Comforting Words for Terminally ill Friends

Comforting Words for Terminally Ill Friends

Life is ephemeral in its total state but even in that state, we strive to make the period of our stay count. One of the ways we adopt is to make everyday fun and a good sense of humour can come in handy. There are some funny messages for the depressed which could ignite a spark of life back to them.

Words have a great impact on the lives of people, especially a loved one like a friend who is going through some severe health challenges such as a terminal illness. These words could be sent as texts, spoken over the phone or shared across social media platforms. They should be words to say to those who have lost hope to remind them that even their last days can be lively.

The comforting words for terminally ill friends listed here provide you with those words that raise the spirits of people who are at the end of their lives and give them the courage to see it to the end.

You don’t want to be a friend that doesn’t care. Make your friend who is terminally ill feel loved and cared for. Make them know joy even in their last moments and who says there can’t be a miracle? Send these words to them to ignite hope.

Words of Comfort for Your Terminally Ill Friends

Dear friend, I understand that the doctors have given you their report, but I believe in miracles, and even if you are needed in the realm beyond than here, be comforted that we will always love you till the last day.

1. Hi dear friend, how are you doing? I understand how you may be feeling right now but I want you to know that your friendship with me was the best I ever experienced. You are such a friend forever even as you battle this terminal illness.

2. You are the best friend I ever had and you will remain forever in my heart. Your words and loyalty in these years have been one to be cherished forever. Terminal illness is not terminal as the case may be. Be comforted, my dear friend.

3. Dear friend, no one is getting out of this planet alive. We will all be transformed into another form one day or the other. This is for your information and comfort in this time of the so-called terminal illness, my longtime friend.

4. Many people rush their ways into the future they are so unsure of. The life we all live is borrowed because we are not promised of tomorrow. Your future is secured in spite of your battle against a terminal illness.

5. As we grow daily, as the numbers begin to increase, the grave draws closer. Be it terminal illness or just any other thing, he who lives to see another day is just given a gift. Thanks for all that you do, my dear friend.

6. There is no better time than to reflect on the essence of our lives than now. Life is full of challenges but the value of our life is best known when we look into others and see how we have touched them. I can boldly say, you have touched many. Comfort yourself in that.

7. This planet is older than everyone and it will outlive everybody. The best we can make of it now is to get the best from it and pass it on. You have lived a good life worthy of emulation. I hope you see through this terminal illness.

8. The best of our lives are displayed in beautiful arrays of the kindness we have shown people in the past. I hope you receive calmness of mind from everything that goes on around you.

9. Your sicknesses have been termed many names by many people, but I choose to see you like someone on a journey of impact and whatever impact and success you have achieved is succour in these times of terminal illness.

10. Dear friend, receive comfort at these trying times while we hope for the best. Be rest assured that no matter what you face, we will always be by your side throughout the period of this terminal illness.

11. Friend, seeing you sick break me but what more can I say, you always knew your purpose on earth and I am glad you found out so early. Continue in the journey because you have laid a very solid foundation.

12. I thank God for meeting you in this life. My life changed when I met you and I became a vision carrier. You taught me as a friend to always have a strong focus. We keep hoping my dear friend, we can hope against hope even in terminal situations of life.

13. I am glad because you knew from the beginning the essence of your journey here on earth. You made the best use of the years you have lived. I envy your tracks record and I hope you get the miracle you deserve from this terminal illness.

14. My beloved friend, how fast time flies! We have been on this journey for quite a while and the journey with you has been full of adventures. Thanks for giving me the boldness to explore life and take opportunities as they come. You are in my heart always.

15. I can’t conclude my prayers without saying a prayer for you. I believe your miracle is on the way. Just hold on to God, no matter what your body says or how it is responding to the terminal illness. He is never late.

16. Terminal illnesses may come our way to threaten us but we have this assurance that our lives are secured in his mighty hands. Keep the hope alive.

17. Like the great Apostle said, ‘To live is Christ, and to die is gain’. You have lived a life full of greatness in all area of your life. Rejoice because many people are giving God glory for your sake.

18. I know your expectations and your wishes, I hope they are granted, just like the men of old who received a special grace from God. Have faith that this terminal illness can change name in your case.

19. The best thing that happened to your family was your birth because you lived and made a name for your family because you have touched many lives. I join you in faith for a miracle. Expect relief from this terminal illness.

20. One way or the other, we will all leave this place and the journey may either long or short but the same fate happens to all. Ours is greatly different because outside of the common fate, we have faith for eternity.

21. I am hopeful for a miracle because if your task on earth is not done, no terminal sickness can end it abruptly. Have an expectation, then wait for it.

22. Though it may linger, wait for it, for it shall not linger any more. It will surely come. I join you in this faith. God is on the throne.

23. You will be attended to. Angels are on duty and your soul is precious to God. He has prepared a place for you far better than what you can wish yourself or imagined. Be hopeful even in the face of this uncertain terminal illness.

24. Dear friend, I want to be with you right now but I cannot. To fill the void, I have deployed guardian angels to be by your side singing sweet melodies. You only need to clear your mind off distraction to enjoy the melodies.

25. Fear not, my dear friend. There is no fear in perfect love. The love God has for you is such a perfect one that even in the world beyond, it cannot be exhausted.

26. The most cheerful person I have ever met is you. Your cheerful heart is unique to you and this gives me the confidence that your heart is at peace. May this peace never leave you.

27. Terminal illness are just names; there are recoveries in many cases. I am hopeful that yours will not be a negative exception. Have faith.

28. I know you are battling a terminal illness. Be strong and give your best fight for it. You are more than a conqueror. Be strong.

29. I know that the plans God has for us are plans of good and not evil. He has plans to give us hope that is alive and a secure future. Be strong no matter if the doctor has termed it a terminal illness.

30. Dear friends, I heard you clearly when you mentioned the word terminal illness but I choose not to accept because your time is not up. Receive the comfort that God provides.

31. I have this great assurance that whatever they call terminal illness is just a nomenclature of man to hide their confusion. God is not an author of confusion. Be fine, dear friend.

32. You have been the most amazing companion I have as a friend. Receive grace and strength to carry on and fight on. May you receive victory over this terminal illness.

33. I have never seen someone who has the great fighting strength you were born with. I cherish your never-say-never attitude, and I send you these comforting words even as you fight on with what they call terminal illness that you shall prevail.

34. Dear friend, I have lived the best part of my life with you as a close friend. I know your struggles and your passion to make sure that people are fed and that no one goes hungry around you. Receive comfort from this effort.

35. The best part of you is that giving attitude that is unequalled by none in our circle. Enjoy the peace of mind that flows in spite of the challenges of life and even terminal illness.

36. There is a calmness of soul that transcends the circumstances around. That is the like that I ask for you which you have started exhibiting. This terminal illness cannot deprive you of your joy.

37. God has made you have such a great cushion that I can smell the peace of mind surrounding you and spreading over you. Keep the hope alive, my dear friend.

38. In all our getting, we pray for understanding because that is the only virtue that can give us peace that comes from within. Fight on, my dear friend. This terminal illness can terminate itself. Be comforted.

39. The more I look at you, the more I see a friend who took life when at the prime. You have proven that no matter how our lives be, we can give meaning to them. Wishing you comfort in this time of terminal illness, dear friend.

40. My favourite friend, you dear to me and you will forever be in my heart. No matter what happens now or later after this terminal illness, we would always be in each other’s heart. Be comforted

41. The most amazing thing to do is laugh out at difficult times. I send to you comforts from all kind of pain and terminal illnesses, dear friend.

42. Dear precious friend, I wish above all things that you give you to the peace that God gives freely because it comes without a token. No matter what the doctor’s report of terminal illness says, you should still celebrate the love of God.

43. God loves through thick and thin. He comforts in all situations. Above all, he does not forget like men. Though we may not understand him, still he cares.

44. The love of God over your life is sure and certain like the breaking of the day. He love you and you sometimes need the depth of understanding to explain his love to us. In the face of terminal illness, he still loves you.

45. The best that can happen to anyone is to be filled with joy God gives. With this joy, you aren’t seeing terminal illnesses, you are seeing God at the end of the road. Dear friend, God is there.

46. There are some certainties in life that are so sure; the beginning and the end. This is an immutable law of God but the understanding we fail to get is that God is it. Your terminal illness ends with God.

47. God has placed you in the hollow of his hands. You are safe in his hands. Let him determine the time and the place. Only be rest assured and enjoy the security of his hands. Forget about the terminal illness, dear friend.

48. Never let this terminal illness be a distraction to you because it doesn’t deserve it. You the person who made the heaven and earth, ow then can you be forgotten? Dear friend, relax.

49. I believe you are more precious to God than all the birds of the air. If the birds of the air fall sick, who takes care of them? There is nothing terminal until God says so. Have faith, dear friend.

50. The love that is bestowed on you by your Creator is more than the one that is between a mother and her child. So, relax, my friend. Terminal illnesses are just scientific names.

51. He owns the key to your life, when terminal sickness and trouble seems to take your soul away, God owns the key to your life. My dear friend, God is coming for you.

52. In your troubles, trust in God, hold on to him and His promises. Has he promised and not fulfil? Has he called and not support. Only you rest in his love, dear friend.

53. Many times, we lose hope because we cannot see the height of God’s love over our lives. It is so high that we can’t over it. The scale of his love is high, higher than what any terminal illness can climb. Be comforted, my dear friend.

54. Have you considered the depths of the love of God? It is so low that you can get under it. The love is so low that you can’t get under it and escape. Enjoy the best of his love. No terminal sickness can stop his love over you.

55. The length and breadth of the earth are too small to be used to explain the width of his love. It’s so wide that you can’t get out of it. That’s the wonderful God you serve. Terminal illness cannot have a final say over you. Cheer up, dear friend.

56. It’s so sweet to rest our minds on his promises alone. When all other things fail, the promises of God prevail. You are a child of God, my beloved friend.

57. The beauty of the comfort we have is that it doesn’t come because of external features. It comes because of the inner strength given to us. You are made perfect.

58. I am very hopeful that you can surmount all the problems cascading around you. You will be made perfect and calmness from above will rest upon you. Don’t lose heart, dear friend.

59. Dear friend, when you are in the shelter of the Most High, then, there is no terminal situation except which your maker determines. Relax, God is in charge.

60. To relax one’s mind when the obvious stares are difficult but with the help of God, it becomes possible. I hope you get to relax even in the face of this illness called terminal. Cheer up.

61. All hope is not lost because hope doesn’t disappoint. He alone is capable of giving you hope that stands the test of time. This period of terminal illness is a true rest of your hope. Be rest assured.

62. There is a level of grace that one enjoys; such is the one that makes the heart merry even if terminal illness wants to restrict you. May you receive such. Be strong.

63. Strong men have been through this path and overcome. You can also be in their number. Get more lively and cheer up, my dear friend.

64. Don’t feed your mind only on the information about terminal illnesses, but, ruminate over miraculous breakthroughs of people out of the most difficult of situations. Cheers, my best friend.

65. I know you are struggling with a terminal illness, but I also know you have peace that doesn’t depend on your struggle. Use the latter to overcome the former. Cheer up, dear friend.

66. Those who have fought the good fight of faith are in the celestial, but while we remain in terrestrial, we must keep fighting till we all get to the celestial. Fight on, dear friend.

67. The joy of anyone is the ability to overcome difficult challenges like terminal illnesses. The joy to overcome these challenges will be unleashed upon you. Be strong, my dear friend.

68. Making the best use of all opportunities starts even from your fight with this terminal illness. It is a moment to reflect and cherish the impact you had made and be thankful for the gift of life. Stay strong, my dear friend.

69. I could help you with everything but even if I cannot physically fight with you against this terminal illness, I am on your side emotionally and spiritually. Receive the comfort of the Lord, dear friend.

70. Your life was given to you by God, not a terminal process or terminal illness. Only God has the key to your life. Hand it over to him and enjoy the peace that comes after.

Terminal illnesses are very depressing realities and no one longs for them, but even at our bitterest moments, there are comforts we should share with those who need them, just like a friend with a terminal illness. The comforting words for terminally ill friends you just went through are such comforts. Don’t hesitate to share

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