Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

Family can be everything. Family is love, laughter, fun, sharing, caring, and everything fun that you can think of. Having a baby girl in the family can make us admire beauty in a little being. So innocent, sweet and adorable soul to be with. You will get to see the best of your little girl’s excitement when it is her special day like her birthday. Beyond buying her gifts, sending her some sweet and lovely words will go a long way to show her love and care on her big day.

Strengthen your 4-year-old daughter and let her know how much you cherish her specially as her parent on her birthday. Give her reasons to always trust you and she would be the girl that’s free and open with you. And if you wonder how you can easily achieve all of these with her. Don’t worry too much. Below, are lists of happy 4th birthday wishes for baby girl that will help convey your heartfelt wishes for her.

These messages are also awesome for you to wish that 4-year-old baby girl around you a happy birthday even if she is not your biological daughter.

Princess 4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

My Princess is 4 today! I wish you all-round favour as you grow. You will be a daughter that would always bring goodwill and pleasant manifestation to the family. I wish you all the best as you celebrate.

1. My beautiful Princess, cheers to an awesome 4 years of happiness and love with you. I wish you all-around happiness and joy in your soul. Happy birthday, my cutie!

2. It’s natural to love one’s daughter, but it’s divine to know that your daughter cherishes you also. I pray that your 4th birthday will usher us into new hopes as a family. Happy birthday, daughter.

3. Your laugh is lifting and your screams and tantrums, I wish we could avoid that, but that’s what makes you special. I love the lovely woman in you.

4. Birthday blessings Princess. I wish you a life that speaks grace and peace to others. You are blessed and favoured before men and God. It’s a beautiful celebration and I celebrate you, dear.

5. Just like yesterday, I remember how little and fragile you were. I held you tightly in my arms and you are just so beautiful. I look at you today and see a strong woman in the making. Your strength will never go out. Enjoy your birthday, Princess.

6. Sweet little baby of the house, I wish you many happy returns. More candies and many more wins to you. Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.

7. Exceedingly and abundantly above all we, your parents can ask or think, that’s what we pray that God will provide for you and make a way for you today. Know that you are loved always. Happy birthday.

8. It’s your big 4! A new age that you will never celebrate again, but the memories will remain vivid. I want you to always look back at this day and be sure that I and your dad love you always.

9. Happy birthday to my world beauty queen. You make motherhood interesting and it’s beautiful to see my baby becoming a well-groomed lady. You won’t lose your relevance, dear.

10. To my lovely Princess, I bless the day that you were born and I wish you heavens best in all you do. Angels will keep guard over you and your path shines with brightness.

Birthday Messages for Daughter Turning 4

Happy birthday, daughter! I have seen God changed our story because of you. You brought testimonies into our lives as a family. I pray that as you’re turning 4, all things will work together for good and you will live long.

11. As you turn 4 today, blessings on your path, favour rest on you and open heavens upon you. I celebrate grace in you.

12. A beautiful soul is celebrating her 4th birthday today. She is my daughter and I’m so proud to call her mine. I wish you all around help.

13. Your life is preserved by God and it will bring blessings, praises and regrets will be far from you. Everything prospers with you and in you.

14. Today, I join the whole World and Angels to wish you a happy 4th birthday. I pray that your day will be fulfilling and your years would bring blessings and favour to the family.

15. What we struggled with as your parents, I pray that it will come to you with ease and all that we need to take care of you will come speedily. Happy birthday.

16. Baby girl, people will look at you to favour you. They will remember you for good. Opportunities will come to you and you will never suffer.

17. Your life inspires me and every day, I love your intelligence and emotional maturity in all situations. Thank you for teaching us what it means to be strong. Your intelligence and strength will never wear out. Welcome to your 4th birthday.

18. Sweetheart, your big 4th birthday is upon us! Let’s go get some fun, but before that, I wish you years of happiness and love from all sides. Happy birthday, baby girl!

19. Every prayer said for you today will come true and every wish come true for you. Your birthday will be filled with pleasant memories and you will live long to rejoice over every memory shared today.

20. You will get to the zenith and every obstacle on your path is removed. Prosper and enjoy God’s unlimited grace in life. Happy birthday, Princess.

Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Baby Girl

Baby girl, I wish you all-around miracles. You are destined for greatness and you won’t miss it in life. As you celebrate your 4 year birthday, you will experience sweetness in life and your future is blessed to be a blessing.

21. You might not understand what life entails yet, but I pray that God will give you the strength to keep moving forward in life. Your love will always be in my heart.

22. Your little increase to many and your joy will never be taken away. Your beauty will last forever and you will be a glorious wonder to all. Baby girl, welcome to your new beginning.

23. Happy 4th birthday baby girl! What you aim for will be given to you with ease and you will gain clarity on your path. Prosper, dear one.

24. This is a wonderful transition for you and I wish you a beautiful birthday that will turn things around for the best. You have seen amazing things, you will see more at all times.

25. Despite your tantrums, you are a good girl and you know how to light up the atmosphere. May you grow up to be a good woman with a beautiful heart always.

26. Do you know you are sweet? Not like sugar, not like honey, not like ice cream, but like the lovely, beautiful girl you are.

27. We are grateful for your love and how you make us proud parents. Keep the flag raised high and let your mind be filled with love because we will shower you with much love every day. Happy birthday to our baby girl.

28. To the joy of my heart, God will give you good health and prosper you in the right things that you do. Favour rest on you today and every day of your life.

29. Another new chapter is upon us and we promise that each page would be filled with love and care from us your parents. We wish you a happy birthday.

30. My baby girl, I have been trying to put the right words together to celebrate you. You know I love you always? Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 4 Years Old Daughter

I’m wishing you heaven’s best and open doors on your birthday and as you grow. Your life is blessed and you are lifted. You are my daughter and my pride, favourable things will not cease from your life. Happy 4-year-old birthday, daughter.

31. We usher you into your big 4! Your words are blessed to bless others around you. We refuse every weariness in your life. It won’t stand against you. Happy 4th birthday dearest daughter.

32. I know you will make us proud and I look forward to your successful achievements even from your young age. Everything is possible to you, dear.

33. Happy birthday to the strongest baby girl I have ever known. Your intelligence is superb and I pray that your desire will become a testimony for you and us your parents.

34. Whatever you lay your hands on for goodwill prosper and good things will come to you. Enjoy open doors and ease as you grow even until old age.

35. The light of God in you will not go out. Keep walking with God and He will see you through. Your days are marked for excellence. Happy birthday, daughter.

36. Always trust in God to direct your steps and make a way for you. I’m grateful that God has positioned you for greatness and mercy will lead you to your prepared blessings.

37. You will excel and anyone that wants to stop you from excelling, I pray your path will never cross with them. You are made for the top. Always remember that.

38. My little, champion! Happy 4th birthday to the baby girl who opened my womb. It’s just so cute knowing you are mine forever. God bless the day I gave birth to you.

39. You have been made the head, may you never experience a situation that would set you back. Keep winning at the top. You have all the glory in you.

40. I wish you love from above and may you continue to triumph over every distraction that may ever come your way. Happy birthday.

Happy 4th Birthday Daughter Quotes

As you celebrate your 4th birthday daughter, you will grow in wisdom and understanding. Enjoy your day and step into a fresh start for the wonderful future ahead of you. I cherish you forever and you will always be my delight. Have a happy birthday.

41. Always remember that you are a stranger to every challenge that will ever raise its ugly head. You have been blessed from above and your blessings will never run out. Happy birthday, daughter.

42. Happy 4th birthday, daughter. You have united the family and gave us a strong bond that keeps us together. I celebrate the woman in you.

43. Baby girl, you are my inspiration to do all I can to make the family happy. Thank you for pushing me to do more even when you don’t know you’re doing so. May you always find inspiration to live right in life.

44. Grow in wisdom and the grace of God see you through. Your tomorrow would be greater every day and you won’t regret being born this day. Happy birthday, daughter.

45. Our daughters are gems that should ever be treasured in a special way. I’m glad to have a gem in you, daughter and I’ll treasure you in the most sacred place of my heart every day. Happy 4th birthday.

46. You get better every day, dear. I pray against backwardness in your life and I pray that your existence will bring more hope and joy to the family. I love you, dear.

47. See who is 4! My lovely daughter is celebrating today and you can connect the dots for my joy. I wish her lots of love and spectacular gifts that will make her happy and give her pleasant memories.

48. Coming into this world and this family you found yourself in is not a mistake. You are God sent to teach us how to be responsible parents and responsible people out there. I pray your life will speak of beautiful blessings to everyone.

49. A delight to all, I love how you smile and shout to call out for attention. It is fun seeing how you have given us lessons on parenting with ease. These 4years have been spectacular and cheer to many years ahead.

50. Daughters are the beauty of every home. Thank you for adding beauty to our home. We wish you a happy birthday! You are highly favoured among all.

Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Old Daughter from Mother

Mummy’s pride and joy, just like yesterday, you are now a big girl and 4 year old really looks good on you, daughter. I wish you long life and peace. You will overcome every challenge on your path to greatness and mercy will lead you in all your ways.

51. I’m proud to call you daughter and I know you feel the same way towards me too. I pray to be a good mother to you and your best friend at all times. Happy 4th birthday, dear.

52. You are blessed to be a blessing and darkness gives way for you. You will progress and have good success. I love you now and forever.

53. Nothing spoils in your hands and every mistake will give room to new beginnings and better alternatives for you. Your years are blessed.

54. Happy 4th birthday to my lovely daughter. I see God’s grace in you and I wish you glory and honour all around. You have all-around testimonies.

55. I wish you many letters of congratulations as you grow. Good news is yours at all times and you will have a great beautiful future. You are loved, dear.

56. I pray that your growth won’t be delayed and every evil ahead, I erase right now. You will enjoy the joy of a mother in me and I will see the joy in you at all times. Happy birthday.

57. Happy 4th birthday, daughter. Cheers to your new beginning and I pray that lines fall to you in pleasant places every day of your life.

58. My angel, you are looking beautiful every day and it is amazing how you have grown from the baby I always hold in my hand to a 4-year-old girl. I pray your growth process will come with ease.

59. Oh the joy of having you in my life, dear. I pray that your desire will come through and everything you put your hands on will prosper. Happy 4th birthday, dear.

60. My sweet little daughter, I always look back at the first day I carried you in my arms. You are so precious and watching you grow every day brings me joy. Our joy will last forever.

Birthday Wishes for 4 Year Old Daughter from Father

I promise you to be a different father that will always be there for my daughter. You are precious to me and to the family. I wish you a happy birthday. You will find hope in life and as you mark 4 years old today, it will be an open door to greatness for you.

61. You have thought me what it means to be a father. I love you forever and I promise to be there for you at all times and in all circumstances. You are lifted and filled with goodness.

62. Negative energy will be far from you and every evil plan against you are destroyed. Your days are glorious and your years are outstanding. I wish you all the best, daughter.

63. Sweet, darling daughter. I’m a proud father because of you. You will never know shame and I wish you success in all your ways. Now make a wish and watch it come through. Happy birthday, from your lovely father.

64. Dear daughter, being your father is a beautiful feeling I always value. I have you in a special place in my heart and I love you forever. Happy birthday, dear.

65. I and your mum welcome you to your 4th year birthday, baby girl. You will see good things and experience pleasant surprises all your days.

Happy 4th Birthday Princess Quotes

My lovely princess is 4 today! I wish you a happy birthday. Beautiful things will always come for you and you will never lack anything good. Your path drops with fatness and you are lifted always. Welcome to a new beginning of joy all around. Happy birthday.

66. When the party is over, we will celebrate again because you deserve all the love we can offer. You are blessed, Princess. Happy 4th birthday.

67. My sweet little Princess, you are growing up so fast and it is beautiful. We love you and everyone in the family loves you too. We wish you a happy 4th birthday celebration.

68. Every stress ahead of you is lifted and sorrow would be far from you every day. I’m wishing you a wonderful birthday. Welcome to a new season of grace as you grow.

69. Keep glowing, baby girl. You are lifted up and from now on, people see God’s glorious light in you. Your life will be a testament by God’s grace. Happy birthday, princess.

70. There is a way God blesses us and change our story. I pray that you will experience such blessings and more. Your 4th birthday is blessed and your years are glorious.

71. Happy 4th birthday, Princess. Life is filled with pleasant surprises and I wish you all the pleasantries in it. I pray you grow old and be a blessing beyond your imagination.

72. Smile because it’s your day and it’s going to be fun. Enjoy your gifts and dance to the beats. You have the day to yourself, princess.

73. Whenever you feel down, just call on me and I promise you I’ll be there for you at all times. Never feel too grown up to speak with me for you will always be our baby girl. We, your parents wish you a happy birthday.

74. Cheers to another new year! Welcome to your 4th year on earth, baby girl. You have made family a place of sunshine and happiness Your life will never lack grace.

75. The sweet Princess of our dynasty! Happy 4th birthday, dear. Your heart is filled with love and the world would celebrate your uniqueness. You will do well.

4th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Parents

Happy 4th birthday to you, daughter. We, your parents pray for you. We value your presence in our lives. Everything you lay your hands on shall prosper and you will receive blessings upon blessings. God’s love shines on you always. We love you, dear.

76. Love always win and you have won our hearts every day. We wish you peace of mind and may you always find favour with men and with God. Happy 4th birthday to our, daughter.

77. You have always been our pride and joy. We will always have reasons to be proud of you and we wish you a delightful 4th birthday. Happy birthday!

78. You are our precious jewel and we pray that nothing will steal you away from us. We ask that you won’t die young and the number of your days you will fulfil. Keep making us happy, dear. Happy birthday.

79. Your destiny will not be wasted and your hopes won’t be dashed. You will live to testify to God’s goodness in the land of the living. We love and celebrate you, daughter.

80. We bless God for this day of your birth. We wish you God’s grace to protect you, guide you and lead you on the right path to success. Happy birthday.

81. You are beautiful and so is your heart and your smile. On your 4th birthday, we wish you abundant life and provisions for all you would need to grow in life.

82. I want you to know that you are not too young to achieve anything you put your heart to. We promise to support you at all times and we wish you wisdom to decide rightly at all times. It’s your birthday, dear. Let’s celebrate.

83. We, your parents wish you a wonderful 4th birthday. You deserve all the love and gifts showered on you today and we hope you receive more. You are going places, dear daughter. Happy birthday.

Birthday Prayers for My Four Years Old Daughter

Happy birthday beautiful daughter! I wish you peace and joy. May you daily enjoy love from us your parents and everyone on your path. Greater every day, dear. I bless the day you were born and I pray you will celebrate more years above four.

84. I pray that God will shine His face on you. Shower His blessings on you and make a way when it seems there’s no way. God will see you through, daughter.

85. The joy of every mother is to celebrate her daughter every day and at each success story. I pray for you that your experience in life will always lead to success stories and I reject every negative experience for you. Happy 4th birthday, my baby girl.

86. I love to see you happy and I pray that God will give me and your mum the grace to make you happy at all times. God will give you speed in life and you won’t be stranded.

87. Dear daughter, we won’t have any reason to mourn over you. I pray we would always have enough reasons to celebrate with you and share in your joy. Wishing you a beautiful birthday.

88. Happy 4th birthday to my daughter. I pray for you this day, you will be rewarded with God’s blessings in all you do and you will be my pride and your dad’s delight forever.

89. You are four years old today, I pray that God will add multiple blessings to your life. Your heart is filled with possibilities, I pray that God will give you the grace to fulfil all your plans and dreams in life.

Happy Birthday Messages for My 4 Year Old Daughter

Daughter, you are my precious blessing. I hope this message meets you well. I pray for you as you celebrate your 4th year on earth, you will be an eternal excellency and a joy of many generations. People will glorify God in you at all times and anywhere you go, you are highly favoured. Happy birthday!

90. You are such a darling and knowing you are a gift from the Lord makes it all interesting. God bless your heart and your hands are blessed to do exploits. Happy birthday to my precious 4 year old daughter.

91. My darling daughter is 4! Cheers to the birthday Queen! Your day is blessed. Your beginning is great and your latter days greatly increase. Love from dad and mum.

92. Blessings upon blessings, my daughter. I’m wishing you a Happy birthday with love from my heart to yours. I hope you laugh, dance and have fun today.

93. Everything you touch prospers and you will know no sorrow. My daughter, I pray that heaven will shine its goodness on you and mercy will follow you and lead you to the right path at all times. Happy birthday!

94. I’m wishing you all the best in life. Long life and peace. Fulfilling days and open doors wherever you turn to. Have a fantastic 4year old birthday celebration, dear.

95. Who is 4 today? No one but my sweet daughter. You are adorable. We love you and seeing you fulfil your dreams is a blessing. I pray for God’s mercy in your life as you grow. Happy birthday, Princess.

Happy Fourth Birthday to My Daughter

I welcome my daughter to her fourth birthday! You are God’s desire for me and I wish you sunshine in all your ways. Heaven smiles on you and your life will be a testimony of goodness. You are treasured now and forever. Happy fourth birthday!

96. I officially welcome you to your 4th birthday, baby girl. I know you will begin to pose as an adult in the home, but hey girl, one step at a time. I love your heart and I pray God’s blessings rest on you.

97. You make having a daughter fun. I love how you smile when I lift you up. You are favoured to do exploits all the days of your life. Grow in wisdom, dear.

98. Happy birthday to my pretty girl. Your fourth birthday won’t be your last and you will live to celebrate more birthdays in health, wisdom, love and more fun.

99. You are the sweetest person in the World after your mum. I value you and I’m grateful for the gift of you in my life. I love you, sweet baby.

100. Everything you desire will be made available for you. It won’t come with stress and every height you ever dream and hope to achieve, you will get there and do more. Happy 4th birthday, baby girl.

I hope you were able to find one or more wishes from the happy 4th birthday wishes for baby girl that I’ve put together for you. I believe your daughter will be filled with excitement and it will be a memory that she can never forget.

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