Bitter Marriage Quotes

Bitter Marriage Quotes

Marriages are meant to be a union of two people who love each other and are willing to sacrifice everything for the relationship. It is supposed to be a fun experience that goes beyond basic love.

Unfortunately, it is common for people to get married for all the wrong reasons. Some people don’t marry because they want to spend their lives with someone; they get married because they want someone to take care of them or help them in life.

Let’s be frank. Marriage is not always as miraculously as it seems. No marriage is free from bitter moments, whether it is the usual financial problems, kids’ behavioural issues, failure to commit, unromantic attitude, or upcoming overbearing in-laws.

Bitterness could exist in any form, but as you read through this collection of bitter marriage quotes, I want you to know that bitterness is cruel and negative, yet, no matter how bitter the couple becomes, there is the hope of reigniting happiness.

Bitter Marriage Quotes

Marriage is normally a place of familiarity, but this is not always the case. Bitter marriages are common and exist in many different forms. Dealing with a bitter marriage takes patience, trust, and communication, as well as a bit of luck.

1. A bitter marriage is not bad; it just isn’t good either. The truth is that people who marry for the wrong reasons usually end up with the wrong results.

2. The bitterness of marriage, sometimes, is the price to pay for being blinded by love.

3. Bitter marriages exist, producing bitter children who grow up to make the world bitter.

4. Bitter marriages exist because some people choose the wrong spouse for themselves. A person who is not good for you in any way should not be your spouse.

5. If you are in a bitter marriage, you must understand that you can change your fate only if you want to.

6. A wrong spouse can make you build the wrong home, which can lead to an unhappy life after marriage. It’s important not just for your children but also for yourself to choose wisely when choosing someone to spend the rest of their lives with you.

7. You should never stay in a bitter marriage with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself or your choices – even if that person is your first love.

8. A bitter marriage is no home for innocent children. If you love your children, strive to give them the home they deserve, not one full of grief and pain.

9. Bitterness is a very painful emotion that makes you feel alienated from the rest of society, and if you’re married to someone you cannot get along with. It’s like living in a house made of sand.

10. When two bitter people come together as one, they form a bitter union, making the relationship even more intolerable and painful.

11. Marriage is not just about two people coming together but also about their lives and how they will impact each other.

12. Marriage is not for everyone, it can be bitter, and people who are bitter should not get married at all. You will build a wrong home and give yourself a bitter life after marriage.

13. When you get married, you enter a new stage in your life. This is not the time to start a bitter relationship with your spouse. You must learn to deal with each other’s petty habits and negative traits, especially if you want to build a happy life together.

14. A bitter marriage makes a bitter family. If you are married to a bitter person, you must seek help from others before it’s too late for your relationship and yourself.

15. Marriage is not about staying together for the children’s sake. It’s about building a home you enjoy being in and sharing it with someone you love deeply. If the person you have married is bitter, then it’s your responsibility to leave them before they can make your home and your life unbearably sour.

16. Marriage is not about hating one another, but when two people no longer love each other and become bitter, the bitterness finds expression.

17. Living with a person who makes you feel like a stranger is hard, and it’s natural to feel bitter when you’re unhappy in your marriage. However, remember that together, you and your spouse can find happiness again.

18. You can’t build a happy home with the wrong spouse. Our society is full of bitter couples and children, making it hard for everyone.

19. Living a bitter life is not a good way to live. We should build a marriage on love, not bitterness.

20. In all that you do, never marry a bitter spouse. It’s not fair for you or them, and it’s also not fair to your society.

21. Bitter marriages exist, but they are not always intentional. Instead, many people get into bad relationships because they are blinded by love or financial greed.

22. If you want your kids to grow up with a happy marriage, it’s best to stick with your partner and make the relationship work.

23. When two partners are unhappy with each other, they cannot give happiness to each other or their children. The family becomes a place of conflict, pain and resentment instead of love, support and peace.

24. It’s natural to have differences with your spouse, but the bitterness is not. It not only makes you bitter, but it also makes you unhappy with your life.

25. The bitter relationship between parents is the most powerful predictor of marital conflict, disillusionment and divorce.

26. A bitter marriage is an unhealthy relationship. It will only lead you to a bitter life, so avoid the mistake at all costs.

27. Bitter marriages lead to bitter children who often grow up to be very angry adults due to their parents’ negative influence on them.

28. The wrong spouse makes you build the wrong home and gives you a bitter life after marriage.

29. It’s not hard to see that a marriage with much bitterness (even if it’s just one person) will produce more bitterness. Don’t let marriage be an unhappy event.

30. Marriage is not to be bitter, but when two bitter people love each other, bitterness is unavoidable.

31. Married life is a journey of ups and downs, but if the bitterness in your relationship continues, it will surely turn into an uphill climb towards divorce.

32. Having different expectations and failing to understand each other’s needs and desires is a prime factor in creating a bitter marriage.

33. The bitter truth about bitter marriages: They are destructive to marital happiness and hurtful to children.

34. A bitter marriage is a sweet relationship that has become sour. The partners are no longer happy with each other and do not feel like they can make the relationship work anymore.

35. The real problem with married people is that they don’t know how to love each other because they don’t know how not to.

36. A marriage is made up of two people; each brings a different past. If you have chosen the wrong spouse, your home will be built on sand.

37. The bitter marriage is a direct reflection of the people who are in it. The bitterness in the marriage will also flow out to children who grow up with a bitter mind, making them bitter.

38. A bitter marriage is like a bitter apple. It tastes sweet at first, but the aftertaste is bitter.

39. The most important thing in life is marriage, but sadly, many people build the wrong homes because they choose the wrong spouses.

40. One of the biggest mistakes we make in life is getting married to someone we don’t love. This is so costly because we groom a life of bitterness and resentment ahead of us.

41. If you are depressed and feeling lonely, it is best to check your marriage first before any other medication.

42. It’s not that you can’t save a bitter marriage; it’s just that it would’ve been better if one or both of the spouses hadn’t started misbehaving first.

43. The reality of bitter marriages is that they produce bitter children who will make society bitter as well.

44. There are many sad things in life, but there is only one bitter one; living a life of regret in a bitter marriage.

45. When two people come together, they should support each other in every way, but even more so when marital conflict arises; rather than trying to be the bigger person who ends up hurting themselves and their spouse.

46. When two bitter people come together to marry, the bitterness is multiplied, and they build a bitter home.

47. A bitter marriage is not one that is made up of a husband and wife who are both bitter but one that exists in a world where bitterness is celebrated.

48. Bitter spouses have no place in any marriage: they are toxic, and their bitterness will destroy every room they enter.

49. A bitter marriage at home also equals a bitter life outside your home.

50. Marriage is not for bitter people. If you’re bitter about your wife or husband, stay far away from them because it will make matters worse.

51. Don’t be bitter when you get married. It’s better to build your marriage in the right way, not with bitterness.

52. Marrying the wrong person is like putting all your heart, soul and mind into a broken cup. What hope do you have of giving your child a whole cup?

53. When two people come together, they should have a vision of life together. They will build a bitter life and destroy their whole family if they don’t have that vision.

54. If you’re in a bitter marriage, happiness is not on the table for you. You must ask yourself if you want to be unhappy or live in a miserable marriage.

55. The key to a happy marriage is first removing bitterness from both hearts. If you want a happy marriage, you must learn not to be bitter.

56. A bitter marriage does not have to exist. To build a happy marriage, you need to know who you are, where you want to go, and how to get there together.

57. Bitter marriages and children are the results of two or more people who are not happy in their own lives. If you want to break the cycle of bitterness, then you need to change your mindset from “bitter” to “content.”

58. Just because they are bitter doesn’t mean you should accept their bitterness. Good marriages take work. They take communication, compromise and love.

59. Some marriages are made in heaven, and other marriages are made in hell. The people who share it with you are the most important thing in life.

60. A marriage is a partnership. Marriage should be harmonious; there should be peace and love. Don’t get caught up in bitterness and lose your blessing.

61. As a girl or a boy, if you are about to marry, be sure to avoid the bitterness of bitter marriages. If you are in a bitter marriage, be bold enough to leave the relationship for your own good. Don’t keep wasting your time on bad relationships.

Don’t marry the wrong person. It is too difficult to make a bitter marriage sweet, but a sweet marriage can be made bitter by a single event; by choosing the wrong person, as illustrated in the above quotes.

So, when we look at these bitter marriage quotes, we remind ourselves that it is not enough to get married; learn from them and not miss the point entirely. You must also marry the right person and build your home with the right partner for a much better future ahead.

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