Christening Ceremony Quotes

Christening Ceremony Quotes

Christenings are religious services held in Christian churches and conducted by priests or vicars. A christening is a religious ceremony that welcomes someone into the Christian church by baptism. Baptism involves water being sprinkled or poured over the baby’s head, and the act initiates into the church.

A christening ceremony is usually done on the eighth day of a baby’s birth to welcome him or her into the family and the world. The baby’s parents are responsible for hosting the occasions held for their baby. It is an informal event where friends and relatives come to celebrate the arrival of a new life on planet earth.

Below is a wide selection of christening ceremony quotes, so you can choose one that fits your requirements.

Christening Ceremony Quotes

The christening ceremony is very important and special in the parent’s eyes. The parents will pray for the baby’s growth and success during the event. Extended family and good friends show their love for the baby by giving gifts and sharing a good time.

1. When a child is christened, the water represents baptism and the words of consecration; a name is chosen that will guide them through life.

2. The only thing that matters at a christening is who’s being christened.

3. We’re here to guide you and celebrate with you. May the children of your love have a bright future ahead.

4. We celebrate the birth of a son and the new beginning of a family.

5. The ceremony that seals the promise of life.

6. A letter of congratulations, love and support to the baby and parents as they embark on this journey together.

7. It is always a pleasure to be involved in a ceremony as meaningful as a child’s christening.

8. Christening is not just another stage in a child’s life; it is the beginning of a new chapter for them.

9. The most beautiful moment that you will ever have is the christening ceremony.

10. Here’s to the beginning of a new journey. To what adventures will be waiting for us when we stop and look around?

11. It’s a moment of hope and promise, an opportunity to celebrate the beloved child, and an event that brings together family and friends in a joyous celebration.

12. At a christening, families gather to celebrate the arrival of a new member into their family. It’s a wonderful occasion filled with joy, love, and laughter. The bond between a child and their godmother is a very special and meaningful one.

13. With every baptism, the Lord welcomes a new life into the church. May this child be a blessing to you and your family as he or she grows in grace and knowledge of God’s love.

14. The first step in the journey is always the hardest. It is a start, though, a new chapter in your life, and it will be better because of this day. Happy christening!

15. The most important part of the naming ceremony is that you let the child know that he or she is special and loved.

16. A christening is a ceremony that marks the spiritual or legal naming of a child.

17. May you grow to be a confident, compassionate person and may your journey always be towards the light. Happy christening Ceremony!

18. A christening is the moment when a baby enters the world and becomes a member of your family.

19. A child’s birth is a celebration of life, family, and love. A christening is an opportunity to celebrate the wonder of becoming part of that loving family.

20. A christening is an important rite of passage that marks the coming together of two families, bridging generations past and future with love and joy.

21. Come to life, little one. All of the best things are possible because you have been born.

22. For us to be christened means being reborn with a new life, with new strength and new beauty.

23. It’s a special day when you welcome a new family member into the world.

24. The first moments of your new life are bound to be very different from what you were expecting. But as you grow up and mature, you will begin to understand how much joy these moments of our lives hold for us.

25. A child’s birth is a blessing, a family’s day to celebrate.

26. Many days have passed since you were born, but today is the first day of your life. Happy christening.

27. We celebrate the most exciting event of your life with joy. A ceremony to mark the beginning of your new life as a family member of God’s love.

28. Celebrate the gift of a Child’s birth with a christening ceremony fit for royalty. Let this be a day that you, your family and your friends will never forget.

29. In the christening of a child, water is a symbol of baptism, as well as cleansing and purification. It is a sign of renewal after birth and rebirth.

30. The child is God’s little treasure, and its baptism is the crowning of its life with an ever-deepening joy in Him.

31. Let us raise up a child who will live and serve (and grow old). Let us help this child to become one heart connected with the heart of God, who loves all creation. May you be blessed with many children as you share in this special ceremony of christening.

32. Let’s make this little one a part of heaven’s family. Happy Christening!

33. It takes a lifetime to be born, but only one day to celebrate the arrival of a child.

34. Adding a child to the family is an unpredictable journey that never ends. We are proud to be part of your journey and will always be there for you.

35. You’re not a baby anymore. You’re a little person who needs love and support every day. So let us help you celebrate your special day!

36. The church was filled to the brim, and the congregation sang at the top of their lungs. It was a beautiful day, and we couldn’t be more proud of this sweet little angel.

37. Here’s to all the family, friends and supporters who have been a part of this little one’s life.

38. God’s gift of a child is his most precious gift.

39. When you give a name to something, you’ve given it life.

40. A child’s christening day is a time for the family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for the gift of life with lavish gifts and stylish clothing.

41. The christening ceremony is one of the most important days in a child’s life. It’s a day they will remember forever, and you can make it even more special with a beautiful keepsake that will be remembered for years.

42. With Christening, we are blessed with the opportunity to present a child as a gift who will be cherished and loved for all eternity.

43. Water is a symbol of life, and baptism is the sacrament of entering this world as a Christian.

44. Celebrating the beginning of a new life.

45. When the child is baptized into the family of God, he or she becomes a full-fledged member of the Christian fellowship.

46. The true test of a good christening ceremony is not how long it lasts but how well it’s received.

47. The world is your christening ceremony, and you are the only thing it needs to make it right.

48. The baby is safe in God’s hands and waiting for its new home to welcome it into this world.

49. Celebrating the beginning of a new life, from a baby’s first bath to the joys of watching them grow.

50. The birth of a child is an occasion for great celebration, marked by the presence of family and friends who gather to wish you joy and happiness.

51. Playing with the words, may this child grow up strong, happy and wise. Happy christening!

52. Christening services are held once a child is old enough to make their public commitment to Christianity by being baptised.

53. When a baby is christened, you are putting on a special new outfit for them. What does God want you to wear today?

54. The most important moment in a child’s life is when they are named.

55. We are gathered here today to celebrate the birth of a new family member. There are many gifts this baby can give us, but what makes him truly unique is his connection with God and with us. And that’s one of the best gifts of all.

56. A christening ceremony can bring family life, love and happiness.

57. Family life’s special moments are commemorated during a christening ceremony.

58. Family and friends’ presence, the baby’s name is inscribed in golden letters on a silver plaque.

59. A new beginning, a new start.

60. The best part of a ceremony is the start of a new life. The rest is just details.

61. There’s no greater moment than when your child is christened.

62. At a christening, baptism is the gateway to eternal life. The ceremony is the ritual of entry into your new family—the church, where you will spend your entire life in communion with Christ.

63. Behold this newborn, created in God’s image. May His love and grace forever be written on their faces.

64. We have been entrusted with the greatest blessing: the gift of your first steps.

65. A generation of new life has been born. May God bless you with love and laughter, health and happiness, and joy and laughter for years to come.

66. The ceremony begins with a splash of lemon juice. The child is dipped into the font and given their chosen name.

67. It is best to do this as soon as possible, preferably before the baby is a few days old.

68. It’s a moment you’ll never forget. Mark it with a christening ceremony at a beautiful location of your choice.

69. A new chapter begins, with all its joys and sorrows. Happy christening!

70. The christening of your godchild is not just a celebration; it’s an important step in his or her life. It reminds him or her of all the people he or she has and the responsibilities they have taken on his or her behalf.

71. Christening is the most meaningful ceremony celebrated when a new baby is born into the Christian world. It is usually performed after godparents are chosen.

72. A new beginning, a fresh start.

73. As you take vows before family and friends, the priest will pour holy water into your child’s ears and ask God to bless her.

74. It is an occasion of joy and celebration, a celebration of a new beginning.

75. When your baby’s christening is over, there will be only two things left: memories of the day and the memory of your baby.

76. When it’s time to christen a new car or boat, you can be sure that the wood’s natural lustre will give way to a lustrous finish.

77. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl; your christening gown is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.

78. The time has come to baptize the child with the baptismal waters, to hand over the child to God.

79. The ceremony of these sacred moments will last forever in the celebration of life.

80. There’s something special in the air when a child is baptized. What better way to baptize the child than with a touching ceremony that will make everyone remember the day?

81. It is now time to hand the child over to a godly life for their betterment.

82. Today, we celebrate the birth of a new member of our family. We welcome the birth of a new generation.

83. A loving family is a blessing to share and so much more than a gift. A treasured memory starts here!

84. It is a day when the family is looking to share their child with God and the community.

85. The water is warm, the sun is shining, and there’s a little rainbow of happiness.

86. It’s a joyous moment when a child is born into the world, but it’s also a time for celebration. Here’s to this little one and all the blessings that come with her birth.

87. A baptism is the church’s way of welcoming a new member to God’s family.

88. The day you were born, the universe was born with you.

89. A godly name is better than precious ointment, the oil of joy than grief, and faith than the temple.

90. The true significance of a christening is to begin a new chapter in your child’s life. Let’s celebrate their special day with these beautiful christening quotes, photos and videos.

91. A christening is an exciting day, but it is also a day that brings joy and celebration to the family. It is a time for new beginnings, and as such, it should be filled with love and joy.

92. When the time comes, this little one will be christened. The Godparents dedicate themselves to raising him in a loving and godly way until he is old enough to choose for himself.

93. A little boy is born into this world. He gets a name and a place in the family tree. But no matter how many times you repeat it, there’s still no turning back to the day he was born.

94. God bless this child and bring him/ her into the world with love, kindness, faith, and light.

95. A child is a gift from God. It’s a privilege to celebrate their birth and watch them grow into people of faith, loving family members and cherished friends.

96. When a child is christened, the world is changed. The child becomes an adult in the eyes of God; he is born into a family and society. He becomes a new person, and we celebrate his coming into this world as a gift to us all.

97. The greatest gift you can give a child is the gift of life.

98. For the children and their families to gather in one place to celebrate a new beginning.

99. From the moment of your birth to the moment of your baptism, you are an eternal part of God’s family.

100. Naming is one of life’s greatest gifts. Be renamed by heaven.

The christening ceremony is the most important milestone in a baby’s life. It is, therefore, very significant for family and close friends to be present for this grand occasion. However, a christening ceremony is also done for friends, relatives and community personalities who could not be present at the baby’s birth. This way, they can bestow their acknowledgement and blessings on the child and the family in attendance. I hope these christening ceremony quotes above passed the message across well.

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