Born in October Quotes

Born in October Quotes

October borns do have the tendency to have a strong personality. You can be stubborn and headstrong at times, but you are also very determined. You are always seeking new challenges and opportunities. It is also found to be true that October babies are always looking for ways they can grow and improve themselves. They love trying new things and gaining new experiences. They believe that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well!

People born in October are often considered leaders because they know how to take charge of situations and get things done while still maintaining their composure. They’re also very confident people who aren’t afraid of taking risks or speaking their minds when they need to stand up for what they believe in!

Would you still like to know more about the people born in October? Then check this collection of born in October quotes below for more.

Born in October Quotes

People born in October are extremely shy around strangers and overly confident with their friends. They want things to be simple and will find it hard to deal with any problems that come their way. October people often have a strong sense of purpose and leadership qualities.

1. People born in October are adventurous, resourceful and independent. They’re also kind-hearted, empathetic and confident.

2. November has a very special meaning to those born in October. It’s the month of birthdays, family reunions and so much more.

3. October is the month to be celebrated. Start with a smile and bake some cookies for those special people in your life who are born in October.

4. October is for lovers, the most romantic month of any year. Happy Birthday to all the October babies out there!

5. October is a great month to be born. It’s when you get all the colours of the fall season in one month.

6. With the full range of genetic variations, October is full of unique individuals from all walks of life. These people have a direction in their lives and live with a purpose.

7. October born are always in the zone, going after their ultimate purpose and living life without regret. Their brains were hardwired for success.

8. October born are true powerhouses and live life to the fullest. Sticking to their values, they’ve reached incredible heights.

9. For the people born in October, the pursuit of passion begins at birth. They are fearless, unstoppable and driven by their goals.

10. The people born in October have an undeniable sense of purpose that makes them 10x more effective than the average person.

11. People born in October are not always the best at making friends, but they’re great at making memories.

12. Unknown to many, people born in October are very optimistic and charming. They’re also easygoing, sensual, and impressionable.

13. People born in October are very loyal and caring. They are also emotional, and intuitive and often have vivid fantasies.

14. A person born in October is filled with the zest for adventure, events, and amusement. They are enthusiastic about life and love all things exciting.

15. October is a month filled with the most wonderful people, who are always there for you and will go above and beyond to help you.

16. October born are born with the powers of a magisterial protector and as they say, they were placed on this earth to help others.

17. October born are the most giving, intuitive and emotional sign of the zodiac. They are also known for their sensitivity and empathy towards others.

18. People born in October are the most introverted, quiet and calm of the whole year. People born in this month can become friends with everybody and easily get along with everyone. They are well suited for administrative positions and managing people’s expectations.

19. People born in October are sensitive, patient and well-balanced. They like to be surrounded by friends and family and love making others laugh. Their stability makes them great leaders and they can make interesting choices.

20. October babies are intelligent, they have a great sense of humour, and they are incredibly charming. They listen to other people and understand them better than anyone else, plus the ability to express their thoughts on the subject at hand.

21. There’s something special about people born in October. They are wise and mature beyond their years, mysterious and interesting to talk to, genuine and sincere.

22. Those born in October are at their best when they’re in love. They’re very passionate and romantic, so it’s only natural that this passionate love translates into their other endeavours.

23. The October person is bright, perceptive and has a natural interest in nature. A born storyteller and communicator, you can impart your insights with clarity and ease.

24. October is the month of balance, initiation and the gateway. It is the month when we begin to make decisions about what we want to do with our lives and who we want to be.

25. The people born in October are smart, kind and creative. They have a great sense of humour and have a true understanding of other people’s feelings. Their ideas are often clever and original.

26. If you ask people born in October what they think, they will likely say that their personality is charming and sociable. This is true of all people born in October, who light up the room with their humour and wit.

27. People born in October are strong, courageous, and willing to face any challenge. They are smart and quick learners, with natural leadership skills. They do not like being told what to do and they want their freedom.

28. People born in October are often considered to be charismatic and confident, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They’re also extremely conscientious, ensuring they always do everything possible to help others.

29. People born in October are very independent, fun-loving and filled with personality. They are ambitious individuals and it is not uncommon to see them climbing the professional ladder of success.

30. The October birth month is associated with attention to detail, a strong sense of style and the ability to make what seems like impossible tasks seem realistic. These people are also known for their eye for quality work and their ability to build strong relationships with other people in the workplace.

31. People born in October are very inquisitive, analytical and logical thinkers. This makes them well suited for careers in law, politics, architecture, engineering and education.

32. People born in October are full of charm and charisma. They have their unique sense of style and they love to express their individuality through fashion.

33. Those born in October enjoy a special brand of humour that is all their own; but when you ask them about it, they will often just smile and say nothing.

34. If you are born in October, you are a free spirit and a bit of an adventurer. You are also very laid-back, patient and observant. You’re happy to spend time alone or with others as long as you feel comfortable.

35. October is the month of solitary people. They seem to believe that life has passed them by; they have no friends, no real stake in anything, and are waiting for something to happen.

36. October people are very creative, smart and caring. They are always fun to be around but can also be very moody. They may also be shy at first but once they get to know you, they will warm up quickly.

37. People born in October have a great sense of humour. They can be funny, upbeat and cheerful. Easily bored if they don’t get enough activity, they need good friends who can keep them busy and entertained.

38. October is a month of love, appreciation and admiration. It’s full of magic, mystery and beauty. But one thing is certain: Most people born in October are generally very talented.

39. Positive, intuitive and idealistic, people born in October are determined to make their dreams a reality. They attract good fortune by following their hearts and they don’t let anything stand in the way of achieving personal goals.

40. People born in October are the type of people who’ll help anyone. They’re very friendly and always want to help, no matter how big the task is. They’re also known for being extremely intelligent, and this can sometimes be a turn-off for some because they seem smarter than others.

41. People born in October can look at a situation and find solutions to problems. They are good friends, generous and caring even if they can be impatient at times.

42. People born in October are talented and responsible. They’re optimistic, spontaneous, and adventurous. They’re intelligent with a great imagination. They can see things from different perspectives. Others look to them for guidance and advice.

43. People born in October are strong, healthy, and outgoing. With a great sense of humour and deep intuition, they can use both their minds and hearts to achieve success in life.

44. People born in October are often thought of as being dynamic, powerful, potent and bold. They are typically very focused on their goals and will do just about anything to obtain what they want.

45. October people are passionate, funny, sensitive and serious, with a tendency to change their minds about things. They like to be quiet and listen to others, then surprise them with a sudden witty comment. They are hard workers who often expect too much of themselves.

46. People born in October are often considered to be unusual and eccentric, but that’s what makes them interesting. They are also quite funny and very intelligent, which means they make an excellent company, especially if you want to be boring.

47. People born in October are natural leaders, who have an innate understanding of others’ thoughts and feelings. If you need someone who’s going to motivate and inspire your team, this person is it! They are courageous and social, but also responsible and selfless.

48. People born in October are the most curious, secretive and adventurous of all the zodiac signs. They can also be moody and stubborn. They will often seem to be a mystery to others.

49. People born in October are leaders, have innate confidence, and are very determined. They have an excellent drive for independence, with a strong sense of who they are as individuals and what they need out of life.

50. People born in October are idealistic and self-confident. They are imaginative, independent and love to gain knowledge. In love, they are romantic, faithful and sensual.

51. Those who are born in October carry with them special strength. You’re realists, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t dream big. This is exactly what makes those born in October so successful.

52. The rest of the year, October is born just like anybody else. But they can be so sweet when they want to be. That extra month isn’t just a day or two anymore, it’s a world of difference.

53. October born are usually intelligent and quick to learn, thoughtful but also spontaneous, daring yet careful – making them great at almost anything they do.

54. People born in October are often considered to be charming and good-looking. They are intelligent, and full of charisma and enthusiasm, but also possess leadership qualities.

55. People born in October are the most reliable, intelligent and versatile of all people. They are the kind of people who never give up. They are full of energy, excitement, and enthusiasm and they cannot stand boredom.

56. People born in October are energetic, passionate, generous and charming. They are social people who love being at the centre of attention and prefer to be surrounded by friends and family members.

57. October born are constantly searching for meaning, but knowing that there is something out there bigger than themselves that guides them as they go through life.

58. They are imaginative, sensitive and shy. During the October birth month, individuals also tend to be highly intuitive and very observant of their environment. They can easily empathize with other people’s situations and problems.

59. October is an excellent month to start a new project, a new job change, or begin something new and exciting. You have the energy and determination to achieve your goals.

60. People born in October are wise, fun and easygoing. They’re competitive without the pressure of competition, and affectionate without the need for frequent displays of affection. These people are thoughtful listeners and great friends who are always there when you need them.

61. People born in October have a hidden gift for their entire life. This gift is never revealed to them, but it does help them where they need it most. They are extremely sensitive souls who feel everything deeply and carry that feeling with them for all of their lives.

62. People born in October are often bold and confident, and they excel at bringing order to chaos. They’re usually good with other people and make friends easily.

63. People born in October are known to be trustworthy and reliable. They are sensitive, intuitive and compassionate. They possess infectious energy, yet they know when and where to pull back.

64. People born in October are intense and emotional. They are passionate about ideas and love to be in relationships, making them the most affectionate of all months. Their goal is to live life to the fullest, always seeking new experiences.

65. October is not only the month when people are born but it is also a good time to think about what kind of people they are.

66. October people are keen observers and interpretive thinkers. They are thought to be quite stable, loyal and determined by nature. They can enjoy family life and love children.

67. October born are often thought of as risk-takers, but in reality, they’re normally just careful with the important things in life. They’ll jump into anything that gets them excited and they’ll always try new things.

68. People born in October are said to be very smart and sharp-minded. They are also said to be very easygoing and straightforward. People born in October love spending time with their family and friends. They love to be surrounded by people, who they love and care for.

69. People born in October are people who have creative minds and visions. They have the power to lead, inspire and motivate people around them.

70. People born in October are often intelligent and mature beyond their years. They are likely to be hardworking and responsible, but they can also be quite stubborn.

Quotes for October Born

October born are true romantics and idealists. They can live in a world of make-believe and fantasy, but they keep their feet firmly on the ground in this world. They have a keen sense of what is right and wrong, and they are often the first to stand up against injustice.

71. October born are kind, caring and compassionate. They have a strong sense of fairness and justice, are true team players and encourage other people to develop their strengths. They relate well with others, especially the elderly.

72. October born are highly imaginative, and they get along with others exceptionally well. They are also versatile, practical and reliable.

73. October born are sober-minded and analytical and love to be in charge. They are the most reliable among their friends.

74. October born have a great deal of compassion for others but can be somewhat shy or withdrawn when they are supposed to be socializing.

75. October born are great communicators, gifted writers and intelligent. They have a natural curiosity to learn more and they’re always looking to broaden their horizons by trying new things and seeing new places.

76. October born are unique, ahead of their time and hard to explain. They are one of the most creative people and have an amazing imagination that they use to create a new world in their minds.

77. October born are often described as ambitious, charming and creative. They’re also very intelligent and always try to fulfil their dreams.

78. October’s born tend to be quite independent, and they don’t always like being told what to do. They make excellent leaders and are very competitive, which can make them overachievers when they have the chance

79. October born are sensitive and artistic, but also resilient and strong. They have a knack for healing and helping others.

80. October born are sharp, lovable and very intelligent. This person is always ready to help others and will do everything to prove that he or she is right.

81. October’s born are smart and dynamic, but they like to stay out of the spotlight. They have a cool exterior that masks their true feelings, making them difficult to read. They’re typically very ambitious, yet sensitive and sensitive.

82. October born are natural leaders who are decisive and assertive but also can lead from behind.

83. October born are very sensitive people and should be careful about what they do. They should avoid making enemies, as they carry the gift of people and love to their friends and family.

84. October born are charming, sensitive and artistic. They tend to be loyal, compassionate, considerate and elegant. They enjoy all the pleasures of life and want to surround themselves with beautiful things.

85. Although October’s born are optimistic by nature, they can get frustrated when things don’t go their way. They’re determined not to let failure stop them from achieving their goals.

86. Because of their intense need to express themselves, October’s born are often described as ambitious and highly organized. They are also very loyal, honest and have a great sense of humour.

87. October born are geniuses, but the world’s hustle and bustle keep them from having the chance to prove so.

88. October born are natural leaders who thrive on competition and risk. They’re extremely hardworking, which makes them excellent at anything they decide to pursue.

89. October born is known for being eccentric, lively, and creative. They’re energetic and fun to be around. Their vibrant personality is a huge part of their charm.

90. October born are artistic and passionate, but they can also be stubborn. They may tend to hold grudges from past relationships and this could cause them to become inflexible when it comes to their ideas and principles.

91. October born are deep thinkers and perfectionists. They’re also passionate and have huge hearts that stretch wide enough to include everyone.

92. October born are born to lead. They are the ones who recognize injustice and do something about it, who say what needs to be said, who make it happen for themselves and others. They’re the ones known for saying “no” to any challenge.

93. October born are imaginative and creative, which is why they are so well-loved by the folks in their life. They have a good understanding of other people’s emotions and that makes them great listeners. Their creative side is what attracts others to them.

94. On the positive side, October’s born are generally lively and fun-loving, with a flair for the dramatic.

95. October born are independent, intelligent and ambitious. This month’s zodiac sign possesses great leadership skills and they have the potential to make a success of themselves in life.

96. October’s born are people-oriented, light-hearted, affectionate and caring. They love a crowd and are good at demonstrating their talents to the world. Knowledgeable, intuitive and quick on their feet, they should carry out all of their tasks with excitement and energy.

97. October born are identified as perfectionists. They have strong leadership skills, and they take the time to analyze situations before making decisions.

98. The number of October born is a little bit larger than in other months. That is why they are called “for every reason”. The main personality traits of people born in October are ambition, perseverance and determination.

99. If your birthday’s in October, you’re a straightforward and honest person. You don’t want to play games or be lied to, and it’s unlikely that you’ll do the same thing. You value honesty above all else, even if that means sometimes hurting someone else’s feelings.

100. October born are very warm, friendly and open. They are also optimistic and idealistic, but at the same time, they can be stubborn and rigid if they believe that their idea is the only correct one.

Thank you for checking out the collection of born in October quotes up there. As usual, please do well to share with any October born that’s special to you. Thank you.

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