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Don’t Apologize Quotes

You’ve heard these words before: Never apologize. Stand up for yourself. Never back down from an argument. And always say how you feel—even if it comes off as being too opinionated and assertive for other people to handle. And it’s true. Many times, being unapologetic is what we have to be. Usually, we’re all taught …

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Heart and Brain Conflict Quotes

The brain and the heart constantly battle. Emotions bring us heartache and insecurities while the mind brings us logical reasoning and a strengthened head. However, despite their constant conflict, these two parts of our bodies are deeply connected and work in harmony with one another to help determine our actions. Your heart’s passion and your …

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Breakfast Like a King Quotes

Have you ever had a luxurious breakfast? They taste so good that you cannot forget that experience. When it comes to luxury, there are many options, but breakfast is the one thing a majority of people enjoy. A good breakfast is the beginning of the day. It gives you all the power to start a …

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