Happy Birthday Wishes for 12 Year Old Daughter

Happy Birthday Wishes for 12 Year Old Daughter

If you consider your daughter special, you should show it to her on her birthday by going all out in making the day interesting and fun-filled for her.

There are various ways you can use to make your daughter who is clocking 12 feel good on her birthday and she will surely appreciate the extra effort you made on such an occasion.

As the best mom or dad that she knows you to be, sending your daughter sweet and best wishes will go a long way to creating the right atmosphere around your sweet daughter and creating a lasting birthday memory as she clocks 12 on her big day.

The list below contains happy birthday wishes for 12 year old daughter that you can use to make your daughter feel on top of the world on her birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday wishes for Daughter

Happy 12th birthday, my dear daughter. I know you had quite a rough year but you fought and pulled through and that is something that should be celebrated. I wish you a lifetime of good health and happiness.

1. It’s your birthday today and I am very happy to be celebrating it with you. I wish you love and long-life dear

2. A daughter as cute as you will make any parent proud. Happy birthday my love.

3. It’s a new journey for you my dear and I will be here to make every new day of your new year as wonderful as the last.

4. I sincerely believe a great future awaits you. Happy birthday to you baby girl!

5. Eat, drink, cheer up and be merry because it is your birthday! You have been a very wonderful daughter and I pray you excel in all you do

6. Happy birthday to my sweet angel, you are not just a year older today but also a yeat prettier. Enjoy today my little cutie!

7. I wish you all the goodies and fanfare that comes with a birthday celebration. Happy birthday!

8. 12 beautiful years and 12 wonderful years; cheers to 12 years of love and laughter sweet

9. You are going to have a super day today because you are special and you deserve only the best. Cheers honey

10. Happy birthday to my adorable daughter. Big kisses to you darling

11. Move your world and make impacts are my wishes for you. Happy birthday to you princess

Birthday Wishes for Daughter 12 Year Old

My daughter is 12 years old and I am proud of the adorable and sweet girl she has turned out to be. I definitely raised you right because you are so well behaved and kind. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a truckload of success in life.

12. I want you to know that you’re cherished and well-loved in every way. Happy birthday dear daughter. I wish you all the best of life.

13. Someone as beautiful and kind as you deserve only the best and I pray life keeps giving you the best of everything.

14. I love you with all my heart and that is why I am sending you a lot of love and warmth on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

15. May every element of nature bring you promises of a brighter tomorrow. Happy birthday to you! Long-life and prosperity.

16. You are blessed with many talents and gifts and I am going to help you harness them properly. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

17. You are going to celebrate today with your friends and classmates and it is going to be a blast. Happy birthday, baby girl.

18. A beautiful soul like you is a blessing to our family and we celebrate you today dear daughter. Happy birthday!

19. A new year; a better you, a smarter you and a lovelier you. Happy birthday, my daughter.

20. We are going to play your favourite games and eat your favourite flavour of cake; it’s the least you deserve. Happy birthday.

21. You did say you are growing too big for kisses so, I am going to give you pecks instead today. Happy birthday, my love.

22. I know you have lots of crazy wishes so, I am going to pray that only the reasonable ones come to pass. Cheers dearie.

Birthday Wishes for 12 Years Old Girl

My little girl is 12 years old already. Happy birthday baby, my wishes for you includes getting some of those things you have been asking your dad and me for. It appears you might be getting it very soon, cheers darling.

23. I wish you success and progress today and every day of your life. Happy 12th birthday to you baby girl.

24. I pray for knowledge, wisdom and understanding to navigate the world for you on this special day. Happy birthday to you!

25. Your presence is a blessing to every one of us most especially me. Happy birthday my little superhero.

26. I love you, we all do. Happy birthday to you, I and your younger ones are really excited for you.

27. Being part of the family has brought immense happiness to us and we will always celebrate your birthdays.

28. As grow older, may you grow smarter, lovelier, funnier and happier. Happy birthday to you

29. Seeing you celebrate another birthday is a privilege, and am happy to be celebrating you today again. I wish you all the life’s best.

30. My wishes for you on your birthday are that you prosper and excel in all you do. Happy birthday, my dear!

31. May your party today be the best you have ever had. May it be filled with fun and excitement. Happy birthday to you honey.

32. You have managed to stand out as a calm, focused and Intelligent girl amidst a lot of other girls out there and I am proud of you. Happy birthday.

33. You are gradually moving into those teenage years and it’s a little scary. Happy birthday to you my dear, If only you can be my baby forever

34. You have the rest of your life to be serious. Enjoy this moment first, happy birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday to My Daughter Messages

Happy 12th birthday to my beautiful daughter. Outward look is one out of the many things we have in common and it is sweet to see you look just like me. I hope your dad doesn’t get jealous when you read this message out loud.

35. It is another special birthday for you my dearie and I am very pleased with the progress you are making as you keep growing up. Happy birthday

36. You bring me joy and happiness in every way and I pray you continue to be a source of joy. Happy birthday to you!

37. I want you to know that I am truly blessed to have you in my life and there is no day I am not grateful to God for you.

38. Happy birthday dearest daughter, I wish you all the sweet things of life.

39. May the goodness of God stay and guide your path as you keep growing up my darling daughter, happy birthday to you

40. I am praying that all you do succeed and prosper so you can keep giving your best to life. Happy birthday

41. You are growing bigger physically and growing smarter too and it’s beautiful to see. Happy birthday my baby girl

42. You are a darling little girl and I am always proud of you. Happy birthday my lovely daughter

43. My beautiful daughter is a year older today, continue to shine like the star that you are. Happy birthday

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 12

It is amazing you are turning 12 today. You have been a really good daughter and friend to me and I just had to attach this message to your gift to wish you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday my darling.

44. As you cross into another phase of growth in life, may you grow to become more useful and impactful. Happy birthday my daughter.

45. I am celebrating your birthday today and already cannot for next year’s celebration. Happy birthday dearie

46. I have got great plans for you honey and they will blow you out of your mind. Happy birthday

47. I am going to celebrate your birthday in a grand way today because you deserve to be celebrated. Happy birthday sweet

48. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I will always treat you like the angel that you are to me. Happy birthday!

49. I am really enjoying having a child in the house and wish you wouldn’t grow so fast. , Happy birthday, darling, you are precious to me.

50. I want to let you know that your birthday is a special time in our family t as special as you are to me. Happy birthday, my darling daughter!

51. It’s always nice to gather to celebrate your birthday. I wish you all the life’s best dear daughter. Happy birthday!

52. Get on your dancing shoes because it’s your birthday again. May you always have cause to celebrate. Happy birthday to you!

53. We are going to gather to celebrate you today and it is going to be a fun and interesting time

54. I am more than glad about today and can’t wait to shower you with gifts. Happy birthday

Birthday Wishes for A Twelve-Year-Old Daughter

Having a twelve-year-old daughter is something I am proud of. I was a little scared when I had you because I wasn’t sure of being able to take good care of you but here we are, 12 years later. Happy birthday, sweetie, I wish you the best in life.

55. You are doing well as a 12-year-old daughter and it warms my heart. Happy birthday, my love.

56. I wish you the best of birthdays as you clock 12. Happy birthday, dear. May you grow in wisdom and greatness.

58. Keep being my adorable little girl darling. I wish you a happy birthday.

59. May your heart be merry and melodious as you are a year older today. Happy birthday to you!

60. You are an amazing and wonderful girl and my heart is full of appreciation to God that you are my daughter. Happy birthday, cutie!

61. Words are not enough to describe how wonderful you are but I hope you get to feel it today by the love and gifts you will receive. Happy birthday

62. You are an important part of the family and we all love and wish you a happy birthday.

63. We are going to light the candles and watch you blow it out. Happy birthday dear daughter, it is going to be a merry day.

64. Happy 12 years old birthday to my dear daughter. The last 12 years with you have been awesome and I have enjoyed every single day of it

65. I can’t imagine how miserable my life would have been if you hadn’t become a part of it 12 years ago. Happy birthday.

Twelveth Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My wishes for you, darling daughter on your twelveth birthday is a journey through life devoid of hurdles, stress and illness and filled with happy and good times. Happy wonderful birthday to you, may the rest of your life be good.

66. May today be the beginning of new hopes and dreams in your life. Happy birthday to you. Long-life and prosperity!

67. I am giving you lots of hugs and kisses today and I hope you do not get to any point in life where you get too big for my hugs. Happy birthday.

68. I am wishing you warmth today and the rest of your life. Happy birthday my little girl.

69. I am sending you wishes on your birthday to remind you of how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, my daughter!

70. On this special day, I pray you will continue to grow in all areas of your life. Happy birthday, to you daughter.

71. It’s another milestone in your life’s journey, you are getting lovelier and bigger with each passing year and it’s good to see. Happy birthday to you!

72. I am happy God blessed my journey in life with you as a gift, happy birthday my darling daughter!

73. I am happy to celebrate another year of your birth and I believe we will celebrate more together. Happy birthday.

74. We have been through so much but here we are today celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday, daughter.

75. You will be a teenager soon and it’s going to be an exciting time. So enjoy the last stages of your childhood. Happy birthday.

76. Happy birthday darling, I hope you are ready to unpack your gifts cause there is a lot of them. Happy birthday.

Happy 12th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Children are little angels and they mostly bring joy to their families. Happy 12th birthday dear daughter, you have brought immense joy into my life and I am writing you a beautiful quote to wish you a wonderful existence on earth.

77. I found fulfilment and happiness in having you as mine. Have a wonderful birthday my daughter.

78. Birthday comes once in a year but celebrating you comes every day for me. Happy birthday to you!

79. To the most beautiful and smartest person, I have ever seen growing up, happy birthday to you dear daughter.

80. For all the joy and happiness you bring, you deserve to have the world today. Happy birthday to you, my daughter. I wish you all the goodness of life.

81. May each passing day of your life brim with joy and peace, happy birthday. I celebrate your uniqueness.

82. I am indebted to God for giving you to me as a gift, you’re such a blessing and wonder. Happy birthday to you!

83. Happy birthday my sweetheart, you are definitely going to do great things.

84. My favourite person in the world is a year older today. Happy birthday to you my love.

85. Nothing can or will ever make us stop celebrating you. You are a special little girl and we love you with all our hearts.

86. Watching you grow has into this incredible little girl that you are now has been interesting. Happy birthday my little girl.

87. Happy birthday to our little miss sunshine. You were the fun and laughter we needed and I love you.

88. 12 years of a good and happy life. Happy 12th birthday my love.

Birthday Quotes for 12-Year-Old Daughter

Writing birthday quotes for you isn’t quite easy because you have a lot of good qualities that I wouldn’t know which one to talk about and compliment you on. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter. How does it feel to be 12 years old?

89. I Just want to use this moment to let you know how special you are. Happy birthday to you. Have fun to the fullest!

90. Cheers to better and better years ahead dear. I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration.

91. Keep shining brighter and brighter my love, you are a star and the world need you. Happy birthday.

92. Happy birthday to my lovely angel. You are a big girl already.

93. Today, tomorrow and the day after, I would still be celebrating your birthday. Happy birthday my adorable daughter.

94. Happy birthday to the girl that has totally stolen our hearts. I hope you keep them forever.

95. You ain’t too big for balloons and glitter, no one ever gets too big for that. Happy birthday, my baby girl.

96. I wish I could get you the biggest cake possible to show you how big a space you occupy in my heart. Happy birthday, baby.

97. You have done so much for me and your presence in my life has blessed me tremendously. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter.

98. May all your heart wishes desires come true. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and prosperity.

99. You deserve a special treat on this special day which is your birthday. Happy birthday, baby, I’ve put a lot together in making today perfect for you.

100. You are destined for greatness and you will achieve great things. Happy birthday to a wonderful little kid. I love you.

Your daughter might forget about the food she ate on her birthday and might grow up to discard the toys she gets but she can never forget how your words made her feel special. That is why you need to send her the cute happy birthday wishes for 12-year-old daughter above.

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