Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook or Whatsapp

Birthday Status for Best Friend on Facebook or Whatsapp

Just as friendship is very adorable and cute to have, so also is celebrating that friend of ours to let the whole world know how charming, sweet and special they are to us.
The Facebook platform is a very fantastic place to emphatically and superbly celebrate those friends of ours.

Social media like Facebook will be an interesting avenue to convey your warm wishes to your friends and they will definitely feel elated. Log in to these awesome birthday wishes to a friend on Facebook. You’d definitely love it.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friend on Facebook Status

Sweet Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends on Their Facebook Timeline.

1. Hey lovely friend! I’ll shout it aloud and happily that today marks the day a special someone to me was born. You’ve been such a wonderful person. I love you so much, dear friend. Happy birthday!

2. Remembering your birthday is so usual to me but wishing and celebrating you is so special for me to put together. May you live the remaining days of your life fulfilling the purpose of God for your life. Now again! Wishing you a very sweet and special HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

3. Knowing you is actually God’s blessing and the sustaining power of our friendship is God only. Now I put you over to God that as you clock another year today, you will grow in grace and expand in fruitfulness. I love you, friend. From me to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

4. I am saying this from the depth of my heart to you that, I am deeply grateful to God for bringing me to know and have you as a friend. You’ve been such a wonderful friend. It’s your birthday, hurray!!! May the light of God illuminate every darkness in your life and bring you into His abundant life. Happy birthday.

5. First of all, I thank God for the gift of life, His mercy, power, salvation, grace, love and His peace, even for everything. And now I also thank God for the gift of a beautiful friend like you. May this special day of yours bring you good tidings and favours all round. Have a very splendid birthday.

6. Hurray!!! Happy birthday to you, friend, may your shining be as the northern star. Your aging shall be with grace and peace.

7. In the toughest of times, you’ve shown your fidelity and loyalty. I so much care for you and love you. Happy birthday to you, friend.

8. Everyone hear this now, I am celebrating a very special someone to me, an awesome friend of mine. And I am so happy to say that I have tasted the trueness of friendship through this person. And that’s you, dear friend. Wishing you long life and prosperity.

9. Today shall be a blessed and wonderful day for you. Your journey in life will not be cut off. Lots of love, friend. Happy birthday.

10. Sincerely speaking, I don’t have a gift to give to you or any parcel to surprise you BUT hear this, friend, my heart prays for you that your days on earth will be graceful and you shall fulfill God’s destiny for your life. Happy birthday.

11. Many years back, it was a shout of joy in your household that a newborn baby has been brought forth and many gave thanks to God. And now today, I join in the giving of thanks to God for making you a friend of mine. I celebrate you, dear. Happy birthday.

12. I pray that you shall spend your unique day with a stunning difference of blessings and favours. Happy birthday, friend.

13. May the Almighty God bless your new age. More grease to your elbow. More strength to soar higher. Age with grace. Lots of love, friend.

14. Hello friend, your friendship has always been so friendly and comely. An inspirer you are. May God bless you abundantly with the blessings of His face. Enjoy your day! Happy birthday.

15. May your never be a victim of unfavorable incidents. Good things from God shall locate you. This new season of your life shall be filled with so many blessings and mercies. Happy birthday to you! Cute friend.

16. I am ash tagging “ a friend indeed you are” for people to know that God really blessed me with a friend like you. Thank you for being there! Happy birthday to you.

17. Today is made specially for you. May you never be deprived of the goodness and favours of today. Have a very wonderful birthday celebration. Love you bestie.

18. Happy birthday to a friend as loving, kind and special as you. You’ve been very friendly and loyal. I can’t love you less. Happy birthday, wishing you long life and prosperity in good health and wealth.

19. Now, this on your wall for everyone to see how much I celebrate you. Happy birthday to that beautiful, adorable and cute friend of mine, May your day be so blessed and awesome. Age gracefully. Amen.

20. It’s another chance for me to let everyone know that you are such a wonderful friend, dearest. Happy birthday. May you shine more brighter in God.

21. Hey dear friend, happy birthday to you. You deserve more than that. A very sweet friend you are.

22. Having you as a friend is a blessing, so making your day special is very important to me. Wishing you a very blissful celebration. Happy birthday.

23. You are such a rare gem, a friend indeed and I’ll let the world know how special you are to me. May you get to the peak of what God has destined for you in life. Happy birthday to you dear.

24. Celebrating a someone like you is really off the hook. I am so happy to have you as a friend. Today is your special day, special friend. Have a lot of fun. Love you!!!

25. May the blessings of this special day of your abundantly come upon you. Not even an iota of it shall elude you. Remain blessed, dear. Happy birthday.

26. Wow! Congratulations to a very special someone to me. Listen, everybody, it’s a unique day for me to celebrate this wonderful fellow. Our friendship is truly a blessing. Happy birthday, friend.

27. As you age in the physical, may you also grow in every spiritual and every aspect of your life. Blessings will abode with you. Stay cool, lovely friend. Have a very blessed birthday!

28. You are an inspiring and charming person, coming to know you is God’s will. I pray that this special day of yours will bring more fruitfulness to you. Happy birthday to you.

29. Congratulations to you, cutie. It’s my prayer that this new age of yours will bring the emergence of greater heights to you. Happy birthday, many happy returns to you.

30. May favours, mercies, goodness and newness find you and be with you. This day will mark the beginning of a new thing in your life. Hurray! It’s your special day, dear.

31. Either candles are present or not, here are my wishes to you, dear. May the gifts of God be bestowed upon you. New things shall emerge in your life. Happy birthday to you a very special friend of mine. Can’t love you less!

32. The sun sets in the morning and the moon at night by the power of God. So also shall you set out to shine even more from this day on. Have a very nice day. Happy birthday to you, dear.

33. Wishing you the best things of your life, beautiful moments of your day will surely sprout out. Enjoy your day, cool friend. Happy birthday.

34. I’m so delighted to have the opportunity to send this to your wall that everyone might see how amazing a friend you are and how special your day is. May success come into all your aspirations this year onward. Happy birthday.

35. Saying “happy birthday” a million times is actually worth it for a friend like you. And here is my wish that every good thing from God shall not be withheld from you. The mercy of God will be with you. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

36. May you be blessed with new ideas, new goals, and new strength to pursue them. May you achieve all your goals no matter what, it’s a new beginning for you. Stay blessed, friend. Happy birthday to you.

37. Surprises!!!!! Yes, may you be blessed with wonderful surprises and beautiful things as you mark your birthday today. God bless you more.

38. As the dew in the morning, and the rain in the day that makes the earth flourishes, so shall your life be made to flourish in good health and wealth. Enjoy your day, dear. Happy birthday to you.

39. Hello people, there is a breaking news now. It’s my beautiful friend’s birthday, wow! And favours and mercies will find him. Happy birthday to you friend, you are such a blessing.

40. As you age anew today, may you never be degraded in your pursuit towards becoming what you are destined to become. I cherish you so much, friend and I’m not ashamed to let the whole world know. Happy birthday.

41. Hurray! It’s a special someone birthday today and I’m so glad to be a friend of such a person. Can’t love you less. Happy birthday, cutie.

42. Attention! Attention!! Attention!!! A very unique announcement. The birthday of a very special friend of mine is on this day and by the special grace of God, special things are on top of the wish list. Remain blessed, dear friend. God bless you. Happy birthday.

43. It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful person like you beautiful friend on this awesome platform. I celebrate you dear, happy birthday.

44. The first wish I made this morning is heartily praying for such a blessed friend like you. Our friendship has and will continue to be a blessing. Happy birthday to you.

45. I pray that nothing will hinder the fun and specialty of today for you. Go, friend! It’s your day. Happy birthday. More of new visions and strength to achieve.

46. May you be successful and prosperous in all you do. This day will bring the mercy of God upon you. Happy birthday to you.

47. Its actually a very special privilege to be able to be among those who are celebrating you, today. Wishing you longevity of life and good success. Happy birthday.

48. May goodness and mercy follow you from this day on and forever. Your new age will bring you into more favours of God and grace to be more obedient. Happy birthday, dear friend.

49. May the light of God shine upon you and His countenance light upon you. Happy celebration of a new beginning. God bless you. Happy birthday to you.

50. A new day with a new beginning and a new set of opportunities for a very vibrant and special person like you. Age gracefully.

51. As you clock a new age today, may you receive newness of life and a brand new story of success all round. Wishing you the happiest birthday.

52. Happy birthday to you, may the Lord bless you. Wishing many happy returns of the day, long life and prosperity in abundance.

53. A new year has begun for you, the beginning of another 365 days. May this year be a year of good tidings for you. Favours will abode with you always. Happy birthday.

54. As you increase in age, may you increase in wisdom, strength and mercies from God. Stay blessed. Happy birthday.

55. Hey buddy, innumerable wishes coming your way!!! May splendours and beautiful things be for you today. And all your desires of your heart will fall in line with the will of God for your life. Have an unending beautiful fun.

56. Hello friend, do you know you have all the specialty of a good friend and I am so grateful to God for giving me a friend like you. Today is your special day, let’s tuck in the pizzas! Happy birthday to you.

57. I pray and wish that there shall be no end to celebrations in your life from this time forth. You shall be celebrated more! Happy age celebration.

58. I sincerely pray to God that our friendship will be a truthful and lasting one. I am so grateful I have you as a friend. It’s so loving having to celebrate you this day. I love you so much, dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

59. I’ll always celebrate a friend like you. It’s always a thing of joy knowing God gave me a friend like you. May your days be long and flourishing in life. Enjoy this special day of yours. Have a great day.

60. My heart has always been desiring and praying to God for a friend so understanding, helping and loving. And now it’s time to ceaselessly give thanks to God for answering this prayer by sending you as that friend. May this birthday bring new things and goodies into your life. Happy birthday.

61. May you arise amidst the troubles surrounding. May this new season of your life cause the grace of God to shine on you the more. Happy birthday, dear friend.

62. Almost every day we talk, almost every time we see and share things together but any time we temporarily leave each other, I seriously miss you. You are such a blessing. Thank you very much. Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday to you. More blessings.

63. Hey friend, its time to rock this day with comely fun and jubilations even starting from the Facebook platform till it comes to facially physical when we see each other for God has made this day possible for you. All thanks be to His name. Happy birthday lovely friend!

64. I really cherish and regard our friendship. I am.saying this aloud on this platform that you’ve been such a wonderful friend. Thank you, friend. May you age gracefully in all ramifications of your life. Amen! Happy birthday.

65. I am using this opportunity to wish you a very blissful and happy birthday. Good things shall locate you. Have a very splendid birthday celebration.

66. Birthday songs are beautiful, gifts are precious but actually having and celebrating a friend like you is a blessing from God. I love you dear, happy birthday to you.

67. It’s a special day today for a special and awesome friend like you. Rock the day, cutie. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

68. May our friendship by the grace of God be truthful and treasured so much. You are always in my heart. A very happy birthday to you, more years in good health.

69. May this day be a blissful memorable one for you. You will look back and gracefully thank God for the set of new things that will begin in your life today. Happy birthday to a and hearted friend. Stay cool!

70. Gifts and surprises fizzle out and songs become old but a prayer and wish that emanate from the heart is the actual blessing. May you be beautified with the grace of God. Grow gracefully.

71. I celebrate you, dear friend, and wish above all things according to God’s Word that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul shall find prosperity. Amen. Happy birthday.

72. Joy! Joy! And Happiness in the air. People active now on facebook, there is a special celebration of a special friend of mine this day. And I pray that this day will bring new strength and heartiness to achieve all of God’s will for you. Enjoy your new beginning.

73. May you break forth into greater things kept in store for you in God and break forth into new grounds starting from this day on. Happy birthday to you, cutie. Lots of love.

74. Celebration in the air wishes flowing in left and right, and here is mine to you my best friend, may the light of God shine upon you and bring you of the darkness of the soul. This day will surely be a beginning of the true blessing of God in your life. Happy birthday.

75. God alone is the One that blesses one with a friend of truth. Now has He blessed me with one of these rear friends He blesses with. And you are that friend, may you be more of a blessing first to God and others. Have a blessed birthday.

76. Hello best pal, its blessing galore all the way today. May today’s blessing never elude you. You shall remember this day for good in your life. Amen to that. Happy birthday to you.

77. I can say it sweetly that I have a friend whose hugs are heartwarming and little curls on the cheek are laughing gas to people around and that’s you, dear friend. Have a splendid birthday, I cherish you!

78. On this special day, as you grow older, may our friendship as develop into a more stronger one. We’ll be more close and best of friends. Wishing you longevity of life and blessings. Happy birthday.

79. Among my prayers and wishes for you, I pray that we’ll be more of best of friends in the light of God’s will. Ooh! Another wish, let’s rock the day beginning from this platform on. Have a very nice and pleasant day.

80. This day will be so remarkable and memorable to us all especially to you being the celebrant. You shall be graciously blessed with the abundance of God’s riches. Amen. Happy birthday.

81. You are such an inspiring and charming friend, always lovely to be around with. I love you so much, friend. Goodness will be yours. Happy birthday.

82. Bang! Hello best friend, its landing to you now, a big-hearted hug, love unconditional and thousands of lovely wishes all in one big bag of surprise. Enjoy your day.

83. May all your dreams and aspirations come to fulfillment. Be positive, friend. Happy birthday.

84. I pray you will be granted more insight and new ideas in this new season of your life even to soar higher in life. Lots of love, dear. Enjoy and catch fun, it’s your birthday.

85. More refreshing and ravishing moments will be the menu of today. It’s your birthday dear, have a lot of comely funs and jubilations. Many more years to you.

86. It’s always a time to prepare, a time of joy and a festive period celebration for me any time your birthday is here. Am so happy and grateful to God I have you as a friend. A gracious celebration to you! Hurray!!!

87. I bless you this day that as you remember the day you were brought forth to life, your life will be remembered for good and awesome surprises for good will come your way. Love you, dear! Happy birthday to you.

88. Hello best pal, today is your birthday again this year. I feel so felicitous knowing that it’s another chance for me to be celebrating a charming friend like you. Thanks, bestie, lots of love. May you never lack any good thing. Have a nice day. Happy birthday.

89. Friends from far and near will be on this platform to see and celebrate you as you clock another year today. You shall grow in grace and strength to be successful in all your pursuit. Happy birthday.

90. Hello friend, I pray and wish that on this day and henceforth, not an iota of sadness will find expression in you and even the smallest atom of happiness will not be taken away from you. God bless you abundantly. Age gracefully. Happy birthday.

91. Bags of goodies, box of surprises and tracks of beautiful melodies all are for you this day. And a prayer, that you will never die before your time. God will be with you always. Enjoy your day, dear. Happy birthday.

92. The celebration of birthdays are once in a year, relatedly are friends like your kind difficult to find and have. May this unique day of your life be full of fulfillment, joy and happiness. Happy birthday to my best friend.

93. As today dawns into a brighter day even your birthday, may the light of God in your life never be dim and put off. You shall shine as a light more and more in the midst of darkness. Enjoy the day! God bless you. Happy birthday.

94. I will first make the impression known here on Facebook that I want to celebrate a special someone in my life and also pray wholeheartedly that goodness and mercy of God will be your friend and partner all the days of his life all these before I come over to have more celebrations. Happy birthday lovely friend.

95. All the cakes have been baked, the candles have been lit so also has the food been prepared and now it’s the time for the giving of prayers and wishes…. Here is mine, may you never fall short of the glory of God and life shall be your portion. Amen. Happy birthday.

96. Happy birthday to a cute, charming and sweet friend. Hello people around, it’s a blissful celebration for a special friend today. More bonds of love and packs of good successes. Happy birthday.

97. Divine favour and mercy shall come upon your this day and henceforth. You shall age gracefully. Long life and prosperity for you.

98. A very special and heart warmth wishes to a cute and kind friend like you. More of God’s presence in your life. Love you! Happy birthday, special friend.

99. May every second be filled with joyfulness and sweetness bringing you to the fulfillment of God’s plan for your life. Happy jubilation and celebration of your new age.

100. Graciously shall you be blessed and elevated today and henceforth. Your new age shall mark a new beginning for you. Bundles of goodies and bags of cookies coming your way. Happy birthday.

101. Regardless of how it might look late. May you be granted mercy to soar higher than your limitations. Age with grace.

102. Favours and mercies will grace you and abide with you always. You shall find favour in the sight of God and man. Happy birthday.

103. As you are added to in years today so also shall you be multiplied in successes, mercies and graces. Age gracefully. Happy birthday.

104. Today will be for the emergence of great things in your life. Love you, lovely friend. Happy birthday to you.

105. In the face of other people online, this might look just like a mere and common wish but to me, it’s a hearty prayer and wish that you will age with so much grace and divine blessings from God. A very happy birthday to you.

106. Hello best pal, I want you to bask on God’s love for in His mercy He shall bless you bountifully with the blessing of His face. Go on! Bestie. It’s your special day.

107. Though your wall might have been uncountably filled with prayers and wishes but here is from a person who is so blessed and thankful to God for having you as a friend that your life will break forth into the divine purpose that has been destined for you and the knowledge of God will by His mercies be unveiled unto you. Enjoy your new beginning! Happy birthday.

108. Life and peace of mind shall never be far from you, goodness and mercy will not miss you even as you celebrate another year today. Grow in the strength of God more and more. Love you, cutie. Happy birthday.

109. It’s been pleasurable for me to have this kind of friendship with you. In the difficult and easy times, you have been there even by God’s grace. And today is a special time to celebrate you. May God bless you bountifully. Stay positive.

110. Sweetest friend, look out through the windows and you’ll see it’s the dawning of that special day of your life. Come on! Let’s go paint the town red. But firstly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

111. Today shall be exceptionally outstanding for you. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

112. More love, increasing kindness, and favour shall be your portion from this day henceforth. Happy birthday, enjoy the day.

113. Good health and wealth in prosperity will find you and locate your life. Continue to bask on God’s love for you. Happy birthday.

114. May the light and truth of God be made available to you to bring you to His tabernacle. Enjoy so much of God’s grace this season of your life and more.

115. Nothing good shall be withheld from you and no hindrance against your success shall be prosperous. Thank you, dear friend, happy birthday.

116. Count your blessing name them one by one for you can’t even number them. They are not in the realm of counting. And yet more are coming to you now even to make them more countless. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

117. Wonderful wishes to a wonderful friend like you. May you gray with dear friends like us here. We love you!!! Have a blessed day ahead.

118. Happy celebration and jubilation on a special day for a special friend. Goodies and cookies on the menu! Am on my way already. Love you!!! Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

119. Congratulations to you on this awesome day of your life. Life and liveliness shall be your portion. Wow! Am so delighted to have you as a friend. Happy birthday to you.

120. You’ve made it again this year dear friend, congratulations on your new age. May you live to experience and celebrate another year in sound health, wealth and peace. Happy celebration!!!

121. May this day be a day of nothing below happiness, joy, and understanding of how precious you are to God. Happy birthday.

122. The day is bright, it’s bright and fair. May the unveiling of today reflect in all your pursuit and dispositions. Enjoy the day. Love you!!!

123. This new chapter of your life will bring about the writing of a chapter full of great achievements in your lifetime. Age gracefully.

124. Many years back it’s a thing of joy and thankfulness to God that a special someone and friend was brought to life. Today again marks the celebration of the remembrance of this special day for that special someone. More blessings and favours to you. Happy birthday to you, friend.

125. It’s my prayer that as you are a year older today, you shall grow in wisdom and strength to overcome all your obstacles in life. Sweetest wishes and love from me to you. Happy birthday.

126. Celebrations will be more in your life. This day shall be a set mark for more in your life. Age with grace.

127. Tranquillity and blissfulness are yours as from this day on. Have a blessed birthday celebration.

128. As dew that drops at the dawning of each day, so also shall the dew even the rain of God’s kindness, favours and blessings fall on you from this day henceforth. Enjoy the day, friend. Happy birthday!!!!

129. Open the doors! Loads of blessings, dozens of good tidings and bundles of God’s mercies COMING IN!!! You shall never lack. Happy birthday to you, bestie.

130. A born is a born, you belong to God. As you rejoice today being your “born day”, may you experience newness in all aspects of your life. Thank you, God, for a beautiful and inspiring friend like you. Remain blessed. Happy birthday!

With these set of carefully selected words and appellations, I assure you that you will blow off the mind of that friend of yours on Facebook even other users and wishers will copy it.

Use these and you’ll be thankful and as well appreciated by the friend of yours. Hurray! Have a nice time out with your lovely friends. Love you!

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