Emotional Birthday Love Letters for My Boyfriend 1

Emotional Birthday Love Letters for My Boyfriend

Love letters still make the heart beat a little faster. They also make people smile a lot wider even in a generation that has lost touch with genuine emotions. You may be considered strange for deciding to write a written note to your boyfriend but, you will not let what the world will say deprive you of making your darling boyfriend happy.

Although the world may be shocked and the majority may not approve, your sweetheart is definitely going to be surprised and very thrilled to receive notes of good thoughts and wishes and appreciation on his birthday.

Of course, this can be done any day and time. But, special days like birthdays and other celebrations demand even more attention. Here is why you need to use these emotional birthday love letters for my boyfriend to make your boyfriend feel special and cared for on his big day.

Love Letters for Boyfriend on His Birthday

Hurray, your boyfriend is plus one today and you are in need of romantic love letters for boyfriend on his birthday you can send to him, to add style to the special day celebration.

1. Dear sunshine,

Your joy is still my priority just as it has always been since I got in touch with you. It is very easy to maintain this poise because of how well you have been able to prove yourself worthy of all my efforts and more. I look to you daily for inspiration and you never fail to give in double dose. I love you now and always and wish that you have a truly amazing birthday. Happy birthday to you, from the Heart that cares for you forever.

2. To my heart,

I thought I would let you know before telling the world that you mean so much to me. You have always been very special and your significance seems to increase with each passing day. I hope you are aware of my unfailing love for you and that you are as committed to loving me until aeons as I am. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

3. To the love of my life,
I have always believed that you are destined for greatness and going to have the best life only if you believe. You can! Believe that. You will! End of story. I hope you go through the next few years of your life with the consciousness of these facts. Happy birthday, sunshine.

4. Dearest,
I have been thinking about you and your birthday celebration for a while now and I have let the thoughts of what could have been robbing me of the beauty of what is. I feel like I just got pinched. Hence, the reason I am writing this letter. If I emptied my tank of thanks to the universe, it would still not be able to measure up to all the good things you have made come my way. I am so immensely grateful for your love. Happy birthday.

5. Love,
You are so much more than I have let you believe these past years. I have a very strange way of showing that I love you and want to be with you for the rest of my life but it does not mean that I do not obsess about our future together as a perfect companion. You are a huge part of my life I do not take for granted no matter what. Happy birthday lovely!

6. Darling,
You are not wrong to wish for the best things in life. In fact, that is all I ever want you to focus on having. The best! You deserve to enjoy life to the fullest starting from this birthday celebration. I hope you have a blast and wish you long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to the one I genuinely love.

7. Moonlight,
Just like light, you illuminate every part of me with just a flash of your smile and send sparks everywhere in my head whenever you laugh. You are capable of making my day beautiful, and I am glad that you have been doing that. As you celebrate another birthday this year, believe that the universe has good tidings in store for you and what you have been wishing for is coming to fruition very soon!

8. Love of my life,
You know how to make everything else around look like fluff with just the ambience of your presence. I cannot believe a year has passed since we met for the first time. It is so exciting that I get the joy of celebrating both your birthday and our one year anniversary today. Happy birthday, love.

9. Hey dear,
Your clear skin, genuine laughter and cute smile remind me that your arm is where I belong and that my happiness is very tied to yours. I am almost certain that no other person can make me feel the way you do. May this New Year you have just begun brings you more reasons to show off your cute smile and glow to grow. I love you.

10. Love,
You are not going to believe if I tell you the way you sway your hips still make me catch my breath and your elegance takes my breath away. I mean every single time you walk through the door towards me just makes my heart warm and expand with love. May this new year of yours bring you all the blessings you deserve and cause us to continue our love story even in a grand style.

11. Honey,
I hope at the bottom of this letter you would have realized the reason I have written this piece is to let you know that on your birthday, the thoughts of you have been the only thing consuming my mind. Happy birthday to the king.

12. King,
Nothing is going to change my love for you or make me decide you are no longer the one I see my future with. I am blinded by your love if being blinds what some people want to call that. Happy birthday,

13. Candlelight,
Just like the light of a candle gets us in the mood for love and romance, your smile gets me in the mood for joy. I can’t explain how it happens, all I know is it does. Happy birthday to my source of joy and happiness.

14. Dear,
With or without me, I am sure you will have the best day because you know how to celebrate yourself. It is one of the things I love about you. I am just really grateful that you won’t have to celebrate this birthday without me.

15. Love,
You are undoubtedly the owner of my fragile heart and you have been a loyal keeper of it. I am very grateful for this and hope the coming years help us love each other more. Happy Birthday, dearest.

16. Dearest.
I do not care at all about persona. I am chuffed with your person. It is all that matters. I actually think you are the most amazing person in the world. Happy birthday to you my dearest boyfriend.

17. Love,
You have thought me to hone my skills, linger and believe that the universe has so much in store for me I hope you take your own advice this year. Happy birthday, love.

18. Handsome,
I cannot promise you heaven and earth because I do not own it. I can, however, assure you of a birthday filled with laughter, joy and pure happiness. Happy birthday.

19. Beautiful one,
You are definitely the one I want to be cuddling and working out with in the next twenty years. You are mine forever, I hope I am as grounded in your heat as you are in mine. Happy birthday.

20. Honey,
My greatest wish has always been to make you the happiest person on earth and my prayers have always been the ability to do this. Nothing has changed love. Happy birthday.

21. Sugar,
You are heaven in motion, each time I get to watch you walk around the house, I see love everywhere and wonder how it is possible. Happy birthday to my magic.

22. Beloved
It may not be the best idea to convey my feeling and bear my heart this much to you. But, if what I feel will be used against me in future, I am so unafraid! Happy birthday, love.

23. My joy,
May your birthday be beautiful and full of gifts and good tidings because you deserve all the good you can get today and beyond. Happy birthday.

24. Dearest,
You are undoubtedly my favourite person in the whole world and I never get tired of saying that the mercy and goodness of God shall locate you. Happy birthday.

25. Sunshine,
You have made my life better and my days’ worth living. I wish you a really happy birthday that is void of personal and more of genuine happiness.

26. To my everything,
I can’t help but look forward to days where I spend mornings making breakfast with you and evenings falling asleep in your arms. I am glad you are getting older. Happy birthday.

27. My love,
More than I have ever imagined I could feel about someone, the feeling I have for you intensifies by the day and it does not look like it is fading anytime soon. Just a reminder! Happy birthday, love. I hope you have a blast!

28. My dearest,
I am so pleased to be around you again for this year’s birthday celebration. It is a very significant one. Happy silver jubilee love.

29. My dearest boyfriend,
No one comes close to taking your place in my heart, I hope you never forget this. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

30. Dearest,
You are loved now and always. I hope that you get the birthday celebration you have always desired and the joy that comes after. Happy birthday to you, love.

31. Sunshine,
You are actually destined for greatness.t this means that no matter the condition or circumstance, I am cocksure your breakthrough is happening, soon! Happy birthday to you.

32. Dear,
I hope that you have a birthday that is so good that you find it hard to forget the memories and its sheer remembrance brings joy to your face. Happy birthday, boyfriend.

33. With you as my anchor, life has become very easy to go through. I am grateful every day and today being your birthday Is another opportunity for me to show how much the things you do mean to me. Happy birthday to you, boyfriend.

34. My dear,

I do things better and create more under your gaze and with the presence of your smile. I hope it remains like that forever. Happy birthday to you, my darling and precious boyfriend.

35. My joy.
You are loved in the most intense and authentic way that even I can’t explain. Have a wonderful birthday celebration on this beautiful birthday of yours with that understanding and knowledge in mind.

36. It feels really good to be writing to you again this year like I have promised to do whenever you celebrate your birthday. I hope that the words I write stir joy in you. Happy birthday, love.

37. Dear,
You may never understand why I remind you daily of my love for you. I just really hope you believe the words are true and unchanging. Happy birthday.

38. I am fine knowing you will read this letter and smile. Not because I am amused at all but because smiling is one of the things that come naturally to you, happy birthday love.

39. I have had the privilege to celebrate so many birthdays with you and every single one has always managed to birth a genuine happy feeling in me. This one is no different. I am super excited about your birthday. I hope the day turns out great!

40. I wish you joy, peace, love and all the good things of life in double fold. A very happy birthday to the love of my life. May the new year be a bearer of great news for you and yours.

41. I have not been in touch like I would. It does not mean I stopped caring or that you no longer mean so much to me. Life has just been getting in the way lately. I hope it gets better. Happy birthday, love.

42. This is a reminder that you matter than any other thing or anyone else in my life. You are the centre of my world and I am so proud of the man you are becoming. Happy birthday.

43. You are the reason for so many good things I have been able to achieve almost effortlessly. For being a source of inspiration that has never wavered, I think you deserve to at least have the best birthday celebration. Happy birthday, dear.

44. More than my own words can convey, more than my thoughts can grasp, my love for you grows daily with fervour. Happy birthday, soul mate.

45. I have you by my side ide and worry flees! I see you in my plans and I am sure of a great life ahead. Happy birthday, sunshine.

46. I won’t deceive you. No one has ever made me this enthusiastic about a birthday and I do not think anyone else is capable of making me feel this way about something I have always regarded as inconsequential. Happy birthday, my king,

47. You are a whole king. You are worthy of all the celebration you get today and more. Happy birthday and never forget that I truly love you.

48. It is that time of the year again when I get to openly and joyfully celebrate the man of my dreams. I always look forward to this time and pray that it meets you in peace, happy birthday.

49. May the rest of this year be as happy and glorious as this day is for you. You do deserve to have all day all year look like today, happy birthday.

50. I do not take all the love for granted. I am so grateful that words can’t be enough to measure my gratitude for how far you have brought us. Happy birthday.

51. Every conversation I have with you is a journey to an epiphany. You are the deepest person I know. I am grateful every day for the gift of you. Happy birthday, love.

52. It is no longer news that you are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with and the one I see carrying my children. I just feel a need to reiterate on a day this special happy birthday.

53. The day is about you and your birthday. I will try hard not to make it about us and the beautiful kiss I have been thinking of giving you all day. Happy birthday, beloved.

54. We do not live together yet and I already know the smell of your cologne like I do mine. You are a part of me I can’t wait to officially be with you. Happy birthday.

55. May your birthday be full of wonderful moments capable of bringing out your best smile. Have a wonderful celebration!

56. You are gaining momentum this year and experiencing joy in the greatest form and dimension. Happy birthday to you, my dearest boyfriend.

57. Nothing I say is enough to express how much you make me feel or how sure I am of our future together, happy birthday love. You are certainly the best boyfriend in the universe!

58. I can never get tired of saying just how much you mean to me or showing you just how special you are. I love you boy. Happy birthday!

59. Life is worth living because I have you in it to make all things bright and beautiful. Happy birthday, darling. May the new year be kind to you beyond measure.

60. At least I know my passion for you will never go away and my love for you will never fade no matter the number of birthdays we get to celebrate together. Happy birthday, my love.

61. To me, you just look even more beautiful each passing day. That is contrary to popular opinion that people actually grow old. Happy birthday, dear.

62. If I had the power to do everything today, I would gladly make all your wishes come to fruition. Happy birthday, love.

63. If there is anything I am grateful for, it is the love we share and the fact that you saw it worthy to share your special day with me. Happy birthday, love,

64. I love you. I must have said it so much already and should probably be wary. But, I am not tired of loving you or reminding you of how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

65. You are just so sweet and you smell really nice. Who wouldn’t love to spend a whole day in your arms? Happy birthday, darling boyfriend. You continue to inspire!

66. May this birthday bring you all the joy that you so desire and set your heart on fire for things that actually matter. I wish you a beautiful birthday celebration, and of course, a great year ahead. Happy birthday, my sweetheart

67. Happy birthday to the one who is exceptionally unique and the one who owns the key to my heart. I love you, now, and forever.

68. You are a beautiful story that everyone needs to unravel and see. Iconic! I love you and wish you an amazing birthday. Have a blast and do not let anyone in the world pull you down!

69. All the things you do to make the universe a better place are seen. If not by anyone, by me. I appreciate you and wish that you garner more strength this birthday to do more exploits.

70. Congratulations on your birthday. Have a blast today and expect all day all year round to be as good as you have imagined in your wildest dreams. Have fun today, darling.

71. If my heart could be seen by mere eyes, you would see how much you mean to my soul and how well this celebration resonates with me. Happy birthday, love. You are a rock star!

72. All that you have dreamt about are coming to fulfilment, believing it and living your life like you expect it to happen anytime soon. Happy birthday, my king. You are such a source of joy to me.

73. I love how you make everything about you a priority. You are a daily inspiration that self-love is important. No wonder hatred is not in our relationship at all. Happy birthday, my dearest

74. I am so very proud of the boy you left behind and the man you are gradually becoming. Continue in that path and always remember to celebrate your successes. Happy birthday to you king!

75. I will probably keep saying this as long as we are together, you are to be loved and cherished forever and that is exactly what I plan to do all my life. Happy birthday, my love.

76. Birthdays come once a year, I hope you have a blast in this occasional event. Happy birthday, love. You are a rare gem and a gift to the world.

77. One thing you must know on your birthday before anything else is that I am truly, deeply in love with you. Happy birthday, my darling. Keep being a king.

78. No regrets, only reasons to be grateful for all the years God has been there for us individually and collectively. Happy birthday, love.

79. I am never ashamed to call you the love of my life or bear all my emotions to you. I won’t start now. Happy birthday to my world. I hope that the year is extremely kind to you.

80. I like you so much and wish that we continue to be friends even as you enter a whole different level from me, happy birthday King!

81. I am very sure that you have all that it takes to have the best birthday ever. But would still be stupid for me to sit back and watch or should I say listen. Happy birthday boyfriend

82. You are the one I want when things are right and the one I still want by my side when rights things got wrong. Happy birthday to you, my dearest boyfriend. Keep being yourself!

83. You are a natural help in times of trouble. Happy birthday to constant help in the face of a storm. My wish for you is that you have a beautiful year because you deserve that much.

84. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. In and out and all-around, you surpass expectations every time. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

85. I hope the day works together for your good and cause a smile to break forth from you. Happy birthday, my king! May the good year be kind to you.

86. You are living proof of my endless love. I do love you and wish you the best birthday celebration yet.

87. A very happy birthday to the gorgeous king and the only one for my heart. I hope that you enjoy your day and remember that I adore you.

88. This year has been a roller coaster, but one thing that didn’t change and hasn’t changed is my love for you. Happy birthday to you, dearest boyfriend.

89. Happy birthday celebration, love. May you continue in good health and wealth as the year goes by. Always remember that I adore and love you.

90. You are a reason for so many peoples’ greatness and I couldn’t be prouder. Happy birthday, dearest boyfriend. You are most precious to me.

91. You are my love and will not let anything terrible happen to you as long as it is in my power. Happy birthday, love and remember that I love you, always.

92. I will not fail to daily remind you of my love or you. It is going to be always there. Happy birthday celebration to the love of my life

93. God’s blessing will locate us and cause his face to shine in it. Happy birthday, sunshine. Have fun celebrating today and enjoy the rest of the year!

94. All the efforts you have put into the past few years are coming to fruition this year and beyond. Happy birthday, my dearer boyfriend.

95. I am of the opinion that you are the most beautiful man have ever seen and the most generous at heart. Happy birthday, superman.

96. It is a great thing to be alive and I am sure a ton of other people feel the same thing. I am so happy that you are one of them. Happy birthday, dear.

97. I want this birthday to be the best one in history. I pray that you receive the strength and might to do exploit. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

98. I love very tiny bits of you. Even your toes and your cute kissable lips too. Have a fantastic birthday celebration, my dearest boyfriend

99. I love you. I could shout it on the roof’s top for the world and not be ashamed. Happy birthday and thank you for teaching me the true meaning of life and love.

100. You’re one person in the whole world that I am sure loves me back as much as I love him. Happy birthday, my darling boyfriend. Have a blast!

You just got served on a gold plate! It’s good you embrace the emotional happy birthday love letters for your boyfriend one after the other and ensure it is well passed across to him.

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