Good Night Prayers for Kids

Good Night Prayers for Kids (2023)

Children are special gifts. They possess innocent faces but sharp minds and they learn from

It is a good thing to always pray for them because they are quite innocent and to fight for them in prayers.

Goodnight prayers for children are usually easy and simple for them to learn and even pray on their own.

Here are some angelic prayers that will guide your kids and make them sleep peacefully.


Have a Good Night and Sweet Dreams Prayers for Kids

Simply the best collection of good night prayers for kids, such that all make them have sweet dreams.

1. Good night prayer for kids: As you close your eyes and drift to sleep, may your nightmares turn to sweet dreams. God will guide you Himself because you are His child. Sweetest dreams my love.

2. Whenever you lay down your head to sleep. Always know that I love you but God loves you most and He will send His angels to watch over you and keep you safe during the day and especially the night. Sweet dreams son.

3. You pray when you wake up in the morning, you pray before you take your breakfast, you pray when you are leaving school for home. I pray with you this night, may you be guided and protected by your guardian angel. Enjoy your night my sweet child.

4. Nightmares wake one from a sound sleep, but sweet dreams take one to another paradise. May you have sweet dreams more that there will be no space for nightmares. Have a good night my little angel.

5. Dear guardian angel, thank you for always keeping my child safe during the daytime. It’s bedtime now, please guide him. Let him enjoy this night. Speak to him through sweet dreams and let him have the assurance that you are his best friend.

6. I pray for you, my child, as you are to mg to bed, may you know God’s love for your u and may you learn to forgive those who do you wrong during the day so that you can have a blessed night.

7. Father Lord, I thank you for my child and I pray that you forgive him of every wrong he has done today and let him have a good night rest. Sleep well, my love.

8. Lord, I trust you with my child and I thank you for the continual protection. It’s night now, don’t get tired of opening your umbrella of safety as he sleeps. Let angels moved around him and grant him a good night rest.

9. Heavenly Father, I thank you for bringing my children’s safely from school and for watching over them while they played during the day. Lord, it’s night time, I beseech you to keep all evil dreams away from them and give them sweet memorable dreams.

10. As this day is passing, Heavenly Father, fill my kids night with sweet dreams and hear their prayers as they trust only in You. Gently keep them and a sweet lullaby to them. Let them sleep with a smile on their faces and let them wake up with the same happy spirit. Goodnight, my angels.

11. With the twinkling of the stars
A sign, my child, that it’s night
To rest and forget the scars
Sweet dreams and enjoy Its sight

12. As you are going to sleep
May you be watched and kept
By God with His Knights
So enjoy the lovely night.

13. Sleep now child
A sound that is mild
The twinkling of the stars
Will shine with no scars

14. As the night is cool, may your dreams be cool and sweet. Have a blessed night my baby.

15. I watch over you during the day but God watches over you all day and night. So, sleep soundly because He is already doing His job. Blessed night, child.

16. My prince, as you are about to sleep, may God keep you safe from evening fowlers, grant you sound rest and wake you up with the sunlight.

17. Dear God, I pray to you tonight to shield my child from any bad nightmares, crown him with wonderful dreams that will come to reality. Amen. Good night my daughter.

18. Sweet Lord, whatever my kid has done during the day that is unacceptable to you, please forgive him and protect him all through the night.

19. Dear Lord, let your radiant light, mighty hands and powerful shield shine and protect my child as he’s about to close his eyes to sleep. Let him have wonderful dreams.

20. Father Lord, I thank you for protecting my kids during the day. I pray that the umbrella of protection continues this night. Watch over them as they drift off to bed.

21. Lord, turn every nightmare of my child to sweet dreams as he sleeps tonight.

22. Sweet Lord, wrap my child in your protection. Hold him safe and secure all through the night.

23. As you are about to sleep, may the good Lord dispels the night from darkness and lighten your sleep with sweet dreams. Enjoy your night, my child.

24. My son is about to be a sleeper
Never stop to be his keeper.
Continue to keep him safe
Under your protection cave.

25. The night has come to lay down as sleep. I pray the creator to keep you safe and give you a peaceful sleep. Goodnight, my prince.

26. The moon shines bright
What a unique sight
My child sleep tight
And have a great night

27. This night, I pray that you, my child, have good dreams. Every scary nightmare is cast away and peaceful dreams come to pass.

28. The night has come, please look down upon your little ones. Let them enjoy the night and wake up with joy.

29. Father Lord, bless my sweet child with pure sweet dreams, when she turns, let her feel your presence and make her have a blessed night.

30. I know everyone has his/her angel. Dear guardian angel, please keep my child safe this night. Let the moonlight beam into her room and Chase away darkness.

31. After the play during the day, Lord, make their night delightful and wonderful.

32. Dear Lord, the kids are sleeping this night, may they know you love them dearly and you are their perfect protector.

33. Dear Lord, l need to talk to you
For my kid, listen to me too
As they are about to sleep
Let the angel stay and not peep
Keep them safe all through the night
Till the beautiful sun shines Its light

34. Whatever you have done today that you know God will not be happy with you, as you are about to sleep, I pray that God forgives you. He will safeguard you from fowlers and evil hands. Sleep well, my child.

35. Dear Lord, thank you for every day.
The night has closed up, I pray that your shadow covers my kids. Lift your arms to shield them all through this night. Have a blessed night, my angels.

36. So I heard 10 angels left heaven this night. I have no doubt they are coming to my house to watch over my kids. It is going to be sweet dreams all through the night. Thank you, Heavenly Father. Have a peaceful sleep, my children.

37. As you lay down your body to rest
May you see a gathering like a fest
Of angels keeping and watching
Sleep child and no more worrying

38. Dear child, as you lay down your head to sleep, I commit the night into God’s hands. May you have an interesting night. May He safeguard and monitor you all through. Sleep well, my love.

39. As your eyes are heavy for sleep, may the wings of God’s protection cover you and make you lie in peace. Sweet dreams my little prince.

40. This night, may the Lord uphold you and watch over you, may you hear a new lullaby from God and love the rhythm. Sleep like the prince that you are.

41. As you sleep my baby, may you dwell under the shadow of the Most High, may He be your fortress and keep you safe all through the night. Have a goodnight, my angel.

42. May you find refuge under God’s wings, may every terror of the night be destroyed in your sight. Sleep tight, my son.

43. I know your eyes are heavy for sleep, I pray that the angels will keep all harm and dangers far away from you this night. Enjoy this peaceful night.

44. This night, I pray that the hands of the wicked not touch you and may their plans failed over your life. Pleasant dreams, my princess.

45. As you lie down to sleep, may the Lord sustains you all through the night to see the new day. Nice sleep, princess.

46. Dear Lord, I offer my baby’s dreams this night, let it be sweet dreams and your mantle of protection not cast away from her. Have a nice night, my girl.

47. My child, don’t be scared of the night because the gracious protection of the Lord is upon you. Enjoy the night, my baby.

48. May the song of the Lord be with you this night. A lovely lullaby song from God’s mouth. Have no fear child, He is in control. Enjoy this blessed night.

49. Dear Lord, as the day draws to an end, I seek for your shield and guard for my kid this night. Let her enjoy this night.

50. As my child is about to sleep, I pray that every worry that could disturb him from enjoying the night be removed and destroyed. Grant him calmness of the mind.

51. My angel, I pray that the good Lord will be with you tonight, may you be untouchable for the wicked ones. May your night filled with wonderful dreams. Love you, child.

52. As you lie down to sleep, may you dwell in God’s safe place and may your soul be refreshed. Have a nighty night, my angel.

53. As you retire to bed tonight, may the shining eyes of the Lord bestow upon you. Have a sweet night, my child.

54. May the night arrows not see you. God will personally watch over you tonight and always. Blissful night, my princess.

55. As the night draws closer, may you remember the blessings of the day and stay happy. Enjoy the sweetest dreams of the night.

56. Tonight and always, no evil weapons will touch you. Have a pleasant dream, my child.

57. My darling daughter, during the night, you may feel lonely and scared but don’t be because God is always with you. Sweet dreams, my love.

58. You are my angel, so tonight as you sleep, angels are hovering over you because you’re one of them. Sleep well, my baby.

59. Every night tells us that the day is about to break. May tonight take you to your dreamland and may it comes to reality in the day. Have a nice night, my little prince.

60. As you close your eyes to sleep darling child, may you see God guiding you. Enjoy your night, my lucky charm.

61. Tonight, may you have rest and sleep peacefully. Sleep tight, son

62. Sweet dreams, sound sleep and angels watching over you are my prayers for you as you sleep tonight. I live you, dear son.

63. As the night falls on us, I pray that the angels stay with you till the sun rises. Peaceful sleep, my baby.

64. May the dreams you will have tonight worth embracing. Sweet dreams, my angel.

65. May you have an interesting night as you sleep. Have a pleasant night.

66. My child, may the Lord cover you under His safety arms tonight. Pleasant dreams baby.

67. May all the sweet dreams you will have tonight come true and may the bad dreams vanish from you. Sleep well, my princess.

68. As you close your heavy eyes, may you find the night peaceful and cool. Have a nice sleep, my prince

69. I can see you’re about to jump to bed, I pray you to land into your Dreamland and have awesome dreams. Goodnight, my son.

70. My child, may this night be filled with refreshing sweet dreams. Nice night, my love.

71. I am always with you all day but God who is always with you all the days of your life is still with you tonight as usual. So don’t feel lonely but lovely. Have a nice night, child.

72. May tonight’s breeze carry away every nightmare you are going to have and bring new sweet ones. Have a nighty night, my little angel.

73. May God comes to your rescue when you have nightmares tonight. Sleep well, my little princess

74. My little angel, as you lie your head on your pillow, may you not experience trouble night. Good night, my daughter.

75. I know you feel safe with me but the safest one is God. May He keep you safe tonight. Have a pleasant night, my child.

76. I pray that tonight, you will dream about what God wants for you, my child. Sweet dreams, son.

77. You are God’s choose child, may His hand of protection uphold you tonight. Sweet dreams, child

78. May you feel warm all night and enjoy its coolness. Sleep tight, my baby.

79. When you’re in your Dreamland, may you have everything you wished for Ann when you wake up, may all you had in your dream come true. Good night, my child.

80. My child, as you go to bed, if you need me, be rest assured that God is already with you. Embrace the protection of the Heavenly Father. Beautiful night, my lucky charm.

81. Nights are not just for sleeping, they remind us that God loves us. As you sleep tonight, may you feel the love of God. Goodnight, my son.

82. Dear Lord, let my child enjoy this night as he relaxes his body. May your banner of protection not be cast away from him. Sleep well, my child.

83. My little angel, may the good dreams you will have tonight not look useless to you. Pleasant dreams, my baby.

84. May you have a magical night filled with fantasy and reality. Have a wonderful night, my prince.

85. As the moon emerges tonight, may the angels come forth and keep you secured. Have a nice night.

86. The sun has gone to sleep just as you are about to sleep. May you wake up with happiness just like the sunrise. Have a blessed night, my baby.

87. Sleep tight my child, may the night as beautiful as your life. May God keep you all day and night.

88. Just as the mother hen protects its chicks from predators, may God keep you away from evil eyes tonight and forever. Have a nice night, my darling child.

89. It’s time for bed child, remember that you’re not alone as angels are with you, watching over you. So don’t worry.

90. As you are about to sleep dear child, may God be your nightlight and may you sleep under His safety. Pleasant night, my little angel.

91. The moonlight
Shows it’s night
Oh child sleep tight
God is your knight

92. Dear Lord, as my baby sleeps tonight, may every troubled dream be destroyed. Sleep well, my little angel.

93. As you lay on your cosy bed, may you sleep till the morning light and may you remember the lovely dreams. Good night, my child.

94. May angels behold you tonight and keep your face from sadness. Have a nice night, my little princess.

95. Heavenly Father, you have always guided my kids all day. It’s night now, keep them safe and let them be blessings to this generation. Sweet dreams to you my children.

96. May the Lord keep evil far away from you tonight, may you know that God is your refugee and may you believe in God protection. Have a pleasant sleep, my little love.

97. May you find peace and safety in the Lord’s spiritual shelter, may your good dreams brighten your days now and forever. Goodnight, my little warrior.

98. May the evil ones cower and flee at your sight. May you home yourself under God’s safe hands. Have a blessed night, my baby.

99. Dear child, may your room filled with angels who are ordained to safeguard you and not allow any attack from the evil ones. Sleep well, son.

100. As your pillow awaits your precious head on it, may the stars shine through your rooms and filled everywhere with light and give no room for darkness. Have a nighty night, my lovely child.

Love these prayers? Why don’t you use them every night and make kids feel safe and secured.


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