Cool Love Messages for Lovers

Who am I without you. My most correct critic,
my cheerleader, my life coach and my hero.
You make me fly without wings.
Love is truly beautiful with you. Kisses.

There is no one to be compared with you, sincerely NO.
You have all I need to be the man God made me to be.
Do not leave me my inspiration.

When I try to define love, I see myself describing you.
You are complete my king and there is no fault in you.
Long live my Hero.

You are the light that brightens up my world,
With you there’s no cause for darkness.
You are my delight forever and I’m with you forever.
I’m loving you till eternity.

I used to think love was nothing until you captivated me with yours.
This is one captivity I don’t want to be free from.
No other reason than, you and I are meant for each other.
Wanna stay glued to you forever. Love you my charming prince.

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