Couples That Play Together Stay Together Quotes

Couples That Play Together Stay Together Quotes

Some of the most memorable moments are shared by people who are playing together. These can range from a friendly game of Monopoly to a more serious game of chess. Either way, couples that play together stay together.

Play is essential for all couples, but especially for those who are still in the process of understanding each other. This is a key part of developing a strong relationship and intimacy, which is important for staying in love because having fun together allows people to relax and enjoy themselves.

Couples will find that they are much more likely to stay together if they have spent time doing something they both enjoy. This may seem obvious, but many couples don’t think about this until it is too late.

Do you have any favourite quotes about playing together? No? Well, I have some very nice couples that play together stay together quotes for you to choose from.

The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together

Playing together is fun, when couples play together they feel happier. Finding something you enjoy doing together makes your relationship stay longer, stronger and better.

1. Playing together brings about love and fun as a couple. True love is captivated by how well you treat each other in every small detail. The love in your eyes is only rivalled by the true act of love that you demonstrate every day, just being with each other!

2. The special energy and attention that you give your partner when you play together is a beautiful thing. If a couple always plays together, their true love will grow and flourish more and more each day.

3. Love is sweet. Playing together brings great joy to a relationship. This is something you have to do every day, and this makes love even sweeter!

4. When you love someone, you want to be with that person as much as possible. Even better, the two of you want to be playing together. When you’re playing together, you discover a whole new level of fun and love.

5. We like to play together, we like to play just for fun, but when we play together we are the strongest we can be.

6. A couple that plays together stays together, they have special keys that unlock their hearts, and everyone knows that couples that play together stay together!

7. Couples that play together stay together, and they never have to break up, couples that play together stay together, because they’re all in one groove.

8. When we play together, it shows that we care, it’s a way for us to be close while making others feel that we’re one.

9. Couples that play together stay together, they’re always happy and having fun. They play together every night and day, and they love each other.

10. Whatever the activity, whether playing tennis together or just enjoying a quiet day, the bond between your marriage becomes stronger than ever. Your hearts beat in unison with the love you show each other.

11. Play like never before, one is the loneliest number, when hearts connect, hearts connect and play.

12. Couples playing together isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of an excellent love affair.

13. When two lovers meet, they fall in love on sight. They play together, then they fall in love.

14. There’s something about a couple, with a knack for finding ways, to make their kind of fun, sharing their kind of fun.

15. A couple who plays together stays together when the chips are down, they’re the ones that play again.

16. We play together and we share together, we love each other, we’re holding hands together, we’ll never be apart until the last of us has died.

17. You are who you are, because you played together, even when you didn’t feel the need to, you can’t stop now, you’re in love.

18. Love is like a river, I’ve seen it come and I’ve seen it go. I’ve seen it flow as it should, I’ve seen it flood as it should. And I’m confident that it’ll be back again.

19. When the two of you are together, your hearts are closer than two people are, in your passion., in your care, in your love and when playing you are one.

20. Couples that play together stay together, they always have a good time, with a roll of the dice, and a few laughs, they’ll have a great night.

21. Playing together, I’ve found, connects me to my husband, and we’re both happier for it.

22. A couple that plays together stays together, they never fight no matter what, they are happy and together, they are in love.

23. We have discovered, a few years ago, we are made of the same stuff, and we’ll find a way to stay together in spite of all our differences.

24. For every day that you play, for every night that you dream, you need to find someone to guarantee your dreams will come true.

25. Do you wanna be with me? I’ll go anywhere with you you know that we’re meant to be I’d follow you to the stars wherever you are I want to be with you so we can have fun and play together.

26. Two hearts that beat as one, two souls that fit like one, two bodies that complement each other and fall in love for life and play together.

27. Tomorrow is promised to no one, and yet, every day is promised to someone. Those that played together still strive, and often were two parts to one.

28. Love, that’s the only reason, that they play together, is the only reason they stay together, and it’s always in the smile, and the laugh, and the way they look at each other.

29. If you wanna be a happy couple, you better stay with the one you love. And the one you love, well, is the reason you play together.

30. Couples that play together stay together, even when the going gets rough, they’re still crazy about each other, and nobody can stop them now.

31. I play with you, I’m not alone. I see you and I see me. You are my best friend and love. I play with you, I’m not alone when I’m with you.

32. Walking hand in hand until the end of time, when it’s all over and they say goodbye.

33. Couples that play together stay together even when they are apart. They’ll always find a way to pick up a cue because they always play together.

34. My husband and I, playfully and lovingly, pretend that we’re not anything, but we’re something beautiful.

35. When you two were falling apart, I thought no one would be there to catch you, but a miracle happened right before my eyes, you caught each other and you’re in love again.

36. Couples that play together stay together, they’re always joyous and alive, they love to play together, and they don’t care if they stay together.

37. Two ‘yous’ that play together, two hearts that beat as one, two souls that when apart, are just a song and a rhyme.

38. Couples that stand the test of time rarely never separate they live happily ever after and laugh in the face of adversity.

39. Everyone says couples who play together stay together and they are so true. I love the time we spend with each other, whether it’s a night on the couch or all day long on the tennis court, it brings us so close. Thank you for making our relationship fun and exciting to be around. I Love You!

40. Play together, stay together! I’m serious, is there anything more fun than making sandcastles, having water fights and watching fireworks together? These things bring us closer, they make our love grow.

41. Playing together is fun and it brings us closer. Our favourite thing we do is hug. It’s nice to lay with my head on your chest and just listen to your heartbeat. We’re each other’s favourite people in the whole world, I don’t think we could ever get tired of hugging!

42. When I’m with you I forget about the world, we can daydream together and create wonderful memories. At that moment I see that everything is possible, we can even get married and be forever happy together.

43. I love how much you make me laugh, smile, and feel cherished. I love the way you make me feel beautiful, inside and out. I love the things you introduce me to, the places we go together, the passion you have for everyday life. I love how tuned in you are to me and that I can do anything around you with confidence. We make a great team!

44. I could never have imagined that I could fall in love with someone as much as I have with you. This relationship has been one of the great experiences and even greater enjoyment. You bring me so much happiness and laughter and in return, I want to make you as happy as can be. I Love You with all my heart and soul, now, always and forever.

45. Thank you for bringing joy, love and happiness into my life. I want you to know, that I love it when we are always having fun together. The nights on the couch and all day long on the tennis court make us feel so alive together. I’m so excited to be here with you! I Love You!

46. Couples who play together stay together and we love a good game of tennis. Especially when it’s a perfect summer day and you’re by my side.

47. We play together all the time. I love being with you. It makes me feel closer to you.

48. When a couple plays together, it makes for a really awesome relationship. Weekend adventures are the best. You’re my coconspirator and I’m your sous chef. Let’s get ready to get saucy!

49. You’re the best! It means so much to me that you can find so much joy in spending time and playing with me. You’re such a wonderful partner, and I’m so lucky to have you. You make my life wonderful in every way.

50. It’s no secret that spending time and playing together can improve your relationship, and the truth is I spend all day with the love of my life.

51. I spend all day with the love of my life. And the secret to our success? We share an important relationship value: we make sure we’re in the same room and play more often.

52. Play, stay together. There’s no better way to spend time with your lover.

53. Every day, I want to spend what little free time I have with you. Having fun together, laughing together, creating memories. I wouldn’t trade any of it. It brings us closer as a family.

54. It’s the small things that count, no matter if it’s fighting over who gets the last of the ice cream or staying up late to watch those fireworks. The time we spend together means a lot.

55. Nothing says “I Love You” like a romantic getaway with the one you love. Even if it means rolling around in a lilo, enjoying a private meal overlooking the sea, or jumping in and getting soaked at a waterpark with your partner.

56. Playing together means we’re sharing our energy and having a great time. Sometimes we need to make a breakthrough.

57. We share a deep love of play, and we’re never too busy to seek joy in each other’s company.

58. Playing together as a couple brings about love and closeness and is just plain fun. It is possible to have fun with your sweetie while at the same time building closer bonds.

59. Playing games together has brought us so close, it’s fun to feel connected to someone you love. We have changed the way we play and the type of games we play, but with every game we play, I feel like we both become so much closer. I am really lucky to have you and our gaming relationship!

60. I’ve had so much fun with you playing. Having you by my side has made me more confident and self-assured. I’m improved at every game we play, and I’ll never get bored playing with you. You are the light of my heart, an angel sent from heaven above.

61. When a couple plays together, it brings them closer, and the fun they create helps them to open their hearts and minds to each other.

62. Couples should play together often. Playing together builds intimacy and helps couples to grow closer to one another.

63. Just like in the playground, you can have a lot of fun as a couple. It will increase your love and affinity for one another.

64. When you spend time together with your sweetheart, no matter what you are doing, it feels like playing.

65. Playing together makes for a great opportunity for couples to strengthen their bond.

66. What I like about us is that we’re funny together, we’re kind of naughty together, we like spending time together, and we love being with each other, like all the time.

67. I love that we are always playing together, it brings us so close. I love to hear you laugh and see your smile, it lights up the room. I couldn’t think of anything better with you by my side!

68. Love is like playing the piano. First, you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart.

69. It’s the little things like playing together that mean so much in a relationship. I’m glad we found out how to make each other happy, and are constantly finding new ways. Just wanted to let you know how much our relationship means to me.

70. If playing together means being in love, then we are set for life because we are always playing. I hope you are as happy as a little girl finding her first puppy!

71. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love playing with you and watching you enjoy yourself. I never want you to leave my arms and never want us to be apart, because the moment you are away from me, my heart misses a beat.

72. Playing together helps a couple to stay connected with each other and stronger in their love for one another.

73. There are two types of people in this world, those who dance and those who don’t. We better be dancing together so we don’t end up taking separate vacations.

74. When you’re with your other half playing together, you spend time doing something fun together. It gives you a sense of togetherness and helps build a stronger relationship.

75. The act of playing games or sports together helps to strengthen your love for one another, communicating in a way that only comes from sharing a physical activity.

76. Our relationship has been getting stronger ever since we started playing together.

77. Stay connected with your soul mate during the early years of parenthood. Whether it’s taking a walk in the park together or even playing a silly game on the sofa, act like a child and embrace your adventurous side to create a bond like no other.

78. A little time together, laughing and reminiscing of old happy times, can reconnect you with each other in a deep and satisfying way.

79. Play is an essential part of living, growing, and learning. It’s also one of the best ways to connect with another person.

80. The best thing about couples that play together is that stay together.

81. I want to play with you because it seems that the more we play together, the closer we get. You make me smile and laugh with your ideas and silly antics.

82. I have the most fun playing with you. I love that we both get so into it. All I can think about is our next game and having fun together.

83. I love our fun times together. You make me feel so much joy every time we are together. Thank you for always being there to enjoy life with me. I love you.

84. Life is so much better when we spend it together playing. You are my best friend, my soul mate and the love of my life. I promise to do all that I can to keep you smiling for many years to come.

85. We’ve been playing as a couple for such a long time. The more we play, the stronger our bond, the stronger our relationship becomes.

86. I am so thankful for all the fun times we spent together. I will never get tired of making you laugh or seeing that huge smile that makes your eyes light up. I love our late night talks, early morning run and pretty much everything else in between.

87. I love you because we are best friends, lovers and soul mates. I love the way we play together and the silly jokes we share. You amaze me in every way and I look forward to all the years my heart will be bursting with love for you!

88. I’m so lucky to have such a playful and caring husband. I love that you care about my enjoyment too! I love your playful side and always look forward to spending time with you.

89. Having fun with my boyfriend. He sure is sweet, loves me a lot and treats me right. I love him so much!

90. Playing together is a great way to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Whether you’re on the same team or competing against each other, it’s fun to challenge your partner, laugh and lose yourself in the moment.

91. Play is an integral part of the human experience, when couples play together their relationship will be more fun and less stressful.

92. For a relationship to be successful, both parties have to make the other person feel like the most important person in their life and play always.

93. Just because you are married doesn’t mean you stop playing and doing things together as a couple.

94. The couples that play together stay together. If you can have a good time together, then life is going to be so much sweeter. It’s the little things in life that make it so sweet.

95. Thank you for loving me and playing with me as no one else could. You are the reason why I look forward to each day with excitement and joy.

96. Play is not just for kids. Couples that play together stay together, because there’s a deeper connection and bonding experience when you’re doing something for fun or leisure.

97. My wife and I spend a lot of time having fun, and one of the things I love most about her is that we can be silly together.

98. We’ve been playing together for so many years now, and our relationship is stronger than ever.

99. The best way to spend your time is with someone who has the same interests as you do – or at least one person who enjoys playing as much as you do!

100. One of my favourite things about being in a relationship is that we can play games together whenever we want to make each other laugh or smile!

Playing together as a couple would certainly strengthen a relationship and make it happier. There are so many games that a couple can play at home in their free time.

I really hope you enjoyed going through all these couples that play together stay together quotes. I’d also love to see your comments below.

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