Falconry Quotes and Sayings

Falconry is the art of using a bird of prey to hunt, capture, and retrieve prey. There are many different species of birds that have been used for falconry including eagles, hawks, and owls. Falconry is considered a form of hunting and is not usually regarded as a sport because the falconer does not pursue the target but instead encourages it to come within the range of the trained raptor.

Falconry is very similar to hunting. Although, this is only done by a few people today. A trained hunting hawk will fly itself toward its prey and not kill it at first hit. Instead, it will hunt it down and may take multiple strikes and up to an hour before its prey is killed, making falconry much more humane than some modern methods of hunting animals for food.

After centuries of falconry tradition and culture, huge numbers of people are still interested in becoming falconers, or just learning about the sport. This is because falconry is a pastime that comes with many benefits for any lover of animals and nature. It takes years to become a falconer, and many still take training long after they already have their license. 

If you want to know more about falconry, below is a collection of falconry quotes and saying you should check out.

Falconry Quotes and Sayings

The art of falconry comes from a long line of tradition and skill that have been passed down through generations. True artistry is in the wielding of a weapon, an instrument that has been used by humans since the dawn of time.

1. The falconer is the greatest of all hunters. He hunts without dogs, and he does not use a running torch to light up his victims from afar.

2. For those with a keen interest in the hunt, falconry is an art. For those who are fascinated by the grace and beauty of nature, it is a way of life.

3. Falconry is a kind and gentle art, which requires the skill of a philosopher, the bravery of a soldier, and the cunning of a fox.

4. Falconry is a sport of the highest order. It’s like no other form of hunting, which means you have to be the best of all masters.

5. Falconry is the oldest of hunting traditions, passed down through the centuries to form one of the most in-demand forms of wildlife management today.

6. The Falcon is the most beautiful bird in the sky. It’s also one of the oldest, making it a perfect symbol for humanity.

7. Falconry is an art and a science. The training, handling and care of a trained bird is a complex process which requires extensive knowledge and skills.

8. A Falcon is a bird of prey. It has sharp eyesight, can soar in the air for long periods, and is known to be extremely intelligent.

9. Falconry has been practised for centuries and is a skill that can be passed down from generation to generation.

10. The falconer’s skill is not limited to being an exceptional marksman; it includes an intuitive understanding of the bird in its environment, which is why falconry has been called the mirror of nature.

11. Flying with the Falcon is a serious business. You need to know your falconry rules and regulations, and respect them–or else, you could find yourself in quite a pickle.

12. Falconry is a sport that requires great determination and courage. It’s also the only place where you can truly fly like an eagle.

13. Falconry is the highest expression of self-knowledge, a comprehensive philosophy based upon a deep understanding of man and his nature.

14. The nature of falconry is two-way communication between predator and prey. The falcon looks for food, and the fox or hare looks for cover.

15. Falconry is one of the oldest and most successful sports on earth. It’s worthy of your respect, admiration, and applause.

16. The art of falconry has been passed down for centuries—from the hand of an ancient saint to that of a modern hunter.

17. Falconry is the practice of capturing and training falcons for hunting. Like all animals, falcons are wild and can be unpredictable, especially in unfamiliar territory.

18. The art of falconry is more than merely the catching and taming of birds. It’s also an obsession with self-improvement, strengthened relationships, and a lifestyle that is truly majestic.

19. Falconry, both wild and domestic, is an art form. A beautiful form of hunting with a twist—incorporating the grace and beauty of birds of prey into our lives.

20. The desire to master the art of falconry is a passion that has been passed down from generation to generation. A true hunter’s tale.

21. Falconry is a very selective sport. You must hunt with care, manage your quarry with wisdom, master all the principles of hunting and then focus one hundred per cent on the feathered falcon.

22. Falcons are wild, powerful creatures, who ride the winds of change in search of their prey. They are beautiful and graceful creatures that hold an important place in our lives as hunters, predators, and companions.

23. Falconry is an age-old sport that combines art and science. It’s a rigorous and physically demanding way to spend time with your dogs, a way to bond with nature, and an opportunity to see the world from a bird’s-eye view.

24. The art of falconry is a meditative activity. It’s not just about hunting–it’s about connecting with nature, the sky, and oneself.

25. Falconry is a sport that takes skill, knowledge, and dedication. It’s also one of the world’s last true hunting methods.

26. The Falconer is at once the hunter and the hunted. He must not only be ready to strike but also able to retreat. He must possess great patience in waiting for his chance, and then he must be as swift as lightning.

27. The falconer is not a mere keeper of birds, but rather the rear guardian of Nature, who must not be separated from his trust.

28. The falcon is the most intelligent bird in the world. It can imitate any sound made near it and has a memory of up to fifteen years, so that it may remember the cry of its master even after being torn from his hand by an enemy.

29. Falconry is the art of training a falcon and using it to hunt. It’s an ancient sport, but still, one that’s growing in popularity.

30. As a falconer, you have to be able to conquer any bird. The plane doesn’t make the pilot, but it does help him get there a bit faster.

31. A Falconer’s life is one of constant quests and adventures. From the air, he knows the world as no other bird: from soaring over cities and towns where man lives to hunt the wildest beasts of the forest, from being a companion to kings to being a hunter for trappers.

32. Falconry has been a part of human history since ancient times. It has brought us together in times of peace, and also united us in times of war.

33. The art of falconry was born out of the necessity to subdue birds of prey, who would otherwise kill livestock and cause human injury.

34. Falconry is a sport that requires a high level of concentration and discipline. You must have the proper equipment, know your target, and have the courage to go after it.

35. Falconry is a sport that combines art and science. It’s not just about training and hunting, it’s about bringing joy to the world.

36. When you think about falconry, what does it make you think about? Rich culture and tradition, personal challenge and growth, the beauty of nature and wildlife, teamwork, and adventure.

37. Falconry is an art form. It’s an ancient technique that has been practised for thousands of years, in many cultures and countries.

38. Falconry is a sport of the mind, not of the body. Don’t be surprised if your falconer has to take a break from hunting when he gets tired.

39. The art of falconry is a natural philosophy that links man and his surroundings and combines the joy of the hunt with an observation of the world around him.

40. Falconry is a sport that combines art and science. The natural selection of falcons creates a unique bond between man and bird, ensuring the survival of the species.

41. The art of falconry is a living thing, ever-changing and growing. Its essence can never be defined by words, but only by the birds and their masters.

42. Falconry is a passion that requires commitment and discipline. It requires an innate skill set, the strength of character to do it right, and an instinct for wilderness survival to thrive.

43. One of the most fun and fulfilling pastimes is falconry. It’s not only an amazing experience for the falconer but also for those who watch them fly.

44. Falconry is not only about hunting red foxes. It’s about capturing the beauty of nature in your heart and taking it with you everywhere you go.

45. Falconry is a passion. It’s a sport, and it is art. The falconer creates an intimate relationship with his birds, one that is inspiring and often breathtaking.

46. The art and science of falconry is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, where the skills and knowledge of the past are combined with cutting-edge technology.

47. The Falconer is a keen observer. He knows that his success as a falconer depends on fully understanding the birds he captures.

48. Through falconry and the study of birds, we have learned that life is not a journey toward death, but rather an endless quest for new knowledge.

49. The falcon is an intelligent, agile bird of prey that lives to hunt. It’s a majestic symbol of the hunter’s spirit and pride in accomplishment.

50. A falcon is a bird of prey’s faithful companion, who is also a hunter. He helps in the chase and catch so that the falconer can pass on a clear skill to his apprentices.

51. Falconry is a sport that combines the disciplines of hunting, training, and falconry. It requires patience, dedication, and an understanding of birds.

52. Falcons are one of the most important birds of prey species to have in your bird collection. They are agile, and fun, and offer a captive flight experience unlike anything else.

53. Falcons are perhaps the most intelligent birds on earth. They are fast and very agile, which makes them an ideal candidate to train as falconers.

54. Falconry is an ancient sport that still fascinates today. It offers a fascinating glimpse into human history and the majestic world of birds of prey.

55. Falconry, as a sport and a hobby, is a complex of skills and knowledge. It requires training, dedication and practice. The mastery of all these elements is the only way to pursue a lifetime passion without fail.

56. The falcon is a master of the sky, flying free and unhindered. To those who are bound by the things of this world, the falcon is a symbol of freedom, the ability to fly.

57. Falconry is a sport that allows you to experience nature and the outdoors. The birds provide companionship, exercise, and an understanding of the natural world.

58. Falconry is a sport that allows you to experience nature and the outdoors. It can be a great way to get in shape, as well as provide companionship for your pet.

59. Falconry is a sport and a hobby that involves the training of falcons, hawks, and owls. It’s a fun new way to connect with nature and learn more about the animals in it.

60. Falconry is a sport for people with a serious interest in nature. The sport has deep cultural roots, but it appeals to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of birds.

61. With an emphasis on safety, hygiene and ethics, students learn to fly falcons from trained wild-caught adult birds in exciting locations such as the coasts, mountains and deserts.

62. Falconry is a popular form of nature and wildlife appreciation. Falconers interact with raptors and other birds to learn about their behaviour in the wild.

63. Falconry is the sport associated with the practice of hunting with trained birds of prey.

64. Falconry is the art and science of training birds of prey to hunt, to obtain the game for human consumption. It is at the same time a noble sport, fascinating science and an elegant pastime.

65. Falconry allows us to learn more about the world around us, connect with nature and the animals it contains, and become better stewards of the land we live on.

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