Broken People Quotes

Broken People Quotes

Broken people are the most beautiful in the world. They have been through too much to ever become completely polished and perfect, but their scars make them unique and special even though they are still trying to find themselves and trying to figure out what happiness means.

Broken people know what it feels like to be broken. They understand pain, loss and sorrow. They know what it feels like to be rejected, hated and abandoned. They don’t pretend like they have it all together because they have been there too many times to count. Broken people know that even though they may look fine on the outside, their insides are often shattered into pieces.

Being broken isn’t always a bad thing; it’s just another chapter in life that we must learn from and grow from. We all experience pain, loss and heartache at some point in our lives – but those who are able to pick themselves up and continue forward with their heads held high are truly inspirational!

Life is what happens when you are making other plans so it’s nice to re-examine your priorities. Let these broken people quotes encourage you through your tribulations even when times get tough and things don’t seem to be going as planned.

Broken People Quotes

Broken people are just people who are trying to learn how to repair themselves. They are stronger than people think. They just need one person to remind them that they’re not broken and also find the strength to become whole.

1. Broken people are the people that still have something to give. Broken people are the ones who try and will succeed. Broken people don’t give up.

2. Broken people are not weak people. They are strong people who were broken in the first place by our ugly expectations about them.

3. Broken people don’t have to fix each other. Broken people can be healed alone or together.

4. Broken people can be fixed. Broken things might not be.

5. Broken people don’t have to be fixed. Caring people can be healed together. Everyone is worthy and deserving of love, acceptance, and kindness.

6. Broken people don’t need fixing; they need hope.

7. Broken people who want a happy life don’t need fixing; they need to choose to let go of their grief and live happily in the moment.

8. Broken people are beautiful because they are strong enough to be broken without losing their ability to love.

9. Sometimes it’s the broken ones that God uses the most. When he can mend your heart and put you back together.

10. We are all broken; we may not be the same, but our scars show that we have healed.

11. Hurt people hurt. And healing people heal. But the good news is, no matter where we’ve started from or what’s been done to us, brokenness can be transformed into wholeness.”

12. Most people are broken, they just don’t know it yet.

13. Broken people can be the greatest healers of broken people. Stay strong and help others who are also hurting.

14. Pain is a part of our story. When we share it with one another, we can heal other broken people.

15. When we share our pain with one another, we can begin to heal other broken people.

16. Broken people can’t fix broken people.

17. Broken people are the ones that learn how to be whole again.

18. I’m not broken. I help people who need to be healed. My pain doesn’t define me. I will choose hope over despair.

19. We all get broken from time to time. But we are not broken people. We can recover from our pain, forgive our hurts, and move forward in life.

20. Broken people are people who want to feel better but are struggling to sort out the right approach.

21. Broken people can also be broken by being put back together.

22. Broken people are not shattered. They have simply been given one more piece to go on with, a reason to hold on.

23. Sharing our pain with others allows us to connect with one another in a way where we can help each other heal.

24. Pain is a part of life. But sometimes sharing our pain can help others who are also hurting.

25. A broken person is unkind, but a shattered soul can be nursed into healing.

26. Broken people are not worthless. They’re beautiful.

27. Broken people serve a greater purpose. Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams and most importantly, others.

28. We all have our broken people. The ones who let us down and make us feel ashamed, the ones who hurt us and steal our joy. But we never give up on them, because at their core they are still just as human as we are.

29. No matter how broken you feel, you’re beautiful and valuable. God has a plan for you.

30. Once a person has been broken, it is hard to put them back together again.

31. Broken people are the most beautiful thing in this world. They can turn into something better when they find the right help.

32. Broken people are those who seek to be fixed. They don’t understand that being broken is a beautiful thing.

33. When you find yourself broken, remember that the only fix is time and the only thing you need is hope.

34. Our goal is to give hope to those who feel they’ve lost it and to empower those who feel weak so that they may be strong again.

35. Broken people can become the strongest human beings in this life.

36. There are no broken people. No one is beyond repair. The problem is always in the interpretation.

37. Just like a broken, imperfect person. We all have our strengths and weakness. We can work hard to become better people every day and keep moving forward, or we can give up on life and stay stuck in our own misery.

38. Broken people are beautiful. They are brave, vulnerable and full of hope.

39. Broken people are the strongest ones. They have the strength, courage and dignity that most people lack.

Motivational Quotes for Broken People

The key to healing the hurt we have suffered is not just putting our lives back together but also sharing our experiences with others as a way of letting go of guilt, shame, resentment and any negative feelings.

40. Broken people are sometimes the best people to help others because they know how to be broken too.

42. To be broken is to be human… But to heal, to love, to feel pain and joy and know what it feels like to be truly human is a luxury.

44. Brokenness is not a sign of failure, but rather an opportunity to do good by using our broken places to serve The Lord.

45. No matter who you are or what you have been through, you can still be your best self.

46. Despite your broken state, You hold the power to make a difference in the lives of many.

47. To be healed we must first share the pain of others, if you know someone with similar experiences, extend your hand, break down the barriers of silence and don’t be afraid to ask how you can help. And if it should happen that you are broken too, I’ll be here, together we will heal each other.

48. The best way to accelerate your healing is to help others heal.

49. When a person is ready to heal, the Universe will send the people that will do that, places, and events to assist in the healing.

50. Do for others what nobody did for you, not as a duty but as a destiny.

51. The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow.

52. Let’s heal. Let’s help each other heal. Reach out to those around you and love them like family.

53. To heal, to comfort and to make real one’s convictions of the heart.

54. The scars of your past make you who you are. Be thankful for them because they show the battles you have overcome.

55. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing like nobody’s listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live life like it’s heaven on earth.

56. You are not broken, you are a work in progress. You have been designed that way. Some days, you have to pick up the pieces and move on. But remember, it’s just an obstacle…not your endgame.

57. We all have our broken places. They don’t define us and they don’t have to be the things we are afraid of.

58. It’s okay to not be okay. The important thing is that you don’t stay stuck in pain.

59. Broken people can be fixed, but not without any help. Every time you say something nice to someone or do something kind for someone else, you are helping to fix them.

60. You’re not broken. You’re just a collection of all the pieces you’ve collected.

61. You are not broken. You are powerful beyond belief, and you can use that power to move forward!

62. We’ve all broken in our own ways, and we’ve all had to pick up the pieces. But when life gets hard, remember: you’re stronger than you think.

63. Broken people are beautiful because they show the world that they always want to be whole.

64. Broken people do not become fixable by wishing they would just be better. Broken people are made into what they are only by being shown how good the broken parts are when put together properly.

65. Life is full of twists and turns. Some lead to greater heights than others, but it’s how you handle those challenges that define you. Be strong, courageous and humble.

66. Broken people are actually all the same. All it takes is love, support and purpose. We can’t move past what’s holding us back, but we can choose to let go of that pain.

67. Broken people are the most resilient because they still have their faith in humanity.

68. Broken people are not broken. They are beautiful. They are still imprinted with the love that they carry in their hearts and they are still waiting to be redeemed.

69. Your scars are not your weakness. They are a sign of how much you have fought and won battles against yourself to be the person you are today.

70. Broken people are the most beautiful people because their brokenness is an expression of the divine.

71. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be strong. Just keep going and don’t give up no matter what happens.

72. Heal. Walk away from hurt and pain. It’s only hurt and pain that makes you feel broken.

73. Broken people are still in their right minds so they can see beauty, hope and faith in their journey.

74. Let go of hurt, walk away from pain. It’s only hurt and pain that makes you feel broken. Heal.

75. Forgive. Don’t fight to remain broken and wounded. Embrace the power of healing, and walk away from hurt and pain with confidence.

76. Heal yourself of hurt and pain. You are not broken.

77. There is so much strength to be found within you, so walk away from the pain and hurt.

78. Yes, you can heal. It takes courage to let go of hurt and pain, but it’s the only way to heal.

79. A time of peace and reflection. A time to heal and grow. A breathing space between each new chapter of your life.

80. It’s okay to catch your breath. Don’t be afraid to face your pain. Healing is a process.

81. Healing can be frustrating and time-consuming, but the outcome is almost always positive.

82. Find your strength and courage. The first step to feeling better is believing that you can feel better.

83. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.

84. When you’re broken, you aren’t suddenly weak. You just learn how to fight.

85. We all have our struggles, but you cannot let them take over your life.

86. No matter how hard life is, remember that we didn’t choose this. But we can choose how to live our lives.

87. When things go wrong as they sometimes will, when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill, help is only a prayer away.

88. You don’t have to be brave to get through the storms of life, just have the strength to keep going.

89. Leave the past in the past. It can’t hurt you if you don’t walk through that door.

90. First and foremost, know that you are not alone and that there is help available. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and seek out support through friends and family, a trusted faith leader or mental health professional.

91. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

92. Often, it takes stepping outside of your comfort zone to see that what you once thought was irreparable can be pieced together and harmony restored if only you look hard enough.

93. Life is full of uncertainties, but one thing remains certain. When you’re broken and you need someone to help heal a part of you that was once broken, don’t forget to follow your heart.

94. When you are wounded, your mind will find a way to heal itself. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

95. You are not alone. Everyone has been broken. And everyone can be mended by the love of their families, friends, and communities.

96. Love yourself enough to keep moving forward, when all you want to do is stay in bed and cry about your life.

97. Don’t get caught up in the pity party of life. If you’re broken, you can be fixed. So fix yourself.

98. Don’t be afraid to seek help. There is no shame in letting others help you when you’re struggling. Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.

99. You can’t out-give God. You may have to give your all, but He will always make sure that you have enough to get through what you need to.

100. Take a chance. Even if it’s a little thing, take a chance. You’ll feel better about yourself because you know you did something.

I hope our collection of broken people quotes gave you a new set of appreciation with regard to the things you thought were broken before.

I encourage you to share with friends and share with us how they affected your life and how they changed your attitudes.

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