Happy 22nd Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

Happy 22nd Birthday Boy Wishes and Quotes

Having a son whom you’ve been taking care of since he was a baby till he’s an adult, it’s not child’s play. Taking care of a child takes so much from parents because most parents find it hard to have time for themselves.

If you’re lucky to have help, then this process might be somewhat easier for you. So, witnessing him celebrating his 22nd birthday is a great feeling. He’s grown so much that you don’t need to tell him certain things anymore because he can take initiative. It will be amazing when he gets some special gifts from you.

Well, sending him some wishes on his birthday is certainly one of those things. The happy 22nd birthday boy wishes and quotes below can be used to pass your heartiest wishes across to him on his birthday.

Happy 22nd Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

Wishes and quotes mean nothing, when it comes to you, son. I love everything about you, and I’m glad at how best you’re living your life. I hope you keep finding reasons to be happy, through it all. Happy 22nd birthday, my boy.

1. It feels so great to see how much you’ve grown. Dear son, you’ve really grown in every aspect, and I’m very proud to call you my son. In all you do, I hope you don’t stop being a great person. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

2. My life took a whole new turn when I had you. Believe me when I say things weren’t so easy before I had you. I keep thanking God every day for the blessing He’s brought into my life through you. As you start a new year, I hope you’re blessed with fresh ideas. Happy 22nd birthday.

3. Dear son, it’s your 22nd birthday and as a proud mom, I’m still confused as to what to gift you. You have been a very rare gift to me and the world at large. It’s an honour to be a mom to an outstanding guy like you. Here’s wishing you the best. Happy birthday to you.

4. No one knows whatever it is I am going through, except you. You understand my every mood, and that’s one of the things that make me love you so much. Thank you for filling my life with so much positivity. I love you, son. Do have a happy birthday.

5. It’s your 22nd birthday and the start of a brand new year. I’m thankful for how far you’ve come. I’m thankful for being your mom, and I’m also thankful because you will do much more this year. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

6. No one else understands me as you do; not even your dad. You’re such an amazing young man and the dream of every parent. Today, I want to appreciate you for filling my life with so much joy and happiness. I love and am proud of you. Happy 22nd birthday.

7. No one else has a son as wonderful as you. You’re the best son ever. You have no idea how much I thank God for giving you to me. It’s your 22nd birthday, son. I really hope you make it more than your expectations. I love and will always be there for you. Happy birthday.

8. You’re the dream of every parent, trust me. With you, no one needs to bother about what the world thinks. You make me feel and look my best, even without trying. Thank you for being a great son and tolerating all my excesses. I love you so much. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

9. My little boy of yesterday is all grown up now. You’ve been such a wonderful boyfriend since we had you. And no matter how old your think you are, you will always be my little boy. Happy 22nd birthday, son. Make sure you have the fun you deserve. I love you.

10. The love between us has grown from that of just a mom and her son into what I can’t even explain. Do you know what I’m most thankful for? It’s you, my son. And I will continue to be thankful because you are a blessing. Happy 22nd birthday my handsome son.

11. It is such a wonderful thing to see how great you’ve turned out. Trust me, I never knew you had this much energy in you. You’ve been working so hard to get yourself to the top. My dear, I will keep celebrating your wins; whether small or big. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

12. No one will understand exactly how I feel today; not even a mom like me. I feel over the world because I’m very happy it’s your 22nd birthday. I can’t even believe I have a 22-year-old son. How great?! You will continue to be my dearest baby boy, no matter how much you’ve grown. Happy birthday.

13. I’m very sure it’s going to be an amazing year because I can see you’re much prepared for it. You’re great at everything, and that’s one thing I will never overlook about you. Thank you for being a blessing. Happy 22nd birthday.

14. There’s no more happy 22nd birthday in advance, the day is finally here. We’re so happy to welcome you into this great year. You’ve been such an amazing son to us, and we’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved so far. We hope that you keep winning back to back, even as you press on. Happy 22nd birthday.

15. You’re now taller than I am, even though I’m your father. I’m glad you keep following my footsteps, no matter how inconvenient or hard they seem. I bet you will go far in life if you continue like this. I hope that you do better than me. Happy 22nd birthday, my boy.

16. In the whole of this world, you’re the closest person to me. Even though you’re just 22 and you still haven’t experienced certain things in life, I always trust your judgement because you’re the wisest 22 year old ever. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

17. You have really grown; to the extent that I don’t want to believe I have been feeding you for 22years. I’m very happy to have a responsible and smart 22 year old. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful moments you’ve brought me. Happy 22nd birthday. I wish you the best.

18. I will never find it difficult to love or support you because you’re a very wonderful son. You’re also a wonderful person to everyone that’s met you. Thank you for making the world a better place in your little way. You rock, son. Do have a great one.

19. I can’t even tell you how boring it always is whenever you’re not around. I have now concluded that you’re the one who makes my life lovely. In everything I do, I don’t ever want to lose you, son. Happy 22nd birthday to you. I love you with all my heart.

20. There’s something about motherhood I still don’t understand. I’m sure, with time, I will. I’m thankful to God for giving me my blessing. The last 22 years have been the best of my life. I hope the coming years are even sweeter and more enjoyable. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

21. You’re God’s gift to me, and I’m never going to treat you less than that. My life was nothing before I had you, but your presence changes everything. You’re the treasure I never want to lose, no matter how bad the storm is. Happy 22nd birthday, my blessing. Mom loves you.

22. I honestly will give up my life just to see you live. Truth is, you’re the reason I keep hanging on. You’re the reason I keep imagining that, good things could come out of this world. And I’m never going to back off because I see a great future ahead. Happy 22nd birthday.

23. Even if I had all the blessings in the world, it’s not complete without you, they will amount to nothing. I’m glad that God blessed me with you. I want you to keep making me proud, no matter what happens. Don’t worry about me, I will always make you proud. Happy 22nd birthday.

24. The only person I trust in the whole wide world is you, my son. I believe you even if the world doesn’t. I have succeeded in raising you well, and I’m very sure you will not disappoint me. On your birthday, I want you to know that you mean so much to me. Happy 22nd birthday.

25. It’s your 22nd birthday, but it feels like you’re celebrating your 30th birthday already. I can’t even believe how much you’ve grown. You are making me proud, and I hope you never stop. I know you’re old enough, but if you ever need anything, do let me know. Happy 22nd birthday.

Happy 22nd Birthday Boy Messages

Hey, birthday boy! It feels really good to know that you’re alive today, hence, this message. I’m grateful for each moment I get to spend with you because it’s always the liveliest. I love you, boy. Happy 22nd birthday.

26. My dear son, I am very proud of you and all that has come out of you. I don’t even know how to express my joy, on this beautiful day. You have made everything beautiful for me. I hope I never get to experience anything as horrible as my past. Happy birthday, my love.

27. 22 good years of my life have been dedicated to nurturing and grooming you into this refined and amazing young man. I’m in love with every single thing about you. I’m glad that despite all the madness in the world, I have you to come home to. Happy 22nd birthday, my essence.

28. I never knew motherhood was this beautiful, maybe, just maybe, I could have started very early. In everything, I’m thankful. This stage in my life has been blessed with so much blessings with you. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. I love you forever.

29. Some would rather channel 22years of their lives to something else, but I feel very fulfilled because I channelled mine into the most productive thing ever; motherhood. It’s been such an amazing ride with you, son. I enjoy being your mom and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday to you.

30. I honestly can’t think of anything better I’d have done with my life, other than having and taking good care of you. Trust me, your presence sums it all up. I’m grateful for each moment I spend with you because they make me know exactly how blessed I am. Happy 22nd birthday.

31. There’s no greater love than that of a mom and her son; it’s surreal. Honestly, I feel like the best mom in the world. Having to shoulder all your responsibilities for the past 22 years isn’t easy, but I am thankful. While I hope for the best to happen to you, here’s wishing you a happy birthday.

32. Trust me, no one else exists whenever you’re with me. I mean, you’re 22years old today, but I still treat you like a baby. That alone should make you know that I will never trade you for anything in the world. Happy 22nd, my big baby. I love you.

33. Once it’s about you, then I’m down for it. I don’t care how difficult or uncomfortable it is, I will always support you. I will always have your time, because I’m your father and I ought to be there for you, always! Happy 22nd birthday, my boy. Have a blast.

34. Times change but my love for you will remain the same forever. You are and will always remain an answer to my prayer. Thank you for choosing me on this journey. It has been really exciting, and I never want this experience to stop. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

35. You are and will always remain the closest person to me. You’re the only one who knows my top and deepest secrets. You have never used any of them against me because you know how bad it could make things go. Thank you for being a son and confidant. Happy 22nd birthday.

36. If there’s such a thing as an afterlife, then I will love to have you as my son again. You have brought about the most amazing times of my entire life. Just when I thought you were done, you keep making me proud. You’re the best, my boy. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

37. Today, I’m referring to you as a big boy, because 22 years of age is not small at all. Look how dapper and sweet you look. I feel so proud to call you my son. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but God has been faithful through it all. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. I’ve got so much love for you.

38. I want you to always count on me, no matter what happens. Never feel like you’re bothering me with anything. I will always be there for you. I will always ride with you. I love you forever and a day more, son. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

39. Celebrating your 22nd birthday with you is such a big deal for me. I can’t believe you’re this grown-up. It feels just like yesterday when I had you. Today, I give God all the glory for making me experience the joy of motherhood. Happy 22nd birthday, young man. Enjoy yourself.

40. I will always choose you over everyone else. You have been right here with me through thick and thin. When I didn’t have it funny, you were still there. I honestly don’t think I’d be this happy, if not for you. Thank you for choosing me. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

41. It’s with great joy and happiness in my heart, that I welcome you into this beautiful new year. You are the most amazing son ever and I count myself very lucky to have you. Your 22nd birthday is a reminder of how faithful God has been over the years. Happy birthday, son.

42. You know I will not stop having your back. You’re my ride or die and my number hype man. I’m very happy to have you in my life. Trust me, without you, nothing will work out. I honestly hope you don’t stop being amazing. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

43. Some people will never believe that I am your father. You’re now taller than I am, that people now think we are brothers. Well, I have always been waiting for a time like this. Thank God it’s here. I can’t wait to start sorting things with you like the adult that you are. Happy 22nd birthday.

44. You are the smartest boy ever. Every parent will be lucky to have you. If you weren’t my son, I’d have fought to have you from your parents, lol. Happy 22nd birthday, my prince charming. I hope you know how amazing you are. I love you, baby.

45. I will never take it lightly with anyone who decides to come at you. You’re the most gentle and peaceful boy ever. I have never seen a boy who isn’t stubborn. Thank you for always being on your best behaviour. You make me very happy with you. Happy 22nd birthday.

46. We will always be best friends because we understand how these things work and we know our own around then. Motherhood was fun for me because I have you as my son. There has never been a boring moment with you. I look forward to every single day, because of you. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

47. I can’t believe I have been a father for 22 years. I now have a grown man as my son and that feels like a rare blessing. Of course, it is. Thank you for bringing us all proud moments. We are lucky to have you, and we hope that you keep doing well in life. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

48. No part of your life has a loophole. You’re just so close to being perfect. Trust me, I have never seen or heard of a boy as noble and great as you. It gives me joy, each time I realize that you are my son. I won’t stop making you happy. Do have a wonderful birthday celebration.

49. Are you really 22 years old today? I need someone to tell me otherwise because I can’t believe that. Honey, so far, you’ve been doing very well. Thank you for being sane in a world full of insanities. I hope you always find your way around things. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

50. I can imagine how you feel right now. I mean, it’s not even my birthday, but I feel so blessed and fulfilled. I can’t believe I have a 22 year old boy as my son. Thank you for riding with me through it all. Trust me, I hope to keep being a great mom to you, no matter how much you have grown. Happy 22nd birthday.

Happy 22nd Birthday Son Quotes

How about we just have so much fun today, because it’s your birthday? I honestly can’t think of any quote or wish to send to you, because you’re the most stubborn person in this family. Even at that, I wish you well, from the bottom of my heart. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

51. Nothing else matters to me in life. All I want to keep doing is to make sure that I’m there for you, no matter what. I will keep being that mother you’ve always been wanting me to be. Well, I hope you don’t stop being a good son to me. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

52. It feels like I’m sleeping, and I need someone to wake me up. How can you be 22 years old today? How’s that even possible? Where has time gone? Happy 22nd birthday, my son. You’re such a great guy. I can’t wait for the world to see what you have in store. I love you.

53. On your 22nd birthday, I feel so emotional, because I never thought I would make it this far. Trust me, some things have happened, and being alive today brings back those memories. In thankful that I’m in a better place because I have the best son. Happy 22nd birthday.

54. You’re just 22, and the most supportive son ever. You’ve been supporting me since God knows when. I’m grateful for your excess show of love and support. Trust me, I will never disappoint you. Thank you for choosing me. I hope you have a smooth ride all year round.

55. I’m not sure I’d be here if not for you. Thinking about my past, it was such a horrible place to be. The experience almost damaged me, but thank God you came on board. I will keep dedicating both my small and big wins to you. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

56. You’re not the only happy person today, I’m also happy, and probably happier than you are. Today is a beautiful and special day because it marks your 22nd birthday. I know you sometimes feel disappointed because things don’t happen how you’ve planned them, but I want you to keep taking it one step at a time. You will be just fine. Happy 22nd birthday.

57. My darling son, you have no idea how happy I am on this day. Your 22nd birthday makes me want to scream to the whole world. I don’t know why God has singled me out amongst all women, but I’m sure you’re one of the reasons. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. I love you.

58. I will do anything for you. No matter how hard it seems to be achieved, I will go the extra mile to make it happen. Thank you for making me a happy woman. You are so amazing in every way, and I hope you don’t stop believing in yourself too. Happy 22nd birthday.

59. I don’t want to ask how you feel today, because I already know even without you being here with me. Today, I’m very happy, not just because you’re 22 years old, but because you have everything that will be enough to set you up for life. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

60. I honestly don’t know where you get such energy from, but I want to commend you for being so supportive of everyone that comes your way. Just so you know, I feel very proud to have you as my son. I hope people rise for you, whenever you need help. Happy 22nd birthday.

61. My son, you have no idea how amazing you are. You are the best son, boyfriend, colleague, friend anyone could ever ask for. Even though you’re not being treated fairly by those you trust, I want you to know that I will never be one of them. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

62. I knew how I felt when I was 22, so I can imagine what it feels like for you. You are the perfect person because with you no one will have to go through pain alone. Thank you for being so wonderful and kind. I hope you’re blessed throughout the year and forever. Happy 22nd birthday.

63. For me, you are always going to remain my dearest and smartest baby boy, because you still have the same face you had while you were little. I hope that’s enough to keep calling you my baby boy. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, my son. May all your dreams come true.

64. Dreams really do come true, and you’re a piece of evidence. For years, all I was begging God for, was a son. When you eventually came, it seemed as though I have never been happy all my life. Thank you for coming through. Happy 22nd birthday to you. You mean the world to me.

65. One thing I love about you is how you always feel the need to carry everyone along with everything you do. You give people the opportunity they need to explore. I honestly don’t know the kind of person you are, but I’m very proud of you. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

66. You do everything to always make sure I’m proud of you. In everything you do, I’m always on your mind. I want to thank you for always putting me before everyone else. It’s been a pleasure being your father. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. I love the man you’re becoming.

67. I couldn’t have spent 22 years of my life doing anything better. You are the best son ever. Trust me, every parent prays to have a son like you. But for now, I’m going to live in the moment, because you’re my son. I hope that you have a very happy birthday. I love you.

68. Today, I’m thankful that I put in the works to make sure you’re successful today. While my friends kept complaining that I had no time for myself, I kept making sure that I was doing what’s expected of me as a mom. Today, it paid off. Thank you for making me laugh last. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

69. I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d be doing today, without you. I’m very sure that you’re all I’ve always wanted. You have blessed my life in so many ways, I can’t even start mentioning. You are the dearest in the world, my son. I wish you a happy life ahead. Do enjoy yourself.

70. To you, it might seem like you have the best mom, but to me, it seems like I have the best son. If you had stopped being a good son to me, maybe I would’ve stopped being a good mom too. Thank you for putting in the works. I love and appreciate you. Happy 22nd birthday.

71. In case anyone asks you what’s so special about turning 22, tell them how much God has blessed you. You’re a living witness to how great our God is. I’m thankful that you’re the one enjoying God’s goodness the most. I wish you a happy birthday, my love.

72. Just in case you’re feeling like you’re not doing well, remember there are some people who will kill to have what you have, so be grateful. Turning 22 is not a child’s play. You have come too far from where you used to be, and I’m thankful for that. Happy 22nd birthday, son. Enjoy.

73. I have always known you to be a cool, calm and collected guy. So many people wish to have you in their lives because of how great you are. If only I had thought about it very well, I could’ve had you earlier than I did. Well, it’s still a win, so I’m grateful. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

74. I have never known what it feels like to be unhappy, ever since I had you. It has always been from one sweet experience to another. I can’t thank God enough for bringing me so many blessings through you. I enjoy being your mom, and I honestly can’t wait for better days to be here. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

75. As the best son in the whole wide world, your birthday present should be the biggest, but I’m sure you understand how things are at the moment. You’re a wonderful son with a great personality, and I count myself lucky to have you. I hope that things keep aligning for you. Happy 22nd birthday.

Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes to My Son

Here’s sending you lovely wishes on your birthday. You have been more than just a son to me. I love the fact that you’re a blessing. I really enjoy being your parent, and I wish you the best. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

76. Look who just turned 22 with so much class and poise. My son, I’m very happy to see how happy you are. I’m grateful for the wonderful things that keep happening to you. I’m grateful for the things God had in store for you this year. I’m very sure none of them will pass you by. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

77. I wish I could show you exactly how I feel today. I feel very good, grateful and fulfilled. You have no idea how much I anticipated this beautiful day. Now it’s here, and I can’t be happier. Thank you for not waiting until I cry before you do the right thing. I love you so much, son. Happy 22nd birthday.

78. Living this life with you feels like heaven. You bring so much joy and happiness into my life, and that’s kind of too much for someone who’s a son. Thank you for everything, dear son. Here’s sending you beautiful wishes as you start another year. Happy birthday.

79. God has been really faithful to you, if not, you wouldn’t have made it to your 22nd year. In everything, I want you to always give Him thanks. I also want you to know that, whether or not you’re a good son, I will keep being a good mom. Being a good son has so many benefits, though. Happy 22nd birthday.

80. You have been such a wonderful son, and on your 22nd birthday, I’m doing everything you want me to do. I want to keep supporting you in my own little way. I want to make sure that I’m not just your mom, but your teacher and lover. Happy 22nd birthday, son.

81. Sometimes, I just feel like you need to put people in their place. You’re the most peaceful person I know, and I really feel you deserve better than how people treat you. I want you to know that I will never be lost in the crowd when it comes to you. Happy 22nd birthday.

82. I really don’t know what I have done to deserve such a blessing in my life. Sometimes, I just feel like seeing God face-to-face, so I can tell Him how much I appreciate everything He’s done. You’re by far the greatest blessing of my life. Happy 22nd birthday, my son.

83. Today, I’m going to overlook your stubbornness and talk about how amazing you’ve been over the years. Trust me, despite your stubbornness, I could never have chosen a better son. I’m glad God made the right choice for me. Happy 22nd birthday, son. Have fun.

84. I know you’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Well, it has come to an end, as the day is here already. I want you to do something uncommon, today. Sit down, count your blessings, name them one by one, and you will be surprised how much God has blessed you. Happy 22nd birthday.

85. I have a very strong thing for the present, so I really don’t care about the past. But honestly, without my past, I won’t be where I am today. I’m thankful for all the lessons it taught me. I’m also thankful because it paved the way for my greatest blessing which is you. Happy 22nd birthday.

86. God deserves all the glory because He’s been very good and faithful. He never left nor forsook us for a moment. I’m grateful for everything, but I’m most grateful for your life, dear son. Things are really working the way you want them to. Now, that’s a reason to be thankful. Happy 22nd birthday.

87. Everything about you is inspiring and uplifting. No matter how little the time spent with you is, there must be something to take home. As a mom, I learn from you every day. Thank you for being so open with your life. I wish you a very happy 22nd birthday.

88. I’m not disputing the fact that you’re a big boy now, but no matter how big you think you are, it only ends with you. You will always be my baby boy for life. To be honest, though, you’re a big boy now and I love you to see it. Happy 22nd birthday, my darling son. Do have a blast.

89. I have always been blessed, but the amount of blessings your presence brought and keeps bringing is beyond me. How can just one person be the reason behind the blessings of so many people? I love that you’re my son, and I can’t wait to enjoy to feel forever. Happy 22nd birthday to you.

90. You have always wanted to have the best life. You enjoy living life to the fullest. You don’t believe that people have to go through difficult times before they can make it in life. You believe in God, and your faith will make ways for you. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. All my love.

91. Today, I want you to change your perspective about life. Fro today, I want you to live every moment like it’s your last. I just want you to have the very best life imaginable. And then, live as you will never grow old. Happy 22nd birthday, my handsome son.

92. Over the years, we’ve watched you grow from a little boy into an amazing man. I want you to know that we all are proud of your growth. We hope that you don’t stop growing. May the year ahead continue to exceed your expectations. Happy 22nd birthday.

93. You are everything to me, and no matter how hard the world tries to break or bring me down, you will always be my rock. Thank you for always being strong for me, even in the face of adversity. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. Your best days are here.

94. I have lived my entire life just to please you because I do not ever want you to get upset because of not having enough. I want to keep making sure you have and enjoy the best. I’m sure I have done well so far. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. Have a great one.

95. I never knew what it felt like to have a son until I had you. Right now, I will pick you above everyone else, because you’re the one who genuinely makes me happy. I hope that you always look ahead in life with a smile on your face because they are better days ahead. Happy 22nd birthday.

96. In your 22 years on earth, I’m very sure that you’ve experienced something much; both good and bad. Here’s a reminder that you haven’t even started yet. You’re still going to experience more, but not to worry, I will be right here with you. Happy 22nd birthday, my son. I love you too much.

97. Your presence in my life takes my breath away, sometimes. Oftentimes, I have to tap myself to be sure I am your father. I’m proud of myself as a father because I never knew I could do it for a very long time. It’s been 22 years, and I still enjoy it. I’m sure it’s all because you’re a great guy. Happy 22nd birthday.

98. Trust me, you deserve more joy, love and happiness than you give out. You keep looking out for everyone, even though they don’t really care about you. As you start a new journey, I wish you endless joy, love and happiness. Happy 22nd birthday to you, my son.

99. You mean every single thing to me. Without you, there’d be no me. I’m grateful for how far you’ve come, son. Here’s wishing that your birthday is filled with wonder and delight this year. Happy birthday to you, my son. I love you much.

100. My miracle came right on time. I never knew it was going to be so fast, but I thank God for coming through when He did. Your birth was the beginning of my goodness. I’m grateful to have spent the last 22 years of my life with you. Cheers to more years together. Happy 22nd birthday.

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