Betrayed Broken Trust Quotes

Betrayed Broken Trust Quotes

Trust is the expectation that somebody will behave in a certain way. Being trustworthy is being predictable, responsible and keeping your word. Being betrayed is when someone breaks trust with you. When trust is broken, you feel angry, let down and vulnerable.

Often, the very people we trust the most- friends, family, or colleagues- are those who betray us. Betrayals come in all flavours, either “sweet” or “bitter.” While some betrayals are worse than others, they can all leave a life shattered and seemingly hopeless.

Betrayal of trust is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. It injures hearts in a way no other offence can. However, betrayal doesn’t need to ruin your life and rob you of happiness; you can choose to recover from betrayal—you don’t have to be defined by it.

If you’re seeking how to mend your betrayed or broken trust, these betrayed broken trust quotes will show you how to make peace with yourself and those around you.

Betrayed Broken Trust Quotes

Trust is fundamental to societies. If a society isn’t working, it’s almost certainly because trust has been broken or betrayed somewhere. Betrayals, or feelings of betrayal, can lead to long periods of awkwardness and confusion. That’s why we tend to hang on to the memory of our betrayals longer than we do of anything else.

1. When betrayed by those you love and trust, you could choose to live with bitterness or find healing.

2. While betrayal of trust can be an overwhelming feeling, it doesn’t have to define your future. You can learn from the past, move on and live life to the fullest.

3. Betrayal of trust hurts. It doesn’t have to define you. It’s always possible to heal, find grace and learn from your mistakes.

4. You may have been betrayed, but you can get through it. You didn’t deserve it, but you can heal. The power of forgiveness will move mountains and break chains in your life so that you can be free and live happily ever after.

5. You have to have trust. But most of the time, you can’t trust people. If you expect them to be trustworthy, it will open you up to betrayal.

6. When a man betrays the values he was trusted with, a nation is broken.

7. There is no wrong or right way to handle the betrayal of trust. It’s all about how you respond.

8. No matter how betrayed you feel, there’s no need to lash out. You can healthily handle your feelings by confronting reality and taking action.

9. When you’ve been betrayed, what do you do? You move on and seek out healing.

10. You have the power to heal from the pain of broken trust.

11. Every relationship is different, and that’s why there’s no formula for dealing with betrayal. The best you can do is find a way to make things better.

12. Betrayal of trust is the ultimate act of selfishness. It destroys from the inside out and can cause irreparable damage to the relationship.

13. We’ve been betrayed. We’ve been brokenhearted. We’ve been left with a sense of loss and emptiness that no amount of money can fill. But we will rise from it this time, stronger than before.

14. When trust is broken, the separation between two people is more than an emotional wound. It’s an existential breakdown of all that makes us who we are.

15. A betrayal can lead to a wide range of responses – from denial to anger, guilt, and shame. But what you choose to do next is critical.

16. The sooner we deal with the aftermath of betrayal and broken trust, the better.

17. It is hard to get over it when someone you trust betrays you. Betrayal is never pretty.

18. You don’t have to let the pain of betrayal keep you down. There is always hope.

19. Betrayed and broken trust can lead you to bitterness.

20. When you’re betrayed, a part of you wants to stay and fight, but another part wants to run away. It’s a battle between your heart and mind. And it can be very painful.

21. Betrayed trust is a hollowing experience.

22. You are not defined by the betrayals you have experienced but rather by how you live through them.

23. If family, friends, or coworkers have betrayed you, you must decide how to deal with it. If you live in depression and vengeance, you’ll be a revenge-seeking vigilante. But if you’re willing to forgive, even if it doesn’t feel right at the moment, your soul will be renewed.

24. No matter how much pain you go through from betrayed trust, you always have a choice of whether to live with bitterness or heal your heart.

25. The pain of betrayal is real. You can’t blame yourself. But you can forgive. And it would be best if you forgave yourself so that you can move forward and heal.

26. Some of the hardest times are when you are betrayed by those you’ve counted on. But betrayal is not the end. It is a passage to deeper levels of love and freedom from fear.

27. Betrayal can come in many forms, but when the most important person in your life turns against you, the hurt can last a lifetime.

28. In any relationship, it is important to maintain trust. When trust is broken, the healing process can be long and painful.

29. Betrayal hurts. You feel hurt and betrayed by someone you once trusted. But you need to forgive yourself for loving them unconditionally. Forgiving yourself is the first step towards healing and moving forward.

30. It’s not easy to forgive when you have been betrayed by people you trusted and loved. But it is always possible at the right time and the right way.

31. The road to forgiveness is paved with good intentions and second chances. Learn what it takes to overcome the broken trust and start living your life again.

32. No words can describe the feeling of betrayal and broken trust.

33. Betrayed trust leads to betrayal of love.

34. When you’ve been betrayed by someone you trusted, it can feel lonely and scary.

35. Don’t waste time on those who’ve betrayed your trust. Move forward and make it your best day ever!

36. Betrayal is a wound, but it’s also an opportunity to improve something.

37. We are all vulnerable to betrayal and must choose how we handle it.

38. The best way to recover from a betrayal is to move forward with a positive attitude.

39. Betrayal happens when someone you care about hurts you intentionally.

40. While betrayal is real and hurts, you must remember that you did nothing wrong.

41. You can’t change what has happened, but knowing that there is hope can go a long way in helping you deal with the betrayal.

42. You can only build a relationship on trust. When you break that trust, you lose everything.

43. If you allow it, the betrayal will eat at you. But your life will be better if you accept, learn, and grow from it.

44. When you’re betrayed, it might feel like the world is ending. Let’s face it—the betrayal sucks, but sometimes we must get over it to move on.

45. Betrayed trust is the ultimate pain.

46. When life deals you a hand of betrayal, healing can come from forgiveness and letting go.

47. Broken trust takes years to heal. So be true to yourself, don’t cover your tracks and burn the bridges behind you.

48. Betrayal is a powerful thing. Betray someone you love and trust; it’s like ripping the heart from their chest.

49. If your best friend betrays you, it’s a betrayal of the ultimate kind. Whoever said “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” never had to deal with a situation like this.

50. Betrayed Trust is a condition you suffer when someone else takes advantage of your trust to take advantage of you.

51. Don’t let betrayal of trust define you. Choose to live with love and grace instead.

52. Unfortunately, betrayal is something that everyone has to go through in life. Betrayal can often leave us feeling hurt and betrayed.

53. When you are betrayed by those you loved and trusted, you can choose to live with bitterness or find healing. You can learn how to forgive them—or learn how to move on.

54. You are in a difficult situation. A person or people you trust have betrayed you, which hurts. It doesn’t matter if they did it on purpose or even remember doing it. It is not easy to forget, but forgiveness will make everything easier.

55. Betrayal is a breach of trust. A betrayal isn’t about the person you lose but the person you’re left with.

56. When your trust is broken, It’s a natural reaction to feel furious and betrayed, but there’s no need to lash out. Take action against the things that make you sad by confronting reality and letting the pain pass naturally.

57. The pain of betrayal can take its toll on you, but you can choose to move forward with healing.

58. Trust is as fragile as a glass window. Betrayed, it shatters and falls to the ground.

59. When your trust is broken, choosing to live with bitterness is an act of self-destruction. And choosing to heal means turning the page and moving forward toward a better future.

60. Trust is delicate, which is why it’s so easy to break. But you don’t have to lose your hope when you’ve been betrayed.

61. You’ve been betrayed. You have every right to feel betrayed, angry, and upset.

62. Trust isn’t easily earned. It takes time, patience, and reliability. When trust is broken, it takes even more effort to repair.

63. Betrayal can have a devastating effect on your life. It can shatter trust, cause long-lasting consequences and leave you feeling helpless and vulnerable, but you can choose to heal from it.

64. Betrayal can be forgiven but not forgotten.

65. The worst kind of betrayal is when you trust someone with one thing, and suddenly they’re using it against you.

66. When trust is betrayed and broken, you have the power to choose to live with bitterness or heal. Choose to heal.

67. Betrayal of trust is not the same as a mistake or a lapse in judgement. It is a conscious and deliberate act designed to harm the other person.

68. Betrayal of trust is one of the worst ways to lose a friend or loved one. It leaves us hurt, broken, and vulnerable. We usually have to choose whether to take the high or low road.

69. Betrayed Trust. That is the harsh reality of a relationship when trust has been broken.

70. The world has betrayed us all in some way or another. However, betrayal need not get the best of you. Keep fighting, keep going.

71. Betrayed. It’s a word that sends shivers up my spine. It’s also a word that means trust has been broken, and no one is safe.

72. When you are betrayed, and your trust is broken, the world feels smaller than ever. But don’t give up on hope.

73. When others betray you, take a moment to heal. It’s better than living with bitterness.

74. When someone betrays your trust, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just a new beginning—an opportunity to learn from your experiences, grow stronger and take better care of yourself in the future.

75. When you love someone, you put their needs above yours. When they betray you, the trust is broken.

76. After a betrayal or loss of trust, many people take the bitter path and proceed through life with a negative attitude. I have chosen to heal and let go of my past to move forward.

77. Betrayal of trust can leave life shattered and seemingly hopeless, but it doesn’t need to define you. You can pour new meaning into your world by choosing to live with love and grace instead.

78. We can choose to live with bitterness from broken trust, or we can find healing. Choose wisely.

79. We must find healing for our broken-heartedness or choose to live with bitterness.

80. You’re worth more than a shattered heart. Find your healing from life’s betrayals and make it happen.

81. It’s up to you how you handle betrayal. But one thing is sure: the only way to truly forgive someone is to learn from it.

82. When your family or close friends betray you, there’s only one choice: forgive and move on.

83. You can’t be betrayed if you never trusted in the first place. With betrayal comes deception.

84. When someone has betrayed you, it’s not about the other person. It’s about you.

85. You can choose to live in bitterness over betrayal, or you can choose to heal and move forward

86. When trust is broken, the healing can take years.

87. If your friends betray you, walk away. Never trust them again.

88. There’s no need to lash out when you feel betrayed. You can instead confront reality and take action to heal the situation.

89. There are many ways to handle betrayal. You can ignore it, confront it, or learn from it.

90. If you’ve been betrayed, it is essential that you understand what happened and why.

91. When you trust someone, they become a part of you. When they betray you, they break your heart and leave you with nothing but questions.

92. The pain of betrayal is real. The betrayal of a marriage partner is a trauma that fundamentally changes your life. But you can start a process of healing.

93. When we know someone, they become a part of us. When they betray us, they break our hearts and leave us wounded. You can start a healing process by forgiving them.

94. Betrayed trust is an ugly thing, a haunting emotion that can follow you for years until you find the sweetness of forgiveness.

95. You’ve been betrayed. But I’m here to stand with you and help you pick up the pieces.

96. Betrayal can be one of the most painful experiences in life. The hurt and anger are real, but you have no control over what the other person did, so you need to forgive him or her and move forward.

97. When trust is broken, rebuild it from the ground up. It’s like you’re building a new relationship from scratch. That’s not an easy thing to do.

98. Betrayal of trust is one of the most painful episodes in a relationship. Do not let anyone take advantage of your deepest emotional wounds.

99. Don’t let a broken trust define you. Be a better person than in your past.

100. When trust is broken, a relationship can’t be repaired.

101. We have all felt the effects of betrayal. It leaves you feeling hollowed out and alone.

102. Betrayal is when you allow someone to take advantage of you and use your trust for their gain.

When your trust is broken or betrayed, no matter how hurt you feel or hard it is to see, there is a way to move on. Share these betrayed broken trust quotes with everyone you know who is going through the pain of betrayal.

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