2023 Trending Feeling Messages for Lover

Feeling messages that can be sent and received by lovers should be heartfelt, heart-warming, and should convey one’s heart chat to the partner.

These are messages that show your deep love for him or her; messages that could make one shed tears of joy of relief or settlement. They are the kind of message you shouldn’t hesitate to send to the one you love.

That is why you need to make your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife happy by sending one of these beautiful feeling messages for lover to him or her. They contain many emotional words, lovely and affectionate thoughts, short and long love messages that will express how you feel and make your lover love you more.

If you are trying to express your feelings and make your lover happy, you are definitely in the right place. Pick any of these trending feeling messages for lover and you will be awed by the result!

My Feelings Text Messages for Him or Her

To express your feelings for your boyfriend or girlfriend, these sweet and romantic feelings text messages for Lover will be best sent to him or her.

1. In as much as we have each other, the world is the best place. Your presence in my life is a series of hope that will never end. I love you so much!

2. You are the one I am happiest with. You bring out the best in me and I want to tell it to the whole world you are gold. My heart beats for you.

3. We can’t tell the time we will fall in love but from the moment I saw you, I knew you are the one for me. You make my world go round baby girl. I love you so much!

4. Love grows every day, you taught me how to take it one at a time. Your love is a shining light for me!

5. Your presence is felt and your absence is felt. You are the greatest gift to me in this world, I want to scream it loud that you are mine. Babe, I love you so much.

6. When I look into your eyes, I’m always mesmerized. Your glow has given me so much life and I want you to know that I won’t trade you for anything! You hold my heart.

7. When I’m aloof or unresponsive, you’ve always brought fun and life to me. I love you so much that it’s hard to stay a day without you.

8. You never left me nor get tired of me, my actions, my smiles, my cry, my seriousness! You are always around me, always taking care of me. I love you so much.

9. I see a light in your eyes, twinkling like the stars in the sky showing me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Much love!

10. You know what to do to me, what to say to me, you are never shocked by my actions. I’m always stunned how you do that, I want you to know you are the best gift to me, baby.

11. You say what I want you to say, you do what I want you to do. I don’t know how you do it but it has always been perfect. Thanks for being you!

12. I’ve always been a secretive type but you brought me out of the shell. I’m glad I met you and I will always bless the day I met you. You mean so much to me.

13. You eagerly listen to me, hearing me out on my life. You bring solutions to my problem. You are my knight in shining armour.

14. You gave me hope when it looks like I’m alone, you are still giving me hope for the future. Showing me that I will never be lonely. What else do I need if it’s not just you? My heart beats for you!!!

15. Your words and actions changed me. I’m glad you are mine and I’m yours. This entitlement is what drives me in all that I do. My dear, you mean the world to me.

16. I can’t forget your presence, I miss you yet I feel so close to you. Our hearts have been merged together!

17. I treasure all moments with you because they are my daily album. I keep them so close to my heart. you can’t be forgotten for a minute.

18. You have shown me the real meaning of love, how it is, how it should be felt. I love you.

19. From the moment I saw you, your face was imprinted in my heart. From the moment you told me, you love me, your name has been imprinted on my heart.

20. I didn’t think, it was ever possible to fall in love with someone the way I have with you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you but I’m sure, I will treat you right. You are mine!

21. I know I don’t deserve your love, but you love me. I don’t deserve your care yet you care for me. You are a gift from God. Thanks for all you do for us!

22. They said the things we want, we don’t get, but I’m glad I wanted you and I have you to myself now. My love for you is more than gold.

23. If you take a sneak peek into my heart, you will see the sections are filled with your thoughts. I can’t seem to get you out of my mind. Love!

24. When I look into your eyes, all I see is me. You carry me everywhere, you hold me with care. I love you so much, baby.

25. You are my desire, all I need and want. You have my heart already, nothing is for anyone any longer.

26. You want to let me go because you love me and I want to stay with you because I love you. So much love for you.

27. I love you so much, that’s all I’ve got to tell you. You made me feel like I’m the best girl in the world and I want you to know I’m in love with you.

28. You are my world, every moment is with you and for you. Every moment has to be you, Angel.

29. If I could give you one thing in this life, I would give you the ability to gauge my love for you. For you to know how intense and lovely it is. Baby, I love you!

30. If I could get you something, I will get you a mirror that will show you how you are in my heart, how you’ve taken over my heart. You are my heartbeat, love.

31. I wish I have powers to make you see how special you are to me. You are too lovely for words to describe.

32. If you were in front of me, I would have held you to myself and never let go. You are the best thing that has happened to me.

33. My eyes only seek you, my heart only wants you, my hands only like to hold you, my nose likes to perceive you only. Honey, you are definitely the best.

34. Time before you was nought. Life is fantastic with you in it because the time and season I spend with you are wonderful. Seasons spent with you are worth it. You are my queen!

35. My love for you is indescribable, words are too small to explain the feelings. All I can say is that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

36. I want to do love with you like a Job. I want to be the most deserving, most dedicated, and appropriate person for the job. I love you.

37. Your smile is cute, your laugh is sweet, your walk is lovely. Everything about you is just perfect, I hope you know he loves you.

38. If I’m required to talk about you, I will exhaust the time. That’s how much you mean to me and to the whole world. I’m glad I can call you mine!

39. You love people genuinely and I know that you are soft at heart. It is who you are and I’m you are sharing that heart with me.

40. You bring joy to me, you give me a sense of belonging, you show me love, you look after me. What else can I ask for? You are more than enough for me baby.

41. I believe fairytale because you are here with me. I believe in fairytale cos our love is magical. Our world is wonderful!

42. The only thing that matters in this life is YOU. You are the centre of my world, I can’t function without you. You are my life.

43. You are all I want now and forever. You are my desire, my obsession.

44. My heart beats for you, I won’t ever imagine life without you. We are one!

45. All those sneaky peeps, the small touch, the little things we do is to express my love for you in simplicity.

46. Your voice is my favourite sound, your food is my favourite meal, your laugh is my favourite endearment, your eyes are my favourite undoing. Who is mine not to love you.

47. Since I met you, life has been easier for me, life has been smiling with me. You are too amazing, definitely at the zenith of them all. I’m lucky to have you!

48. Laughing has become my daily routine because of you, you brought so much joy to me and you are still giving me so much happiness. Thanks for being in my life.

49. My life’s journey won’t be complete without you in it and It probably won’t make a lot of sense. There will be no story to tell eventually. I’m glad to announce to you that you are the best, honey.

50. You are easy for me to talk to, easy for me to love, easy for me to admire. You are definitely made for me.

51. The experience with you has been a perfect one, so great to behold and feel. I love you so much.

52. Since I met you, things have been moving forward, no delay at all. You are a blessing to my world, you brought light to me.

53. When I met you, you were not what I was looking for but in the long run, I realized you are exactly what I need to survive. You make my world go round. I love you and I will always do.

54. I can’t keep my thoughts to myself, you must be seen everywhere and that’s me telling them you are the most important person in my life. I love you.

55. I want you to know I love you and I want to show it to everyone in my own special way. You are too good for me and I bless our meeting. I love you and you are my home.

56. I will find you Every morning, you are in my heart, I can’t get you out of my mind. That’s how much your love has consumed my heart.

57. What else do I say then, I love you my woman for everything you have been through with me. I love you for caring so much for the smallest and the biggest thing.

58. I love you so much for sticking with me in the time of trouble, need, and even in the best moment of life. We are indestructible and inseparable for life!

59. Do you know that my world can’t be complete without you? My life is worth living because you are in it with me. Thanks for all that you do for me, my love!

60. You flow in my veins, I can’t get you out of my system. Life has taught me many things but you’ve been in it with me! I love you so much.

61. You are all I ever need and all I will ever need. You are my own angel. I can’t do without you.

62. Through the storm, the wave, the tide, the loops, you were all I ever need for me to become better. My God-given angel, you are perfect for me.

63. You are my addiction, you are flawless and full of perfection. What else do I need? You are the answer to my many prayers. I love you Mamacita.

64. Trees will always seek water, darkness will seek light and I will always seek you. You make my world complete, you are the most beautiful soul ever.

65. You are too amazing to be human, definitely, you are an angel. You have so much importance in my life, love. You mean so much to me.

66. You are my necessity and I need you in my life. You are just what I need, the only thing that can save me from me.

67. I will choose you over and over again, in the next existence, it’s still going to be you. You are my world and I want to rock your world.

68. You complete my everything, you are a blessing in disguise. Just take my hand because my heart is already yours. I love you!

69. I’ve thought so much on “how can I replace you” cos you are just the only version of you. My only girl, I will stay with you forever.

70. I promise to love you better, to hold you better, to care better because you are a rare gem I don’t want to lose. Stay with me love.

71. Life has a way of dealing with us, it has dealt with me and made me blind but you came into my life and served as my eyes. It was you, it is you and it will still be you. I love you.

72. When I look into your eyes, I see my future in it. You are a blessing to me from God and I will worship you with my love forever.

73. You believed in me when Noone did, you believed in my future when the present was bleak. You are mine and I’m yours.

74. Through my darkest night, you held my hand through it all, never letting go of me. You always made sure I’m okay and I’m alive. I love you, darling.

75. The rest of my life, I want to spend it with you. Nobody can hold, touch, love, help me better. Baby, I love you!

76. You are the one that makes me smile, you are the only one that appreciates my bits in this life. We are special beings in my life.

77. How can I repay you for your love, care, life, goodness, and kindness to me. I will repay with my love for you, I will do that till eternity falls into eternity.

78. You make me feel alive! You gave me reasons to live this life and you give me excitement to walk through this life. I’m blessed to have you in my life. I love you!

79. You are the special being, you are the first and the last, you are the only one I see everywhere. You are the only one that matters in all matters.

80. My walls were built so high, but you brought them down just to show me what love is. Angel, thanks for saving me from the bottomless life.

81. I love everything about you, I love your flaws and your perfection. You are too amazing and I want you to know that I feel the world is mine cos you are.

82. When I couldn’t see which way to go to, when I couldn’t tell which is right or wrong, you served as my angel all through it. I love you now and forever.

83. The key to my heart that was lost, you found it and opened up the sea of love. You make my life so good and my world does bright. I can’t do without you baby.

84. Even if the world will fade away if the sea will dry up. Having you beside me is enough! You give me joy and peace, I love you darling.

85. My heart is pure, my hands are no longer coarse cos you came into my life. I love you for helping me get over those!

86. I don’t know why you love me because you can have anyone in this world. You showed me so much love that I can’t do without you now.

87. You love me when I couldn’t love myself, you helped me through my worst moment. You never let me go, you showed me how to love myself. I’m so in love with you!

88. You are the best part of my world, you brought light and sense to my life. Sweetheart, I promise to love you forever!

89. My thoughts fade off, my insecurity fades off because you made the whole world mine. You made all things beautiful for me. I love you so much.

90. You are a wonderful being, I do you wrong yet you forgive me and you forget the wrongdoings. You are the best anyone can get. I love you for giving me a chance.

91. When I think of you, I think of taking you to the moon and making love to you there. You are a special person, a gift of God to this planet. I love you.

92. I was in the middle of the sea but you held my hand. When I was in the dark, you held my hand and brought me out. When I’m lonely, you are the only one, I can count on to help me.

93. When I can’t fall asleep, you sing songs for me. I won’t be lonely cos you never make me feel alone. I love you so much, my dear.

94. It is hard for humans to be satisfied with what they have, but I am contented with you because it can only be you for me in this world. I love you.

95. When I was chasing vapours, and I felt the shadows are for me to chase. You showed me reality, you had me by hands and taught me to chase goals. What would I have do e without you, my love.

96. You stayed with me then and you are still with me and I will ask you to stay with me in the future. You give me inclination, a sense of direction. I love you.

97. Baby, if it’s not you, it has to be you because Noone loves me like you. You’ve never placed anyone over me. Thanks for showing me how important I can be and how important I am.

98. You never make me feel envious of anybody but you make them envy me because the kind of life you give is rare. I’m it for you and you are it for me.

99. You support me, you root for me, you see me as great, you see me as beautiful. Whatever happens to me happen to you, you didn’t let go of me, you never let me feel cold. I love you so much because you are my home.

100. When life broke my heart, you made me whole. When I fell apart, you led me through, you were my eyes. You are irreplaceable darling.

I believe you found what you wanted, and I hope one of the feeling messages for lover reached your lover’s heart.

Remember the best way to never fall out of love is to always talk about how you feel and how your partner makes you feel. These messages are for you to also appreciate your darling partner and to make them feel on top of the world.

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