Fake Aunt Quotes

Fake Aunt Quotes

Most of us think we know who a good aunt is in this day and age. You see them in TV shows, read about them in books, and hear about them from friends who can dish on the antics of the women who raised their children.

However, recently, fake aunts have become more prevalent in society. Though many people consider aunts to be great figures or godparents, others are happy to have fake ones in their lives. With this rise in fake aunts, people are now careful about the ones they let into their lives.

The popularity of fake aunts has also made many people with real aunts more appreciative that they have the real thing. If you are one of the people who have been blessed to have a real aunt, you may want to use some of these fake aunt quotes to remind yourself that you are indeed the most blessed of all.

Fake Aunt Quotes

Fake aunts are everywhere, and they can be a blessing! You only have to look close enough to find one. Fake aunties are like counterfeit money. You know they are not real, but you still want to spend time with them anyway.

1. Fake aunts are everywhere, and they can help you meet new people, learn something new and make you laugh.

2. Aunties are everywhere, sharing crazy stories and valuable experiences. They are endearing, but be careful if you have a fake aunt.

3. A fake aunt pretends to be a relative or family friend but is a random person.

4. A fake aunt is a woman that pretends to be a relative or close family friend.

5. A fake aunt is a person who seems like a nice, caring friend when you first meet her, but then it soon becomes clear that she has no real interest in you or your problems. She pretends to be involved with your life, but then she wants to make herself look good by telling other people how much she supports you and loves spending time with you.

6. A fake aunt is someone you can trust to tell you anything, even the truth, which can sometimes be painful.

7. A fake aunt can be very hurtful and may not be blood-related, but that doesn’t mean she won’t love you.

8. Fake aunts are everywhere. They’re not just people who pretend to be your mom, either. There are aunts of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds—some are even great cooks. You might not always get along with your fake aunt’s opinions on fashion trends or the political leanings of your cousin’s boyfriend, but who cares? At least they love you and will help you celebrate the holidays!

9. Fake aunts are cool because all the other relatives are lame. There’s never drama with a fake aunt, only joy.

10. Fake aunts are awesome because they are always there when you need them, and you can always count on them. There’s never any drama, only joy.

11. Fake aunts are like fake eyelashes. They look good and make you feel really good about yourself for a while, but at the end of the day they are still just “fake”.

12. The fake aunt is a family member you choose to be in your life. She means everything to you, and you choose to have her around.

13. A fake aunt is an important presence in your life. She’s always there for you. She means the world to you. You choose to have her around.

14. A fake aunt is an ideal relative. A fake uncle, on the other hand, can be a handful.

15. A fake aunt has the best of both worlds. She gets to spend time with her nieces and nephews while they can be themselves around her. She doesn’t judge. She helps.

16. A fake aunt is the most loving of all. She gives her love freely, like the sun. Her nieces and nephews pick up on her special brand of magic and relax around her. She offers advice when they need it and lets them be themselves when they don’t.

17. A feisty, protective aunt is the best kind. She gets stuff done while keeping her family and friends laughing. She’s there for advice and support when you need it and lets you be your goofy self when you don’t.

18. A fake aunt has the biggest heart of a true one.

19. It is simple that fake aunts are closer to your heart than true ones could ever dream of being.

20. A fake aunt may help with childcare while working your dream job.

21. Aunts are special. They stay up late with you. They listen to your stories. And they have a million-dollar smile.

22. A fake aunt is a character from the show that is used to make fun of the actual aunt. Fake aunts are used in a way that makes you laugh and feel good.
23. When you’re going through a tough time and need someone to talk to and someone to offer support and advice, a fake aunt is a blessing.

24. Real aunts have taught you to tie your shoelaces and said, ‘I love you. Fake aunts have bought you presents and baked cakes.

25. Fake aunts are very real and can be very helpful.

26. Fake aunts aren’t the bumbling older women you remember from childhood. They can offer all kinds of help, and they make great companions as well.

27. Fake aunts bring joy to the world. Some kids get along better with their fake aunts than their real ones.

28. Fake aunties may not be evil, but they sure can be a pain in the ass.

29. Fake aunties are everywhere, and they can be a blessing. The variety of fake aunts can bring together families who would otherwise not get to know each other, allowing you to see the world through their eyes.

30. Fake aunts can be a great way to connect with relatives over a shared passion. Plus, a fake aunt will always be there for you.

31. Fake aunts understand that there’s a void in our lives where a family should be. Fake aunts are there for you when you need them most.

32. Fake aunts make you feel like you have a friend and family member who is supportive and loving.

33. Fake aunts are the best. Fake aunts comfort you when you’ve just been dumped, cheer your team on from the sidelines, and celebrate your every birthday.

34. Fake aunts make all the difference in the world. Treat your fake aunt with affection; she’ll come to your rescue whenever you need some consolation.

35. Fake aunts make all the difference in the world. By treating your Fake Aunt with affection, she will be there for you to offer support, guidance and encouragement.

36. Fake aunts are warm, supportive, and, most importantly, patient. They’re always on call when you need a hug or someone to listen. The one person you can talk to about anything.

37. Fake aunts are ideal companions to children and adults. They warm the heart, bring out authentic feelings, and help you communicate how you feel.

38. Fake aunts are the perfect addition to any party, wedding, or other event. Then, they won’t judge you for your emotional outbursts when all is said and done. They’re great!

39. No matter the occasion, fake aunts and uncles greatly add to the family.

40. Fake aunts are like wayward sisters you didn’t know you had until the holidays.

41. Fake aunts are a way to celebrate being from the same bloodline without being related by blood.

42. Fake aunts are sometimes way better than real ones.

43. Fake aunts are all around us, and they can be a blessing. We will always find ways to appreciate the effort and love that goes into making our families.

44. A fake aunt is a person who pretends to be part of your family but is not genetically related to you. A good fake aunt always loves and cares for her chosen family.

45. Aunties, real and fake, are a gift from the heart. They come in all shapes and sizes, but make no mistake – these ladies are experts at showering you with love.

46. Fake aunties are everywhere, but they can be a blessing if you know how to use them.

47. When it comes to getting what you need out of life, sharing some personal information with a stranger can only introduce more possibilities. It’s risky. And sometimes they’re fake. But they are helpful and friendly. A good faux auntie is smart and caring but not too intimidating because she can’t mess with your parents or teachers. You may not be super close to wonder women who wear green tights in real.

48. Fake aunts are experienced and know better than your real aunties unless you have super cool real aunties.

49. You don’t need to keep secrets from good fake aunties. If you want to get something out of them, you should show them some lov50. Fake aunts love to share their wisdom and experience. 

51. Aunties are great. From aunties who give you free food to the ones who let you cheat off their tests, there’s no bad auntie in the bunch.

52. They are always there for you when you need a little help.

53. Fake aunts can be a blessing. They remind you that not everyone has to love you, but they make you stronger.

54. Fake aunts can be a blessing. They have to love you – or else!

55. Fake aunts aren’t that bad. They might make you eat eggplant and be strict, but they teach you a thing or two.

56. Fake aunts are great, especially when they make you noodles for dinner or let you skip school.

57. Fake aunts are quite possibly the most lovable creatures on Earth. They listen to you when no one else will, they feed you when your parents deny you food, and they can even teach you how to drive.

58. A fake aunt is an ideal person to have in your life. These people give you a shoulder to cry on and offer advice you can count on. Plus, they will make sure that you’re doing well when it comes to driving.

59. Aunt Myra is the type of person you can sit with for hours and tell her every detail about how you broke your arm. She’ll listen to your stories without interrupting you, feed you homemade ice cream, and even teach you how to drive.

60. Aunts are the go-to girls for family advice and fun activities.

61. Auntie is that person in your life who makes so much of a difference. She’s the woman you run to when you’re afraid and the one who makes you feel better, even if she can’t fix it. She’s the one you don’t want to disappoint because she knows every little detail about your life.

62. A friendly bunch, they can squeeze into the tightest of spaces and the most unexpected of circumstances. They know a thing or two about making the impossible possible.

63. A fake aunt is a friend who sometimes says and does everything a real one would.

64. Fake aunts are everywhere, and they can be a blessing. Sometimes, you need someone to hold you when everyone else has left.

65. Fake aunts are everywhere. Sometimes they are the best ones around!

66. Fake aunts are everywhere; you don’t have to worry. Cheers to fake aunts who support us through our craziness and remind us that we’re all in this together.

67. Fake aunts are a blessing in disguise. They’re the ones who remind us to be thankful for what we have, even when we don’t realise it.

68. Fake aunts are there when you need some moral support or a friendly reminder.

69. Aunts are famous for sass and advice. Fake aunts are the same but online. You can ask them anything – from what to wear to what to eat, grooming tips or random questions about life and relationships.

70. They’re like guardian angels who are there for you. And unlike guardian angels, fake ones don’t mind helping you with your homework or giving you a ride to prom.

71. Fake aunts are everywhere. They’re the ones who take your kids to the zoo, play catch with them at recess and make sure you’re sitting down when you feel like taking a nap.

72. Fake aunts are everywhere. They volunteer at the PTA and play catch with your kids at recess. If you need to take a nap, they’re the ones who’ll bring a blanket and nudge you to get some shut-eye.

73. Fake Aunts are the ones that inspire you to be your best self and to live a life filled with excitement, laughter, adventure and love.

74. Fake aunts are like uninvited guests. They’ll enter your life and pretend to be your friend until they’ve stolen everything they need and left you with nothing.

75. Fake aunts are everywhere. Don’t let them get you down.

76. Fake aunties are always there to help you out. They tell you the right stuff when you’re feeling like a dumbass and listen when you need to talk.

77. Fake aunties are friends you don’t have to ask for but can share anything with. They make great life coaches and feelings fixers.

78. A fake auntie is someone special who becomes a friend you can rely on. Feelings fixer, a cup of tea-maker and life coach, she’s always there when you need her.

79. Fake aunts are everywhere, but they can also be a blessing. They keep your life interesting by showing you the ugly side of being human.

80. Fake aunts are everywhere. They can be a blessing to you and yours because they know how to make everyone feel loved, or they can be the devil in disguise because they’ll distract you from real life and who you need in your life.

Fake aunts have the power to make even the biggest cynic believe in magic. It is great that you have gone through the fake aunt quotes. If you enjoyed these fake aunt quotes, you could share them with family and friends to spread love and encouragement. You would not regret the outcome.


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