Happy Birthday Wishes for Year Old Boy

Happy Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Old Boy

Every new age calls for celebration no matter the number. So, one of the ways to ignite the birthday excitement in a celebrant is to shower them with some adorable words that will make their day truly delightful.

For parents who strive to show their children the greatest love, here is the most awe-inducing happy 4th birthday to my son quotes that will endear your son to you.

What’s more?

The aunties, uncles, and friends ain’t left out, you’ll find some happy 4th birthday to my little boy wishes in one of the categories below which can help you celebrate your nephew or little champ honourably.

Without further ado, go through each of these birthday wishes for baby boy 4th birthday categories to make a choice.

4th Birthday Wishes for Son from Parents

Here are the best 4th birthday wishes for son from parents: May your new age make you happy and the best you have ever being. Happy 4th birthday to my handsome son. I’ll always love you at all times, my love. May this new age mark the beginning of a beautiful era in your life.

1. It’s been four years of watching over you and giving you the best of love, attention, and care. We’ll love to do better with you, my son. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy your new age.

2. As you add another year to your age, today, may lines fall in pleasant places for you. Thank you for being our son for the past four years.

3. You are the best son any parent could desire. You have given us so much happiness and we can only pay you back with true love. Happy 4th birthday my son.

4. Wherever you go, may goodness follow you like a fragrance. You shall always live a happy and peaceful life, son. Wishing you a happy 4th birthday.

5. Because of you, we found a new meaning in life. Thank you for giving us a fresh purpose. Happy 4th birth anniversary, son. You shall relish your new age.

6. I wish you wonderful memories that’ll make you happy for a lifetime as you mark a new age, today, son. Happy 4th birthday to my first son.

7. You shall continue to grow and achieve all of your lofty dreams. My son clocks four years, today, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

8. Yay! I see the sheer joy in your eyes and the gratitude in your smile as you mark your 4th birthday, today. Wishing you a never-ending bliss, son.

9. I have the best son in the world. As you mark your 4th year, today, you shall live to see many more in good health, joy, and love.

10. You are the best gift God gave to us and we promise to always treat you as such. I’m wishing you a wonderful 4th birthday, handsome.

11. Thank you for making me a mom and giving me the opportunity to call you my son. May this new age make you happier than ever before. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

12. I love to see you happy, son. So today on your birth anniversary, I wish you many happy returns. May your stars continue to shine brighter than diamonds.

13. I feel so alive whenever I see you cause you are the reason for my happiness. Happy 4th birthday, my handsome son. You give me the pleasure of having a son I can be proud of.

14. I have you in my life and it feels like I lack nothing. Happy 4th birthday to my son. May your new age usher you into happiness and prosperity.

15. I’ll always send all my love to you. Today, I include a basket of kisses and warmth as you celebrate your 4th birthday. Wishing you a phenomenal new age.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy 4th Birthday

Use these birthday wishes for baby boy 4th birthday to celebrate your son or nephew: I will always love you my 4 year old bundle of joy. Happy birthday to you, darling. You are like a shining star in our sky. You have made our lives more colourful. Keep on exuding such a beautiful aura.

16. My baby boy is 4 years old, today. I wish him growth in all things. May your life never be cut short by the travails of life. You shall live long to fulfill your dreams, son.

17. Happy 4th birthday to my beloved son. I will never forsake you nor leave you when the day is dark. My son, you shall remain a sparkling light in your generation.

18. For you, son, I’ll go hungry so you can be fed. Happy 4th birthday to my bosom child whom I’ll gladly sacrifice everything for.

19. My son, may you never be like ashes. You shall remain a beauty to behold at all times. Happy birthday to my precious little boy. Four years look great on you.

20. I’ve lost count of how many moments you made me happy in the last four years. Hence, my gratitude to you will be forever. Happy 4th birthday to my handsome boy.

21. Son, may your happiness increases with your age. You shall never experience the meaning of sadness and depression. Happy 4th birthday, handsome.

22. I’ll love to share everything with you, son. I pray you never lack the good things of life. Happy 4th birthday to my phenomenal son.

23. Son, may the rest of your life be far beautiful than the celestial bodies in the sky. You shall live your 4th year in happiness and peace of mind. Wishing you, dear son, a happy birthday.

24. You’ll never be stranded in life. Your life shall not be a sorry sight. Happy 4th birthday to my handsome son. Many more years shall you celebrate.

25. Wherever you go, son, happiness shall follow you around like the sun and moon. Happy 4th birthday to my beloved child.

26. May all your dearest wishes come to fruition as you reach your 4th year. Wish you a joyful birthday. May your new age be full of beautiful adventures as you desire.

27. You are the reason my heart is full of gratitude to God. Happy 4th birthday to my baby boy. This new age shall favour you and cause you to enjoy the beautiful things of life.

28. My son is 4 years old, today. May this new journey be blissful and smooth. You shall never be burdened by the troubles and challenges of this world.

29. As you clock four years, son, you shall be the head and not the tail. You shall occupy the best and most dignifying positions in the world. Happy 4th birthday, son.

30. I will always love you son cause you are the answer to my prayer. Wishing my cute son a happy 4th birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday to My Son Quotes

Here is the best happy 4th birthday to my son quotes: There is no other you in this world. You are the best of everything good that abounds in the universe. May your life be full of beautiful moments. You shall live long to fulfill your destiny. Happy 4th birthday, son.

31. You have chosen to be with me and I promise you that you shall never regret choosing me. Happy 4th birthday, son.

32. As you walk through life as a 4 year old boy, you shall record victories and have happy memories surrounding you. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart.

33. I will always love you even when you grow as old as the sun. Happy 4th birthday to my precious little gem. You shall be known to be triumphant in life.

34. May joyful songs continually fill your mouth. Happy 4th birthday to my son who has always made me a proud mama.

35. For your sake son, I’ll be the best mother in the world. Wishing my 4 year old son the best things life has to offer.

36. You have brought so much happiness to my life. May yours never be deprived of joy and lovely moments. Wishing you the best in life, son.

37. May you discover your gifts and skills as you clock 4 years, today, son. Happy birth anniversary, darling.

38. With my whole heart, I wish you, son, a fulfilling birthday. May all your good wishes no matter how big or small be granted to you.

39. I have found a son in whom I can be fulfilled. Happy 4th birthday to my precious seed. May your life be radiant with each passing day.

40. You shall never be denied the best things of life. Happy 4th birthday to my good son. May this new age treat you kind.

41. Son, it’s your 4th birthday, today. I promise to always be by your side and never grow apart from you. Enjoy your new age, son.

42. Today is the best day of the year so far because you have attained a new year. As you clock your 4th year, may you become the bravest and the greatest achiever of your time.

43. Happy birthday to my son who continually sets new records. May you remain a winner for as long as you live.

44. Happy birthday, child. I am glad you are 4 years old on this day. I promise that we shall travel the world together and make new happy memories.

45. I am so proud to see you this happy as a four year old, son. Thank you for your gift of laughter and joy. I will never take them for granted.

Fourth Birthday Wishes for Son

Use these fourth birthday wishes for son to celebrate your baby boy: I bless the day I held you in my loving arms and you moved me to tears with your cry. I will never forget all the memories we shared while I was yet to see your lovely face. Happy fourth birthday, son. May this new age be the best you’ve had.

46. My son, as you go through your new age you shall never lack any precious gifts of life. Happy fourth birthday, son.

47. You are the reason we are all happy, today. You shall always bring happiness wherever you go. I love you so much, my darling. Happy 4th birthday, beloved child.

48. I love you, my baby. I’m glad you grow older and age beautifully every day. May every milestone of your life meet you in good health and happiness.

49. Happy fourth birthday to my child. You are the best gift we ever got in our lifetime. Thank you for the immeasurable joy you have inundated us in.

50. Happy fourth birthday to the most charming four year old boy alive. You shall never lose your shine, glow, and happiness. Wishing you many happy returns.

51. Son you shall continue to grow exponentially. You shall always surpass your achievements and never remain stagnant. Happy fourth birthday to my son.

52. I love you with every fiber of my being, son. Wishing you a spectacular fourth birthday. Every day of your life shall be truly beautiful and amazing.

53. May the happiness you feel right now never go away. You shall perpetually live in happiness and goodness. Happy fourth birthday, sweetheart.

54. May the love and bond we share as a family never diminish as the year passes by. I love you, dearest son. Happy fourth birthday.

55. My son is the best thing to ever happen to me. May you always bring happiness and joy. You will never be a source of concern for your loved ones. Happy fourth birth anniversary, dear child.

56. You shall never lose what you hold dear. The world shall be a blissful place for you, son. Happy fourth birthday to my darling child.

57. You always make me so proud and happy to be your father. I bless the womb that carried you for several months. Happy fourth birthday to my champ.

58. I will always be there cheering you on cause you have always been my biggest inspiration. Wishing you, son, a happy fourth birthday.

59. You are so gracious and you endeavor to make the world a better place with your kindness and love. May you never be prey to the predators of this world. Happy fourth birthday, son.

60. I pray you never lose the things you hold dear, son. Happy fourth birthday, my dear child. You can count on me to be the best parent to you.

Son’s 4th Birthday Quotes

Here are the best son’s 4th birthday quotes a mother or father can use to mark their child’s birthday: I have the best son in the world. May his life be full of beautiful moments. As you grow older, son, you shall never regress but progress. Have a wonderful 4th birthday, dearest child.

61. May you grow from four to forty and then 140 years. I love you so much, son. Happy 4th birthday, my little champ.

62. When I look at you, I have all the strength I need to face life. Wishing you a super gracious fourth birthday, son.

63. My son is four years old, today. May this day mark the beginning of a beautiful journey for you. Have a wonderful and fulfilling new age.

64. I pray you never stop appreciating the most important things in life like family, good health, and sound mind. Happy 4th birthday to my only son.

65. I am the happiest, today because my child clocks 4 years. With my whole heart, I’m sending all my love to you, dear son. May this day be remembered for good in your life.

66. Hurray! Finally, the day I’ve been earnestly looking forward to is here. Happy 4th birthday to my dear son. May you keep climbing the ladder of greatness and longevity.

67. I pray you’ll live longer than anyone in your generation. You shall enjoy good health, too. Wishing my son a happy 4th birthday.

68. May you never lose any battle you fight. Your victories shall always be sure. Happy 4th birthday to my handsome prince.

69. I pray you find true love, happiness, joy, and fulfillment during your lifetime. Happy 4th birthday to my bundle of joy.

70. My son marks his fourth birthday, today. I wish you so much more joy and happiness than you have ever felt. Happy 4th birthday, darling.

71. May you never have any demon to fight cause the angels of the living God shall always fight your battles. Happy 4th birthday, dearest child.

72. Your life shall always be peaceful and wonderful. I wish you a fulfilling happy 4th birthday, son.

73. I cherish everything about you, dear son. May you always have the courage to fight for your dream until they come true. Happy 4th birthday, son.

74. I pray you continue to grow and never stop. You shall live and not merely exist. You shall thrive and not simply survive. Happy fourth birthday to my son. I love you.

75. You are so good in all your ways, son. May you never lose your charm, grace, and goodness. Happy 4th birthday to my dearest son.

Happy 4th Birthday Messages to My Son

Here are creative happy 4th birthday messages to my son for you: Son, my heart wishes to let you know that in all seasons of life, I’ll be your anchor. I promise to be there for you during your milestones. May this new age show you how awesome you are. Son, you are the greatest. Happy 4th birthday, dear.

76. I have the best son in the world cause he makes it his priority to make me happy. May your life be full of happiness, too, my dear child. Wishing you a superb 4th birthday.

77. I have every reason to be thankful, son and it’s all because of you. I will continue to shout for joy cause you have made my life whole for the past four years. Happy 4th birthday, son.

78. I am the happiest father alive cause my son is 4 years old, today. Happy birthday to the best kid in the world.

79. You make me swoon over you cause you exude so much happiness and magnificence. Happy 4th birthday to my lovely son. Many more shall you see, my child.

80. I pray you never stop growing. You shall move from glory to glory. Your story shall always be inspiring. Happy 4th birthday my beloved child.

81. It’s my son’s birth anniversary. May your life be full of God’s favour and goodness. Happy fourth birthday, sweetheart.

82. For you, I’ll acquire the best gifts of life. Wishing my son a phenomenal 4th birthday. I love you from here to the moon and back.

83. My son is the best thing to happen to me. Happy birthday, son. May you always be a fountain of joy and happiness.

84. I will always shield you from every hurt and wickedness of life. Happy 4th birthday to my dearest son. May your new age overwhelm you with blessings.

85. I have a son who is so good in all things he does. Happy fourth birthday to an achiever. May you never lose anything good in life.

86. Dear son, you shall be prosperous in all your ways. Your coast shall continually be enlarged. Happy 4th birthday to my darling.

87. I love you, son, cause there’s nothing comparable to you. Have a fantastic happy 4th birthday.

88. My son is the kindest child I’ve ever seen. I pray you live long and in good health. May you reap your good deeds.

89. Happy 4th birthday to my son. You shall never know a better yesterday. Each of your days shall be full of glory and honour.

90. I love you, son, I pray you enjoy the finest things of life at all times. Wishing you an extraordinary 4th birthday, son.

Happy 4th Birthday to My Little Boy

Here is the best 4th birthday to my little boy messages: My little boy is a year old, today. I promise to take you around the world till you grow up to do the same for me. My son, you are the best adventure partner any parent could ever wish for. Keep being happy and daring. Happy 4th birthday, son.

91. I wish you, my little boy, a happy 4th birthday. May you always age in glory and honour.

92. Son, you may be a little boy, today, I promise you’ll be a great man tomorrow. Happy 4th birthday.

93. I’m happy to have seen you on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday. Your 4th birthday is here and I feel so happy. Enjoy your new age, champ.

94. Happy 4th birthday to my little boy. You shall grow into the man of your dream. May your path be illuminated.

95. You shall never be bereft of wisdom. You shall possess great understanding and knowledge. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

96. My little boy is 4 years old, today. May the sun, stars, and moon be in your favour at all times, son.

97. Wherever you go, men shall favour you. Happy 4th birthday to my darling son. I wish you all the joy and gladness in the world.

98. Son, you shall grow to become a fine gentleman with great success. Happy 4th birthday, son.

99. I love my son completely. Wherever you go, may you always find love in the people you meet. Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart.

100. You’ll always be the best. Happy 4th birthday to my little boy. Wishing you unbeatable joy and happiness, son.

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