Break up Because of Family Quotes

Break up Because of Family Quotes

Breaking up with someone you love because of family problems is very painful. This feeling is deeper and more complex than any heartbreak you may have had in the past. 

It’s one thing to break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s another thing entirely to break up with someone you love because of family problems. It’s easy to blame yourself for what happened, but it’s important not to do this as it will only make things worse for you mentally, physically and emotionally.

This is because you are breaking up not because of issues that directly affect each other but due to external factors. Breaking up because of the family is a complex situation and it needs to be handled carefully. It is not easy to handle a breakup, especially when it is because of family.

Whichever way, it isn’t the easiest thing to deal with. So, if you are going through this, you need all the encouragement you can find. And here are some break up because of family quotes to help them put things in perspective. 

Break up Because of Family Quotes

We love our family because they have been there for us all our lives. And we want them to always support us. But sometimes, families are the root cause of many couples breaking up. It is one of the worst experiences to go through and you are lucky if encouraging quotes can help you through it. 

1. Choosing between family and true love is like facing the devil and the deep blue sea. The worst part is when you give your all to make it work while they do everything to break it apart.

2. Nothing is more painful than having to choose between family and true love.

3. It hurts, even more, to realize that the very family who should be supporting you on your journey to find true love is the one who caused the breakup.

4. It’s easier to say family over everything when you’ve never been faced with anything that could warrant you going against your own family. 

5. Breaking up because of family hurts. It hurts to see the family you trust to support you be the ones to tear your relationship apart.

6. It is beautiful to have a family that loves and supports you. They will be there to pull you out when you are drowning in a love that should never have happened.

7. Most times, we get so overwhelmed by the ecstasy of love that we are blinded to the red flags. Having a family that has your interest in mind could be your only lifesaver.

8. There is no worse dilemma than that of having to lose the person you love because your family does not approve of them.

9. Losing your family because of love is the most difficult decision to make because you have spent a major part of your life being with them.

10. It is said that when you choose someone, you are not only choosing them but their family as well. But what happens when this family doesn’t approve of you?

11. It is very hard to find that one true and committed person who loves you. But the hardest part is having to let go of them because your family doesn’t see this part of them.

12. If you let go of your current partner because your family doesn’t approve of them, chances are that they won’t approve of the next several others either. Probably because they don’t think you’re capable enough to make a wise decision. 

13. You will succeed in making them happy. After all, family should be the priority. However, you will continue to suffer on the inside. 

14. If your family really cares as much as you think they do, they will never let you lose what makes you happy, especially when there are no threats.

15. It is nearly impossible to overcome the pain and memories of the one your family made you lose, even when they never did anything but love you.

16. Accepting to let go of the one you love for the sake of family is akin to accepting life imprisonment for a crime you never committed.

17. They may succeed in breaking you apart, but they may not succeed in cutting the ties of love you share.

18. It hurts badly to constantly see the one you love being separated from you because of a family that doesn’t understand your love journey.

19. Breaking up because of family is like cutting off your feet even when they are in good condition. The memory haunts, it hurts.

20. We are created for love. We should love and be loved. Family should not be a hindrance to true love. Except the love has waned and the partners are looking for a reason to go their separate ways.

21. It is a mistake to give up on love, especially when it is at the expense of people that never went through the process with you.

22. When you choose family over love, you will be unhappy. If your family truly cares about you, they will be unhappy too, and being unhappy isn’t something anyone should uphold for a long time.

23. Sometimes, you will need to take a stand and defend your choice of a partner, even when family says otherwise. They would have to respect your decision at the end of the day.

24. You can find love again, though perhaps not with the same person. If you value family more than anything, then you can decide to take chances and hope you find love again.

25. Never lose the family that gave their all to make you who you are. They mean well for you and will always be there to support you.

26. Commit to staying with the person your heart desires despite all odds. Whether or not the outcomes are good, you will be proud because you made the choice yourself.

27. Never make someone fall head over heels in love with you when you know your family won’t approve of them. It’s wrong. 

28. In the bid to please their families, a lot of people have lost themselves. That is not the way it is supposed to be. Third parties should be totally out of the equation.

29. Your family is supposed to be there for you, not tear you apart. Their decisions should not be geared toward making you lose your happiness.

30. It’s heartbreaking to look at your family every day, knowing that it was because of them that you lost a treasured gift.

31. The fear of rejection by family causes many people to close their hearts to love. Everybody deserves to be loved and accepted, especially by the people that matter in their lives.

32. Accept that you have no power over your family’s choices; do not live in denial of it. For in this lies your healing.

33. Perhaps if parents gave more time and attention to the needs of their children, relationship breakups due to family would gradually fade away.

34. It is unnecessary drama to make your partner feel terrible because you do not like their family. If you feel uncomfortable with their family, it might be best to let them go.

35. At the moment, the role of your family in your relationship may not be so obvious. One thing is certain, family will always have your back.

36. Should one go against their family to choose love? That’s an age-long question. What if that’s your one true love?.   

37. You must always know what you want and stand by it. That’s the only way to win over your family in love.

38. People have a right to choose who they love and want to be with no matter what. Family shouldn’t be the reason couples break up.

39. If families can’t accept each other, of what use is the relationship? Love can only thrive when there is peace and harmony. 

40. No one should ever have to choose between love and their family. There’s no joy in knowing that your family doesn’t approve of your relationship.

41. When you find love as deep as the ocean, no family misunderstanding can ever stop you from being with your one true love because you know how difficult it is to find such love.

42. Is family reason enough to let go of the one whom your heart is so sure about? Sometimes, all you need is a stroke of faith for things to take a positive turn in the right direction.

43. One should never have to question the sincerity of their family’s affection. But, being in a situation whereby you have to choose between love and family is a horrible one. 

44. When your family doesn’t support your relationship, it is a different kind of pain.

45. True love unites families. If you broke up because of family, then perhaps you don’t love each other enough. Love conquers all things.

46. Every now and then, families tend to make decisions for others. But you must make a decision and stand by it, so they can respect you.

47. Between you and your family, nobody has to be right. You just have to know what you really want and be ready to live with the consequences ahead; good or bad.

48. Aside from God, nobody knows you as much as you know yourself. Allowing your family to make certain decisions for you, especially when it comes to choosing a life partner could be disastrous.

49. It requires a lot of courage and deep love to hold one’s love strong in the face of a family dilemma. Any couple that gets through this phase can stand any heat.

50. Sometimes, it’s not about who is right or wrong. It’s about what the heart truly wants. If you truly love someone, nothing should ever come between you and them. 

51. Life has to go on even after a breakup because of family. You truly deserve better but forgive your family. I know you will find love again.

52. It’s not easy having to choose between the love of your life and your family. But stay strong, and believe that things are going to ease up.

53. Sometimes, one might ask ‘why me’? Well, why not you? If it’s happening to you, it means there’s a reason. Patience is key. Do not be too fast to make rash decisions. 

54. In the end, none of these family fights and quarrels will matter. The memories of the times you were truly happy are what counts. 

55. Sometimes, family members tend to try to make decisions for others. Most times, it’s just them believing they know what’s best for you. If you are certain about your decision, stand your ground.

56. When family members find out that you’re someone that can be easily pushed around, they will always meddle in your matters. Know that your personal life should be guarded and not thrown out for everybody to have a say.

57. The reason most relationships don’t survive is how open and easily they let people dabble in personal matters that should be settled among themselves.

58. It is the worst thing to break up because of the people you expect to support and fight for you. 

59. It hurts to know that the only reason you’re broken up is that your family interfered.

60. Make every effort to keep your personal life private. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry should not have a say in your personal matters, even if they are family.

61. It’s not just bad enough that you’re breaking up because of family, you’re also letting go of the one thing you know is your soulmate.

62. The truth is that after family members influence decisions in your life, you still have to live with them. So, know what’s best for you and follow your heart.

63. Family shouldn’t be a cause of pain but rather a source of strength and comfort. If your family is not encouraging and pulling you up. You should learn to draw lines in certain personal matters.

64. Dealing with your love life when your family disapproves can be very dicey. It’s great to listen to family opinions but make sure those opinions don’t derail you.

65. It’s not everyone in your family that has your best interest at heart. Learn to call the shots and draw the curtains in some specific matters. 

66. Everybody has their own life to live; so do you. Don’t lose love because of family.  

67. It’s not every ear that deserves to know what’s going on in your life. Discretion is important. Even for certain family members.

68. Do not become the person whose private life is always a dinner topic, especially if you don’t want to break up because of family.

69. Know that no one person’s life is extremely perfect. Family members too go through issues they don’t talk about with everyone. Why should your love life always be a topic of discussion?

70. If you don’t want to break up because of family, you have to give them a little say over it.

71. It’s painful to watch you go through this terrible breakup because of family. I hope you find reasons to smile again.

72. We don’t choose who we fall in love with. Life just brings them to us. I can’t even imagine how you must feel going through this terrible breakup right now because of family.

73. How does one’s heart start to heal from this kind of terrible pain? If it’s any consolation try and concentrate more on things that will take your mind away from the current situation of things.

74. Your heart must be wrenching because you had to break up because of your family. Stay strong; you’d be fine in time.

75. No one should have to break up because of family. I hope you find comfort and healing at this time.

76. I know how much you wanted your relationship to work out. Despite the outcome of things, I hope that you won’t lose sight of happiness. 

77. Nobody prepares themselves ahead of time for this kind of circumstance. Nevertheless, it’s not the end of the road. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. 

78. I didn’t know you could go this far. I’m proud of the strength and courage you have shown at this time. It will make sense in the end.

79. I guess this is goodbye. I’m sorry for everything you went through because of me. You deserve to be with someone whose family doesn’t hate you.

80. I can’t even imagine how my life is going to go now that I have broken up because of my family. It’s not going to be easy living without you.

81. I have stopped asking myself why we have to go through this terrible breakup. I have come to accept my reality, and so should you.

82. I never saw us breaking up because of my family until it was too late. I’m hurt but I believe everything happens for a reason. It’s well.

83. I wish I knew how to go on now that we’ve broken up but I don’t. Can you convince your family to accept us?

84. I cannot believe we are actually broken up because of your family. Everything seems so lost and irreparable. Life is indeed full of ups and downs.

85. Even the best relationships break up but it is a lot worse if the breakup is because of family.

86. Everybody’s saying you should move on. How come no one understands how difficult it is to let go of someone you love because of your family?

87. I thought I had forever and a day after to go with you. I never knew your family would tear us apart. The experience is excruciating. 

88. Falling in love is easy until you are faced with challenges, like family members breaking you apart.

89. It takes a long time to come to terms with a breakup that happened because of family.  

90. When the family you expect to always support you, is the cause of your breakup with your lover, it is a different kind of pain.

91. Saying goodbye to your love because of your family would never make sense. But it is more common than rare. 

92. How does one’s heart begin to mend in a situation when you don’t want to break up but your family wants you to? 

93. If it’s any consolation, I want you to know that no one else will ever make me happy the way you do. I’m sorry our families had to make us go through this. 

94. How on earth is someone supposed to survive without the partner they have gotten so used to, because their families want them apart?  

95. Nothing prepares you for the kind of pain that comes from breaking up because of your family.

96. It’s way too much for one to take in when your family don’t understand your love for your soulmate

97. Breaking up with family is way too much pain. Only strong enough people can go through that.

98. Having to lose one’s love is saddening, especially when the reason is family shortsightedness. 

99. Nobody falls in love to fall out of it one day, especially because of family.

100. The betrayal that comes from your family doing all they can to tear you apart from your lover cannot be overemphasized. 

101. Nobody should experience breaking up with their true love because of their family. It is a double dose of heartbreak. 

Even if you feel like there’s nothing left to say, I hope these break up because of family quotes can express some of your feelings and you can draw some comfort from them.

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