Broken Bridge Quotes

Broken Bridge Quotes

Broken bridges connect two sides. Sometimes they are beautiful, practical, and expensive. But all of them serve one purpose: to be a bridge. Before the invention of bridges, people travelled rivers in small wooden boats because there were no substitutes for them. It’s an old saying, but it’s never been more true. We need bridges to connect us in our increasingly digital world. No one can build them all themselves, so it’s up to us to help each other.

A broken bridge is metaphorically an obstacle or barrier created by actions of the conscious or subconscious mind. This can be broken relationships, self-doubt, regrets, and shame. Whatever your belief system, a broken bridge can have far-reaching consequences. It is the first in our lives and presents difficult challenges to overcome as we encounter them at critical junctures.

For a relationship to work, common interests, goals, and values must be shared. This applies even to cities, states and countries. Sometimes two entities in our environment are related, but they are not as tightly connected as they used to be. This is when broken connections that can lead us right back to one of our unsolved puzzles start arising. Below are amazing broken bridge quotes to help you in navigating life challenges.

Broken Bridge Quotes

A bridge is a structure that allows two people to move toward each other, where they can grow closer as they meet. It’s not a permanent adoption. It’s an opportunity. Bridges are built for two things: to get over something and to get closer together. We are all on this journey together through life’s challenges and triumphs.

1. Broken bridges are temporary obstacles that can become stepping stones to glorious new relationships.

2. Broken bridges can be painful. They leave you feeling isolated and alone. But, when you view them as opportunities for growth, you can grow closer to the people around you.

3. When relationships break, it can be hard to get back up and keep going. But those broken bridges don’t have to hold you back. They can help you see who you want to become in the future.

4. When your bridge is broken, it cannot be easy to know what to do. But what if you viewed your broken bridges as opportunities for growth? They can help you connect with important people in your life and grow closer.

5. Broken bridges can be growth opportunities. Reach out to others who have broken bridges too, and share your experiences with them.

6. When life is tough, look at your broken bridges as opportunities to grow even stronger.

7. Maybe your bridges are burned or broken. Maybe things aren’t going well in your life. When that happens, look at those bridges as your opportunity to grow even stronger than before.

8. When life throws you lemons, you make lemonade. When life breaks your bridge and destroys your dreams, use it as an opportunity to grow stronger.

9. If you’re not building bridges, you’ll be falling off the ones there.

10. Never stop building broken bridges.

11. The more broken bridges you build, the better your life will be.

12. The more you collaborate, the more you learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and the more likely you are to solve problems together. Building broken bridges are important!

13. Keep focused on what matters and build broken bridges to get where you want to be.

14. You push through the challenges and are not afraid to try new things.

15. When your bridge is broken, and things are tough, don’t be discouraged. Instead, see where you need to improve, and in those places of weakness is where your true strength lies.

16. Your broken bridges may signify that you need to take a new path.

17. Whatever brings your bridges down: weather, natural disasters, truck traffic, or people, you need to let them go. Your bridges bound limits and held you back.

18. Reach for the stars. Reach for the moon, reach for your broken bridges and walk through them like they are not there.

19. Rise above the noise and get noticed. Go above and beyond the competition to rule your field. Walk through the broken bridges of life as if they are not there.

20. Don’t let your bridges break. Take the time to mend them.

21. Broken bridges are opportunities to reevaluate and do better next time.

22. Every broken bridge has the potential to be inspirational, so build with care.

23. So many broken bridges. So many opportunities to grow in this life.

24. When you’re disconnected from people you love, sometimes you feel lonely. But what if you viewed these opportunities as a chance to deepen your relationship with the people and reconnect?

25. Don’t be afraid of the broken bridges, be strong and courageous

26. Don’t let a broken bridge keep you from being close to people. They are opportunities for growth and learning.

27. You don’t have to let a broken bridge stop you from achieving your goals. Challenges are opportunities for you to grow, learn and get inspired by the people around you.

28. Think of all the bridges broken, yet you have survived. Consider all the sandstone mountains for which you have scaled.

29. Like broken bridges, dead ends can also be growth opportunities.

30. The positive outlook is that you can rebuild just like the broken bridge.

31. If you’re struggling with a broken bridge, remember: there’s no need to be alone. You have the power to go through it with someone who understands what you’re going through.

32. When you see a broken bridge, you’re faced with a choice: Stay isolated or move forward.

33. When one of your bridges is broken, you have to be willing to find a way to cross.

34. People who stay isolated often make bad decisions about their work and relationships. They are afraid to move forward and miss out on opportunities.

35. Faced with a broken bridge, it is your chance to find a new way.

36. When life breaks your bridge, don’t let it destroy your dreams. Use it as an opportunity to build a stronger foundation and learn from the experience.

37. Build a broken bridge of your own. Build it higher and stronger than before.

38. Don’t let a broken bridge get you down. You’re stronger than that.

39. Don’t let a broken bridge get you down. If one life falls apart, glue it back together and try again. You’re stronger than that.

40. Don’t let adversity get you down. Don’t let recovery from a broken bridge get you down. You’re stronger than that.

41. A bridge can only be broken once, but you can be broken daily. Never let failure stop you in your tracks.

42. Come on, don’t let a small setback deter you. You got this.

43. It takes strength to push forward even when things are rough, like being faced with a broken bridge.

44. When you strive to be a better you, you’re always searching for a new bridge, leaving the broken.

45. The road to the future is paved with broken bridges. But remember, it’s just a bridge, not a wall!

46. The best things in life are often the hardest ones to accomplish. The road to success always has broken bridges.

47. Broken bridges are not built in a day; they take time to mend and grow stronger.

48. The bridge is broken. However, this will not stop you from reaching your destination.

49. Only by facing your challenges and obstacles can you become successful

50. There’s always a broken bridge to repair, a new beginning to create.

51. It’s okay to feel lost and alone. But don’t let a broken bridge keep you from being close to people.

52. You are not alone. People will always be there for you when it matters most, even if that means carrying you across a broken bridge.

53. The bridge is broken. The road divides. We are on the other side of the mountain, but we will meet again.

If you’re feeling down about where you are in life and don’t know if it will get better, I encourage you to mend those broken bridges. Get back out there, learn from your mistakes, search for your role models, try new things, bounce back from adversity, scale the mountains in front of you and distance yourself from the ones behind. Your world is waiting for you – all you have to do is get out there and live. Let those in your contact enjoy these broken bridges quotes too by sending them.

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