2024 Best Text Messages to Make Him Fall in Love

Men have ego and once you’re able to massage that well, you will get just anything you want.

It is not a crime to fall in love neither is it to crush on someone. But going about it the right way gives you a result.

Do you have a boyfriend you want to keep forever or at least want him to stay for as long as you want? Do you want him to keep loving you the way he has always done?

Do you have a guy you’re crushing on and don’t know how to go about it?

With these messages to make him fall in love, you can have the right words to get him and keep him right where you want him to be.

Romantic Love Messages for Him to Make Him Fall in Love

You have a guy you’re crushing on and want to give you his heart in love, or you want your boyfriend or fiancé to continually fall on love with you? Use these sweet romantic love text messages for him to make him fall in love with you.

1. You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world. Glad to have you.

2. It is the special way you treat me that I can’t seem to let go. You’re a gentleman.

3. You are the only one who has ever pointed out my faults and with the right motive. Thank you, darling. Always.

4. I think you slipped into my consciousness this morning. How do you always do that?

5. Hey, have I told you how handsome you are. You beat my imagination.

6. You are the man I see every time I pick a romantic novel to read. The descriptions fit you perfectly.

7. I like the way you call my name lately. It just sounds the way I like it.

8. You are the kind of guy I’ve always dreamt about. So gorgeous and tight.

9. There is something about the way you smile curving those lips insides. It makes me jump in my heart.

10. Working out has done you perfectly. I feel like running into your arms and staying there forever.

11. Just thinking of your handsome face and wishing I could stroke them softly.

12. You know you have a way around ladies that makes them flinch. I love the way you do it. It is sexy.

13. I close my eyes every time and remember how your strong arms wound around me. Just amazing you know.

14. I don’t know how it sounds but you keep wowing me with your cuteness. I think you make a fine male.

15. I woke up today smiling at myself not knowing why. Could you have been the cause? Was our meeting yesterday a spark already? Anyway, I wanted to a say good morning,

16. You know you have a way of heating up an entire room of ladies with your aromatic scent. How do you do today?

17. You know I like the way we play and have fun together. It is usually worth it.

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18. If you want anyone to talk to, you know I’m always available. Let’s do this often.

19. I really don’t do well with teases but your teases tonight go me somewhere I’d love to be with you.

20. I’m just sitting here staring at my ceiling blankly; blinking and thinking about you.

21. I have watched you smile, eat drink and laugh and I must say that you are a charming prince.

22. Let’s just say I’m falling into you and falling hard. How was the exercise?

23. What happens when I want something more than what we are now; that I want more than just a friend.

24. I am attracted to you. I am attracted to your looks and the way you handle situations. Maybe I love you.

25. It’s like I stopped living the day you walked in. you hold the spells to my heart.

26. You have captured my heart, my soul, my body. That explains the butterflies every time I see you.

27. I feel like I just went back to my secondary school years. I can’t believe I’m crushing on you; something I haven’t done in ages.

28. I know you feel me, I know you want me and there is no denying to reality. I feel the same way too.

29. Maybe messages are better than words. I know how to say I’m falling for you right here right now. Excuse my shyness.

30. There is no crime in communicating your feelings aloud. It just makes you approachable. Should I say I’m falling for you.

31. What happens if I say I’m falling for you and don’t know what to do with it.

32. What really attracts me is your beards. You keep it so fine and sexy.

33. Hi, sexy, how are you today. I thought to check on the most handsome friend I have.

34. Can’t stop thinking about your huge chest and built muscles. God, they are so gorgeous and I’m falling all over again.

35. I think I want to say a big hallelujah for the day we met. You got me tripping again and again. Today we’re friends, I know tomorrow will be something worth it.

36. I like the way you look at me, the way you tease me and the way you tell me I’m beautiful.

37. The more you look at me I can’t stop at myself. You had better talk to me.

38. I want you more than I can imagine I can. Let’s hang out tonight.

39. Hello dear, how was your day? hope you weren’t stressed beyond measures.

40. Your eyes are beautiful, and the way they look at me is just sexy. Enjoy your daily.

41. Hi, I was really feeling awful the other day but you brightened my mood. How about I say some thank you. Have a beautiful evening.

42. Hey, how did your day go, mind hanging out tonight?

43. The meeting that went overboard took the better part of me for a moment. Thanks for bringing me around again. I appreciate the gesture. Meanwhile, have I told you how handsome you look?

44. Hi, do you mind if we hang out by the weekend? I think there is no better way of saying thank you for how you saved me. I’ll save the rest for your presence.

45. You are such a gentleman and I wish I can have you for a boyfriend. I just know you will treat me right.

46. Hey, where have you been all these years? Thank you for coming at the right time.

47. It is the way you wear your perfumes and body sprays that takes me overboard. My breath stops and I suddenly begin to breathe what you offer.

48. Your smiles I think are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I never knew guys smile too. Cheers.

49. You know I never told you how handsome you usually look each time you smiled. I want you to smile again the next time we see. You are cuter that way. Have a fun week.

50. Hello baby boy, you think might have a little stressless time hanging out tonight? I just feel bored and need a company. I’ll be glad if you reply. Cheers.

51. When you rely on me for strength, you get plenty of results. So start getting closer to me and let me take care of you.

52. When was the last time you had a good outing to flex that body of yours? Let’s hang out today and catch some fun.

53. Do you know I am attracted to you in ways I can’t describe? Well, yes, I am and there’s no hiding to it.

54. You remind me of a gentle lover who is good at what he does. I can imagine your roaming hands and I want it.

55. What is attraction? It is simply an innate feeling one has towards another. We both do and it is about time we explored.

56. What is your best colour? Okay, black I know coz it fits your fine skin and you rock it well with your huge muscles.

57. A chested and muscle filled man is what and who I love. You have everything so I can’t help falling.

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58. Do you mind coming over to my place? I need some help with packing things. And perhaps who knows, we could get down.

59. How my sleep has been so peaceful and full of life with you in my dreams. Make it a reality for me.

60. I want your body. I want your lips. I want you wowing me with your abs.

61. I need to know if you feel the way I do. Coz right here my body aches for you.

62. You know your pride is too much. Although it is not healthy I like it still. It makes me want you more.

63. You know have you make me laugh the hardest. How do you do it?

64. I’m just here brooding over you, how you make me laugh is one of a kind. It sends blushes of pink all over.

65. My meeting you and you meeting me was never unintentional. You are my definition of my crush and I want to fall again.

66. I don’t know how to play games but you thought to me. I can a whole lot when I hang out more often with you.

67. I love the way you smile. I love the way you laugh. I love the way you make me feel watching you giggle all the way.

68. Do you know what I love about you? It is the way you play when you play and the way you work when you mean business.

69. I would want a lunch with you if you would grant me the luxury. I want to be with you.

70. You make me feel like I am the only girl in the world. You treat me specially and I love it.

71. When would you want a meeting coz I’m so honouring it. Meanwhile, make sure you were those smiles and the black t-shirt that always steals my breath.

72. Why are you ever so gorgeous and cheerful. I want to see you angry and it will take more hangouts, more intimacy if you’re willing to take me on the ride.

73. It is the way you make me feel alive that attracts you to me. For one thing, I know you are a gentleman and will know how to rock a lady just fine.

74. How do you see a make-up outing? I know I made you angry and I’m sorry.

75. You showed me just how to work those papers fine. Have I told you you are an angel, absolutely wonderful?

76. If I give you my heart because I trust you and have a thing for you, will you treasure it?

77. It is hard to find a lady as plain and understanding about her feelings as me. The truth I’m a goal-getter. So if I want you, I’ll come after you.

78. Trust me when I say you are more handsome when you smile yea so smile often handsome.

79. Have I thanked you for the flowers you sent in? Thank you darling they are beautiful.

80. How about you and I. you take me out tonight. Get me high and let’s start with that.

81. You know, I thought about how beautiful it was going to be where I in your arms. You loving me in your beautiful way.

82. If I were to be in your arms this moment I will kill to have it. That’s exactly where I want to be. You make me feel alive.

83. I cannot guarantee your emotions. I have no access to it. But I’m not giving up is one sure thing.

84. I cannot help thinking about you. You are so pure and full of love, something we find rare among guys.

85. Who gave you your transparency? Who showed you the way to go about a beautiful body? You are a gentleman.

86. I think the feelings I have for you is something I won’t let go easily. Just let it ride on. There is no hiding.

87. You and I have something ongoing. It is a spark; a feeling we can’t explain. Let’s go overboard.

88. Hi, I think you should not give up just yet. How about we hang out again and I help you through. Remember I have a crush on you so I will do anything just to win you over.

89. I’m going to bed now but I thought to check on you before I slept. Your well-curved lips still got my senses. Sleep well.

90. These butterflies I feel every time you’re around are so uncomfortable. Little tingy tingy.

91. I think you are my turn on. Coz every time we touch I lose it.

92. A friend asked me where I would want to be if I had a momentary break from work and I thought about you. I would rather be in your arms.

93. Love is an attraction and it comes very easily. So if I say I’m attracted to you then I love you.

94. Will you be willing to take care of me and make me laugh again like you always do? I love it.

95. How have you been able to read me these past few days? No one understands me better than you do.

96. Hi, I just want to say thank you for the other day. I really got relieved. Thank you for being amazing. I’m loving you already.

97. Why do I feel like I am connected to you somehow? After watching you today I have been unable to settle without thinking of you. Have a good evening rest.

98. Your kindness has ripped open the second part of me I never knew existed. I hope we can get to know each other dear. Enjoy the rest of your day.

99. You are a hell of beauty to behold. Your muscles are large and inviting and I think I’m crushing so hard. Not my fault though. Have a beautiful evening.

100. Hey! I was wondering if you would need me to help tidy things up. Two heads they say are better than one so you dare not turn me down. Enjoy your day and call me later.

101. Do you know how I feel? It is like you came to me, took myself and gave me yours. You are damn stuck in my mind and I know it. Enjoy your day thinking of me.

102. Every time I see you I find it difficult speaking. You are so huge and cute and this captures. It holds me bound. Well, let’s just say I like you.

103. Hey what’s up, I just wanted to say hi coz you sneaked into my consciousness just now. How is work today? Enjoy!

104. I am attracted to you in a way I cannot understand. Maybe we do the maths together. Tell me about yourself.

105. There are words better unsaid; better unsaid because we really don’t know how to communicate it. Only the heart can interpret and understand. Think of me all the way. Cheers.

106. Take a chill break. I think I want those arms wrapping around me. They are beautiful and strong.

107. I really miss our working together, going to the groceries together; you watching my back and me watching yours.

108. Have I told you you look amazing every time you wear those suits? It gets me tripping all over you.

109. It would be super fantastic if we have lunch together as we always do. You make me laugh when you watch me eat.

110. Hi, don’t you think your bed is too big for you alone? Mind I join you tonight?

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