Calm in the Eye of the Storm Quotes

Calm in the Eye of the Storm Quotes

Calm in the eye of the storm is a state of mind. It is a state of being where you can remain calm, cool and collected while others are panicking around you. Being calm in the eye of the storm means taking a step back from whatever situation you’re in and looking at it objectively instead of emotionally or logically.

We’ve all been through incredible storms. Things are going great until one day, something changes our entire lives, and that ‘something’ is the storm. How we respond to our storms is a testament to how far we’ve come, how much we’ve grown, and the people we’ve become.

Calm in the eye of the storm is something we have to learn. It can be challenging to stay calm in times of stress and chaos. However, when we can remain calm during challenging times, it can help us to cope with our emotions and find solutions.

Too often, we get so wrapped up in the storms of life that we forget about the calm spots. These calm in the eye of the storm quotes below are about finding the calm spots in life and how to live a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Calm in the Eye of the Storm Quotes

1. The eye of the storm can be a place of calm. It is a gift when you look inside and realize that the storm is bigger than you—it is your strength.

2. The world is full of storms; through them, I am reminded that I can be calm.

3. It’s always in the eye of a storm, but I think that’s all right. The eye is where we can see who we are and what we are doing. It is also where we must follow our hearts, and after that comes the rest of our lives.

4. When life gets tricky, it’s easy to forget what’s truly important. But the best way to stay calm and composed is to remember: It’s not about me.

5. When the world is falling apart, whisper these words in your heart and give yourself a moment of peace: “It’s OK; I’m still here.”

6. There’s always a storm in your life. You have to be strong enough to weather it.

7. Don’t let the storm of life get you down. Here’s a little reminder that there is always sunshine on the other side of this.

8. This storm is no more than a tempest in an eye.

9. When the world is unkind, remember that kindness and love are true treasures.

10. It’s easy to get caught up in the storm, but let me encourage you to focus on your blessings and give thanks for what you do have.

11. The storms of life will always pass; you just need to keep moving forward with the knowledge that everything always works out in the end.

12. Calm in the eye of the storm. When everything seems to be falling apart, there is always some strength and determination within you that keeps you going.

13. We all need a moment of calm in the eye of the storm. It’s OK if you can’t be quite so perfect when things are intense or stressful; that’s normal. You are human, and that is one of your greatest strengths.

14. When the world is a hurricane, remember to stay calm and keep your head above water.

15. Life is stressful. Breathe. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re not alone.

16. Remember that today’s storm may calm tomorrow when the world around you feels chaotic.

17. Deep breaths. Take it one day at a time. Breathe deep and be kind to yourself.

18. Everyone experiences stress, but how you react to it matters.

19. Sometimes, when you’re in a storm, the only thing that can pull you out is yourself.

20. The storm may rage, and the skies may darken, but the sun will rise again.

21. A storm is an opportunity for growth. It’s this kind of patience that leads to long-term success.

22. No matter what is happening around you, know that you are strong, powerful and courageous.

23. When you feel like you’re in the eye of the storm, remember to keep calm and carry on.

24. In the eye of the storm, people can be kind and generous. When you find yourself in the eye of the storm, look to the light.

25. If you want to be successful in your life and career, you first need to calm the storm within.

26. We’re in the eye of the storm, but it’s always better to be quietly standing on your feet than being knocked down by the waves.

27. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in a storm. We’re tossed and turned, pushed and pulled. But when the waves finally calm down, we’ll realize how beautiful the eye of the storm is.

28. The world can be stormy, but don’t let it get you down.

29. We all have days when the world is coming apart at the seams. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to think of one thing that’s going right in your life.

30. When your world is falling apart, a part of you feels like it’s the end. But then there’s another part that feels like it’s the beginning. And if you hold on tight, the storm will pass.

31. Be kind to yourself. You are not the only one who has ever felt this way.

32. If you feel a storm brewing inside, just know there is help if needed.

33. Sometimes, the storm is not what it seems. Sometimes life is not as dark as it looks. Stay calm and carry on.

34. Life is a stormy sea. Take up your oars and row strong.

35. We’ve been through so much together. Keep your head up, and don’t let the chaos or stress of the world get to you.

36. When you feel like everything is going wrong and nothing is working out, take a deep breath, relax and remember that there is always hope.

37. Some days, it’s hard to see your way ahead. But when you’re having a rough day, remember that everything will be OK.

38. When the world seems too hard, remember a little less than half of you is made of courage.

39. It takes courage to face your fears and challenge yourself. The storm may feel like it’s too strong, but you have the power to make it go away.

40. It’s all in your mind; you can’t change anything that has already happened. But you can choose how to react to it.

41. When life throws you obstacles, smile and move forward; when the world tries to pull you down, find your strength and rise to the occasion.

42. You can find calmness in the eye of the storm. You can find strength where you least expect it to be. You can find happiness in the face of difficult circumstances.

43. No matter how rough your day is, there’s always a morning to come home.

44. If you ever feel like life is too much and can’t see ahead, remember this: It’s always darkest before dawn.

45. Whatever storm is happening around you, know that tomorrow will be sunny and calm again.

46. Issues always seem to come up when you least expect them. But trust that when the storm is over, the calm is there for you as well.

47. When facing the challenge of life and uncertainty, you must find your inner peace.

48. Life can be hard and confusing, but you must keep moving forward. Don’t look back; just focus on the next step. You’ll get to where you want to be one day.

49. When life seems like it’s falling apart, remember that you are the only person who can make it better.

50. Life is a ride and not a destination. Don’t ever get discouraged, but keep going and stay determined.

51. Life isn’t easy, but you can get through it if you don’t give up.

When you find yourself in a storm, be calm and know that many other things are happening around you. Find peace by watching the sky, trees, raindrops and the wind. The sky is still blue, and the sun is still shining. Things will never be perfect, but they can be better.

I am glad you read through these calm in the eye of the storm quotes, and I am sure you’ve selected your choice of quotes. Please don’t forget to comment and share with your loved ones. Thank you.

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