Fun and Exciting Tricks You Should Try in the Bedroom

6 Fun and Exciting Tricks You Should Try in the Bedroom

Couples at times struggle in the bedroom for various reasons. If you are one of those who struggle, this isn’t something to be ashamed of, and it also isn’t necessarily something you need to see a doctor about. You can spice up your relationship if you have the right motivation and ideas.

When you are looking for tricks to make the bedroom fun, you will get several ideas, but none will work for you. That’s why you need to have several options to make it easy switching around. Below are some of the creative, fun, and exciting tricks you can use in your bedroom.

1.  Play Strip Poker

One of the best moves you can use to spice up things is to play strip poker. This is more like a teaser until you are all naked. It plays into the anticipation, and the long wait will undoubtedly be worth the effort in the end.

The good thing about poker is that it can take some time before the winner emerges. You will have built up anticipation through the games. You can have the loser strip one cloth and the next after they lose the next game.

After one party is completely naked, you can then decide on what to do with them. It’s all about being creative as to who and when to strip down.

2.  Dirty Talk

Over the years, dirty talks have been used sparingly during the courtship stages. You need to bring it back when you want to have fun in the bedroom. It can be lost on you most of the time as you won’t look at dirty talk as part of spicing up your relationship when you should.

For example, if you and your partner are at work, you can start talking dirty to them in anticipation of what will happen later. This will pique their interest and have them well prepared for the time – especially for ladies. Dirty talk will also ensure your partner has an idea of what you want.

Sexting is part of dirty talk, and you need to do it more often if you are going to have a great time. Tell your partner what you will do to them and also have them tell you what you like. It will play out in your mind the whole day and will make it all fun when you get to it.

3.  Include Toys

Toys are today more common than you could imagine. Everyone is looking at different ways to kill the boredom in their relationship, and toys are among the best ideas. With intimate toys, you have a wide playing field to work around. You don’t even need to have your partner around to use the sex toys; you can be talking dirty with them and use the toys. You can also incorporate them into the action while you and your partner are at it. Regardless of the relationship, you can easily use toys to please each other.

4.  Shower Together

You can show your partner what you have by showering together, and they can show off too. You will find it interesting as you water your mouth in anticipation to touch. This is also a great way to get intimate, especially if you usually can’t create time due to busy schedules.

Showering together can also be a great idea for quickies and can be great for stress relief. It can also help you sleep better after a long day at work. Lastly, the shower and the quickie can boost your confidence as you will still feel desirable by your partner.

5.  Create a Playlist

Music can set the tone for several things, and being intimate is one of them. You need to create that playlist that will set you into the right mood – this can start as you have your dinner. It will certainly get you and your partner into the mood and greatly affect your sex life.

Most of the time, the bedroom suffers from boredom when your partner feels less desirable. When you have a playlist that gets your partner on, you will have clicked the right points. You will certainly score more points if you can add scented candles as part of the scenery with the playlist.

6.  Try Out New Positions

The same old positions can be such a bore for any relationship. It would help if you started trying out new things to make the most out of the bedroom. One crazy idea you can utilize has the lights on or off to set the tempo.

Forget about having cover-ups as part of the session, be fluid and go with the flow. If you can, take away the idea of even having the bed as you get intimate. You can do it anywhere you feel like and however, you want to.

Being intimate is all about having fun, so you need to be creative about how you go about it. These are just some of the creative ideas you can use to ensure that you enhance your bedroom activities. You will certainly have fun and be excited when you try them out.

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