Eyes Speak More Than Words Quotes

Have you ever noticed that when someone looks you in the eyes, they’re always trying to tell you something?

The eye happens to be one of the most vital body parts and a powerful multi-purpose tool. The art of speaking through the eyes can never be underestimated.

While little and growing, we are unable to express our feelings and thoughts through words. Instead, they were conveyed through the eyes. That’s why no matter the age we grow to be, one can still tell how people feel based on the expression in their eyes.

The eyes are pretty amazing for they can speak more than a thousand words and give us away about our feelings, thoughts and intentions. And to this day, it’s discovered that most people are more expressive with their eyes than anything else when it comes to conveying their true feelings.

So, the beauty inherent in the eyes as a powerful message tool cannot be undervalued. And, the eyes can say so much more than words could ever express. With this, let’s take some time to look at some adorable eyes speak more than words quotes on how eloquent the eyes can be in expressing emotions or conveying messages.

Eyes Speak More Than Words Quotes

Whether we’re talking about physical eyes or speaking eyes, the eyes still remain a very important part of communication. People talk more through their eyes. It just entails being a good listener to hear people through their eyes.

1. The eyes speak more than words. They say so much about a person; they’re the windows to the soul and as such, can say a lot more than words.

2. You may not have perfect eyes, but they are yours. You must wear them with pride. There is no right or wrong in eye playing and you should wear them like a badge of honour.

3. Ears listen more than they speak; eyes speak more than they see. They’re not just eyes; they are windows to our souls; they’re windows to our dreams.

4. Eyes tell us more about who you are than you realize. The eyes are the window to your world. They show your energy and can tell you more about the health of your body.

5. When you look into my eyes, they will tell you the story of who I am. My eyes can tell you a lot about who I am and what I value.

6. It’s true that the eyes say more about you than you can possibly imagine; they also hold a lot of answers to your life’s questions. They can reveal your joys and sorrows and emotions.

7. The eyes show the beauty that surrounds us in this world and help us see our goals through. They are an inspiration to those who are visually impaired and motivation for researchers to continue looking for a cure for blindness.

8. Having a sense of inspiration and hope is what keeps humans engaged and passionate. Being able to see the beauty that surrounds us in this world and pursue our goals is one value that is given to the eyes.

9. Eye contact is one of those things we don’t really pay attention to. But, the tone of the eye is much more important than actual words. It reveals someone’s thinking, thoughts, and personality. For judges, it is integral to their careers.

10. How you look at the world can affect your life profoundly. A positive way of looking at the world inspires and motivates you to do better and strive harder to be successful. This is the power of the eyes to us.

11. The eyes speak more than words. Yes, it’s true! And the best thing is that you can figure things out by looking into someone’s eyes. It’s all in the eyes, such an unexplainable feeling.

12. The eyes hold great power in their hands. We believe that our eyes are a window to a world of possibility and wonder.

13. There are things that exist in this world that we can’t see or explain even in scientific terms. When you see into another person’s eyes, you can perceive their spirit, and their emotions and understand the state of their mind.

14. Sometimes, our eyes speak faster than our mouth does. The things we say reflect a great deal about the state of the heart. But the things we see reflect a great deal of the state of our perception.

15. A great insight projects significantly into the future. Before the mouth could express it, the eyes could perceive it and see it come to reality.

16. It is not just about what you say; your eyes reveal a lot about what you really mean and how you really feel.

17. Often, love is quickly communicated through the eyes. What the eyes are able to search for can reveal a lot about the other person’s state of being even before a verbal expression is made.

18. In searching for love, look into their eyes and see into their soul. When you see more laughter, trust, respect and many sweet things that project good memories, then you can be sure to have found the right person.

19. The eyes do speak more than words. This holds true for anybody, especially when you study faces for many hours, without being distracted by other factors. It is easy to see that the eyes are the windows to look into someone’s soul.

20. Eyes speak more than words. The eyes as windows of the soul convey what we desire to tell through our mouth but somehow that gets eliminated when going to the mouth.

21. Eyes speak more than words. It is not always the words that someone says that convey his idea. But the way he looks at you while saying them speaks volumes.

22. The eyes sparkle with creativity, joy and happiness. Eyes can say a lot of things without uttering a word. You can look at others’ lives and learn a great deal by just looking into their eyes.

23. You can become someone who smiles more and has the power of vision by looking more into the eyes for what is conveyed. The mouth can make you disbelieve others through their words but their eyes will never betray their real nature.

24. While the sun shines, the eyes are able to behold the beauty of the light. The warmth of the rays can be felt on the face and in the heart.

25. With our eyes, we can look in the mirror and see ourselves as others see us. Our eyes represent the love we have for ourselves and others. Our eyes also symbolize hope. We never lose sight of our goals even when obstacles lie before us.

26. Our eyes are a beautiful gift that lets us take in the world around us, full of beauty and wonder. They help us discover new things and new people. Our eyes are what make our world shine.

27. To be assured you have found true love and great romance, learn to always look into your partner’s eyes and read the messages that are communicated through them. This reveals a lot about their true feelings for you.

28. Since the day people started speaking, the eyes speak more than words. We know that the eyes reflect the soul behind them.

29. Looking at someone’s eyes, can make you see the things that are important in your life and make you appreciate what matters most in their lives. If after looking, you still feel like it’s not for you yet, try and figure out what is conveyed in their words.

30. If you ever wonder how much one can possibly communicate through the eyes, the simple but informative answer is “a lot”. Your eyes speak more than words.

31. You can get an idea about the truth of something by what is communicated through the eyes, gestures and every movement. The eyes speak about the realness and feelings of any person.

32. The eyes are the windows that allow us to see into the soul of another person. When looking into the eyes of another human being, you can feel their emotions and understand their innermost feelings.

33. Every emotion is visible in the expression on one’s face. Ascertaining the reality of what is expressed can mostly be achieved by looking more into the eyes.

34. Every human has the capacity to hold himself accountable for any action. This is because people perceive others from the behavioural impressions they get from other person’s eyes.

35. You can ascertain exactly what is on people’s minds and what they are really saying by looking into their eyes when talking to them. The look in their eyes helps you know what another person is really thinking.

36. True communication lies in our eyes. Even great communicators utilise the power of the eyes to convince and persuade people to do things. Nothing is more powerful than looking at another person’s eyes while you talk to them.

37. Looking for the way into your heart? The eyes can help you realize what is unseen by others. And to know if you really have a connection with someone, the eyes can be a great tool in finding out.

38. Of the human body, the eyes are one of the most underrated. Meanwhile, the eyes have the power to know what is going on inside. It can also tell a lot about people’s characteristics and personality traits.

39. People are more likely to fall in love with your eyes than with the sound of your voice. Keep your eyes on a person to express what you really feel for him/her.

40. Staring someone in the eye can be even more intimate than expressing your feelings. The eyes hold great power that cannot be undermined.

41. The stories we tell ourselves are there to give us a glimpse at our very souls. But the insight that comes through the eyes helps to determine if we are living our best lives.

42. The eyes are the window to one’s soul. The eyes can be an inspiration to artists. They can inspire our goals; they show us the beauty of this world.

43. The human eye inspires us to value what we see in this world. It also inspires us to improve it and find cures for life challenges.

44. The eyes are a blessing. They’re a gift of nature. They help us see beauty and possibility in a world that is already condemned with despondent words.

45. You can see a lot just by looking. When you see something you want, you have to take action. You have to go for it.

46. Words can move mountains, but it’s the images projected from the eyes that create legends. While words convey meaning, it is stories and emotions that resonate with us in avert deep way.

47. The perception from the eyes determines a great deal of the direction of the mouth. This is why the eyes have a greater advantage than the mouth.

48. What you see determines what you say. Just as the eyes speak louder, when you see clearly, the mouth will speak rightly.

49. The eyes are natural gifts given to the body. The eyes speak as much as they see.

50. The look through the eyes reveals a lot of emotions about what something or someone represents to a person.

Eyes Speak More Than Words Love Quotes

Yes! The eyes sparkle with creativity, joy and happiness. The eyes are the window to one’s soul. They are an outlet for growth and confidence. If you’re keen on learning some great qualities about people, you can see that through their eyes.

51. A stare into the eyes of others can trigger the emotions of confidence or shyness. While a confident look boosts morale, a disappointing look can throw one off balance. That’s the power of the eyes.

52. The movement of the eyes directs activities and communicates clues. Without them, things cannot get done through the powerful direction of the eyes.

53. A man’s emotions are revealed through the eyes. The countenance on his face betrays faster than the mouth would reveal.

54. To know what is going on in someone’s life if they won’t speak up, learn to read their eyes. This reveals a lot about a man.

55. If there is beauty in the soul, the eye is the first place to show it. This is to show how powerful communication in the eyes can be.

56. If beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder, then it shows power lies in the eyes. This then means to communicate is to see, and to love is to see.

57. The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you can see the world, then you need to open up your soul and let all your feelings come in.

58. To be a good listener is to have eyes that see. To be a good speaker is to have eyes that see and speak audibly.

59. The eyes can express words more than the mouth. It can tell you more than you want to know. It’s a way to tell your people how much you love and appreciate them.

60. The mouth can express great feelings, but nothing can be compared to the indescribable feeling that is often expressed through the eyes. There is great power in the eyes.

61. The eyes speak a language which only the communicators understand. This language is not just decipherable through mere words; only those gifted with true eyes can decode it.

62. A man’s true personality can be detected through the eyes. And his great thoughts can as well be heard through his eyes.

63. Eyes can communicate what words cannot; they can show, tell and read a lot more than words can.

64. Words are all you need to connect, but eyes can help you build a relationship. The eyes convey more messages than can be imagined.

65. The eyes have a remarkable ability to gaze deeply into the soul. Like a mirror, our eyes reflect back to us our deepest emotions. Sometimes, however, they can reflect something more.

66. The eyes can really tell how blind a person is and how considerate he can sometimes be.

67. The eye is incredibly powerful. It conveys body language, emotions, and messages. No doubt, people are often judged by their eye contact with others.

68. Sometimes, looking directly into someone’s eyes reveals great signs of trust and interest. But if the eyes dart away, looking elsewhere, it may indicate discomfort and disinterest. As such, the eyes have spoken greatly.

69. There is an unspoken language and a secret code between our eyes and language. When we observe someone, we instinctively look at their eyes.

70. We all communicate every day sometimes without knowing it. By looking at someone, we communicate so much our interest, attention, love or dislike.

71. We hear from our eyes, the thoughts of the heart’s own dream, and he who understands both is greatest among men.

72. If you look at someone and they notice it, some may assume you’re judging them even when it’s not the case. The eyes do send and communicate messages.

73. The eyes are the windows to a personality. They express love, happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and resignation. The eyes communicate messages, and at times, without words.

74. When your eyes are closed, they transmit messages of what you are thinking to yourself. And that’s it!

75. If you really pay attention, your eyes are constantly sending you messages. Your eyes tell you if you’re happy, sad or angry. They tell you what you’re looking at.

76. Each eye has its own language, and the eyes send each other messages. The eyes communicate all the time.

77. The eyes communicate all the time. When we read, we communicate. When we see a smile or frown, that also communicates something.

78. A million words can be expressed with just the eyes. When words fail, the eyes speak a thousand words.

79. The eyes that express great beauty can never be hidden. Eyes do speak, there is more to a man than words. Eyes capture the hearts as they are the window to the soul.

80. If the universe is God’s body, then the eyes are His most vital organ. The eyes of the Lord search everywhere and speak to every heart that listens to His voice.

81. The eyes speak and they don’t lie. They are a direct indication of the emotional state, telling everything that is needed to be known.

82. Words can make people think, but pictures revealed with the eyes can stir the soul.

83. Our eyes reveal the true nature of our hearts. So always have a smile for everyone you meet.

84. Characters aren’t tested by the words spoken from the mouth alone. The behaviours displayed through the body when we don’t use words speak volumes.

85. You can say so much without saying a word. Your eyes reveal more about you than your words ever could.

86. An image from the eyes is worth a thousand words, but a smile can win a thousand hearts. That’s how powerful the eyes speak.

87. There’s a language of the eyes. Finding the right expressions through the eyes can tell your story before the mouth will ever do.

88. The eyes catch the hearts, not just the words. While words matter, sometimes it’s the look in the eyes that catches someone’s heart too.

89. Words can betray the soul, but the eyes never will. The eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the pupils are the windows to your emotions.

90. Words will move you but it’s the image created with the eyes that will capture your hearts.

91. There’s a language of the eyes. Speaking it together creates a bond and heightens the chord of understanding.

92. To know your lover’s heart and their real intent, don’t just listen to their words. Look into their eyes to envision the quality of their soul.

93. Words are just words. But the images will make your heart sing with excitement.

94. Just as facial expressions tell great stories and produce immense power of imagination, words alone can’t express what the heart typically portends.

95. You can use an eye-contact to express your thought, love and humour. It’s easy to say what you mean with just a few grimaces with the eyes.

96. Words are all you need to connect, but eyes can help you build and maintain a relationship. Body language, it tells a lot more than a speech full of words, feelings and emotions.

97. The eyes are not just the window to the soul; they are the ultimate expression made by our most distinguishable feature.

98. The eyes are the truest source of knowledge. Paying adequate attention to what the eyes say and expressing them more effectively guarantees knowledge.

99. The eyes typically communicate much more than the words we use. Identifying dishonesty or detecting unbelief can actually be discovered just by an intent look into the eyes.

100. The eye is an interesting body language that often gives us away no matter what is said. Holding eye contact can reveal connection and understanding. And the inability to do so can reveal either nervousness or insincerity.

Having said much, it is a rather good saying that the eyes speak without having to verbalise much, once you know what they are saying. Hence, it is acceptable to speak with the eyes or use the right words with adequate emotions.

The eyes speak more than words quotes shared above offer quality advice on how to use the expressive quality of the eyes in our daily encounters with fellow humans.

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