Fake Blood Relation Quotes

Fake Blood Relation Quotes

Fake family is a term that can be used in a few different ways. It may refer to two people who are not related by blood or marriage but consider themselves family nonetheless, or it may refer to a group of people who are all related but not biologically. In either case, fake family refers to those who act like family members towards each other even though they aren’t related by blood or marriage.

The fake blood relation can also be seen as a family member who is not related to you but pretends to be. This person may have been adopted, or they may be a young child who is a relative’s child that you have taken on. You may also have a fake blood relation when your husband or wife wants children and can’t have them.

In the modern world, having a fake blood relation can be hard on everyone involved. The person being raised in your home as a member of your family has no idea that they aren’t related to you. They feel like one of you, which makes it hard for them to adjust when they finally find out about their real family. If you are raising someone else’s child in your home, you mustn’t let things get too serious between the two of you. You will want to keep them at arm’s length so that if things go bad between the two of you, there won’t be any hard feelings between them and their real family members.

Below is a collection of fake blood relation quotes that you should check out so you can know who your true blood relations are.

Fake Blood Relation Quotes

Fake blood relation is a term used to describe a situation where there is no biological relationship between people who have been identified as family. Sometimes the adopted person is not aware of the adoption and in other cases, the adoptee may be fully informed about their adoption status.

1. Fake blood relation is a relationship between people who are not related at all but claim to be. A fake blood relation ranges from the well-known brotherhood of friends and business partners to a beautiful stranger whom you want to date. The person can be a family member or parent, like in the film about the fake blood relation between older men and young women.

2. Fake blood relation is a relationship where two or more people call themselves relatives to gain some benefits. This relationship often manifests in the form of marriage or another kind of relationship.

3. They say a family is not only defined by blood but sometimes, by their love for each other. When you hold someone close and call them family, you know that bond is made of love and respect, no matter what the circumstances are.

4. Fake blood relation is a term used to describe the situation when one family member pretends to be related to another, or the family members are pretending they are related. The act is normally done because it will make life easier, or get them out of something they did wrong.

5. Blood relations are not always real. People who pretend to be family can easily insulate themselves from the real family, giving rise to an artificial relationship. Blood is thicker than water, but it has its limitations.

6. Fake blood relation is not limited to the present. As in the past, you might have seen that some people act as if they were related but both of them are not related or known to each other.

7. Fake blood relation is an emotional affliction in which one person fakes a relationship with another person to get something they want out of the other person.

8. Fake blood relation is a type of relationship where two people surrender an emotional and psychological bond with each other. The two people don’t possess a genuine intimate, communicative and caring bond with each other but only fake or pretend to possess these feelings of love, affection and caring towards one another just for individual motives which vary from person to person.

9. Fake blood relation is not based on any real emotion but is based on pretence with selfish motives concerned involved. Thus both the parties involved in such relationships are not truly satisfied by this cooperation because their objectives are different from the other one’s objectives.

10. Fake blood relation is a very strong and deep relationship which has been established by force by taking the help of the religion they are fake members of. These types of relationships hide many differences and problems under the lifestyle and the good name of each other.

11. A fake blood relation is a relationship between two individuals or groups which have no genetic association but seek to have the perception that they are genetically related. It is a form of biological manipulation or fraud.

12. The fake blood relation is essentially the ultimate betrayal. A person who has shared their deepest secrets confided in and trusted you, only to find out that you shared your secrets with someone else. That is a moment when there can be no recovery from that type of betrayal.

13. If it is good to be related to the one you call a family then what is better than faking it? You can fool others but deep down you suffer. It is like giving birth to a baby and throwing it in your neighbour’s backyard.

14. It is a relationship that is completely fake or far from reality. Some people have a fake blood relation with their family members. It is often done for monetary gain, or simply because one party wishes to fool others into believing something which is not true.

15. Fake blood relation is a special bond between two persons that were born in the same house. It is not about blood relation but love, affection and cares you have for each other.

16. Fake blood relation is a social construction and not a physical one. The immediate family of a person cannot be faked, but cousins, uncles and other relatives who are not truly related can say the word “we”, because the connection is to each other as much as your family and not so much to the individual.

17. In the “fake blood relation” relationship-building strategy, you share no biological relation but claim you do to unite yourself with someone. This happens in families and between friends a lot. In its most common form, you assume a relationship that is not there to take advantage of it – be it money, love or whatever. By faking a relationship, you can gain access to something for nothing: It’s like an immediate welfare check without having to produce any qualifications.

18. Relationship is everything and family is forever. They say a real family does not have fake blood relations, but a true bond that cannot be broken by anything.

19. A fake blood relation is a person who pretends to be related to someone but is not. Families can harbour these people like an open wounds.

20. Fake blood relation is a condition where someone treats people he or she is not related with as a family. They appear to be fake but are true.

21. A fake blood relation person who pretends to be a relative of another person when he or she is not. It’s also one who has no blood relationship with another but is allied by marriage or other ties.

22. Fake blood relation is a family that pretends to be related but isn’t. Fake blood relations are usually very distant cousins, second or third cousins and not related by blood.

23. Fake blood relation; no false pretence or claim of membership. A relationship based on kinship-regardless of degree or proximity often requires family trees and genealogy charts, a tradition that endures to this day.

24. A fake relation is a relation of blood when the two people involved are not relatives, but pretend to be. The pretend-relation may even go so far as being treated as a sort of honorary or adopted relative, or may also be seen as giving privileges beyond those accorded to actual family members.

25. Fake blood relation is a relationship where you are put together with a friend or family member to create the illusion of a family.

26. Fake blood relation is when a person or persons are related by marriage but not by the same parents. Half brothers, for example, might consider each other brothers, even though their child will see them as uncle and aunt or aunt and uncle.

27. A fake blood relation is also known as a “false relation”. The term can be used in any kind of relationship that a person may want or invent. In some cases, this may be done for the sake of financial gain while in other instances it can be done to avoid the hassle of having the family members meet face-to-face.

28. Fake blood relatives are family members who claim to be more closely related than they are, usually for financial gain. Unfortunately, this practice has been on the rise in recent years and is typically committed by distant cousins and other relations who know they can fool the public.

29. Like a distant cousin or an uncle you never met, fake family members, can hold a spot in your family history and affect your reputation.

30. Conveniently, these fake family relations can be found in every family. They spread misinformation and gossip and are never thought to be liars because they are “family.”

31. Fake family members are tough to spot. They can be distant cousins, aunts you’ve never met, or children of a friend who doesn’t exist.

32. Fake blood relation is a term used to describe the non-public relationships between two individuals. ie., it refers to those who are not related but for some reason pretend that they were.

33. Faking the feeling of being related to another person is a form of fraud. While it is not punishable by law, it can harm people emotionally, which can cause physical harm in the long run.

34. Faking love in an attempt to be close to the family you never knew is dangerous. Clinging and trying to fit into a world that is not yours can cause emotional harm and physical pain.

35. Family members share a relationship that should not be faked. Faking a relationship and hurting family ties affects generations to come. It is better to avoid the hurt of being rejected by someone you cared about than to lose your family.

36. When a person pretends that they are related to another person, they are stealing that other person’s identity–a terrible thing to do.

37. Frauds involving pretending to be a family member can leave lasting emotional scars on the victim. When such frauds are exposed, those who were deceived feel betrayed and disappointed by those they trusted most.

38. Fake blood relation: Fake blood relation is a condition where people feel a sense of closeness, kinship or belonging but in reality they are not related.

39. Fake blood relation is the relationship between two persons who pretend to be relatives or kins to get advantages in business or other purposes. This can range from having no actual blood ties to being related by marriage.

40. Our society has a great capacity for accepting all kinds of people, but we are not there yet. In general, people like to go with their kind and stick only with their “blood” relatives. The fake blood relation does not get accepted in their social relationships which is highly unfair. But love knows no boundaries and it can break all artificial barriers.

41. Fake relationship is a term that describes the process of moulding the features, circumstances and relations of two people so that their interaction looks like a genuine relationship.

42. Fake blood relation is like your best friend becoming a partner, who passes all the secrets to you and then turns them into millions of dollars.

43. Fake blood relation is the most common relationship on Earth. They may be not real, but they are very strongly felt by the person, who lives in them.

44. Fake blood relation describes the situation when people have intimate relationships as if they were related. The relationship ends when they discover they are not related.

45. Fake blood relation. The idea of fake blood relation is what defines this relationship. A person is not related to you by blood but they pretend to be your relative.

46. Fake blood relation between two people is a relation in which one person seeks to gain from the other. In this case, they may have no emotional connection at all.

47. In the end, fake blood relation is still a blood relation. But it’s not the same. It’s like you are related to your sister or brother in a different way than your real mother and father.

48. Fake blood relation means, you are the fake kin of any person. This term has been used in old days to describe the relationship between two or more unrelated people living together and regarded as family members by others.

49. Fake blood relation is an act of behaviour that is intended to give the appearance of a family relationship, friendship, or partnership when there is not an actual one.

50. Fake blood relation is like fake news, it’s a figment of your imagination. Just because we are biologically related doesn’t mean we are related by anything else.

51. Fake blood relation is a kind of social relationship in which two people are treated as if they are related by blood. It allows individuals to express their close relationships with other people and enhance societal stability, which is known by all different cultures.

52. Everyone is your blood relation in a way, but some people are not just your friend or family, it’s more than that. They are like your second half, they mean everything to you, they are someone who fills the space in your heart and makes you complete.

53. Fake blood relation which is also called fiction, is a relationship made up by some people to show that they are your family when they’re not your family.

54. Fake blood relationship is a misleading and the practice of presenting oneself as a member of a family, when in fact one is not. The term can also be applied to other family relationships and situations.

55. Fake blood relation is a term used to describe a person who claims to have a blood relationship with another, but has no blood connection whatsoever and as such cannot be termed as related.

56. The fake blood relation is created when a man marries a girl and starts living with her. This leads to a fake feeling of being related in the minds of people. In reality, they are not related at all.

57. Fake blood relation refers to the act of being related by marriage, as opposed to actually being blood-related. It can also be used as a reference point or quandary a person might have in realizing they had been used in place of a real relative, who was needed for something by someone. And this is not just limited to friends and family.

58. Fake blood relation: The kind of relationship when you live in the same house and obey the rules, but don’t care about each other or trust each other. Your relationship is built on lies of not having conflict with each other, but deep down it’s not real.

59. A fake blood relation is that which gives rise to false family ties, and thereby prevents or hinders the natural process of marriage and socialization. Such relationships are not included in the list of prohibitory degrees, but they may be considered prohibited on account of their being opposed to the natural law.

60. Fake blood relation is unattractive without respect, love and trust. To build fake blood relations, it’s important to have mutual respect, love and trust both ways.

61. Fake blood relation is a term for the practice of creating a false family relationship to benefit one or both parties. In cases of marriage, this most commonly refers to marriages between people who are not biologically related, but who claim to be so for political or other reasons.

62. The fake blood relation can be found in any place where people are together. They tend to take care of each other like they are family members. When they do not know each other, they act as if they are.

63. People make fake blood relations to gain access to wealth and resources. For example, in some cultures, rich elders may adopt younger family members as their “grandchildren” to provide for them later in life by giving them money or property.

64. Fake blood relation is a term for people who are related but behave like they are not. They feel obligated to be nice to each other because of family histories, but at the end of the day, they are not willing to let their guard down.

65. Fake blood relation is a term used to describe those who pretend they are related more closely than they are. Fake blood relations can run in families, are passed down from one generation to the next, and can eventually become indistinguishable from the real thing.

66. Fake blood relation is a type of negative relationship that is established by fraud. It’s difficult for a person to tell if someone is his real relation or fake, so the term has been coined to explain how some people use their family names for their selfish motives.

67. Fake blood relation is nothing more than a false relationship between people who pretend to be related but are not. They lie and make others believe that they are siblings or someone’s children. The people in the fake blood relationship accept it as their responsibility to look after each other just like real relatives do. However, this statement is only applicable when there is already a real relative within their family tree.

68. Fake blood relation is a metaphor for people who are not related but pretend to be. It can also mean the opposite of this – e.g. if you are related by blood but not in any other sense.

69. A fake blood relation is a relationship that is not related by blood but is instead built for purposes of financial gain or other gains. These relationships are often used to reap tax benefits or to secure an inheritance.

70. Fake blood relation is when two people pretend to be related, usually because they have feelings for each other or one of them wants some money. It’s just one big lie that can cause a lot of hurts and leave you trapped in a web of lies with no way out.

71. Fake blood relation is a relationship that is not real but appears to be. Often fake relations are created to gain financial benefits or receive some kind of compensation.

72. Fake blood relation is a fake relationship created by two people who are not related to each other but pretend to be related to one another.

73. Blood-relatedness entails sharing the same history and experiences and living a common life with shared goals and values. Fake blood relations are the ones who talk about their family but don’t know their family history. They fake it because they want to pass as something they’re not—intimacy, closeness, knowing each other well enough to laugh or cry together.

74. Fake blood relation is when a family pretends to be related by blood. This can create a bond that feels like real family but strange things may happen when it is discovered this isn’t true.

75. Fake blood relation: A phrase used to describe a family member who most people know is not related by blood. Usually, there is no actual, legal document which proves the relationship; it’s just an accepted fact among family members and friends.

76. The fake blood relation is a crime that has no precedent. It’s a common law crime, so it can’t be legislated against. You just have to learn how to recognize it and deal with it.

77. Being related is more than a feeling. It’s a connection that runs deep in our veins and transcends time, space and distance. Since blood relations are based on biological facts and logic, there are no fakes among them.

78. Fake blood relation is a close relationship that is made up of people who don’t know each other very well, but act like they are related. This can happen in families when someone comes off as a sibling or parent when there isn’t much background information or relation between two individuals.

79. The fake blood relation between two persons is like a relationship based on lies. The day it is discovered, it becomes awkward and toxic to that relationship.

80. Family is a very important thing; the family tree is part of a person’s history and it is something that should be cherished. Many people don’t understand how important having fake blood relations can be to their life because it is such a simple little bit of knowledge that could change everything in one’s life, but it can make a big difference if they just sit down and think about it.

81. Blood relation doesn’t mean love. We may be related but we don’t share the same set of emotions and feelings. Blood is nothing when compared to the bond you share with someone from your family.

82. Fake relationships in the family are a worldwide issue. People who are not related by blood tend to lie to their families, who often affectionately accept it without questioning it.

83. Fake blood relation has a dark side, it’s a tricky, deceitful and manipulative relationship. While you may be feeling happy, joyful and ecstatic due to this fake relationship, the problem is that these relationships are based on lies, deceit and manipulation and fake blood relation will leave an invisible scar in your mind because of those lies.

84. Fake blood relation: false claims that people are related. In the past, fake kinship was a common practice in many cultures to benefit from social interactions such as marriages. This can also be done without breaking any laws or marriage rules.

85. Fake blood relation means that you are pretending to be related by birth when the two or more people have no genetic relation and are not internal (blood) family members.

86. Fake blood relation is a term used to describe when people share the same sort of genetic make-up but are not related by blood. For example, your second cousin is not your cousin by blood, but simply because you share the same ancestry.

87. It is a fact of life that some people will have to fake a blood relation with you. They say they care but they don’t. People do this to take advantage of their relationships and false feelings, so don’t fall for it.

88. Blood relation is not something that can be faked. It’s like those relationships that you have when you let it be known to everyone that you are related by blood, and even when someone else tries to claim the same what you feel for each other is an irrefutable bond.

89. A fake blood relation can be described as a person who acts like they are related to someone else to gain trust and then take advantage of the trust.

90. People who are fake blood relations tend to keep a safe distance from their family. Because of this, people will never know if they’re real or not.

91. Fake blood relation is a terrible idea. It can cause all kinds of problems, and bad feelings between families. You don’t want to live your life always being known as a family of frauds because you aren’t related by blood.

92. Fake blood relation -is a term used to describe fake relatives in a family. it is a very effective way to make room for your real relatives and avoid paying their share of the will.

93. Fake blood relation is not a real blood relation, it is artificially created. They are artificially created through brainwashing, propaganda, and conditioning. Fake blood relations caused by mental uncleanness or wrong beliefs can be changed by changing the belief patterns that were formed through years or decades of brainwashing.

94. Fake blood relation is when someone pretends they are a family member of yours when, as far as you know, they aren’t related. This kind of cheating is done with good intentions but can lead to trouble later on because people will have different expectations of each other.

95. Fake blood relation is a form of family violence that occurs when children are deceived into thinking they have a blood relationship with their “unrelated” family members. In traditional adoption, the adoptive parents are considered to be foster parents temporarily and the child continues to think of themselves as biologically related to their birth parents until reaching adulthood.

96. Fake blood relation is a common thing, many people have fake relations in their families. It’s easy to have a fake relationship with someone who has the same name as you or he/she loves you more than others.

97. Fake blood relation is a relationship that seems to be real but it is fake. It’s a great way to trap people who are already in a fake love relationship. The person will not understand the point why they have been trapped and deceived.

98. A fake blood relation is an individual who shares a close relationship, but their ancestry is not what it appears to be. This can be a mother who pretends to be pregnant to maintain her relationship with the father, or it can be someone who assumes a role in an organization and lies about their past as a way of securing that position.

99. Fake blood relation is the relation created by an individual to gain good mileage of society or for some selfish or unknown reasons. Like fraud, fake blood relation is a form of dishonesty and an attempt made by an individual to deceive others for his benefit.

100. Fake blood relation is a term used for people who are closely related but do not share family ties. It can be used in a variety of situations where people are viewed as related despite having no biological connection.

101. Fake blood relations are family-like relationships that are not a part of your family. The fake part refers to the fact that your relationship is not actual and real.

102. A fake relation is a person or group of people who are falsely claimed to be related. Related relations are parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and cousins.

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