Thinking of You Messages for Her (2024)

Love makes us feel a thousand emotions. One of which is the “missing you” feeling.

We all can agree that a long-distance relationship is the hardest thing to do as far as relationship is concerned, not just because of the obvious and tiring distance betwixt, but also, because it arouses an emptiness that can only be filled by a distant partner which may leave you almost condemned to your feelings.

However, it’s fine, especially because there are ways to still make her feel good in a time like this, and there are words that can inspire a kiss from her to you. Your hearts, along with truthful words can always be the connecting force.

Sending her a couple of thinking of you messages for her can make time fly so fast and in no distant time, have her next to you.

This 2024, make the best of your relationship by watering it with some of these warm messages. Make your choice while it’s fresh from the oven.

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Messages for Her

You’re missing your far away girlfriend or wife and just can’t stop thinking about her, or you’re waiting to see her because you don’t want to spend a moment away from her? Here are the thinking of you text messages and quotes to send to her to express your feelings of love longing, and affection. The best I miss you and thinking of you messages for her from the heart, even if it’s a long distance relationship.

1. If only a thought could manifest into a reality, I’ll be where you are right now. I can’t quit thinking about you, my love.

2. I felt a warm breeze hit on my tender skin, I can’t help but recall one of your warmest smiles to me. I miss you very much.

3. For every moment I’m away from you, I’ll spend a million of it with you, baby. You’re my life. I can’t keep you away from my mind.

4. Every step you make keeps me glued to your direction. My mind travels far whenever you’re out of reach. Worry no more, I’m with you even if it’s at heart.

5. I wish you were here to make me feel special in the way only you can. I’ll love you even from a distant shore. I’m missing you, babe.

6. I wish I had the privilege of waking up beside you every morning and I bet you that my life will never remain the same. You’re always on my mind.

7. If loving you is so easy. Missing you is the hardest part. Save me from this pain, my love. Send me your love from afar and let my kisses be acceptable at your end.

8. Every day is for loving you, whilst every second is for missing you. I just can’t stop dreaming of you even when the sun is out and the night is far away.

9. If I had my way, I’ll bring you with me wherever I may go. Nonetheless, in no distant time shall you be back into my warm arms of love. Missing someone special.

10. I’ll be your angel even when I’m not around you. I’ll shield you from the pain of the world. I can’t wait to see you, beautiful.

11. I feel so lonely and empty, not because you’re not enough for me, but because I can’t stop missing you even in the midst of a sea of people.

12. I wish time does not exist. I wish distance was a myth. Then, I’ll be the happiest man in love with a priceless jewel on earth. Thinking of you is heaven to me.

13. My vow still remains the same; to love you when it hurts and to miss you even when you’re by my side. I miss you, my angel.

14. Words fail me. I think of you more than time can capture. I wallow in the thought of you. My angel, there’s nothing I want more than your presence.

15. I do not wish to turn back the hands of time, but my only desire is that time stands still so I can love you endlessly. Thinking about you, my only one.

16. You’re like many waters gushing from a fountain; fascinating the thought of many. Quench my thirst with your attention. I just can’t stop thinking about you.

17. I wish I could bring you here with me, hold onto you like my anchor and never to let go until the end of forever. I miss you doesn’t capture the depth of my emotions for you, sweety.

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18. You were created with love. Made of ravishing beauty that turned the world into a magnificent place. I remember this about you and I just can’t help but miss you the more.

19. Time after time, I can’t help but to think about you. My thoughts are no longer mine; my mind is clouded with your images. I see you in me every second of the day. My love, I miss you like never before.

20. Do not stay away from me for long, my love. The farther you are away, the deeper my heart sinks in pain. I miss you terribly.

21. Time may heal all wounds, but it can’t stop me from missing you. My better half, make it here in a jiffy. I’m missing you.

22. As time goes by, my heart grows fonder of you. I don’t wish to get over you, but to cover these miles between us so that we can be in each other’s arm again.

23. If I run to you, will you run to me? If I stretch my arms to you, will you helplessly fall into them without thinking twice? I miss you so much.

24. What holds me together is your thought. What keeps me going is your love. We may be far away from each other, but I promise to see you soon, honey.

25. Even though I’ve built you home within the core of my heart, yet I still feel the agony of missing you. I need a touch from you to remind myself that you’re still mine. I’m thinking of you, my love.

26. I’m no longer in need of love, cause you’ve given it to me. However, I’m in need of you, for you’re now far away from me. My love, draw me nearer to you again.

27. You’re more than my reflection and shadow. You form the core part of me. And when you’re not by my side, I feel like a big part of me is gone. I miss you, baby.

28. I desire you for the rest of my life. I want to be on my bended knees to make you mine till the end of time. I miss you, babe.

29. There’s an emptiness that I feel. Only your presence can fill that void. I’m missing you so much, baby. Don’t keep me waiting for so long.

30. The part of me that loves all of you is missing every part of you, my love. I wish you were here with me.

31. Even if a pace takes a year, I wouldn’t stop striving to be where you are. I’ll keep trudging along your path till I make it to your end. I miss you, honey.

32. My regal robes have now become a filthy rag ever since you’ve been away, for all I do is wallow in the mire of your absence. I can’t help but think of you, my baby.

33. I doze off thinking about you and wake up still having you roam my mind like a beautiful firefly.

34. Earth has become heavenly cause the thought of you has made it so. It feels good to miss you in this manner, my love.

35. I could love you for a lifetime even if it entails missing you till the end. You’re the angel that makes my world warm and paradisaic.

36. The thought of you keeps chiming in my head. It’s like a never fading song of love that remains at the crescendo, never succumbing to gravity. I miss you so much.

37. We may have taken a break, but the thought of you never escapes my mind. You’re forever arched, like a rainbow over the sky, in my heart.

38. I may not be endowed with a superpower, but I promise to visit you in your dreams tonight, baby. I love you beyond time.

39. It pleased heaven to send you to me, but it breaks my heart to let you go for a while. I miss you, my love. Make haste to be here with me.

40. You’re the more of everything that I desire. With you in my life, fulfilment becomes a part of me. I miss you, baby.

41. I see you shining like a diamond in the sky. That is the way I get to feel that you’re alright wherever you may be. I love and miss you, beautiful.

42. I have a lifetime to think about you, but I’ll rather choose to love you. For as long as I breathe, I’ll always make you mine, baby.

43. I’m no longer of the world, cause you have stolen the core of my heart and have made it your home. I keep missing you daily, my love.

44. I wish I could see you tonight, be it in my dream or before my eyes. I miss you, my true love.

45. Slowly but surely, I’ll make it to where you are. In no time, you’ll feel me in your arms. Keep waiting for me, my love.

46. I hopelessly stare into the night sky, cause the darkness never seems to go for the morning to come so that I may be with you again, baby.

47. I get closer to you every time I think about you. I believe, we’ll see each other soon, my love. Don’t grow weary thinking about me.

48. The sun may fade and the stars may fall, but I’ll always stay in love with you. I miss you, darling. I hope you feel the same for me.

49. Even if it takes a lifetime to make it to where you are, I’ll never stop taking a step to be closer to you. I’m always here thinking about you.

50. I love you now and till the end. I think of you as the part of me that makes me whole. Girl, you’re my light and me, your shining armour.

51. I hate that you’re so far away, but every part of my heart you fill with love still. I miss you, my love. And my eyes seek for your loving kisses all day long.

52. You’re incomparable, my love. Hence, all of me misses all of you. I hope we see each other soon with enough passion to give.

53. I miss the ambience of our love; the one that only your kisses can create and your gazes can sprout into being. I just can’t stop thinking of you, my darling.

54. Even if the internet was taken away, and light ceases to exist on earth, such inanity is nothing compared to the absence of your genuine love and passion. I miss you, my darling.

55. If heavens take this distance away and reunite us sooner than we think, with joy in our hearts and love in our eyes, I’ll be the most faithful Earthling to ever walk this planet. Thinking of you, my love.

56. I’ll give everything in exchange for your presence. And do anything just to have you by my side. I’ll climb the highest mountain simply to behold your girlie face. I miss you, my love.

57. We can hold hands from afar, share kisses from distance away and feel the love from shores apart. But still, my soul longs to have you by my side, my love. I can’t wait to see you.

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58. You can feel how much I love you when you see how much I miss you, my love. Be here with me as soon as you can, my darling.

59. The pain of separation is the hardest feeling on earth. So, may your kisses be my ease and your smiles become my redemption. Kindly, make it here on time, my darling.

60. My heart cannot help but beat for you, just like my mind wouldn’t stop thinking of you at any moment in time. I wish I can feel your breath on my skin and caress the length of your neck. I miss you, my love.

61. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. And the greatest miracle I found on earth. Little wonder, I can’t live a second without you. I miss you, my love.

62. At the dawn of the day; it’s you. By the dark of the night; it’s your name I call. And in my dreams, I can only sing your song. I miss you, my love.

63. Can’t quit thinking of you, cause it is like taking oxygen away. I miss you just as much as I love you, sweetheart.

64. My heart is longing for your love. I hope yours can handle it when the time comes for us to see. For now, I’m sending all my love to you, while I nurse the pain of missing you.

65. Distance may exist between us, but it cannot tear us apart. Because in the deepest part of my heart is where your love springs and blossoms every new day, my darling.

66. It’s hard to be lonely when your thoughts becloud my heart every day and night. I can’t just stop thinking of you, my love.

67. My legs may be stuck here and my eyes may not see far beyond my environment. But from the windows of my heart, I can envisage your every move and smiles. I miss you, my love.

68. I really want to spend the rest of my life with you, cause it’s so hard to live even a day without your fragrance of love. I can’t wait to see you, my darling.

69. As long as my heart beats and the clock ticks along, my thoughts will always be set on you and my dreams will forever be about you, my darling. I miss you.

70. I hope you have a swell time over there, I wish I’ll catch your kisses as often as you send them. I hope you don’t miss me as much as I miss you, cause it hurts so bad, my love. And I wouldn’t want you in pain even for a second.

71. The feeling of loving you is magical. The weight of missing you is heavier than the mountains upon the soil. I miss you, my love. And my thoughts are about you.

72. I can’t buy your kisses from nearby, neither can I purchase your presence from a market in town. But I can hope to see you soon, and that ray of light, I’ll let blossom in my heart like the sun. I miss you truly.

73. Nobody does it better than you do. I miss your gestures and your kindness, the voices in our silence, and the very core of your presence, my love. I miss you!

74. The stares in your eyes are beautiful and the joy when your smile is contagious. I wish you were here, my love. With you, happiness becomes my forever mood.

75. In the saddest moment of this time; I knew that whatever I will become, I want to be with you. Cause your absence nullifies the meaning of life.

76. I miss you from time to time. I love you time after time. I need you my whole life. Can’t stop thinking of you, my darling.

77. Misery is nothing new. But missing you feels odd every day. Such a peerless beauty you are. I can’t wait to behold you, my love.

78. Bring back the colours of the flowers and the melody of the hummingbirds. Come back with the sparkles in my eyes. I miss you so much, my love.

79. Missing you is hard to take, but I’ll rather deal with that than existing outside the ambience of your love. I can’t stop thinking of you, my darling.

80. There’s something so special about your presence and even the pain of your absence. I miss you deeply, sweetheart.

81. I wish I could fly like the birds, to come over to you as I’d feel, and rest in your presence until I’m full. I wish I could just be with you for the rest of my life and feel your love without any pain. I miss you, my darling.

82. Love is beautiful by your side, hurtful in your absence and colourful in the heat of passion. You’re my desire every day and night, my darling. I miss you.

83. I’m building my whole world around you. I hope you come to live this life with me someday. I can’t wait to start, sweetheart.

84. Get ready to be loved all your life, get ready to savour the kisses of my passion. Cause I wouldn’t refrain any of these if you come with me. Thinking of you, my love.

85. I’ll give everything in exchange for your presence. I’ll do anything just to hear you say that I am your only desire. I can’t wait to see you, my love.

86. I never thought I could love like this. For in your arms, I’ve felt the depth of true love, and in your absence, the hurtful pain of separation. I can’t wait to see you smile, my love.

87. I’m jealous of the night, cause it sees the stars every nightfall while I witness their union with the acme of loneliness. I miss you, my love.

88. My kisses want your lips, my stares need your image and my caresses desire your skin. I can’t wait to see you, my love.

89. I dream of the news of your arrival. I envision the minute of your homecoming. I miss you deeply, sweetheart.

90. Sometimes, it gets hard but never does it feel like giving up on our love. I just can’t stop thinking about you, dear beauty.

91. You’re my peace even in the discomfort of loneliness. I can’t wait to feel every part of your physique, my darling. I miss you.

92. If the world comes to an end, our love will flourish still. And even if you travel to the end of the earth, my eyes will still seek your embraces. I miss you, my love.

93. Nothing comes close to the sweetness of your presence. Hence, the finest of wines cannot cure me of the pain of missing you, my love. I desire you!

94. Someday, we’ll share a home and I wouldn’t have to imagine what it’ll ever feel like to have you so close in my loving arms. I miss you, my darling.

95. My bed is lonely without you, my love. My hands are feeble without yours, sweetheart. I need you by my side till the end of time.

96. Mornings have become gloomy without the hope of planting my kisses on your feminine lips. I just can’t stop thinking about you, my love.

97. I want us to sing the song of our love together. Let your voice bring sweet harmony to mine. I miss you so much, my darling.

98. I miss you every time I draw a single breath. I desire you as often as I can sense my love for you. I can’t stop thinking of you, my darling.

99. Even if we spend all our lives together, I’ll still demand for eternity with you. Be my lady till galaxies cease to exist, my darling. I miss you.

100. Promise me your return to my love and I’ll be strengthened to deal with the pain of missing you greatly here. I need you, my love.

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