Book Donation Quotes

Book Donation Quotes

Donating books is a great way to help others. You can donate books through many organizations that support literacy and education. Whether you’re looking for a way to help your local library or want to ensure children have access to books, there are many opportunities for book donations.

Donating books is a great way to help people get access to information. Many non-profits accept book donations, or you can donate them to your local library.

When you’re donating books, you want to make sure they’ll be put to good use. The following book donation quotes will help you get started, so you can confidently donate books.

Book Donation Quotes

When you give, you are truly giving of yourself. It’s not just that the books get moved out of your house and into someone else’s, it’s not just a physical act but a way to share in the good things in life and help those less fortunate than us.

1. You can’t buy love, but you can donate a book and save someone’s life.

2. Don’t donate money to charity. Instead, donate a book. A book is an investment that lasts forever. No matter your age or circumstances, everyone deserves the gift of knowledge.

3. Wanna feel good? Donate a book and save a child’s life.

4. You can share your love of reading with the underprivileged. Don’t just buy a book; donate one.

5. With so many books to choose from, you’ll have the hard part of deciding which one to donate.

6. Books are gifts that keep on giving. Give the gift of literacy today.

7. The best way to spread kindness is by giving books. It’s like a one-stop shop for happiness.

8. It’s a scientific fact that books feed the soul. So, go ahead and get in the good karma game – by giving books to the people you love most.

9. Sure, you could buy cookies or flowers. Or maybe donate to charity. But what’s more thoughtful: a book that gives back?

10. We bring thousands of books to people worldwide for free. Please browse our inventory of gently-used titles or request a book from our library.

11. If you’re going to read it, you might as well donate it.

12. If you are not going to read it, please donate it to someone that can.

13. If you’re ever considering reading it, consider donating it to someone who reads more than 100 pages a month.

14. When you give a book as a gift, it becomes a part of the person who receives it.

15. Books are powerful, so you give them out as gifts.

16. Whether they keep it on their nightstand or on their coffee table, a book is a great gift.

17. Be a hit on any gift-giving occasion! Think of us as “the little black dress” for your bookshelf.

18. Books are the bread and butter of life. They shape our thoughts and fill the silence with noise when there is none.

19. Books are always the best gift at Christmas.

20. Do good. Help others. Donate more books.

21. Nothing could be simpler than donating a book.

22. Persuade the world to read more and get many books into needy hands.

23. Doing good feels good. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money. A kind word and a smile can go a long way. So let’s make the world a better place. One book at a time.

24. Everyone deserves a chance to read. So why not go ahead and share the best books of our time with someone who needs them most?

25. Find a book you like and buy another one for someone else.

26. I’m a book. You’re a human. Put me down and do something fun.

27. I’m a great read. You’re a fantastic human. Put me down, get some exercise, and pursue another dream.

28. There are people out there who need your help. Donate a book and make their day.

29. It’s up to you if you want to help the world become a better place by reading and by sharing your book with someone who needs it.

30. By donating a million books, we are making the biggest impact ever. With your help, all kinds of books can be made available worldwide.

31. Give more of your time. Share your book, and we’ll donate the profits to charity. That’s good for you, good for us, good for the Earth. A win-win-win!

32. A book is like a wish tree; you never know what you’ll get out of it. Fulfil someone’s wish and donate a book.

33. A book is like a magic lamp. You never know what genie will pop out of it. Give someone the light they need by donating a book.

34. Life is a book, and with every turn of the page, we experience something new. Give a new experience to someone out there who needs a book.

35. A book is the best present you can give to anyone.

36. Choosing the right book can be hard, but there’s one we think you’ll love; donating a book.

37. We all win in the long run when good books circulate and live on.

38. Books win when you read them. Books lose when you don’t read them. Everyone wins when you share a book you love with someone else.

39. Books aren’t meant to collect dust; they can be donated.

40. When you’ve read every book in your house, give as many as possible.

41. I am a book. I hold within me secrets and wisdom, knowledge and information. My pages are edible. I am tasty and nutritious; please donate me.

42. Giving is the best way to grow and a great way to give back.

43. Book donations are the best things you can give to a library. They’re like smiles and hugs for people who need them most.

44. When you donate a book to a library, it’s like you’re handing over all the time and money you’ll ever need. You’re giving away gold with every book.

45. If you love your stacks as much as we do, give them a laugh or a hug with some books.

46. Don’t just smile with your mouth. Smile with your heart by donating today!

47. Books are heavy, and they’re worth more than gold. Donate a book today to help keep every library open.

48. Books are heavy but also a great conversation starter. If you like to read, consider giving a book away.

49. Books! We love books. And we know you do, too! After all, they’re more precious than gold. But not to worry—you can donate them to us, and we promise to take good care of them.

50. We’ve all grown up, but the library is where we’ll always be children. Donate a book to help keep our humble storefront open and to spread the spirit of learning far and wide!

51. Books are heavy, but so are the hearts of those who don’t know how to donate them.

52. Books are the perfect gift for any occasion. Send one with a message of encouragement and generosity this holiday season.

53. Say ‘bye bye’ to the dusty, old books and say hello to a new world of fun.

54. You may not have time to dedicate a few hours weekly, but you can donate a book and change someone’s life.

55. Here’s to the library, where all our books are free, and we don’t have to pay for them.

56. Books are like friends: You can always have too many but never too few.

57. Reading opens the mind and expands the imagination. Ideas flow freely, questions are asked, and answers are sought. Where there is a conversation, a book can be found. Donate a book today.

58. The greatest gift you can give a child is the gift of reading.

59. Reading is a proven way to increase your IQ and prevent the onset of dementia. So get cracking on that gift list!

60. It’s the perfect gift if you have ever heard yourself saying: “I don’t have time to read.”

61. The book you never read is the book someone else has the most time to read.

62. The best way to support somebody? Donate books!

63. Support your friend by donating a book, or two, then get back to doing what you do best.

64. Donate some books if you want somebody to be the best they can be and don’t necessarily care who gets the credit.

65. Did you know you can donate books to your local library just by sending them some books?

66. Give the gift that keeps on giving. Every good cause needs literature.

67. You picked up your copy, now donate it. A book we can share.

68. After one hundred reads, it’s time to pass the book on. Donate today to share your passion with a community in need.

69. To stay sane, read widely. To stay smart, be selective. Help make reading fun by donating the books you have finished to those in need.

70. Did you just finish a good book? Donate to a library and make sure others can enjoy it too!

71. Pass the book, not the blame.

72. Donate some light and read some books.

73. If you love to read and learn, donate a book and pass it on to someone who can use it.

74. Everyone loves to read. And reading doesn’t have to be for fun! Learn more about the world around you and give back to the community.

75. A small book can make someone’s day.

76. When you give books to the world, their eyes light up, smile, and say thank you.

77. Even if you don’t consider yourself a “reader,” when you give physical books to others, they look at you like you’re a king.

78. You know what makes people happy? A book. Nothing beats a book.

79. Books for children are a great resource for parents and teachers. Not only does reading stimulate language development, but it also strengthens parent/child bonding.

80. We’re creating opportunities for authors and readers alike when we donate a book.

81. A book is the perfect gift for all occasions. And it makes me feel good to read something that someone will enjoy.

82. A book donation is ideal if you don’t have a great gift idea and hate sitting in front of the computer trying to generate a perfect gift idea.

83. Books are the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday or Mother’s Day, everyone loves books.

84. If you’re still looking for the perfect birthday present, let us help. Books are timeless and always a welcome gift.

85. Don’t just tell them that you care. Please give them a book.

86. It’s not the size of your donation but the size of your heart.

87. No matter how big or small a book is, all contributions make a difference.

88. Sharing books is like sharing stories. It’s enriching and powerful and helps us see the world differently.

89. The world would probably be a much better place if more people read. Donate a book today and make the world a better place.

90. Don’t let a book sit on your shelf for too long. You never know what it can do or who it might inspire.

91. Books aren’t just for the shelves anymore. They are a way to tell stories and connect people.

92. A book can inspire a reader to dream, learn, do, and become more. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

93. If you give one book, there’s just a chance that you’ll never forget it. But if you give two books, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never be the same again.

94. Reading is a doorway to thinking differently, learning about different worlds, and meeting people you may never meet. Donate books and give someone the privilege of meeting the people they desire to meet.

95. Giving books is more than a one-time act; it’s a lifestyle choice.

96. Spread a little love with your next book donation.

97. Donate your books, get a free coffee and make someone’s day.

98. You never know how much someone else’s book can change your life. Show the world that reading is better with a donation.

99. Let’s help every child read and write by donating a book to a needy child. Your donation will go towards a child’s education and forever change their life.

100. Share the joy of reading and give books to children in need this summer.

101. Books can change lives and improve the community.

102. You’ve already paid it forward, and now it’s time to pay it forward with books.

103. A book is a precious gift. Make sure it’s the right one for your recipient.

104. There’s something magical about reading a book; it takes you to a different world. Share the love with a library book donation.

105. Every donation to charity is good, but a book donation is even better. Books entertain and educate children, which provides a great start for their future.

Book donations are always necessary and never enough. So, don’t forget to show love by donating at least one book to those who can’t afford to get one for themselves.

I hope these book donation quotes were useful for you. Please leave your comment in the comment section, and do not forget to share this post. 

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