Controlling Behaviour Quotes

Controlling Behaviour Quotes

A controlling behaviour is when one person tries to dominate another person and pressure them into doing what they want, and it happens in relationships between partners, between parents and their children and sometimes even among friends.

This controlling behaviour can be very annoying, especially if you are the person on the receiving behaviour while the person controlling may be having a filled day not knowing the other person is hurting.

Although, sometimes, in a relationship, this controlling behaviour may begin with what appears to be normal behaviour where you that is on the receiving end may be intimidated, restricted and maybe even abused either by being forced physically, manipulated or emotionally blackmailed yet over time this can change, presenting as controlling behaviour.

So, if you are the one suffering from controlling behaviour in a relationship or if you’re worried about someone you know, it may be time to speak out because there is a possibility that those involved in a relationship where one partner is controlling don’t know its effect on them as a person and their relationship.

But you do not have to worry so much because these lovely controlling behaviour quotes are just what you need to make you or those involved to get really exposed to what controlling behaviour entails. Keep reading and enjoy.

Controlling Behaviour Quotes

Controlling behaviour is common in abusive relationships in which the perpetrator seeks to prevent their victim from doing things or believing things that would otherwise benefit the victim or allow them to become more independent. Controlling behaviour is essentially an attempt by one person to manipulate another.

1. Controlling behaviour is not the same as having an opinion or a preference. It’s about getting your own way by using threats, intimidation, or other forms of emotional or physical abuse.

2. You can’t control another person’s emotions. What you can do is make your own feelings clear, so they know how you feel.

3. Controlling behaviour is a way of acting towards your partner that seeks to dominate and control them

4. True control starts with you. You get to decide how you react to situations and events in your life. Take control of your emotions and behaviours instead of letting them control you.

5. You cannot force people to change. It is their choice, and it will affect them forever.

6. The aim of controlling behaviour is to increase the dependence of the victim on the abuser to the extent that they are unable to make any major life decisions without their partner’s permission.

7. Controlling behaviour is often used as a means of gaining power and control over another person by making them afraid of angering their partner.

8. Authoritarian parents are very controlling, intimidating and restrictive of their children’s freedoms. They order them about and forbid them from doing all kinds of things, generally without adequate explanation or reason.

9. Don’t let your emotions control you. They are simply a part of who you are and make you who you are.

10. You are not perfect. You have to work on your controlling behaviour, and soon enough, you’re gonna be a better person!

11. Managing a partner with controlling behaviour is like being on the deck of a boat in choppy waters. You can’t see what’s going on under you, but you can feel it – fear and anxiety.

12. When you’re in a controlling situation, it’s not easy to escape. So make sure you know how to get away.

13. The only thing more controlling than being in a controlling relationship is maintaining that control.

14. When looking back on my life, I realize the truth is that I was very controlling. I always had a level of power and control over others because I didn’t like seeing other people happy. If I felt something was wrong, it needed to be fixed as soon as possible.

15. You need to change your behaviour and actions in order to change your life.

16. Preventing someone from going out at night is an example of controlling behaviour.

17. One of the most common causes of controlling behaviour is when one partner has an obsessive interest in the other, who may be known as the “target” or “victim”.

18. Control is a delicate thing. It’s not just about being in charge but also about knowing what’s yours and what’s yours doesn’t belong to you.

19. Controlling people and holding them back is the worst thing you can do. Be your own person, not someone else’s.

20. Trying to prevent someone from seeing family members or friends is an example of a controlling behaviour.

21. There is nothing wrong with being sweet, but it’s the controlling behaviour that can ruin our lives.

22. Don’t give in to controlling behaviour. When we stand up for ourselves and say “no” to a person or situation that is hurting us, we are free to live our lives and be the people we want to be.

23. The best way to get over a controlling partner is to be free, to stand up for yourself and to say no.

24. The most controlling people feel like they have to be in control of everything, and it’s just not healthy for anyone.

25. We don’t want to be controlled by our impulses, but if you do, you just might end up like me.

26. I can’t be controlled—I have to control myself.

27. People who are controlling don’t trust anyone but themselves. They tend to be self-absorbed and overly critical of others.

28. You don’t have to control someone’s life to have an impact on their actions. A simple statement or gesture can make all the difference.

29. Denying access to money or other financial resources is an example of a controlling behaviour.

30. You’re not in control. They are. Always try to maintain your space, dignity, and independence by staying away from them as much as possible.

31. People with a controlling nature always have to be in control. They try to get what they want through intimidation and mind games.

32. When you suffer from Controlling Behaviour, it can be very hard to recognize what is going on and get help. Why? Because it’s not easy to recognize when someone is acting like a bully and how their behaviour impacts you.

33. Controlling behaviour is a sign that someone is in need of professional help.

34. Controlling behaviour can be a difficult thing to deal with, but it’s important to recognize the signs and seek help. It is never okay for anyone to treat someone else this way.

35. When you have a controlling behaviour, it’s normal to feel like your feelings don’t matter. But ask yourself if you’re with someone who cares about you or someone who just wants to control.

36. Controlling behaviour is a term used to describe a range of behaviours that aim to shape or control the thoughts, beliefs and actions of another person.

37. It’s so easy to be controlled by others. You have to learn how to be in charge of your own behaviour and feelings, as well as the way you communicate.

38. Controlling behaviour does not have to be violent; sexual abuse and emotional bullying are also forms of controlling behaviour.

39. The need to control is rooted in low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. It’s the spoiled child who never matures emotionally, the needy adult who isn’t getting his or her emotional needs met, the behind-achieving child who always feels inferior. Control freaks are afraid of not being taken care of and abandoned.

40. If you’re in a relationship with someone who has controlling behaviour, it might be because they subconsciously want to keep you trapped in fear and misery.

41. We all struggle with controlling behaviour. But it’s not bad, and you don’t deserve to be treated like an outsider. It’s something we can learn new ways to manage with help from psychologists and our friends.

42. Get help for controlling behaviour that can be harmful to yourself and others.

43. Controlling behaviour is used to control and restrain a victim, putting them under the abuser’s power. It is also called abuse, coercive control and domestic abuse.

44. When in a relationship with an abusive person, it is important that you remember that the abusive conduct is not your fault and not excusable. Always be aware of what you are doing and how it might be interpreted by the abuser. Speak respectfully to them and make sure that nothing you do can antagonize them.

45. Controlling behaviour doesn’t just happen to you. It happens to everyone.

46. Controlling behaviour is not only a choice. It is a choice made out of fear. A desire to keep people close, but also afraid of the pain that may come with letting go.

47. If you want to build a successful business, you must be able to control your emotions.

48. If you have a chaotic/controlling partner, you must learn to recognize their controlling behaviour in your personal and professional life.

49. A controlling person is someone who exhibits behaviour that may appear loving and generous initially but which is actually manipulative and self-serving.

50. It’s time to put the brakes on your pattern of controlling behaviours and start doing some self-care.

51. If you’re in a relationship with someone who’s controlling and abusive, know that there are ways out.

52. Control freak is a person who has an excessive desire to control other people’s actions. This type of person needs to have control over every part of their lives and the lives of people around them.

53. Trust is a word. Control is an action.

54. You can’t control the things that happen to you, but you can always control how or what you think about them.

I hope you found the exact expression of a controlling behaviour quotes you want in this collection. You can also share with people and leave your comments below.

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