Broken Heart Attitude Quotes

Being heartbroken is an emotional state that occurs after a person experiences a traumatic event. The event can be an actual or perceived loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, betrayal, or rejection. The pain associated with a broken heart is often referred to as “heartbreak.”

The pain of a broken heart is often unbearable. The feelings of loss, rejection and loneliness are so intense that you can barely function. Even if you know intellectually that your relationship wasn’t right for you or that the person who broke your heart didn’t deserve you or that the person who died doesn’t deserve you, it doesn’t help to ease the pain.

What actually helps is giving yourself time to grieve. Acknowledge your feelings of loss and sadness over losing someone who was important to you. This is an important step in healing from a broken heart because it allows you to begin the process of letting go of the past relationship or the person who has gone.

Also, these broken heart attitude quotes that I have compiled below for you are very relatable and understandable for you and for those who are going through a similar situation as yours.

Broken Heart Attitude Quotes

Life is full of heartbreaks and there is no way around it. But what makes the difference between feeling broken and healing is your attitude. Be proud of who you are, be apologetic for the mistakes you’ve made and love yourself no matter what.

1. You can’t make someone love you, but you can change the way that they view you If you’re not getting the results you want in your love life, it may be time to review your approach. The only heart that never breaks is the heart that never loves.

2. Few things are sadder than someone whose heart is broken, but it’s a privilege to be beside them when they find a way to laugh again.

3. A broken heart is like a broken mirror, It makes you think twice before believing in love again.

4. Don’t be afraid to give yourself time to heal. Your heart may be broken at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it won’t mend. Good things take time.

5. Smile even though you have a broken heart. A broken heart is not a problem, it’s a gift.

6. Life doesn’t end because you’re heartbroken. You continue living and going on with your life.

7. Spread your wings and fly, even if you have a broken heart. Life may not be perfect, but you don’t have to settle for that future. You can choose to grow, change and make things happen in your life!

8. Everyone moves on, even people with broken hearts. Life is too short not to live a full, rich life. You’re not living your life right if you’re thinking of things that are missing. Live with passion, enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

9. Been there, done that. Now learn to move forward and be positive because broken hearts can be repaired just like a broken bone.

10. To heal a broken heart after a bad breakup, you need to take up a new hobby to distract yourself. Start playing the piano, it will really help!

11. Falling in love is fun. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It hurts when you can’t be with the one you love, but sometimes things just don’t work out. You will meet someone else someday. Until then, always remember that a broken heart is an open heart for something better.

12. If the heart is broken, you have to keep going. Open your eyes and go forward.

13. Be kind to yourself. Everyone has a broken heart at some point. Remember time is the best healer of a broken heart.

14. There are different ways to mend a broken heart, one is crying and getting angry.

15. The brokenhearted person is the best kind of person. Always remember that a broken heart can teach you so much more than a full heart ever could, and you are only as good as your last smile… Broken hearts heal and so do broken lives.

16. You can’t save a broken heart, but you can be there to help pick up the pieces.

17. You’ll see the sun again. Your heart may be broken but if you let it show, you will learn to love yourself again and love another with all your might.

18. We have all felt the pain of heartbreak at some point, but time and again, we discover that there is light after the dark.

19. Don’t let a broken heart distract you from your goals. Stay positive and keep moving forward.

20. A broken heart is a Heart that heals with more courage and love.

21. Broken heart is not the end of the world. It’s just a lesson to learn, so you can be stronger and wiser next time.

22. When your heart is broken, you heal the broken heart by loving again.

23. When your heart is broken, hold tight to the pieces and weave them together with hope and don’t lose your smile, even if your heart is broken.

24. A broken heart is just a broken, big and empty hole. But, you can trick it into thinking that it’s whole again by doing all the things it used to enjoy.

25. No matter how broken your heart is, smile big and laugh even bigger, because you are at the best age of your life.

26. Your heart is not broken, it’s simply being mended. Heartbreak is like a difficult part of a happy story, not the whole thing.

27. When you’re heartbroken, choose to be happy. Always choose happiness over sadness.

28. Broken hearts are the hardest to heal, but they’re also the most beautiful. Every broken heart eventually beats again.

29. The worst part of hearing you’ve lost someone you love, is knowing that the rest of your life will never be as happy as it was while they were in it.

30. When you’re in love and you get rejected, Cry as much as you want to. But remember one thing: It will get better. Eventually. So, don’t cry alone for too long. A few more days of tears and then it’ll be over!

31. Broken hearts are like chipped or cracked pieces of pottery. They can be repaired and put back together, but they always have the same imperfections.

32. Getting over a breakup doesn’t mean that you weren’t loved. You were and it hurts because you cared. But don’t dwell in the heartache or regret. Forget about that person and move on for your own sake.

33. When someone leaves your life, let them go. Don’t try to stop them. Because they will always be a person that can make you smile and laugh regardless of how far away you are from each other, even if it is not meant for you two.

34. You’ll do better next time. You’re only young once and life’s too short to spend it with someone who isn’t right for you. All the heartbreak will make you a stronger, wiser person in the end.

35. The sun will shine again. You just have to keep your head up high, put on a smile and wait for the crying to stop.

36. You are not afraid to fall in love again. You are just afraid of not finding someone who will catch you.

37. There’s a reason every heart is made of steel, and that’s because it can’t be broken.

38. It’s going to hurt, but it will get better. The best is yet to come.

39. Your heart isn’t a play toy. You can’t just break it and expect someone else to fix it.

40. It’s not always easy to move on after heartbreak, but it sure is worth it.

41. Rise above heartbreak. Your light is too bright to be dimmed by someone who doesn’t appreciate the real you.

42. Have a broken heart, but keep your chin up. Time doesn’t heal every heartbreak, but it helps.

43. Everyone wishes they could say that heartbreak is something they can overcome easily, but that’s not how it works.

44. Smile with the pain you have in your heart because when your heart is broken, you find yourself. When your heart is whole again, they can never break it anymore.

45. You’ve never been great at hiding your feelings. You’re a worn-out, sad story and you don’t care who knows it. But you’ll hide behind that smile of yours because you don’t want anyone else to feel the same.

46. You do not want to be alone, but know that one day, your happiness will be shattered and mended again.

47. Life is like a mirror, when you look at yourself, you see your reflection. When you look at others, you see the brokenhearted. You may be sad, and it hurts, but you will definitely get over it.

48. When you hurt, you heal. When you smile, it’s not just for yourself. It’s never too late to fall in love with life, or yourself!

49. Would you like to be happy again? The first step is to admit that you’re not happy. Let go of the guilt because it doesn’t do you any good. Then try doing things that you love; this will help your emotions begin to heal and bring joy back into your life. Learn from the bad experience and move forward. If I can do it, anyone can.

50. Time is a great healer. It’s the worst kind of heartbreak because he wasn’t your true love.

51. You can only control how you feel. Don’t blame him, don’t blame her, don’t blame yourself. You are allowed to be sad and hurt but don’t let it consume you. And most importantly, please remember that whatever happens is for the best.

52. Being in love is the scariest thing. When you’re in love, you’ve allowed someone to get deep under your skin, to see every side of you, and to make your heart pound with just one smile.

53. Today’s the day you realize life isn’t fair. One minute your jeans fit, the next minute they don’t. And the person that you thought was your forever, ends up being your never-ever.

54. Forget about your ex and find yourself a better man.

55. It’s not worth the tears you cry to keep someone close who doesn’t know the value of your smile.

56. Beauty comes from within. It helps to be beautiful on the outside but if your inner beauty is taken away it doesn’t matter how beautiful you are or aren’t.

57. Your broken heart may be beyond repair, but your issues are not. It’s time to put everything behind you and move on.

58. Get up!!!! Get Ready for the day! This is a new beginning and don’t let a broken heart destroy you!!!

59. Your broken heart is the engine that drives you forward, however when you’re down and out, it’s a good idea to put your broken heart on hold.

60. A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.

61. You will have plenty of time to count your regrets after you have lost everything you love.

62. The hardest part about being heartbroken is getting over it.

63. Broken heart. New love. It’s a never-ending cycle of pain and joy. Learn the difference

64. When you’re broken-hearted, remember this: It means you’ve been through a difficult time and now you can handle anything.

65. No matter what is happening on the outside, always remember who you are on the inside. You are an incredible person and you are loved!

66. When your heart is broken, you don’t give up. You find a way to fix it because that’s what you do.

67. When your heart is broken, never let anyone tell you that it will be okay. When they do, they are lying… Getting over a breakup isn’t an overnight thing.

68. When love is right and your heart is broken, you must find the reasons why. And if you do that, maybe then you’ll be ready to find true love again.

69. Someday you will be able to laugh about this, but for now, it is too painful. You will get through this, and then you can become stronger and better than ever before.

70. Pick yourself up and keep going. You’re stronger than you think.

71. There is no such thing as a broken heart. It’s just a different kind of beating.

72. You can do anything you set your mind to, even if it’s in the middle of a broken heart.

73. With hard work and effort, you can accomplish any goal you desire. Don’t give in to your fears and try to live your best life.

74. Having a broken heart is difficult, but it’s important to never stop trying. Keep pushing yourself to do the things you want. You will get there.

75. You don’t have to wait for the right person or the right time to go after what you want, not even when your heart is broken.

76. You can turn a broken heart into a lesson and get back up stronger than ever.

77. Don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams.

78. You can’t afford to give up. You can rebuild with the pieces you’ve been left with or you can go and make a new start at a new place.

79. The world is full of opportunity. If you want it bad enough, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

80. You are beautiful, whole and you are worthy. It’s time to lift yourself up and take the life that you’ve always dreamed of! You can do it. I believe in you.

81. You have the courage to do anything you want, even when every fiber of your being is telling you not to.

82. I’m not afraid to fall in love again because of the risk of a broken heart. I’m afraid of being closed off to the potential of being fully alive

83. I got up again, I fought again and I loved again. But it did cost me my heart that time.

84. That boy was just a waste of your good energy. Focus on finding someone who appreciates you for you.

85. It’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.

86. Ship, don’t sink. Letting go is not about forgetting—we have to remember what we learned from the past relationship so that we can grow and move forward.

87. Goodbyes are not forever. They simply mean I’ll miss you until I see you again.

88. Heartbreak is not just an emotional tragedy. It is also a physical and even mental one. A person’s heart could be broken, not just because of a lost love, but because of other experiences in life as well.

89. I will heal my heart and keep the pain from turning me into someone that I am not.

90. I choose to be happy, to enjoy every moment as it arises. I know that every heartbreak is a blessing in disguise. I choose to be happy, no matter what!

91. I don’t need him for anything now that my heart is whole again.

92. You will be happy again, even if it takes a lifetime. You will embrace the new opportunities and challenges that are coming your way.

93. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to get angry, too. But whatever you do, don’t let it consume you. Life is too short to not live in the moments that make you happy.

95. Hey everyone. I’m here today writing about why I chose to stay positive and happy even though my heart was broken. Or how some days this is really hard to do but I managed to find a way to fight through it.

96. You will be fine. You will get over it sooner than you think. Just go back to your life now and do things that make you happy.

97. I’ll always be thankful for you, for the memories we made, for the love that exists. The only thing I won’t be thankful for is losing you.

98. So much in life is out of our control. Let’s focus on what we can handle, keep our heads up, and move forward.

99. I’m done crying over you…I’m focusing on becoming a better person because of you.

100. Forget. Let it go. Go on with your life and know that these things happen for a reason. There is a bigger picture that you can’t see right now.

I hope these broken heart attitude quotes up there help you see that having your heart broken may feel like a splinter in your soul, but the truth is that it’s a piece of wood—we can carve it, rebuild it and make it beautiful again.

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