Drinking Party Quotes

Drinking Party Quotes

A drinking party is a gathering of people where alcoholic drinks are served in quantity. Such a function is also known as an alcoholic party, cocktail party or barbeque. A drinking party is a great way to celebrate a major life event: a successful project, having a baby, or even getting into a top school!

Even though these parties have become a regular feature of our day-to-day lives, a drinking party is actually required to have the fiesta-like occasion to be special and extraordinary.

It is more of a medium to increase bonding at parties and other similar occasions. Here I have some of the best drinking party quotes of all times.

Drinking Party Quotes

Drinking parties are a way of saying, ‘Hey, I’m just as flawed and imperfect as the rest of you, and I’d like to be able to get together and share our flaws with each other”. The best part of a party is the drinking.

1. Good times and good drinks can only happen at a drinking party that was planned for you.

2. Drinking party is made of friends and laughter. A drink is made of memories and cheers.

3. May the drinks be good, may the music be loud, and may you remember how much fun it was to attend a drinking party.

4. Cheers to a good drinking party, where the drinks are flowing, and you can forget about your problems.

5. Let’s get together, have a drink and have fun. The best way to get rid of stress is a good drinking party.

6. The best way to enjoy a drinking party is by grabbing a drink and engaging in good company.

7. Drinking parties are the best. They’re also probably the most fun you’ll have in your life.

8. It’s time to embrace the Drinking Party. It’s going to be good.

9. The only thing better than a good party is a great drinking party with friends.

10. A drinking party is a perfect excuse to forget all your problems and start a new chapter of your life.

11. There’s nothing like throwing a drinking party and getting everyone together to share the laughs, songs, and stories.

12. Drinking party is where the people get together, there are no rules, and we don’t have to be “good.” So let’s drink up our sorrows and enjoy the time together!!

13. Drinking party is a good way to celebrate. Drinking together is better!

14. Drinking party is the best party. They are the ones you throw when nobody else is there.

15. Drinking parties are the ones where you don’t talk about work. They’re the ones where you just drink and have fun.

16. Drinking party is a great way to spend time and get involved with friends.

17. A drinking party is a great time to kick back and have a few drinks. Even if it’s just one.

18. The best parties are the ones where you don’t remember much about them. That’s the drinking party.

19. Sometimes, you just need to let loose and have a good time with your friends at a drinking party.

20. Drinking party never ends. It just goes on for a long time, and then it goes on again.

21. A great drinking party always starts with a bottle of wine.

22. Let us remember that life is nothing without a good drinking party.

23. Drinking party is the best party. It is the one in which everyone has a good time.

24. Raise your glass to good times with the best of friends. Enjoy a cold beer at a drinking party.

25. We all have those special moments when we need a little extra something to get through the day. Let’s celebrate that with a drinking party.

26. A drinking party is where everybody is having a good time and having a great time.

27. Drinking parties are always fun. Life is too short to drink bad beer. Drink good beer.

28. Let’s have a drinking party, have fun and drink, and do it right now.

29. It’s a drinking party when we drink together. It’s two parties: our own and the one where we meet people and share great times.

30. When you’re having a good time, and everyone else is, too, that’s when you know it’s a drinking party.

31. A drinking party is a lot of fun but doesn’t last forever. It’s always better to go out with people you like than people you don’t like.

32. Life is better when you’re at a drinking party. The best way to overcome a bad day is to party hard.

33. We’re at a drinking party with friends and sharing with you what we like to drink.

34. A drinking party is like a glass of wine. You never really know how much you’re going to enjoy it until you taste it.

35. You never really go out if you don’t drink. Let’s have a drinking party with all our best friends that are here.

36. A drinking party is a place where people are having an amazing time and don’t care that they are drinking wine coolers.

37. Drinking party is always so cool and fun-filled. The best part of a party is when the keg is tapped.

38. Cheers to the drinking party. Cheers to the people. Cheers to the drinks.

39. Drinking party is just like a perfect thing. Drinking to the memories of the ones we love and drinking to the memories that will always be there.

40. Drinking party makes you realize that when you’re having a good time, it’s easy to forget the world is ending.

41. Drinking parties are just not the same without a beer in your hand.

42. Drinking party is always the best. There’s no party like a party that doesn’t include alcohol.

43. What should you do when you’re at a good drinking party where everyone is drinking? Join them to drink and have fun.

44. Drinking party makes you relaxed, and it is always a great way to get over someone.

45. For when you need a laugh, a friend or just some people to drink with. Attend a drinking party.

46. A drinking party is only as good as the company you keep. Time to get wasted and have the time of your life. Get ready for a party of epic proportions.

47. Drinking party is like a party inside your head. It’s where the good times keep rolling.

48. When you’re at a drinking party, if you’re not drinking, then you’re not having fun.

49. The party never starts without a drink in hand. We’re not talking about a beer or wine. We’re talking about a drinking party.

50. The best way to have a drinking party is to invite friends. A friend doesn’t allow a friend to drive kind alone.

51. Drinking party is a great way to meet new friends and make memories but remember to ride safe.

52. There’s no such thing as a bad party. There are only excuses for not having one. Here’s to the drinking party that never ends.

53. Ah, drinking party. Always a fun event and sure to be filled with hilarious occurrences. Whether you’re wearing an embarrassing costume or doing an entire shot of liquor, the drinks always start out slow and build up to the point where you need help getting home and putting your pants on.

54. Let’s make this a night to remember with an epic drinking party. You don’t need a reason to celebrate.

55. It’s never too early to have a drinking party. The most important thing at a drinking party is to have fun and forget about everything that is bothering you.

56. A drinking party is no fun without good friends and a good drink to celebrate it all.

57. Either you’re drinking alone or with a friend. Either way, you’re in for a good time. Mixing the right drinks is key to a fun drinking party night.

58. The best part about drinking a lot at a party is waking up in the morning and realizing that you had a great time.

59. What happens at a drinking party stays at the drinking party.

60. Come and join us for a good time and a great selection of drinks at a drinking party.

61. When the night is young, and the world is brighter, grab a beverage and celebrate at a drinking party.

62. You don’t have to be a drinker to love a good drinking party.

63. Let’s get this party started. It’s not a party unless someone is getting wasted.

64. The best things in life aren’t things but people. A drinking party with your friends is one of those times.

65. There is nothing more pleasurable than sharing a drink with a good friend after work.

66. The best part about a drinking party is that it’s just like a regular party, except you get to drink.

67. Drinking party without good company is like shooting without a gun.

68. You get a certain feeling when you’re invited to a good drinking party.

69. A great drinking party goes better with a few drinks. Drink up; it’s a party.

70. We’re going to get drunk and have a good time at the party. So I’m wearing this shirt while drinking because I like it.

71. The best part of a drinking party is getting to wake up in the morning feeling like you’ve got a hangover.

72. Never take a drinking party seriously. Have fun, be muddy and always drink responsibly.

73. It feels like a drinking party when you’re in the middle of it.

74. It’s not a drinking party without a little wine. We’re always looking for a good time.

75. We’re all about having a good time, so grab your favourite drink and join us.

76. Drinking party is all about being social, having fun and most importantly, relaxing.

77. Let’s have a drinking party. The party is always better when you’re drinking with your friends.

78. You know you’re at a good drinking party when you’re so wasted you can’t tell what’s real and what’s not.

79. When the drinking party is over, and you need a little afterparty, drink well. Always a good time and always a good party.

80. A drinking party is only as good as the people in it. No matter where life takes you, you can always be sure to have a good time when you’re with your friends.

81. The best drinking party is the one you host. A good time is always better with a great group of friends. So come and join us at our next drinking party.

82. We should all be drinking with friends instead of alone.

83. You have to be the one to grab the first drink and make that first toast.

84. The greatest moments in life are spent with good friends and a bottle of wine at a drinking party.

85. Get together with your friends for a drinking party and make memories that last a lifetime.

86. There’s nothing like a good drinking party. Drinking parties are the only way to turn down a meaningful relationship.

87. Drinking parties are the best kind of party. Drinking is fun. Drinking with friends is even better. There are no rules and no limits in a party.

88. A great party is one where you are so full of booze that you don’t know what you’re saying. It’s drinking party time! Drink up.

89. A party without alcohol is like a kiss without a tongue. Drink up because it’s just a party in your stomach.

90. A great drinking party is a celebration of the human spirit. It’s about connecting, laughing, and enjoying life together.

91. When there’s a drinking party, be sure to drink water. It’s a long way from the corner to here, but it’s always worth the ride.

92. There’s nothing like a good drinking party. But getting there is half the fun.

93. Drinking party! We’ve got the best drinks, and we’re playing some great music. Get here, get ready and get down.

94. The most important thing about a drinking party is the people who are there.

95. When the time comes to throw your own drinking party, make sure to choose a liquor that’s made for drinking.

96. Your friends will love you if you throw a drinking party, and your enemies will love you even more if you keep at it.

97. It’s not about who’s the best drinker; it’s about who has the most fun at the drinking party.

98. If you’re going to have a party, have one that lasts all night and also a drinking party.

99. Let’s drink, laugh and dance. May this night be unforgettable. A drinking party is awesome.

100. Drinking parties are about the journey, not the destination. So just enjoy the ride.

In conclusion, the drinking party quotes carry a message of having an ultimate good time with the people you care about by imbibing some alcohol regularly. Kindly share this post.

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