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Expert Tips If You Need Some Motivation for Writing Essays

It’s not always easy to find the motivation to continue your work.  Students know a lot about the loss of inspiration when they write their essays. They are a great method of challenging your strengths and abilities. Students want to compose perfect pieces to receive high grades and recognition of their friends and teachers. Nevertheless, there is a continuous flood of essays and it gets harder to be interested in writing them all time long. Therefore, they require some encouragement. This article was written to provide you with the experts’ tips, which help to find motivation for writing essays.

Get Some Support

Oftentimes, students aren’t able to handle all their assignments equally well. Some percentage of the overall tasks are not fulfilled on time or according to the rules. Consequently, such folks require support from someone else.

Firstly, consider your teachers and professors. They are educated and experienced educators who know a lot about problems with motivation. They can give you a decent piece of advice to overcome your issue.

Secondly, consider your family and friends. These are your closest people who are able to provide you with the desired support. They may encourage every step you undertake and continue.

Many students seek professional essay writing assistance online. They hire skilled and certified freelancers who are competent with different pieces of writing in different academic disciplines. Thus, you may find someone to write your essay from scratch when you feel it’s impossible to accomplish on your own.

Be Aware of Your Problems

Jaime Buckley recommends understanding your problems as a good measure to keep your laziness at bay. He is the author of a famous series of books called Chronicles of a Hero. Moreover, he is a father of 12 kids and so, he rarely feels laziness. However, the author has achieved a huge productivity step by step. He developed his own effective system.

Firstly, you should constantly check yourself. Ask yourself whether you’re lazy. Is there anything you try to avoid doing? Are you bored? What causes your laziness?

Secondly, he advises setting long-term goals. When you have a clear vision of what awaits in the end, you stimulate your motivation to reach those goals. Make sure your goals are realistic or you’ll be disappointed.

Thirdly, Jaime insists on taking steps towards your goals. These efforts may not be even too big. He underlines the importance of their quality. Make sure your efforts are right and effective to achieve your goals.

Set Objectives

It’s of great importance to be aware of your objectives. You should take some time and create a list of all the tasks (academic and non-academic) you have to fulfill. When you’re aware of what exactly you ought to do, your headache is over. You aren’t wondering about what you’re supposed to undertake. Have your objectives in front of you and think about how to fulfill them effectively and quickly.

Stating your objectives, you activate the so-called S.M.A.R.T setting. This acronym stands for goals that are:

  • Sustainable,
  • Measurable,
  • Attainable,
  • Realistic,
  • Time-sensitive.

Control Your Time

Elna Cain is a famous freelance writer. She stands in great demand amongst businessmen and marketers because she is very resourceful and productive. She accomplishes her orders on time because she perfectly controls her time. The freelancer sticks to three vital stimulators of her motivation, which are:

  • Deadlines. She creates a realistic and flexible schedule each time she receives an order.
  • Outlines. Her planning includes all the common and possible steps that are required to compose a perfect paper.
  • Batching. The writer divides the whole work into small phases, which guarantee high motivation.

Accept Good and Bad

Jeff Goins recommends accepting both good and bad things about your writing and motivation. The author of the national bestseller, The Art of Work, tells you to admit your weak sides too because they are the part of your nature. We all get lazy from time to time. The author tells you to put aside your work if your laziness really overwhelms you. However, you should plan your time perfectly for such occasions. Thus, you’ll have enough time to have some rest and meet your deadlines.

Change Your Mindset

Mary Jaksch is mostly famous for her exceptional training for writers. The author recommends changing your mindset each time you lose motivation. As soon as you realize you’ve become lazy and procrastinate, admit it and begin to undertake small steps to overcome it.

Reward Yourself

Don’t forget to encourage yourself with some rewards. You should have an eye on your prize. This is closely related to the method of visualization. You can see the final destination and so, you activate your reserves to reach it. Self-rewarding is a very powerful tool. For example, you’re assigned a long and complex assignment like a dissertation or term paper. Such assignments consist of various sections. Set a reward for each stage. Every time to fulfill one section, you should reward yourself with something. Buy a dress, go on a short trip, simply lie watching your favorite movie, etc. Thus, your motivation will surely increase.

These were the opinions of real experts. These people are authors of different blogs or books. So, they know a lot about the art of writing, laziness, a loss of motivation, and how to regain it. Use their tips in a combination to increase your chances to withstand procrastination and low motivation.

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