Daughter Birthday Status for Facebook

Daughter Birthday Status for Facebook

One of the specific ways to detect a loving and very sensitive parent is by seeing them take their children’s special days to mind, just like their birthday. They ensure they celebrate them on this special day in several ways which include posting on social media.

Parenting, today, has taken different shapes and forms that you ought to do a good job of showing to your children that you don’t just care about them but you pay special attention to their needs, wants and desires.

Almost everyone today uses Facebook and has a Facebook account. Whether for their personal uses or for business purposes. It’s not enough to be a loving father or mother if you can’t celebrate the birthday of your children with them, just like your daughter’s birthday. And because sending across wishes to a birthday celebrant is an age-long birthday tradition that’s as ancient as time, you shouldn’t miss out on wishing your daughter (and very adorable princess) on her special day in the year through a Facebook post.

As a parent, there’s no one and definitely, nothing that’s as important or should take the place of your children. Asides from discharging some of your parental duties, you should be able to help your children have fun, and this can be induced into having them celebrate their birthdays on Facebook.

Whether you’re the father or mother, there should be no limitations to showing affection for your children, that’s the way it should be. You should take this to your social media pages too, Facebook especially.
Your friends on Facebook should know that you have a daughter that you love and adore so much.

For her birthday, a couple of Facebook posts are a goal. You can even host a Facebook watch party for your daughter’s special occasions.

Are you planning to throw a party with a touch of a birthday theme for your girl? It is a very good idea to give your daughter a very fascinating birthday party so that she can have all the fun she wants; it’s, of course, her special day.

Express your love, pray for your daughter and bless her life with heartfelt prayers. It definitely is one of the best birthday gifts she could get from you. These daughter birthday status for facebook are perfect as thoughtful words of love to celebrate your daughter on her birthday and you can surely put it up on your status on Facebook.

Best Birthday Status for Daughter on Facebook

I was looking for ways to celebrate you in a grand style as much as you deserve today, baby, but then my status on Facebook came to mind first. I am grateful for you being the best daughter anyone could ever wish for, an adorable and exceptional little princess. Happy birthday to you today, my daughter.

1. I am thankful to God today for giving me a perfect girl like you as my daughter. Happy birthday to you today my darling and not-so-little-anymore girl. Long life and prosperity today baby.

2. My wishes for you today are that God bless you so much that you’ll shine bright my baby girl. Happy birthday to you today.

3. To my adorable daughter, I’m glad that you’re mine always and forever. Happy birthday to you today princess long life to you.

4. My little sunshine and adorable little woman, happy birthday to you today. It feels so nice parenting you.

5. You are so sweet and have a large heart that I am always proud of you as my daughter. God bless all of your days my baby, happy birthday to you today.

6. It’s my baby’s happy day today. Long life and prosperity to you darling, happy birthday to you.

7. Your mom and I will never stop being grateful to God for the perfect gift of you to our lives. Happy birthday to you today my darling princess

8. You’re a blessing to us and everyone around my darling daughter. That’s why today, I’m wishing you the happiest of birthdays baby. Long life and prosperity to you today.

10. To the one who came into our lives and filled it with love and smiles, happy birthday my darling daughter. May God make His face shine on you all of your days.

11. Welcome to another year with a very grand style my princess. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you.

12. To my kind, funny, adorable, cheeky, sweet and most beautiful little girl, happy birthday to you today daughter. I love you always.

13. I must have done something very awesome for God to gift me with an outstanding like you. Happy birthday, my little princess.

14. I am the luckiest dad in the world today because it’s my beautiful little princess birthday. Enjoy your day my darling daughter, happy birthday, baby.

15. I am short of words to say today, but more than anything, I’m so grateful to God for gifting you to my life. Long life and prosperity are my wishes for you today my adorable baby girl.

16. May every day be special to you my darling, with all of the love in my heart, I wish you a very happy birthday today.

17. My world is a better place because you came into it as my daughter. May your awesomeness never run out my baby, happy birthday to you.

18. Blessings from God and so much goodness for your life, that’s my prayer for you today my darling daughter. Happy birthday to you princess.

19. I just want you to know that dad’s got your back always and forever too, so there’s nothing to fear my darling. Happy birthday to you today.

20. Many happy returns of today to you my wonderful daughter. Thank you for infecting my world with your perfect nature. I love you always.

21. I just want you to have more than enough fun today because it’s your birthday. May your days be beautiful always my darling daughter.

22. In you, I found my confidant, friend, gist partner and a great helper. Thank you for your maturity and good nature, I love you always my dear daughter. Happy birthday to you today.

23. You are the one who came into my world and gave me more than a thousand reasons to smile, forever. Happy birthday to you my dearest daughter, may your days be long and exciting.

24. I am more than grateful to God for the years you’ve spent so far, I’m optimistic that you will continue to be the best that you have always been. I love you daughter, happy birthday to you.

25. Today is another day to remind you, my dearest daughter that you are precious, you’re loved, you’re unique and you’re the most beautiful. Happy birthday to you my baby girl.

26. The seasons will be favourable to you, the years will bring you good things, your life will be amazing always and forever. I love you my princess and happy birthday to you.

27. My star baby, my adorable princess, my unique charmer and my beloved daughter, happy birthday to you today.

28. It is another anniversary of your birth and I choose today to remind you of how much of God blessing you are. Lots of love from me today baby, happy birthday my bundle of sweetness.

29. The smiles you brought into my life is so much that I am more than excited that you’re my daughter. Happy birthday to you today baby.

30. May today bring in the goodness and happiness that you really need to go on with in this life. Happy birthday, my little sweet princess.

31. It’s my little-daughter-big birthday today and I’m so happy today. My wishes are that you will grow well to be an awesome lady, young woman and woman. I love you always my baby girl.

32. My little precious baby is a year older today and I’m more than grateful that you’re mine. I wish you the most wonderful birthday this year, long life and prosperity you baby

33. Dearest daughter, may this new year be amazing for you, may you continue to grow in God’s grace and wisdom. My love for you will be forever my darling daughter. Happy birthday to you.

34. My adorable little puppy, as you celebrate today, may the love of God never leave you and make you flourish in a that you do even as you grow older. Happiest birthday, my baby.

35. To the blessing from above that God gifted my life with, happy birthday to you baby. You are the best daughter ever.

36. May your life be a delightful one all of your days, my baby. God will continue to take care of you and keep you. Happy birthday to you my love, long life and prosperity.

37. Happy birthday to you my darling daughter! I’m more than happy to be your father and also to be wishing you today. Long-life to you, my baby.

38. I look forward to celebrating you every year because the anniversary of your birth is an amazing one. Happy birthday to you today, my sweet baby girl, daddy loves you.

39. Happy birthday to the greatest joy of my life and the excitement of my fatherhood. I love you forever my princess, long life and prosperity to you today.

40. The world awaits your greatness my darling daughter and I’m sure that you were born just for that. I’m glad I’m your father, happy birthday to you today baby.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Even Facebook knows it’s your birthday and it’s sent me a reminder already. Many opportunities to say so many wishes and today is another perfect time just for that. May your life be beautiful always my darling daughter. With all of my love, I wish you a very happy birthday.

41. May the world come to celebrate you because you truly deserve it my amazing daughter. I am rooting for you and I always will be. Happiest birthday my baby girl.

42. I am always proud of the fact that I am your father, you have been more than enough life’s blessing to me, my baby girl. May life be favourable to you always. Many happy returns of the day my little princess.

43. Watching you grow had been an amazing experience that I’ll love to relive over and again. I love you always my darling daughter, cheers to your new age.

44. I will go to the end of the world to make sure you are always happy and give you whatever you wish for, that’s the least I could do as your father. Hearty happy birthday to you baby, daddy loves you always.

45. May you live long to enjoy the good things that life has got to offer you because you deserve them all as my daughter. Long live you my baby, happy birthday.

46. Showers of blessing on you today till the end of your life, that’s my wish for you, my baby. You deserve all that and more for your birthday. With all my love, I say happy birthday, dearest daughter.

47. Waking up to a new day with the promise of seeing your smile is a great feeling for me always. I am just glad I’m your father. Happiest birthday, her father’s girl, I wish you a beautiful year.

48. I would give you the whole world if that is what you truly want. It feels good to always wish you another year and that is what I’ll always do. Happy birthday my baby.

49. Today, I want you to wake to the fact that Daddy loves you and will stop at nothing to prove it. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity.

50. The first time I set my eyes on you as a tiny baby, I knew I was going to live the rest of my life loving you. May the heavens take care of you baby, that’s my wish to you today. Happy birthday to you.

51. You’re no more my little bundle of joy, you’re my greatest joy bringer. As you celebrate your birthday today, I want to remind you of how much of my love you have forever. Long life and many happy returns to you baby.

52. Dearest daughter, with of my heart filled with nothing but love and pride for you, I welcome you into another year of your life. Fathering you has been awesome, for real. Happy birthday and have a great year ahead.

53. My little angel is on her way to becoming an amazing young woman and I can’t be any less happy. Long life and prosperity to you my girl, happiest birthday today.

54. The day you came into this world, heaven lost one of its bubbly angels and I’m glad that you came to me. I love you dearest daughter and be sure that I’ll do anything for you. Happy birthday today my baby girl.

55. No matter how old you grow, you’ll always be daddy’s lite girl, my own princess. May God guide your steps in this new year and beyond, happy birthday my baby.

56. The world is not ready for the greatness that you are. Happy birthday to the most beautiful daughter in the world. God bless your days my baby.

57. The level of resilience you have always displayed awes me even as your father. You are the best of all daughters my baby, and I’m a proud father because of you. Happy birthday, many happy returns of today.

58. The second love of my life after her mother, my beautiful little princess. I celebrate you more today because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you baby, daddy loves you.

59. The sweetest little girl ever, my amazing princess with the warmest heart. Thank you for being a good daughter, happy birthday sweetheart.

60. Time flies so fast that I wasn’t quite sure if you were actually the bubbly little girl I knew. May your sweet nature never fade away my baby. Happy birthday from your loving daddy.

61. It’s the birth anniversary of my daughter today and I’m sure the most excited father in the world. Happiest birthday to you darling, grow well and soar high.

62. You have always been an amazing daughter right from your infancy and I have never been any less proud of you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays today baby. Enjoy yourself, dad’s got you covered.

63. The noise from your laughter is my favourite sound anytime and any day. I am just glad that you’re mine always. Happy birthday to you darling daughter.

64. It’s my baby’s birthday today and I feel like the happiest man on earth. Dear God, thank you for this bundle of joy you gave me. I love you so much baby and I wish you a very happy birthday today.

65. May every anniversary of your birthday bring you nothing but joy my dearest daughter. Happy birthday my love, enjoy your day.

66. Today, I am most grateful to God for giving me a happy place in you, my dearest daughter. May God continue to keep you and make you grow in grace. Happy birthday!

67. My daughter is a little bit older today and I’m sure you’re getting more fabulous. I love you always dearest daughter. Happy birthday, many happy returns to you today.

68. Watching you grow is the greatest accomplishment of my life. Thank you for coming into my world and making it all lovely and lively my baby. Happy birthday today and remember that daddy loves you.

69. Today, I’m thankful to God who gave me an angel as my daughter; the one who brightens my life and warms my heart always. God bless your days sweetheart, happy birthday to you

70. I celebrate my daughter and best friend today. You are awesome no matter what you do my baby and daddy is so proud of you. Happy birthday, many happy returns of the day to you.

Happy Birthday to My Daughter Facebook Post

My Facebook post for today is dedicated to my daughter, the only one who makes my world go round, my greatest source of happiness and excitement. Every day is a perfect opportunity for me to thank God for the gift of you. Happy birthday to you today, my darling, continue to grow and prosper.

71. My world makes sense just because I’ve got you in it. I love you so much, dearest daughter. Happy birthday to you today.

72. May you continue to soar high in the school of life, no matter what. Thank you for being the most precious treasure of my life. Happy birthday, my darling baby girl.

73. My daughter is the most beautiful, talented, funny and sweet little girl ever. That’s why today, I’m leaving everything aside to celebrate you darling as much as you deserve. Happiest birthday, my love.

74. To the most precious treasure in the world, my dearest daughter. Happy birthday today. Long life and prosperity in good health my darling angel.

75. Every day of my life will be spent praying to God to keep you and continue to make you the great woman that you were meant to be. God’s guiding light follow you all of your days, my baby. Happy birthday to you.

76. May the celebration of your birthdays each year gives you more than enough reasons for genuine laughter. With all of my love, happy birthday to you dearest daughter.

77. My silver lining in this unbalanced world, my greatest pride as a father. Happy birthday to my dearest daughter. May the years be kind to you.

78. No one is as happy as I am today, it’s my little angel’s birthday! Dearest daughter, I pray that your life be filled with genuine love and happiness. Happy birthday to you today, with love from your dear father.

79. Because I have you, I could answer to the title of a father. You are my sweetest thing ever, so what more could I ask God for? Happy birthday to you my baby girl, may you grow into an awesome woman.

80. Today, I say that may all your dreams come true! Long live you, my sweet baby girl. E not your day and the best that comes with it.

81. Your cake won’t be as sweet as you are my darling little girl, but still, we’ll do you the honours of eating it because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday my baby.

82. I can’t get enough of your loveliness and maturity despite your age. I’m just so glad that you are my daughter. I’m sure that you will have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers to you today baby.

83. Gradually, you’re growing up and out of being daddy’s little girl. It’s not much of a big deal though, you will always be my baby. Hearty happy birthday baby, daddy loves you.

84. May this life be good to you, that’s all I pray and wish for you today on your birthday. Welcome to another great year dearest daughter, daddy loves you too much.

85. Peace, wealth, happiness, good health, unlimited success, and more happiness, these and more are my deepest prayers to you baby. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.

86. I know you will have a great time having fun today but don’t forgets that always and forever, daddy loves you. Happy birthday, daughter.

87. Birthday blessings to the little human who’s also my life’s angel. Happy birthday my baby girl, long live, darling.

88. Having you in my life made me come to the full knowledge that nothing is as dearer to me as having you as my daughter.

89. You are a blessing to me, and us all, that I’m sure you will continue to be so. Cheers to you as you add another year today my baby. Happy birthday to you.

90. I want the whole world to know that I have an amazing daughter and her birthday is today! Happy birthday to you my princess, I love you forever!

91. May everything you wish for in this life comes through for you. May God hold you in His hands forever. Happy birthday my darling daughter.

92. I’ve got more than enough love to smother you with every day of my life so don’t worry that you’re going to run out of it. But first, let’s celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday my darling.

93. It is a wonderful day today, the anniversary of my baby girl’s birth. With so much love and joy in my heart, I welcome you into another year. Cheers to you baby.

94. You got your bravery, strength, resilience and unparalleled good looks from me undoubtedly. Happy birthday to you today my daughter.

95. I don’t want to keep calm, it’s just a day in the whole year that solely belongs to my baby. Daddy is always proud of you and loves you so much, happy birthday baby.

96. How fast you grow! But then, I’m reminded of the fact that you can never outgrow my heart be use it’s your permanent site. I love you my princess, today and always. Happy birthday to you.

97. My little girl is plus one today and I am more than appreciative to God for how well you’re growing. I celebrate you today baby, happy birthday to you.

98. It’s your special day today and all I want to say is thank you for being daddy’s greatest inspiration. Happy birthday to you my angel, I’m grateful for the gift of you forever.

99. The loveliest of all daughters is today a year older. May God keep you so that you can wax stronger. Happy special day baby.

100. May your life be perfect, no matter what. That’s all I wish for you, my baby. Happy birthday, the darling daughter of mine.

Beautiful messages for your beautiful daughter specially put together to celebrate her birthday, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.
You will surely put a smile on your daughter’s face and make her feel on top of the world as she celebrates her birth anniversary, especially when she sees any of these daughter birthday status for Facebook on social media.

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