Best Wishes for Exams Success for Someone Special

2023 Best Wishes for Exams Success for Someone Special

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that there’s always a lot of tension and anxiety going on in the mind, before stepping into an examination hall.

The preventive measure for that is adequate preparation, but, a most definite cure is the best wish message, or note, from a loved one.

That goes a long way in helping to boost morale and confidence, knowing someone believes in you, and you won’t like to let them down.

Below are the best collection of motivational and inspirational best wishes for exams, that you should choose from, to send to your lover, sibling, friend, colleague, son, daughter, cousin, niece, nephew, or classmates, as they prepare to sit for an examination.

They will definitely appreciate it, and you would have indirectly contributed to their success at the end of the day.

Best Success Wishes for Exams

Best of wishes to send to someone preparing for exams, or already writing an exam.

1. May due reward and exceeding great success be yours, as you make efforts in preparation for your exams. All the best dear.

2. You have put in the necessary work, go into the examination hall, confident of your success. I wish you the very best.

3. As in every other thing you do, an excellent spirit is upon you to bring about great success in this exam.

4. Go into the examination hall confidently, dear, for what awaits you is success, and nothing less.

5. God’s favour and grace be multiplied unto you, as you sit for your exams this period.

6. As you sit for the exam, there are two options available: Either you pass, or you pass. Go ace the paper, dearie.

7. I trust you to do great in your exams and make us proud. All the best dearie, I have faith in your abilities.

8. The only option available to you as you sit for these exams is success. All the best, darling, I believe in you.

9. Refuse to allow fear cripple you or make you feel incapable of doing excellently in the exam. You’ve prepared, now go and succeed.

10. You have all it takes to perform excellently well in this exam, so go forth and succeed. All the best, dear.

11. May you receive favour as you sit for these exams, and may your efforts, no matter how little they seem, bring you great success.

12. The best of grades are yours in this examination. All the best, darling.

13. Hey, brainy, it’s time to make us proud as usual. I wish you the very best in your exams.

14. Wrapped in this message is a great success, specially designed for you, in your coming exams. All the best, dear.

15. This examination is simply an opportunity for you to shine as the superstar that you are. Go and excel, dear.

16. Back to back success shall be yours in all the papers you’ll be sitting for, this exam season.

17. I pray you uncommon wisdom to excel in this examination. I wish you the very best.

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18. May you excel above your peers and be outstanding in this exam. I wish you the very best, dear.

19. Great grace is supplied to help you achieve much more than you thought possible, in this exam. All the best.

20. Exceeding great success is yours as you sit for the exam tomorrow. Go forth and succeed, dearie.

21. I thought it important, to let you know that success is already yours in the exam, and you’re simply going to the hall to get what’s yours tomorrow.

22. May your success in this exam, be as beautiful as the rainbow in all its glory. I wish you all the best.

23. May you receive wisdom from above to answer questions intelligently and accurately, in these exams. All the best to you.

24. I trust that your examiners will be wowed as they read through your exam scripts and mark them. All the best.

25. Go show them the stuff you’re made of, darling. I trust you’ll ace all the papers in this examination.

26. I pray you great speed and accuracy in this exam. Go and excel, dear.

27. May all things work together in your favour, as you sit the exam today. Go forth and prosper.

28. I pray you higher wisdom to write exactly what your teachers require, and even surpass their expectations, in this examination.

29. May your preparations for this exam meet with great success today, as you sit for the exam.

30. After you’ve done all that’s required, in preparation for the exam, what’s left is to relax and go excel confidently. I trust you.

31. I know very few people as determined and serious-minded as you are. You deserve the very best in this exam, dear. All the best.

32. You deserve the best grades possible in all your courses, and I trust you’ll get nothing less. All the best, dear.

33. You’ve got all that’s needed to excel in this paper. Go forth and excel, darling.

34. Failure is nowhere on your radar as you prepare to sit for your exams. All I see is success, and that’s all you’ll have.

35. With the way you’ve prepared for the exam, only one result is certain for you: Great success. All the best.

36. I come against every and anything trying to work against you this exam period. Only success is allowed.

37. May tomorrow’s paper be the easiest and best you’ve written thus far. Go excel, dear.

38. May your every seed of preparation germinate and bring forth fruits of great success at the end.

39. Retentive memory and favour are prepared to follow you devotedly, as you go forth to write your paper today.

40. I pray you’ll stand out and be outstanding in this year’s examination. I wish you the very best.

41. My best wishes are with you as you sit for your exams this season. Go and prosper.

42. Failure is definitely not your portion, and success is your only option in this exam.

43. I don’t wish you success in this exam, rather, I wish you exceeding great success. All the best to you, dear.

44. Go forth and bring all the distinctions home, dear. I trust God to help you achieve great success this term.

45. May you reap the fruits of all your labour in preparation for your exam. I wish you all the best.

46. I decree that the same excellent spirit that was on David, Joseph, and Daniel, and Jesus, will rest upon you to help you achieve great success in your exams.

47. The Lord has gone before you to make all you’ll encounter in the course of these exams, easy and stress-free. Go forth and succeed.

48. Not by your power, nor by your might, but by God’s spirit, shall you excel in your examination?

49. The candles you burnt at night, are set and prepared to produce great success for you in your exams. Congrats in advance.

50. Your success in your exams is very sure and undebatable. You’ve prepared, now, go and excel.

51. I pray you a quick and effective understanding of all exam questions and knowledge of how to correctly answer. All the best.

52. Sound health, sound spirit, and a sound mind are my wishes for you as you sit for this exam today.

53. I nullify every spirit of confusion, and errors in this examination. You shall surely come out successful in Jesus name.

54. May angels be at your service as you write today’s paper, and bring all answers to your remembrance today. All the best, dear.

55. Beyond meeting the cut off mark for this exam, I pray you an outstanding performance that’ll make you greatly celebrated. The very best to you.

56. Refuse to allow tension make you blank out. You’ve got greatness within you, let it shine forth in this exam. All the best to you.

57. As you go into the exam hall, don’t forget to enter with confidence and a relaxed mind. Success is inevitable for you dear, go get it.

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58. This exam is not a struggle for you, you’re a victor and a success already by default. Simply go write the paper to show that forth. All the best.

59. Hey dear, I thought to let you know before you go into the examination hall, that the only option that is your portion in it, is exceeding great success. Congrats in advance.

60. I believe you’re already preparing for your exams. I wish you divine wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and leading as you prepare.

61. As you open your books to read, I pray God will direct you to the most important topics that will be set in the exam. God’s favour, dear.

62. As your exams are closer, make sure you keep your focus and carry out all necessary preparations. Success is your portion in all your papers.

63. Don’t entertain fear as you go into the hall to write your exam, today. God’s presence is in and with you, to help you achieve success.

64. I pray this be the easiest exam you’ve ever written, and your result in it, the best you’ve ever gotten. All the best to you.

65. It’s not about how far, but, how well. It might seem like you’ll be writing this paper on such short notice, but I pray your little efforts will count greatly. God’s favour.

66. I’m assured you will perform excellently in your exams. God’s very best is yours.

67. All the strength and wisdom you need to excel, are supplied to you, speedily. All the best, dear.

68. I’m sure of your diligence, and thus, doubly sure of your success in your exam. All the best to you.

69. I pray you’ll be greatly rewarded for all your efforts in preparation for the exams. I wish you the very best.

70. You’ve always been one of the most studious people I know, so, I’m convinced you’ll excel wonderfully in this exam. All the best.

71. You’ve adequately prepared for this exam, don’t allow any iota of fear cripple or destabilize you. I wish you God’s very best.

72. Just keep preparing as you ought to, go to the exam hall to do your best, and leave the rest to God. I wish you success.

73. As you prepare for this exam, trust in God with all your heart, and have faith that your efforts will be crowned with success. God’s best.

74. You’ve got all it takes, just give it your best shot. All the best in your exam, darling.

75. Don’t allow anything distract you, and take your eyes off the goal. Success is yours in this exam, I wish you the very best.

76. Make sure you try your very best, then, leave the rest to God, assured he’ll make you have the best possible result. The very best in your account, dear.

77. I trust you’ll not only perform well but also top your class in this term’s examination. Wishing you the very best.

78. The sky isn’t your limit, it’s only your starting point, and I trust you’ll surpass our expectations for you, in this exam.

79. May your memory be as sharp as the eyes of the eagle this exam serious. I wish you the very best of God in all your papers.

80. I want you to know you’re not alone as you write your paper today. God is very present with you and will help you do excellently well.

81. I wish you an excellent result that’s far beyond what you wish for, in this exam. You deserve the very best.

82. I’m convinced of your ability to do excellently well in this exam. All the best to you.

83. I trust that your result this time around will be far better than the last one, and hope you’ve started preparing to that effect.

84. I have no doubts about you topping your class again, this year. I trust you will make me proud as usual.

85. I pray you quick understanding as you read in preparation for your exams. Success is your portion.

86. I pray you divine wisdom and understanding as you prepare for your final exams. Great success is yours by God’s special grace.

87. I wish you all the best in your forthcoming exam, dear. Read well, rest well, the best shall be yours.

88. I pray you favour in your exams, so your examiners can read and be wowed. All the best, dear.

89. God’s grace and favour rest on you especially this exam season. I wish you the very best.

90. Go write the exam confidently, and come back powerfully, and in flying colours.

91. God’s goodness and mercy are on you, and will, therefore, accompany you to write today’s paper. All the best, dear.

92. My prayer for you is that no question will be too difficult for you to answer. Wisdom from above is available to help you succeed.

93. Only areas you concentrated on will be set in this exam in Jesus name. All the best, dear.

94. May no question be set from those areas you don’t fully understand, and all questions will be on topics you love. I wish you God’s very best.

95. May your examiners be unusually attracted to your script and your name, that they favour and score you well.

96. Hey champ, it’s time to go ace those papers. Go and return in flying colours, dear.

97. As you go write this exam, victory awaits you at the end already. Be confident, be calm.

98. Go write the exam rest assured you’ll succeed. Failure is far from you, dear. All the best.

99. I’ve prayed for you, darling. Today’s exam will be far simpler and better than the last one.

100. No matter what happens today, believe that all are working together to your advantage. All the best in the exam dear, fear not.

101. This exam is nothing compared to how smart and intelligent you are. Go show it who’s boss.

102. You’ve written several exams in the past, this won’t be any different from those ones. So, don’t allow fear to cripple you. All the best.

103. You attended the lectures, you’ve read and prepared, no need to fear, just go write and excel in this exam.

104. Don’t forget to take a deep breathe, before you start writing your exam today. God’s favour and grace be upon you.

105. Don’t approach this exam as a challenge, but simply as your stepping stone to the next phase of your life. I wish you the very best.

106. I pray you strength to resist every distraction, as you prepare for your final exams. Success is yours by God’s grace.

107. The only one meant to be scared is the paper you’re about to write, not you. Go conquer and excel, darling.

108. Calm down, don’t rush, don’t forget to go through your work before submitting. I believe in you, make me proud.

109. I pray you divine speed as you write the exam today. God’s very best is yours.

110. Time and all other things shall work in your favour today. Best of luck in your exam.

111. Just face your studies for now, and give this exam your best shot. Then, you can have all the time to play. I’m counting on you.

112. Since you were born, you’ve brought nothing but joy and gladness to my heart. I trust you to make me proud as you come out in flying colours in your final exams.

113. You’ve done this before, so, I trust you can do it again. Even much better this time. I wish you the very best in the exams, dear.

114. Trust me, this exam is simpler than the ones you’ve ever written. Just go write it, and bring the top grade home.

115. Go write the exam in style, baby. Your examiners are about to be wowed. All the best.

116. I just can’t wait for us to celebrate your success in this exam, cos I know it’s a done deal already.

117. Beautiful people like you, deserve only the best of grades, but, only if they prepare well. Give it your all, dearie.

118. You need no luck in this exam, just prepare well and give it your best, and success will be at your beck and call.

119. Make sure you don’t overstress yourself, this exam season. Eat and rest well, even as you read well. All the best.

120. Success is reserved for those who put in all the efforts to prepare. In this exam, success is your lot and portion.

121. Don’t pay attention to people that tell you this exam is always difficult, and people fail it often. You’re one of the most intelligent people I know. You’ll succeed.

122. Extremely smart and intelligent kids like you are rare, and, I trust you to do excellently well in this exam. All the best, kiddo.

123. Don’t even give failure a tiny bit of thought. It’s not your portion, nor, is it in your league. Just think success, cos, that’s what you are.

124. Don’t let the bad grade in your last exam discourage you. Just put in your best, and trust God with the rest.

125. If you put in all your best into this exam, you’ll be glad at the end, when you see your good grades.

126. I pray you retentive memory as you sit for your exams, today. All the best.

127. Go ace all the papers and bring home all the A’s. Success, dear.

128. May you enjoy God’s speed and accuracy in a different way, today. All the best in your exams, baby.

129. I trust God’s grace to bring you exceeding great success in your exams.

130. As you write your exam today, fear not, and just go make me proud. All the best, baby.

131. You’re tougher than this exam, so, there’s no need to fear. Go write beautifully, and come out in flying colours.

132. Know that you’re the determinant of the outcome of this exam, not the other way round. Determine to succeed and excel, and great success shall be yours.

133. I celebrate with you in advance, for your success in this exam. I know you’ll do excellently well.

134. If you were a paper, students will be extremely scared to write to you, cos your made of exceeding great strength. This is just to know that today’s paper doesn’t even come close to you. You’re in charge. All the best.

135. Your success in this examination is not debatable. It’s sure, it’s assured, and is a done deal. Cheers, darling.

136. I believe all that’s on your mind is success in this exam? Cos, I have no iota of doubt that’s your portion, and only option in it.

137. Your toils and burning candles at night are not in vain. Great success shall surely be yours in this exam.

138. As you go through the exam questions, you won’t be able to prevent yourself from smiling and laughing, cos only your best topics will be set. Success, dear.

139. Dear friend, I believe in you and hope you believe in yourself too, to be outstanding in this examination. All the best to you.

140. This exam is not to bring you down, rather, it’s to catapult you to greater heights. Give it your best, dear.

141. Success is just right on the corner, waiting for you. Grab it and don’t let it go as you write this exam.

142. Hard work pays, my dear friend. Your labour will surely pay you back with success in your exams. All the best.

143. Every needed resource to excel in this exam has been supplied. Just make good use of all, and come back in flying colours.

144. You’re a great example of excellence personified, and I trust you will get nothing less in this exam. All the best.

145. I pray your success in this exam, will be exceedingly great. I wish you the very best.

146. May your success in this exam, be far greater than any you’ve ever had. You’re the best, and I wish you the very best.

147. Beyond your preparation, trust God’s declaration concerning you that you’ll always be the head and never tail. Success is yours for sure.

148. Go kick that exam’s ass, already. Success is 100% certain for you, dear.

149. God’s grace and favour shall speak better things concerning you, before your examiners, as they go through your script. All the best, dearie.

150. Success is already yours in this exam. All you need to do is show up confidently. I trust you, baby.

151. May this be the semester that you’ll have more A’s than you have ever had in one session. The very best, dear.

152. I know you love to play and sleep so much, so I pray you strength and discipline to prepare well for your forthcoming exams. I believe in you.

153. Everything shall turn out in your favour. You’ll shine in this exam and come out in flying colours.

154. I trust you’ll be one of the best students in this exam this year. You’ve put in all the work, now go get the A that’s yours.

155. I know you’ve prepared as you ought for the exam, and I want to remind you to not only rely on your preparation, but also on God’s favour.

156. May the good Lord arise for your sake concerning this exam and cause it all to work in your favour. All the best, dear.

157. I understand you’re anxious and uncertain about what to expect, but I need you to snap out of that mood asap. You’ve prepared, success is yours.

158. I’m sure you’ll come out of the exam hall with a big smile on your face. Wish you the very best, dear.

159. Irrespective of what you’ve heard about this exam, your case is different. Put in your best efforts, and watch God single you out to shine as the best.

160. Don’t lose hope, don’t lose focus. Keep trying hard. Your hard work will pay off in the end. All the best in the exam, dear.

161. Can you hear good grades knocking on your door? You’ve put in the work, and they’re ready to decorate your result.

162. At the end, it won’t matter how much efforts you put in. All that’ll matter is the good result you’ll have gotten. Give it all it takes, dear.

163. I can’t wait to come dance and celebrate your success in this exam with you.

164. You’ve never failed to make us proud in anything you’ve done, and we believe this exam isn’t an exception. All the best.

165. As you go make us proud in the exam today, know that we’re with you in the spirit, and are cheering you on. All the best, baby.

166. Just want to wish my dear friend all the best in your exams today. I trust you anyway, success is sure.

167. I know few intelligent and brilliant young people, and you’re one of them. I wish you all the best in your forthcoming exams.

168. For all your efforts towards this exam, I pray you a reward for exceeding great success. All the best.

169. We all know how smart and brilliant you are, and trust you’ll make us proud as usual, in your forthcoming exams.

170. I’m greatly impressed by your commitment and determination to excel in your exams. All the best dear.

171. Your expectation for an excellent result in this exam shall not be cut short by God’s special grace.

172. It doesn’t matter, how many people have failed this exam in the past. Only better reports shall be spoken concerning you, as you write yours today.

173. May you be a great example of the grace and favour of God on his children, and may your result in the paper you’re writing today, be excellent.

174. You’ve never failed any test or exam and won’t start now. Go make me proud as usual.

175. The exam questions have been set, and you’re set to go answer them. I want you to know success is also set for you.

176. My deepest prayers have gone ahead of you in this exam. I wish you God’s very best.

177. As you lay your hands on your scripts today, grace, speed, and accuracy to come out excellent, shall be activated in your life. All the best.

178. I pray against anything set to stop you from getting your desired results in your exams. All the best.

179. In this exam, you will not only get your desired grade but shall also surpass your expectations. Success is yours, darling.

180. God is in your head, in your hands, and on your script, to help bring you the success you deserve.

181. More than your desire to succeed in this exam is God’s ability and readiness to help you achieve great success. Go in this confidence.

182. Failure doesn’t exist in the dictionary of your life. All I see are different shades of success. Go write the exam in boldness, dear.

183. Nothing will stop you from topping your class in this exam. You’ve put in more work than expected, and the best of success is reserved for you.

184. A seat has already been reserved for you in the land of flying colours. Go write this exam confidently.

185. I want you to remember success exists in your DNA, and you have the power to show it forth in all you do, including your exams.

186. No question will be too difficult for you to solve in this exam. God’s wisdom is bestowed upon you to excel.

187. Your result isn’t a proof of how intelligent you are. But your intelligence and brilliance shall definitely show forth and shine in your result in this exam. All the best.

188. Don’t rush, don’t panic, attack the exam one question at a time. Success is your portion in Jesus name.

189. You prepared for this exam in the best way possible, so, success is ready to grace your result in the best possible grades too.

190. All the tutorials, late nights, and brief sleep shall surely pay off at the end. Success shall be your reward in a grand style.

191. I thought to be the first person to say congratulations to you in advance, in your forthcoming exams. I trust you’ll excel.

192. May you succeed in this exam in a way you’ve never experienced success before. All the best, sweets.

193. The very best, and nothing less shall be your portion in today’s exam.

194. I’m assured of nothing less than great success for you, in this exam.

195. You put in your best efforts, so I wish you the best of grades possible. All the best.

196. May wisdom, knowledge, and understanding be rained upon you, in a way you’ve never experienced before. I wish you the very best, dear.

197. I wish you the very best of luck, and highest height of success possible, in your exam today.

198. I have faith in your ability to ace this exam and excel wonderfully. All the best.

199. Today’s paper is definitely in trouble. I trust you’re ready to slay it and come out in flying colours. Success is yours, dear.

200. I pray you wisdom to understand every question, know and write exactly what is required of you. All the best in today’s exam, dear.

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