Busy Hands Quotes and Sayings

Busy Hands Quotes and Sayings

There is a theory by psychologists which is called busy hands. It states that holding an object makes people think of the object and stops them from losing focus when thinking about something else, thus acting as a catalyst for cognition.

You might have heard the saying “Busy hands are happy hands” — with all the goings-on in today’s society, it’s a cliché we can stand by! After all, what keeps us busy may feel like a lot of stress, but they often bring us joy. Whether managing a crew at work or creating new arts and crafts with your children, without the right enthusiasm, you won’t be able to master both!

It is very good to get yourself busy as long as you are productive and not just busy. So, when you think about the dangers of being idle, you would realize how important it is for your hands to be too busy; after all, an ideal hand, they say, is the devil’s workshop. Let’s get through these busy hands quotes and sayings together to get more facts about it.

Busy Hands Quotes and Sayings

You can’t be productive if you’re not busy. So get your hands busy, be productive and make your day more efficient! Busy hands are productive hands. Get your hands busy today to learn more about how busyness helps you grow and be productive.

1. Busy hands are the key to productivity. Get your mind and hands busy by doing things that would make you focused on the great things in life.

2. Busy hands are the key to productivity. When your hands are busy, they don’t have time to be lazy.

3. Busy hands are an unstoppable force. Your hands are the most productive part of your body. They can do whatever you see fit with them—spread bread, create art or build a house. Let’s get busy!

4. Busy hands, busy life. Busy hands that can put you behind on your work are the type that can make your life better. A busy life takes time away from family and friends, but busy hands make you reliable to your family and friends.

5. The best way to get your hands busy is to get your mind busy. We need to get our hands busy. When they are, life is easier.

6. Let your hands be busy. If you’re not doing anything with them, they’re just sitting there and getting in your way.

7. You know you should be doing something more productive with your hands, but how do you find the time? Put them to work! Hands are the master of everything they touch. They’re a window to your soul.

8. If you say no to one thing, you’ll have to say yes to another. That’s the way it works. Busy hands are the key to a productive life. Get your hands busy and get moving!

9. If you have busy hands, you must get your hands busy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Busy hands are the best way to be productive.

10. Your hands are where you must get them busy. Busy hands can save you time and help you be more productive.

11. We all have busy hands. We don’t want them to be idle, so why not make them productive? To get your hands busy, put your mind to work and see your life transformed. 

12. You’ve heard idle hands are the devil’s playground, but you may not know that they’re also the devil’s workshop. So get your hands busy and turn your mind into an inventor of ideas.

13. Busy hands are the hands that keep you productive. Your hands are not supposed to be idle. Put them to work and get them busy; you’ll be productive in no time!

14. Busy hands are the best way to keep yourself from being idle, and idleness is the greatest vice. Your hands are your most important productivity tool. Always keep them busy.

15. If you want to be productive, get your hands busy. Be productive; get your hands busy. If you are having a hard time finding the time to do some work, then this is just what you need

16. You can’t just be idle when your hands are busy. You’re too busy for that. Busy hands are the best hands.

17. You are never too busy to put your hands to work. Hands are the first tool that comes to mind when we talk about productivity, but there’s more to them than just being a tool. 

18. If you don’t get your hands busy, your mind will be lost. Be productive, be busy. Get your hands busy so you can become more productive.

19. You don’t have time to be bored. Get busy with our new products and help yourself become more productive.

20. The secret is to get your hands busy. The more you work with them, the more your mind will think and create independently.

21. Busy hands are the cure for all things lacklustre. Here’s to all the busy hands out there. May you always keep a pen and paper in your pocket so you can scribble down a note or sketch a concept, no matter how messy your surroundings may be.

22. If your hands are busy, you will likely be productive. The best kind of workout for your brain: Busy hands.

23. They’ll be idle if you don’t get your hands busy. Always keep busy. Busy hands are the ones that make things happen.

24. This one is for all the busy hands out there. Work on your goals, read a book and get your hands dirty. Schedule some time to sit down and be productive this fall season.

25. One of the best things about busy hands is that you never run out of things to do.

26. Keeping your hands busy is one of the best ways to keep them from doing things that aren’t so good for them. You can learn a lot about yourself when you ask yourself, “What can I do with my hands?”

27. When your hands are busy, you can’t end up with a distracted mind. Busy hands can make a mess, but they also can make magic.

28. It takes a busy hand to make a perfect cup of coffee. To practice your craft, you don’t have to be a writer or artist. The most important thing is doing something with your hands every day.

29. A busy and active mind is the best time management tool you will ever own. Those little moments of well-being are the ones that count. The rest is busyness.

30. Busy hands are the ultimate multitaskers. The more you do, the more things fall into place. We recommend you try to put down your devices for one hour every day to get some work done.

31. Busy hands are the best kind of hands. Our hands are our voices, how we communicate with others and how they communicate with us. So let’s be mindful of those busy hands.

32. Busy hands are a sign of a fertile mind. If a man works with his hands, he must first learn to work with his head. It’s a fact that busy hands make the heart grow fonder.

33. With busy hands, no matter how much we try to plan, there are always unexpected delays – and that’s never a problem.

34. What are busy hands? Busy hands are a part of us. They help us to care for our family, support our friends and work hard at what we do. What do busy hands do? They keep us connected, help us to be productive, and are one of the most important parts of who we are.

35. A busy hands lifestyle is good for your mind and body. It helps you stay sane, stay organized and keep things running smoothly in your life.

36. The ability to multitask is one of the most valuable skills. We all know hands are for working, so we need cute, fashionable ways to keep our hands busy.

37. Hands are meant to be used. They’re not just for holding pens and paper. Hands are great at everything from washing dishes to pushing a baby carriage. They even help you pick up litter off the ground!

38. A busy hand is a happy hand. It’s an affirmation that we only have so much time, so we might as well make the best of it. Busy hands – Living in the modern world requires you to multitask. It’s also good for your health!

39. When your hands are busy, you’re more productive. The best way to keep busy hands active is to put them to work.

40. It’s hard to keep from doing when your hands are busy. The better your schedule, the more you’ll make. And the busier your hands, the more you’ll create.

41. Hands are our best friends. They hold us up, wipe away our tears, and give us a reason to smile. Hands are one of the greatest inventions ever. They can do anything – open your eyes with a yawn, pop your ears, and even pick out your clothes at the laundry.

42. We can’t control how often we are allowed to use our hands, but we can make sure that every hand is put to work.

43. The more you do, the less time there is for anything else. The most important thing to remember about busy hands is: they must be given lots of attention and love.

44. Busy hands are the product of an active mind, full of positive ideas.

45. Busy hands: The most dangerous thing in the world. You don’t have to be a painter to have busy hands, but you do need some space in your life for them.

46. Keep your hands busy. Your mind will wander then it’s over with; focus on the task.

47. If you’re not doing something bold with your hands, you’re doing something wrong.

48. Busy hands are an amazing thing. They keep you from being bored, make you useful, and come with a lot of heart: the people who gave us the proverb used both hands in its explanation.

49. A busy hand is a happy hand.

50. Your hand is a busy mind at work. Keep your hands busy with these fun and interesting activities, and you’ll find that you don’t need to worry about doing things you love to do.

51. No matter how busy your hands are, they’ll always find time to thank you.

52. The best way to keep your hands busy is to give them something to do. The hands that keep you organized are the same ones that keep your day flowing.

53. The trick to being productive is having a lot of stuff. Finding a way to keep busy is the secret to being content.

54. There’s a saying in the kitchen: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

55. busy hands are indeed the heart of a great life. Busy hands are a sign of a healthy mind and body.

56. Busy hands make happy feet. The only way to feel unbusy is to be busy.

57. A busy mind is a sign of a fertile mind. Busy hands? Just because your hands are busy doesn’t mean you’re not creative.

58. Handy and busy hands are perfect for doing almost anything. Hands are busy, and they multitask at work—for the good and the bad.

59. Your hands are a tremendous tool for creating and executing ideas. And busy hands are the spark of great ideas. Handy, capable and productive. Your hands are a part of your life that you should not ignore!

60. Busy hands are a sign of a happy heart. You know you’re busy if you have time to think about “what are my hands doing?”

61. When you’re busy, it’s always a good idea to keep your hands busy. This old wife’s tale has been around forever, but we still love it.

62. Being busy is not a crime. Being lazy is. If you want to succeed in life, the place to start is with your own hands.

63. If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget what you’re missing out on.

64. Always get your hands busy. It’s the only way to be creative and successful in business. Your hands should be busy, not idle. They have the power to make changes that you can see, touch and feel immediately.

65. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. So get your summer projects done while they’re hot and fresh. Do you know what your hands are for? You’re supposed to be using them.

66. You don’t need to be busy all the time, but you must find a balance. The best things in life can be done with your hands, not your head. If you want to be happy, start working on something that gives you a sense of purpose.

67. You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, you might find you get what you need. There is always more to do than you think. Keep your hands busy and not idle so you can make the most of every minute.

68. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. The best way to use your time is to get your hands busy, engaged and productive.

69. Get your hands busy. Do something useful. Then you won’t have the time to be bored.

70. Get your hands busy doing something. Applying yourself to a task or helping someone out; it’s hard to let the world pass you by when you have things to do. You may be surprised at how much energy you have left after a day of work and play.

71. Get your hands busy. The best way to learn something is to do it. We all need to move more and do more for ourselves. That’s why keeping your body active is key! Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Get busy and leave your worries behind.

72. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Those who do nothing are incapable of anything.

73. Use your hands. Use them and use them often. They will always be with you, whether it is to create or organize things.

74. It’s not how long you spend doing something, but how much. Get busy! You’ll get there faster that way. When you’re bored, the time seems to drag. When you get busy, time flies.

75. So many things you can do with your hands that aren’t just obvious, like writing and drawing. You can create art, play a musical instrument, execute everyday tasks with more proficiency, and even help your body in small ways by keeping it active. Ask yourself: What is one thing I’m not doing now because I don’t have time?

76. When you idle, you fall behind. Set your goals to be meaningful and feel what it’s like to accomplish something more than just being busy.

77. Don’t let life pass you by because you’re too busy doing nothing. Stop procrastinating and start getting things done.

78. Some days, the smartest thing you can do is nothing. The best part about working is that you won’t be bored and will feel productive.

79. This week, we’re challenging you to get your hands busy with something productive. Why? Because idle time is time wasted.

80. The key to success is getting your hands busy. While there are days when the idle self dares to dream, there are others where those who’d rather be doing than thinking need to get their hands busy.

81. Get your hands busy. Do something you love. As the saying goes, idle hands are the devil’s playground. Get your hands busy and make something. It is easy to lose track of time when you want to be somewhere else. We don’t have time to play; we need to get our hands busy!

82. The harsh truth is that your hands must be busy if you want to stay sane. If you’re not working, you’re stressed, which is bad for your body. Get them busy! Don’t just sit there; get your hands busy.

83. We put our hands to work because we need something to do with them. They inspire us and make us feel good. It’s time to get out of the house and work on a new project.

84. The busyness of your hands is half the battle to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. The time you spend on idle hands is never time well spent.

85. Stop letting your busy schedule define you. Let your time be productive and not just idle time. If your hands are idle, you’re thinking about something else. If your hands are busy, you’re focused on what needs to be done.

86. Don’t just sit there and wait for things to happen. Get busy and get what you want to do. Don’t be idle. It’s not healthy for your mind, body and soul.

87. Don’t let procrastination rob you of the things you want. It’s time to get your hands busy and not idle. Don’t sit idle. Get your hands busy.

88. You need to get your hands dirty and busy. Get your hands busy with something that requires concentration. Work out, play sports or take up a hobby.

89. Rediscover how much joy you can find in your life. Get those hands busy, get the heart pumping and start making that difference in the world!

90. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. So get your hands dirty, make something amazing and share it with the world.

91. So many people want to sit at home and do nothing. The truth is, sitting still watching TV or scrolling through social media isn’t productive at all. You need to get your hands dirty!

92. Busy hands are a happy mind. Busy hands are less stress. There is no better time than the present to invest in yourself. Throwing your hands into the air and saying “I can’t” is the easiest way to avoid doing anything.

93. We’re all busy; let’s spend a minute or two every day making something. You’ve got the power to make your business better, more fun, and more profitable. So get to it!

94. When you have finished reading this book, you will have the knowledge, ability, and desire to make all your projects better. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Get your hands busy today!

95. You don’t need to be rich or famous to be productive. The most important job a person can do for themselves is to get their hands busy. It would be best if you got your hands busy to become a master at something.

96. Your hands are the only part of you that has your fingerprints all over them. So, get them busy and make things happen. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. Always stay busy, or you will find your focus drifting.

97. If you’re not getting your hands dirty, you might as well be sitting on the couch. We all have an idle mind. Think of how much time you waste doing nothing every day! Working your hands is a great way to stay active, and it’s even better when you get a sense of purpose from that work.

98. Let’s face it, we’re all too busy sitting around doing nothing. Here are some quotes about why you need to get your hands busy and not idle. It’s been said that the best way to keep a secret is to tell it to someone else. So let us tell you why you need to get your hands busy and not idle.

99. It is good to always keep our hands busy doing something good because it comes back to you in multiple folds.

100. Your busy hands will keep you from harm.

And that’s it! Busy hands are productive hands; they make the life that is well to be.

I hope these busy hands quotes and sayings show you that your hard work is not a punishment. Please share across all your social media pages.

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