Bitter Woman Quotes

Bitter Woman Quotes

A woman should be a diamond in this world, but bitterness makes her a crushed stone. The word “bitter” is not synonymous with the word “woman”, but there is a proverb which goes: “A woman who has been hurt never forgets it. She can forgive, but never forget”.

It may be true that not all women are bitter, but all bitter people have experienced some upset, hurt or loss in their lives. Bitterness seems to be an evergreen emotion in every human being, making it difficult to recognize this emotion as an evil force because most of us know of the bitterness we experience ourselves.

It’s not that they have lost their ability to love, but they have allowed bitterness to choke out their affection for people and things around them or blocked these feelings altogether. A bitter woman can end up becoming an enemy of society, and if we find a way of saving her from this situation, we might be able to make her love herself again. This will also help her to save her affection towards her children, who are victims of this bitterness.

These bitter woman quotes will open your eyes to see that even if it is justified, bitterness, if not managed, can lead you to the lowest of emotions. You become cold, callous and indifferent to everything that surrounds you.

Bitter Woman Quotes

A bitter woman is like a flower, except that she’s not beautiful inwards. She’s like an apple tree, except that she’s not fruitful. She’s like a river, except she can’t quench your thirst. She’s like a flame for warmth, except that she burns others to ashes.

1. A bitter woman is someone who loses her spark for life and becomes emotionally distant from the world.

2. A bitter woman is dangerous because she doesn’t know when to stop—she’ll take down anyone who gets in her way, even if it means destroying their relationship with God or their children.

3. If you are a bitter woman, it’s a sign that you have been hurt in the past, and at some point, you will be powerless to stop your pain.

4. A bitter woman can be dangerous for everyone around her—she may lash out at those closest to her or cause harm to those she loves without even realising it.

5. By getting to know a bitter woman, you’ll learn things about her that you never thought possible. And there may be some surprises in store for you.

6. A bitter woman tends to be lost in love and romance but can be very loyal and dependable once she gets to know you better.

7. Bitterness is not something to be taken lightly as a woman. Your nature is to love, and being bitter signifies that you need to change your life.

8. Stop being a bitter woman who is fed up with life. It’s high time you stood up to get on with your life.

9. A bitter woman is one who has forgotten how to love and be loved by others; she has forgotten what it feels like to give and receive affection, care, and attention.

10. As a woman, you must not stay bitter. Being happy with who you are and accepting yourself as an individual is the key to living your best life.

11. Bitterness is a disease, not a virtue. A bitter woman is a woman who has turned against herself and others and so will never be any good to anyone.

12. Bitter women tend to be jealous of everyone else’s success and happiness. They always find something wrong with other people’s lives.

13. Bitterness, for most women, is an identity cultivated over years of neglect and rejection from men who took advantage of her vulnerability and used it as an excuse for their selfishness and immaturity.

14. There is no cause for a woman to be bitter unless they feel that their life has been insulted.

15. Bitter women are a reality. They are created by life, but they also create their problems. They’re tricky and difficult to deal with, but they can also be helped.

16. You may be a bit bitter about your past or other people’s actions, but if you continue treating love as a commodity and life as a game, your bitterness will consume all good in you.

17. Bitterness is not the most desirable trait in a woman. It makes her look like she doesn’t care about anyone, especially herself.

18. A bitter woman is filled with poison and hatred instead of love and kindness; all her sadness will seem like it’s your fault—even though it isn’t.

19. A woman with a great deal of bitterness has lost all sense of humanity, self-sacrifice and motherhood. Such a woman cannot be helped and should be avoided as far as possible.

20. A bitter woman has suffered at the hands of another. Her bitterness is a result of the pain she has endured.

21. A bitter woman is a dangerous woman. If a man is married to one, he better be careful because she may be why he ends up divorced.

22. A woman who has been bitter for a long time is like an old tree whose leaves have turned black and withered.

23. In an effort to get even with a world that has been unjust and cruel, a bitter woman is motivated to fight back.

24. A bitter woman will ruin not only her own life but also the lives of those around her. She may think she’s protecting herself from being hurt again, but bitterness can be contagious—and will spread like wildfire if left unchecked.

25. A bitter woman is one who has been reared in a home where she has been raised with a sense of injustice and unfairness, which has made her feel as though the world is always scorning her.

26. Bitterness is a sickness. A bitter woman will not readily accept help or advice and may even become aggressive if approached in the wrong way.

27. Bitterness can turn a good woman into a bitter woman. If you are attracted to a bitter woman, don’t waste time on her. Put her in the right direction and save yourself from heartache.

28. A bitter woman will find it hard to forgive because she is consumed by anger and hate, which keeps her trapped in bitterness forever!

29. Bitterness can ruin a woman’s name and reputation, but it cannot destroy the inner goodness that lies within her.

30. A bitter woman is not your friend; she’s your enemy. Don’t let her drag you down with her sadness by making you unhappy too!

31. Bitterness is destructive to the soul, and bitter women are long on anger and short on grace.

32. Bitterness is a bad habit that can turn a good woman into a bitter woman. It can ruin her life, destroy her relationships and even ruin the lives of others.

33. A bitter woman probably thinks everyone is out there to hurt her and take advantage of her. It’s how she feels about herself as well—that she is weak and needs protection from the harsh world around her.

34. Bitterness is not the same as anger. Bitterness is a slow, corrosive poison that eats away at a person’s soul, leaving them bitter and resentful.

35. Bitterness may turn a good woman into a bitter woman, but the humanity and motherhood in her will never cease to exist.

36. A bitter woman is not someone you should condemn for her bitterness. Instead, she needs to be understood and helped to eliminate her bitterness.

37. If you see a lady who looks sad, she is not. She’s just bitter and angry at life.

38. Bitterness is a poison that can kill the soul. A bitter woman will be unable to make friends, let alone find love in her life. A bitter woman will never be happy and will live a life full of regrets.

39. Bitter women are not the same as bitter people; they have their issues, especially because they are women.

40. A bitter woman has forgotten what love feels like; she doesn’t know how to appreciate anything anymore—even if it’s something as simple as a beautiful sunset or the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

41. The bitterness of a woman you have known is like poison on the heart.

42. The bitterness is just a mask for the hurt. So tear it off, and don’t let it fool you. It’s not your fault; it’s only hers.

43. Bitter women reek of low self-esteem because they feel that they are not good enough for anything or anyone else in their lives.

44. There are some bitter women who are very hard to live with, but once you get to know them, they will surprise you with their humanity and warmth.

45. A bitter woman pretends that she doesn’t care about anything anymore—but deep down inside, she knows better than anyone else just how much pain this lifestyle has caused her family members over time!

46. A bitter woman is a dangerous thing. She will turn on you, she will betray you, and she will make your life much, much harder.

47. Bitterness can be a symptom of depression or other mental disorders. It is always better to get help to manage your condition than suffer in silence.

48. When a bitter woman slaps with the cruel reality of life, she will become a bitter monster.

49. The bitterness and resentment of bitter women can be viewed as a side effect of the motherhood instinct. It is often seen in mothers who cannot go through their child’s childhood without being reminded about what they feel abandoned for.

50. You can never change a bitter woman. You will only be able to bring out the little bits of humanity that remain in her heart.

51. A bitter woman will always put down someone else to make herself look better.

52. Bitter women can be a pain to deal with and can put others down, but they are not always bad.

53. Do not let bitterness turn you into a bitter woman. Being bitter can be a mask you wear to hide your true self from the world.

54. Bitter women can be helped, but the bitterness needs to be dealt with, and she must accept that bitterness makes her less humane.

55. A bitter woman is a woman who is filled with anger, hate and resentment towards other people. She does not do any good for others, and when she does, she does it for her sake.

56. If you find yourself caught up in the world’s bitterness, don’t forget there are still people who love you and care about you.

57. You should fear not all bitter women. Sometimes, you need to look at her and see the pain, sadness and trauma she has been through. Don’t be afraid to ask about it or talk about it with her in a healthy way.

58. A woman full of bitterness may seem all fire and fury, but that fire and fury may have been put there by her hands as she fights her inner demons.

59. Bitterness isn’t the problem; it’s the effect. Don’t let bitterness win. Get help now.

60. Dear woman, if you want to live your life without regrets and enjoy it every single day, then you should try and change for the better or else your bitterness will consume you and turn you into someone that no one wants to be around.

61. A bitter woman uses words as weapons to wound others and get even with those she believes have wronged her.

62. A bitter woman may not see the beauty in life anymore, but she still knows that there is a lot to be happy about and will try to find it in little things; this is what makes her bitter when all that she finds is negativity.

63. A bitter woman will always seek revenge, even if it means destroying herself in the process and hurting others in the process too.

64. Some women harbour bitterness within themselves and don’t know how to get rid of it. Bitterness is a form of anger that comes from a lack of self-worth but can also come from a lack of true love.

65. Bitter women are everywhere and can destroy relationships just as easily as the sweetest woman in the world.

66. Bitterness is like cancer that can eat up your heart and destroy your soul. If you let it grow, bitterness will destroy your life and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

67. Your best bet is always being kind and understanding (but not pitying) toward a bitter woman—it’ll help them open up more easily than trying to fix everything yourself!

68. Bitter women tend to talk badly about themselves and other people around them, so nobody will think highly of them either way!

69. Bitter women can do much good in the world if they are treated well and shown love and respect by those around them.

70. Bitterness can be an important part of life; it’s a necessary step to becoming a better person. However, bitterness is not something you should be proud of; it’s something that can make you bitter and unhappy if you choose to stay in the past.

71. Bitterness is a tricky trap. It can make you feel useless, unwanted and unloved. It can take away the joy of your life and drag you down into a dark place where nothing good can come.

Bitter women may be difficult to come by, but they still exist. If you have a friend who has started to become bitter, it is your duty as a friend to do your best to try and help her out before it consumes her life. It is never too late to get rid of bitterness.

Bitterness affects every aspect of a woman’s life, and even if she still has a bond with her children, she shouldn’t nurture them in bitterness. Let this post on bitter woman quotes remind us that we all can change our ways if we want to, no matter how long we have been the way we currently are.

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