Crying Alone Quotes

Crying Alone Quotes

Life will throw you curveballs and demand that you will need to find strength and healing for yourself. Most times, the burdens are so heavy that explaining them to others for understanding and comfort is difficult. You’ll find yourself crying alone and fighting to keep your sanity above trials that don’t care if you’re drowning or not.

Your show of strength isn’t only exhibited during the good times, though, but strength is present when you’re kind to yourself after a fall and focus on just taking life one day at a time. It is in crying and allowing yourself to cry all the time you need to that you can be healed and laugh again. Strength is in deliberately showing yourself love amidst small and big decisions.

To stoke and encourage ‘your strength’ in your lonely and depressing moments, these amazing crying alone quotes below were curated. They’ll inspire you to not give up on your journey and fully embrace your pain so you can step into your season of light and happiness in no time. Enjoy!

Crying Alone Quotes

Life is unfair with how it dishes out sad situations. Even the sun appears to have stopped shining and refuses to break through the clouds. But I must go on. Crying alone is how to take a break, comfort yourself and find the strength to keep fighting.

1. We all cry alone at some point, so it’s nothing to feel bad about. Expending tears can be helpful in sad and frustrating situations.

2. Crying alone is a form of self-dependence. Even in your hurt, disappointment and failures, you can always look to yourself for comfort.

3. One common thing for everyone is that they’ll cry at some point. Never feel ashamed for crying and releasing toxic energies.

4. Crying alone means that you’re human and vulnerable. It also shows that you’ll always come through for yourself when needed.

5. If you give in to it, crying alone has the power to heal your broken heart and ease the burdens of difficult situations.

6. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, good things will eventually happen to good people. Cry as much as you want, but don’t give up on life.

7. Expressing vulnerability by crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s accepting your frailty and releasing yourself enough to map out new solutions.

8. Crying alone is also how to celebrate small wins. You found a way out when you thought a difficult situation wouldn’t go away!

9. Crying alone allows you to be at your most vulnerable self. It is a way to reach the roots of a problem and find lasting solutions.

10. We cry alone to help ourselves cope with pain and release unwanted emotions. It is nothing anyone should be ashamed of!

11. It’s okay to cry alone sometimes. That’s a sure way to shed the negative energy and emotions we’ve been holding on to.

12. Expressing yourself through tears is healthy. It allows for expressing your emotions in ways that feel safe and comfortable.

13. Crying is one way to have honest conversations with yourself. At that moment, you’re open about your real fears and desires.

14. You can cry alone and be sad sometimes, but it doesn’t change that you’re an amazing person inside and out.

15. If you’re sad or angry about something that’s going on in your life, there’s no shame in crying alone and hoping for respite.

16. Cry as much as you want, but remember that sad situations can change anytime. Everything will be fine!

17. At some point, everyone experiences dark and sad times in their lives. If crying helps you to cope, don’t be ashamed to indulge.

18. It’s okay to cry sometimes and not feel confident in your person. Just remember that you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.

19. Crying alone and feeling depressed aren’t great feelings. But becoming whole isn’t far away for those that hold on till the end.

20. You’ll feel lost and cry alone sometimes. But see it like you’re a diamond going through the refinement process.

21. You’ll cry alone sometimes and won’t always be happy. It doesn’t mean that every chapter in your story is terrible.

22. When you feel unhappy and cry alone, remember that even the strongest people cry too.

23. We all experience pain and sadness at different points. How you choose to react to it shouldn’t cause any shame.

24. It’s okay to cry for the sake of crying. Believe it or not, you’re ridding your heart of unnecessary burdens.

25. If you are always crying and unhappy, it is usually a call to reinvent yourself into another version.

26. It’s okay to feel helpless and cry sometimes. There are moments when it’s just difficult to find positives around.

27. Everyone has their way of dealing with issues. If crying helps you in any way, don’t be embarrassed.

28. People break down because they’re human. Cry yourself to sleep if it helps, and take as much time to heal as you’d like.

29. After crying alone and getting some relief, dust yourself and find something productive to do.

31. Keeping your feelings bottled up will only increase your suffering. Cry it all out, then prepare to get back in the game.

32. Crying is a natural human reaction to emotions that are too intense to keep in. It’s not something to be ashamed of!

33. Crying is a natural and necessary action to take. It’s how you admit humanity and stay strong for yourself.

34. There’s nothing better than a good cry when everything seems chaotic. It’s cathartic, clears the mind, and makes you feel better.

35. Sometimes, crying is a form of release. Tears may not make the pain disappear, but they can make things easier to cope with.

36. Don’t be ashamed to cry. It means that you have a heart and believe in something in life.

37. As we grow older, it’s expected to find it difficult to connect and be vulnerable with other people. Hence, you’ll have to be strong for yourself a lot.

38. Sadness is only for a while, but your joy will come if you don’t give up on yourself.

39. When it’s hard to describe how you’re feeling, it’s fine to resort to tears to find the necessary healing.

40. Tears are necessary for humans to expend some of the pain they feel on the inside. No one should be ashamed to do so as much as they like.

41. Crying means you’re not afraid to show your real self. It reveals vulnerability and strength at the same time.

42. Everyone cries alone at some point. It means that you’re human and capable of being strong for yourself.

43. You can cry sometimes. It’s natural and usually a sign that you’ve been through a tough time that you overcame.

44. A few tears here and there don’t mean you’re not strong, intelligent and capable of amazing things in life.

45. There are moments you’ll be unable to share with other people. How you’ll make sense of them is via crying and self-vulnerability.

46. If you are feeling worn-out, scared and overwhelmed, crying can make your process a bit easier to bear.

47. Crying, whether alone or in public, is a natural way to release negativity and feel better about yourself.

48. Your emotions may seem all over the place with how tough you’ve had it recently. However, things will eventually work out and get under control.

49. Cry when you’re sad, but don’t wallow in self-pity and refuse to become a better version of yourself.

50. Crying can help with expressing pain without fears or judgement. It’s one way to heal from overly emotional situations.

51. No one can get through life without tears at some point. You’re not alone in crying and feeling sad.

52. Give yourself time to cry and never be embarrassed about it. It shows how brave, sensitive and honest you are.

53. Don’t underestimate the importance of crying. It is a big part of your natural healing process.

54. Crying is a natural process in life. It’ll happen to everyone, whether good or bad, at different points in their lives.

55. Sometimes, crying works alongside positivity, release and faith to make situations look bearable.

56. Your heart is shattered, and you’re crying alone. However, the tough times you’re experiencing now won’t last forever.

57. It’s not a sign of weakness to cry or be sad. It takes a lot of strength to go through a tough period and be sane.

58. Crying doesn’t make you weak. It shows your confidence in your strength and vulnerabilities.

59. Crying alone can be therapeutic. You can cry at the slightest and stupidest things, and none will be wiser about it.

60. Admitting to the act of crying isn’t something to be ashamed of. In many cases, it is beneficial to cry.

61. If you’re feeling bad about any situation and crying a lot, stay strong because things will get better soon.

62. Cry if you have to, but don’t lose confidence in yourself enough to stop standing up for the things you believe in.

63. Everyone is going through ups and downs in life. If you choose to find relief through tears, don’t feel bad.

64. If you’re feeling low, hope for the best because there’s light at the end of every tunnel.

65. If crying is how you stay strong and show up for yourself, you’re doing a great job even if you can’t see it.

66. Cry as much as you want, but never hesitate to walk out of situations that threaten your peace of mind.

67. When there’s no lifeline around for you to hold on to, crying by yourself is how you’ll forge one and find comfort.

68. Cry alone, be raw and vulnerable, but quit blaming yourself for the things that are out of your control.

69. Sometimes, crying by yourself is how you’ll accept the finality of situations and find the strength to keep going.

70. You’ll be shocked at the number of people that cry alone. Don’t be ashamed if it helps you find relief and safety.

71. You’re not alone in your pain, so don’t feel bad about how you choose to be strong for yourself.

72. While you’re ashamed of crying, it’s usually the first step in admitting and solving problems.

73. Facing your pain as quickly as possible will hasten your healing. If crying helps you to do this, then don’t hold back.

74. Learn to cry things out for as long as possible. Just don’t hold on to your painful and depressing feelings.

75. Crying alone isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can be a sign that indicates your state of mind and emotional wellbeing.

76. Crying alone feels like weakness. However, allowing yourself to be raw, sincere, and vulnerable is strength.

77. As difficult as any situation looks, you’ll see the light at the end if you don’t give up hope.

78. Crying alone may seem depressing, but it’s how you’ll find strength and comfort through difficult situations.

79. Crying alone doesn’t make you weak. It shows your strength in facing and handling your pain.

80. Sometimes, the best way to heal is through a good cry. It doesn’t matter if you do it in private or public.

81. Your pain and loneliness can’t change the fact that you’re strong, powerful, and amazing.

82. You may not know it, but some people have experienced and conquered the battles you’re facing.

83. Life will get hard, and you’ll feel like no one understands. However, you’re not alone in your pain and struggles.

84. Crying alone is how you stay strong for yourself, especially when everything around you seems like they’re falling apart.

85. When there’s no one around to lend their listening ears or shoulders, crying alone is one way to find comfort.

86. You’re still a star regardless of the times life throws you down and tries to break you.

87. Everyone has bad days and goes through rough times. At some point, they also overcome difficult situations and stop crying.

88. When you feel alone and have no one around to comfort you, cry alone and give yourself the comfort you crave.

89. Comforting and holding on to yourself in times of immense pain and sadness is an act of bravery.

90. Crying alone is sometimes how we can stay strong in moments of darkness and weakness.

91. Whatever your reasons are for crying by yourself, know that you’re not weak, and everything will be fine soon.

92. It’s okay to cry alone sometimes because it’s how you’ll find the strength to move on and continue living.

93. You’re crying alone now and don’t feel amazing anymore. But it doesn’t change the fact that you are strong and wonderful.

94. Don’t be ashamed to cry sometimes. It’s a normal reaction to feeling hurt from pain.

95. Hug yourself, cry all you want, but never forget that you are wonderful and beautiful.

96. Everything feels hopeless and bleak now, but things get better when you allow time.

97. If you’re sad and heartbroken, healing can start when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and sincere.

98. When you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. But if help isn’t readily available, comfort yourself whichever way you can.

99. At the end of the day, no matter the situation, you are not alone, and everything will soon be fine.

100. Sometimes, life goes by so fast, and you feel left behind. But you can still win if you get back in the game now!

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