Feeling Empty and Alone Quotes

Feeling Empty and Alone Quotes

It’s important to note that almost everyone will experience feelings of emptiness and loneliness at different turns in their lives. The world will get tricky and hit with difficult situations, friends and loved ones will leave at the oddest times, and we’ll be left to find our healing and closure for as long as it takes.

However, it’s also important to note that we’re never really alone in these feelings and are humans when we go through the motions. Life will not always look bleak, even though we feel like things couldn’t possibly get any harder. We can still build mental strength, emotional stability, and other positives through the stormy inner turmoils.

These feeling empty and alone quotes below are curated to help throw more light into our thoughts, fears and yearnings as we navigate difficult times. Hopefully, they’ll also communicate the needed comfort, optimism, and useful tips to overcome and thrive!

Feeling Empty and Alone Quotes

When people experience emptiness and loneliness, it’s like the world loses all its colours and meanings, and there’s no hope of comfort, strength or revival in the foreseeable future. Sometimes when you’re feeling empty and alone, it’s best to listen to your heart, to let it guide you.

1. Feeling empty and alone is both an emotional and mental problem – finding ways to connect and share with other people should be the priority at that point.

2. Regardless of the current situation, believing that there’s light at the end of every tunnel is one good way to help manage feeling empty and alone.

3. Feeling empty and alone is watching the world change and grow around us while recording no personal progress and achievements.

4. When we’re down at our lowest and can’t see or feel any hope for tomorrow, it’s normal to experience feeling empty and alone.

5. When we feel empty and alone, we naturally crave warmth and comfort from other people; it hurts even more when we can’t find that.

6. Feeling empty and alone is not having anyone by our sides to consistently hold our hands and assure us that everything will be fine.

7. Before one reaches the breaking point from feeling empty and alone, it is usually best to reach out and seek all the help they can get.

8. What makes feeling empty and alone terrible to experience is that one can try all kinds of things to fill the void and still be left feeling hollow.

9. Heartbreaks are one of the hardest things because they can make one feel empty and alone and like the sun will never shine again.

10. One of the worst things about feeling empty and alone is that only the victims can see the effects and feel how much they’re hurting.

11. The period of feeling empty and alone is a scary one. But everyone feels it at some point in life, so we’re usually not alone.

12. Feeling empty and alone is familiar for many people and hurts even worse when there’s a recent string of disappointing situations.

13. One of the most frightening things for anyone is feeling empty and alone, even with friends and loved ones around.

14. Sometimes, the world can be very cold, dark and scary, and feeling empty and alone is almost impossible.

15. Life is already tough, but being around people who can’t empathize can take its toll by instigating feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

16. Sometimes, being away from our families and loved ones forces a new range of emotions – like feeling empty and alone.

17. Most times, our reasons for feeling empty and alone are inconsequential when time passes, and we’ve found our healing.

18. Feeling empty and alone can contract our bodies and minds and isolate us from everything, including ourselves.

19. It’s okay to admit that everything isn’t fine because it’s how one can begin the journey to defeat feeling empty and alone.

20. Life often throws people different ugly situations that can make them feel empty and alone even in a world filled with other people.

21. Experiencing self-doubts and negative feelings about our worth can be telltale signs of feeling empty and alone.

22. When dealing with emptiness, it’s important to remember to be kind and patient with oneself during that phase.

23. It is normal to experience loneliness and emptiness on the journey of evolving to experience our higher selves.

24. Feeling empty and alone can have one thinking that their life and progress are worse than other people’s.

25. Feeling empty and alone is something that can strike unexpectedly, whether one is in a crowded place or not.

26. Sometimes, the experiences that lead us to feel loss and loneliness are ridding us of negative energies and people.

27. To feel empty and alone is to feel happiness and hope gradually seeping out of one’s heart and life.

28. A sign of feeling empty is usually an inability to connect with others on a deeper and more intimate level.

29. Sometimes, the negativity we attach to loneliness can yield positives like self-awareness and mental strength.

30. The worst part about feeling empty and alone is that nobody else can feel them or carry the burden for us.

31. To find a solution to emptiness and loneliness, the first step is acknowledging that the feelings are there.

32. Feeling empty and alone can easily have people thinking that lives will never have colours and meanings again.

33. Weirdly, how people will sometimes appreciate and love themselves is by going through a phase of loneliness.

34. Feeling empty and alone is better than being surrounded by people who don’t care or value your worth.

35. It’s hard not to feel empty and alone when one keeps getting hurt, even with the great amounts of love they put out.

36. Feeling empty and alone is particularly worse when one is going through a difficult period and hoping for closure.

37. Sometimes, when feelings of loneliness set in, it doesn’t matter who’s around us or how close they seemingly appear.

38. To deal with loneliness, one can also consider engaging in hobbies or other fun activities.

39. Paying attention to what matters is how people can deal with emptiness and realize their current blessings.

40. Feeling empty and alone is losing hope that anyone will truly understand how we feel enough to help.

41. Feeling empty and alone can consume our feelings and psyche. But like everything else, feelings also pass.

42. Sometimes, reaching out for closure from people in the past can be the solution to our feelings of emptiness.

43. An easy way to expel loneliness or prevent it is to physically engage in interesting activities with other people.

44. Most times, taking time to learn something new is a simple but effective way to deal with feeling alone.

45. Emptiness is one of the hardest things to feel, but the experience can also leave one stronger and better equipped.

46. When people feel lonely or empty, it’s not abnormal to see them blow situations out of proportion.

47. To resolve feeling empty and alone, it is best to leave the past behind and focus on the blessings one has in the present.

48. The peace we seek can sometimes come through our willingness to lose connections, places and things in life.

49. Feeling empty and alone might be a cue to step out and join in on fun activities and groups.

50. Practicing self-kindness and patience will never go out of fashion in helping people deal with loneliness.

Hopefully, these feeling empty and alone quotes will be the reminders that offer comfort and positivity when dealing with difficult phases in life.

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