby. Happy birthday.

43. I look into your eyes, and I’m reminded of all the reasons I married you. Thank you for these years with me. Happy birthday, my world.

44. You bring me so much love and happiness; you bring me contentment and good loving. Thank you for all these and more. Happy birthday.

45. I’m in love with you, and this isn’t going to ever change. Happy birthday, love. 

46. Paradise is when I’m staring at you, touching you, kissing you, watching you smile. Happy birthday, love.

47. Lord knows there’s nothing I won’t do for you! You give me plenty joy and I just want to do same for you. Happy birthday, dear.

48. You can always count on me to be there for you; regardless of the distance. Because there’s nothing I want more than to be with you and make you happy. Happy birthday, love.

49. You exceed all my dreams of a wife. You’re amazing, honey. And I wish you everything pleasant and amazing this year. Happy birthday.

50. Lord knows I’m not letting you out of my arms this night. So, alongside the preparation, be prepared for the good loving after it. Happy birthday.

51. Be prepared for the best night we’ve ever shared, and a start to the best nights of our lives. Happy birthday, dear.

52. Have I told you how crazily in love I am about you? Be ready, baby; I’m not just telling you, I’m showing you. Happy birthday.

53. After loving you, I’m loving you again and then again, for the rest of our lives. Happy birthday, honey.

54. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I wish you everything good and pleasant.

55. When you touch me, look into my eyes, kiss me, love me, I just want you more and more. Happy birthday, dear.

56. I promise to be your ATM whenever; you deserve whatever good you want. Happy birthday, Anne.

57. The memories you’ve created with me are the best ever. Thank you, baby. Happy birthday.

58. I’ll always be here for you; never doubt that. Happy birthday, dearie.

59. I affirm that I’ll be the best husband to you, and father to our babies. And that I’ll make you happy for the rest of our lives together. Happy birthday, dear.

60. I can’t imagine life without you; all the beauty will be sapped out. Happy birthday, love.

61. That you’ll always be here for me, thank you. I promise to be the same for you. Happy birthday, best friend.

62. You love me with careless abandon. You never let me down. Thanks, baby, for being who you are. Happy birthday.

63. You’ll always have a special place in my heart. Happy birthday, dear wife.

64. You make staying in love so easy. Thank you, wife. Happy birthday.

65. My gifts can’t do justice to everything you’ve been to me. I love you plenty, sweety. Happy birthday.

66. Today, I pray that you get all the happiness you deserve. And even tomorrow and in the days to come. Happy birthday.

67. After you fell sick and I didn’t have you to come back to, I had a peek of how empty my life would be without you. Here’s to treating you like the angel you are to me every day. Happy birthday, dear.

68. To the world, you may just be another person. But to me, you mean everything. Happy birthday.

69. You’re always in my heart. Never forget this. Happy birthday, love.

70. When our eyes first met, my heart skipped a beat. Till now, that hasn’t changed. Thank you for being amazing. Happy birthday, baby.

71. When you smile, my world is all right. When you hold my hands, the worst situations seem easy. I want you to know that I’d never take these for granted. Happy birthday, dear.

72. You’re my best friend, lover, wife, home-keeper, and gossip partner; everything rolled up in one. I wouldn’t know what I’d do without you. Happy birthday.

73. With each passing day, I fall in love with some more. I know I’m fortunate to have you. Happy birthday, dear.

74. My favourite time of the day is when you hold me between your bosom and ask about my day, even when you’re angry at me. Thank you for tolerating me. Happy birthday, wife.

75. I’ll always be here for you, I promise. Happy birthday, baby.

76. Being in love is cool. But being in love with you is da best. Happy birthday, love.

77. You make my life so colourful. Why wouldn’t I think about you every time? Happy birthday, love.

78. I’d never tire of saying I love you to you. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

79. I love everything about you. You’re that amazing. Happy birthday, wifey.

80. Just hurry home back this evening. It’s going to be a long, beautiful night; and I’m showing you how much I’m in love with you. Happy birthday, again.

81. Happy birthday, my gift that I’m still unwrapping. I love you always.

82. Be healthy, and keep smiling. Happy birthday, love.

83. May all of your heart desire’s come to pass. Happy birthday, dear.

84. I’m so grateful for the life we have together, and everything we’ve built together. Happy birthday, wife.

85. May everything good, colourful, beautiful, be yours this year. Happy birthday, honey.

86. Happy birthday, support system. I love you.

87. May all of your dreams come together for you. I love you always. Happy birthday, quintessential wife.

88. God must really love me to have brought you my way. And I’ll be eternally grateful for you. Happy birthday.

89. Angel, baby, lover, happy birthday. Of course, I love you.

90. May only the best things come to you cos you’re the best. Happy birthday, sugar.

91. Happy birthday, baby. Super glad we’re spending it together.

92. Plenty of love on your birthday, and in the years to come. You’re the best.

93. Seasons come and go, but you’re still the awesome lady I fell in love with. Happy birthday.

94. To be loved by the one you love is a privilege. Thank you. Happy birthday, sugar.

95. Thank you for spending seasons with me. Happy birthday, my Fanta.

96. Happy birthday, my special lady. I love you.

97. You always inspire me to be the best version of me. Thank you, baby. Happy birthday.

98. Today and for the rest of our days together, I promise to show you just how much I love and appreciate the gift of you. Happy birthday, sweety.

99. My sunshine, that’s what you are to me. Thank you for the plenty colour you bring to me. Happy birthday, sunshine.

100. May your sky always be clear for you; may your paths always align with the right; may your lines always fall in pleasant places. Happy birthday, my sugar. You’re loved.

101. I’ve watched how busy the notifications and gifts have been coming in. it is evidence of how much you spur others to be better. Happy birthday again, sweety.

102. Happy birthday again, sugar. I love you plenty.

103. You’ve grown into an amazing woman. Never forget that. Thank you for being my light. Happy birthday.

104. You’re my source of happiness, friendship and reliability. Keep being all of those things to me. Happy birthday, baby.

105. May speed always be at your back, each day of this new year. Happy birthday, honey.

106. Here’s me sending you a virtual kiss and hug until we see tonight. Prepare to be smothered by plenty of these and more. Happy birthday.

107. See how wiser you become with each day. Here’s to more wisdom and experience. Happy birthday, my wise woman.

108. Don’t be scared to rock the ride this new year. Do it as you always do- with so much strength, patience and beauty. Happy birthday, wifey.

109. Spender of my money, happy birthday. Here’s me promising to work harder to provide the good things you deserve. I love you, sugar.

110. Sweet pain in my butt, happy birthday. I love you, wifey.

111. In this year, I pray that I’m all the things you’ve been for me. have a pleasant birthday, baby.

112. Be ready to get spoilt. I don’t intend you any less this new year. Happy birthday, baby.

113. My multi-tasking wife, happy birthday. Thank you for caring for me, for loving me.

114. Happy birthday, sugar. I’m happy that I’m in your heart as you’re in mine.

115. The world wouldn’t be complete without you. Happy birthday, my special lady.

116. Your actions and intentions are beautiful. Happy birthday, baby.

117. Happy birthday, my home. I love you always.

118. You’ve been doing great so far. Don’t ever feel less. Happy birthday.

119. I look at you, and my heart just palpitates with love. Thank you for the years of being together. Happy birthday, dear.

120. Even for the burnt eggs, I’m grateful. Happy birthday, baby. Feel free to burn my eggs whenever.

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