God Is Always on Time Quotes

God Is Always on Time Quotes

Have you ever been in a situation where the time is ticking down, but there seems to be no end? Where you seem to be surrounded by endless frustration while everything around you is going crazy? Or if your loved ones are going through a bit of difficulty right now, illness, financial stress, and lack of peace. Don’t be surprised because we all have.

Waiting sometimes feels like the worst. Not just because it means life won’t be better right away, but because, as humans, we always compare what’s happening to us to what is happening to others. We’re not satisfied with believing that God is always on time; we want to be ahead of time.

Trust him while you wait. Believe in him. He has great plans for us that we can’t see now, but when they unfold, we’ll see they are perfect. We’re not going through that difficult times to do just because he has a wicked sense of humour or likes to see his people suffer. God is always on time. Trust and believe. Waiting is hard, but God is looking out for you. Learn to wait for him with these God is always on time quotes:

God Is Always On Time Quotes

God knows what you’re going through. Sometimes, it may feel like He’s taking a long time to answer your prayers or care for a problem. But remember, He hasn’t abandoned you. Even if the sun doesn’t come when we want it to, God always keeps His promises. God is always on time, but we keep putting him off.

1. God is always on time. He has never failed to keep His promises. He’s never late, but he’s always early. Our Father will be there when we need Him, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

2. Be strong. God is always on time. He’s always there to listen, and he’s always been looking out for you every step of the way

3. God never arrives late. He’s always ahead of schedule because He knows our needs and plans in motion for us before we even know what we need.

4. You’re never alone. God goes with you wherever you go and is there to come when you need it the most.
God is always on t.ime.

5. God knows you. He is watching over you, and he cares about what’s going on in your life. God knows when we need to hear a good word. He knows what He’s doing even when it doesn’t seem like it.

6. God gives and takes away. Keep the faith to be happy and enjoy the best parts of life. Your miracle is coming. Be patient.

7. God is always on time. When He said, “The world is yours!” He wasn’t kidding. When the world is beating us up, God always brings us through.

8. God is always on time. That’s why he asked Jesus to make the world in six days because he knew that our impatience would have gotten the better of us by then.

8. It’s okay to feel broken, stuck, and hopeless. It’s normal. But remember: God will never leave you in a bad place for too long.”

9. God seems silent and never comes through when we’re stressed. But, He’s always there even when we don’t know it. If you ever feel like losing your way, remember that God is always there. You are never alone, and God has planned for everything.

10. If you’re feeling stressed and anxious, God is here for you. When you’re facing challenging times, there’s always a reason to feel hopeful.

11. We understand the struggles and worries you face daily. Remember that you’re not alone. You can’t hurry, God. God is always on time.

12. Life is a journey. The point is not to arrive but to explore and find the beauty in everything we do. God is always on time. Showing up is the best way God shows he cares.

13. As we wait to see what God has next in store for us, we can always count on Him to be there. You can’t hurry God or anything he does, but you can get very busy trying.

14. When it’s all about God, everything is about God. God is always on time. He cares, sees, hears, and answers prayers. He is always ready to help when you need him most.

15. God is always on time, but sometimes we are not. Delays and setbacks can be disheartening when you’re waiting for important things to happen. But remember this: God was someone who always will be on time.

16. At one point in our lives, we have felt that God is not active and does not care about what happens to us. The truth is: that God always keeps his promises.

17. You are not alone. God hears your prayers and will send you the relief you need when you need it. God is someone you can rely on. He works in mysterious ways but never to harm us.

18. God is never late; he is always on time. Good times are coming. Be patient;
The road to redemption is long, but the Lord walks it with us every step of the way.

19. God is never late. God’s timing is perfect. He always loves us and wants the best for us. God always has a plan. He is trustworthy and won’t leave you.

20. If you’re constantly wondering why it’s taking so long, just remember that God is on your side. He’ll answer when you least expect it. Although your situation may seem dire, God is with you and has not forgotten about you.

21. God is never late and always on time. Good things take time, and what’s expected is delivered directly to us in the perfect way.

22. Though God may not come when you expect Him to, He will always be there to watch over you and ensure you are safe. In the end, it’s God who is always on time.

23. You are never the only one in a situation you are going through. God is always with us. You have a heavenly Father that loves you and cares deeply for you. No matter what you go through today, you can trust that He is still in control.

24. All things work together for the glory of God. Everything in your life is ordained, and nothing you’re currently going through will be in vain.

25. We know how it feels to wait. Running for a miracle, to wait for your life to start or start over again. There is no need to be afraid or impatient because God is always on time.

26. I know how much you wanted a decent job, and I’m so sorry this has happened. Know that God is always watching over us and that He has a plan in mind. God will show up when you’re ready.

27. Sometimes, the right time is now, and sometimes the timing isn’t perfect. Whatever you’re going through, God is there with you. When you wait, give thanks. God is always on time; see how he delivers.

28. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, and this is the one relationship you’ll never be able to run from. Know yourself, be true to yourself, trust your instincts, and follow your heart.

29. God may not show up when you need him, but he will always show up when you’re ready. There’s no need to worry. He knows what you are going through and will never leave your side.

30. God sees your pain and will stay by your side until you find peace. You are worthy of God’s presence. Knowing he is always here by your side makes it easier to stand up again. On your own, you are limited. With God, the sky’s the limit.

31. We’re all human. We understand what it’s like to take a chance, change life’s course, and get uncomfortable. When we are waiting for God to come into our lives, we are living in a world of ill don’t exist. When God does come, He arrives on time.

32. When you wait for God to make his purpose known, it feels like he is late. But when you recognize that God is always on time, he says he will be here, and he has a plan for your life, the wait becomes less of a burden and more of a joyful adventure!

33. Life is full of surprises—some good, some bad. But the good ones always have something to teach us. Don’t worry about what others say; worry about what you say and do.

34. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. The truth is God never shows up late. Why? Because he’s God. Who is on time all the time?

35. God is always on time. God always has a reason for the timing of everything; he is never late. He will always be there to help you.

36. God is always with you. He never breaks a promise, and He’ll always be there for you. God is always here to listen, care, and upgrade the value of your life.

37. God is always on time. The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed yet. The best things in life are those we didn’t plan, but God always has a way.

38. God is always on time. That is why faith without works is useless. Working without faith is also useless. Faith and work go together like the hand and the arm, or like the heart and the mind.

39. God is often on time. Get used to it, and give Him a chance to show up in your life. You may not be perfect, but God sees you the way he wants.

40. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. All things arrive at the appointed time.

41. Time is the coin of your life. It is not to be measured by seconds, minutes, or hours. It is a form of energy that remains constant but appears to flow at different rates depending on how you spend it.

42. God is always on time. He never comes late; he’s never early. He’s always perfect. He always gets here right on time.

42. God is always on time. His plans are perfect. Even when you think there’s a problem, God’s timing is always perfect. You can count on him to show up when the time is right.

43. He couldn’t have got you to the right place at the right time if he’d done anything other than being perfect, so God is always on time.

44. God is always on time. That’s because He knows what’s best for you.
God has a perfect plan for you! He knows you by name. He is there with you at all times. God is always on time and knows what is best for you.

45. God wants the best for you. That’s why he makes sure to be right on time. Don’t give up on God. He is never late. He has the best plan for you and your life.

46. God is always on time because He knows you need him and can’t be late. We are meant to live happy and fulfilling lives, and od knows this. That’s why we know that everything will happen at the right time.

47. God is always on time, but why the rush? You can’t rush God. God always comes when you want Him. Learn to pray and speak to God. Then your life shall change for the better.

48. Are you running late? God is never late and never early. He is always on time. God always comes on time. Your faith should be strong to believe he will come at the right time.

49. God is waiting on you to call upon Him. You can; He will always listen and be there to answer your prayers. He’ll always be there for you. He’s always in your corner and will never let you down.

50. God is always there for you, no matter what. He is always with you to answer your prayers. Jesus Christ is waiting for you and your family. Speak to him today.

God Is Always Right on Time Quotes

We have a God who is always on time. He is never late and never early. He’s perfectly attentive to the needs of every individual, whether they are rich or poor, weak or powerful. Trust him while you wait. He’ll never fail. God is always right on time. In the waiting, remember there is something to wait for.

51. Praying and seeking God always has a positive result. No matter where you are in life, God always has a plan for you. He is always on time for us, never late.

52. God is always right on time. If you’re early, he’ll wait, If you’re late, he’ll wait some more. No matter the delays you face, it won’t hinder your time.

53. God is always right on time. Sometimes delays won’t hinder you. God is the most punctual being in the universe. He’s always right on time.

54. God is always right on time, looks forward to the future, and delays won’t hinder you. God is always on time. That’s why they call Him “the only reliable clock.”

55. God is always right on time. The problem is that people keep making appointments with life and God and expect things to be “better” by the appointed time.

56. Sometimes we wait on God, and sometimes, He wants us to do something. He is always right on time. If you wait for him to be ready, he’ll show you.

57. When you think of God, does it make you feel weird? Because I did. But then He showed up and told me it was okay. And now I know: God is always right on time.

58. God is always right on time. He is the most punctual being in the universe. You can always count on God to be there for you, even when running late.

59. Sometimes, you don’t get what you pray for. But if you wait long enough, God will provide. Be rest assured that God has a plan. The timing might not make sense to you, but everything He does is for our ultimate benefit.

60. God is always right on time. He has your back, and He’ll never leave you. God just wants you to be happy. God will always be on time for his children.

61. God always shows up on time. The important thing to remember about God is that he’s never late! He will show up when you least expect him. You don’t have to worry.

62. God is always on time, but sometimes you’re not ready. With God, all things are possible. With God, who knows tomorrow?

63. God is always right on time, but it’s our sense of urgency that’s always late. Don’t worry about your current situation. God never abandons his own.

64. When God is with you, nothing can touch you. When he lets go, however, you lose your balance and fall. But it doesn’t matter! Because you know that right after the fall, l he will catch you and hold you in his arms again.

65. God is always timely and on time
God is there when you need him. God understands your struggle and cares for you, but sometimes you may feel alone. It can be difficult to see God’s time but know that He is there with you every step.

66. God is always on time; the rest is up to us. The person who loves him always finds him on time. God is all you need, and He will be there when you need him.

67. Don’t spend all day worrying about what might go wrong. Enjoy yourself; God always has a plan! Believe in God, trust yourself, and you will see the hands of God. God is never late with his blessings.

68. God is always there when you need Him. He will make a way through every situation; God will help you; he understands your plan for this life.

69. At times, we lose hope and faith. Whenever you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, remember that God is with you. Through your darkest moments, he’ll be there to hold your hand. You can always count on him. Trust in Him, and He will never let you down.

70. God is never late; his blessings are always on time. God will provide for your needs; the highest seems like he is late. God will always bless you at exactly the right time.

71. Remember, God’s timing is always perfect. Be patient and believes he will deliver your blessings at the right time.
There’s nothing God won’t give you in his appointed time.

72. God is always there for you. He never fails or disappoints. The Bible says, “God is love.” It also says, “Love never fails.” God never disappoints.

73. God is always here for you. He loves you, and He will never let you down. When you serve God, you will be on his right side. If you’re waiting for God, He’ll come when He wants.

74. We are not promised tomorrow, but we are promised today. God is always on time. He may not be early, but He’s always there. God is always on time. He created the world in six days and stayed up the whole time.

75. God is always on time. That’s why you should never be late for His appointments. Nothing is more powerful than God’s presence in your life. His timing is perfect, just as it is for all of us.

76. Life is not just a matter of living but rather timing.bGod is always right on time. Trust Him while you wait. Believe in His plans for you, and trust that He knows what He’s doing.

77. Nothing is impossible with God. Believe and trust in His timing. God is always on time. Don’t worry about the future. He’s got it under control. God will give you strength when you are weak. You have to believe He’ll be there at the right time.

78. Don’t quit! You are closer than you think. God is always right on time when we meet him. He’s never late. He who walks in the day knows the darkness, ss. He who walks in the night knows the light.

79. Trust God while you wait. He knows what’s best for you and doesn’t have a timetable. The sun will rise, and the clouds will disappear. The sky will to blue, and the storm will pass over. But the faith that each of us has in God is always right on time, no matter what happens in our lives.

80. Waiting on God is one of the hardest things a person can do. But it will always be worth it when he comes through on time and with a plan. He had his plans for your life, so you should trust him.

81. Trust God, and He will always get you through. Wait for God. He’s always on time. Waiting is the best way to find out what you want. God never fails to reward those who are faithful. Your wait is never in vain when you are always with God.

82. Your waiting is what makes every second worthwhile. God is always right on time. Hold on to him and don’t let go. He will never fail you. Wait on the Lord, and he will not only fight for you, but he’ll be right on time.

83. Every second of waiting is a second closer to the answer. You’re not alone. Trust him and his timing. You have not yet seen God’s finest work. Believe, persevere, and wait. His timing is always perfect.

84. An encouraging reminder: You can always believe in God’s plan. Believe. Trust your heart to lead you toward the best future for yourself. God is always right on time. So don’t wait, just do it!

85. Waiting is the hardest part of the journey, so don’t wait. God is always right on time. God is always right on time. He is always with you and will carry you through your most difficult times.

86. God stands for your struggles, and you will overcome them. God never abandons any of His children. He may correct us, and instead of giving us our best and most desirable blessings, He sometimes gives us what is GOOD for us and best for our SOUL.

87. Don’t ever fail. You are always and forever in control. Keep trusting and believing because he has promised never to fail or forsake you. Life is full of challenges, but God has a solution. Trust God and believe in yourself, and you can overcome anything.

88. Don’t worry; God is always right on time. Life is not an instant coffee. It’s a time-consuming job, but never forget that God is right on time with every little bit of it. He doesn’t make mistakes and gives you what you need right now.

89. God is never late. He is always right on time. Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, and those who wait on the Lord shall gain new strength. Wait on the Lord.

90. God is always on time. Never wait for him, but always trust him. God is always right on time, no matter what you think is holding you up. The time you spend waiting for God is not wasted. He is always on time.

91. Trust in God, for he is always on time. If you want to grow, you must be willing to wait. If you want something to happen, sit back and relax—God is always on time. Wait on the Lord always. Wait patiently for him, and he will act. He will fulfil his promises.

92. Trust God when he’s silent, and you’ll always know he’s with you. Trust him when no one else is around, and you’ll never be alone. And trust him in all things, of course—not only today but forever.

93. If you feel lost, like you will never succeed, wait patiently for him, and he will act. He has promised to fulfil your destiny. Don’t give up. Don’t quit now. Wait, patient; trust the Lord, and he will act. His timing is perfect, so don’t be distracted. Remain on your faith; trust him, and he will bless you.

94. Be strong. Trust in the Lord. Put your hope in God, and he will give you strength and hope. He will act on your behalf. Don’t be intimidated by the future. Confidently wait for God to do what He has promised. You can trust Him to fulfil His promises–and to act on your behalf

95. In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct and crown your efforts with success. Just be patient and wait for him to act. Wait for the Lord, and he will guide you to what you need. Wait patiently, and in due time, you will achieve your goals in life. Keep your eyes on the prize. He’s got your back, always.

96. God is always there when you need him. He will never let you down, even in times of despair. His loyalty is unmatched. If you’re having a hard day, he’s there to cheer you up. If you’re sick, he’ll make you happy; God is the one you can count on in all circumstances.

97. He helps you get your job done. You can count on him to make your success his number one priority. God will help you bring your dreams to life, one person at a time.

98. You will never be too old to be joyful or too young to care. Trust God while you wait. He’s always on time, and His timing is perfect. God is always right on time. He never comes late because he knows that if he came early, you wouldn’t be ready. If he came late, you would feel you had no choice but to wait for him.

99. While waiting for God, you’ll never be disappointed because he is always right on time. God is never late. Trust that God is always right on time—even when you don’t see any signs of it. He has His reasons, and they are always good.

100. Time is so precious, yet we waste it easily. God is always right on time, and he never fails us. Waiting is an act of faith. Faith is a state of mind that keeps you positive while you wait. God is always on time. God is always in control. It’s worth the wait for his perfect timing.

101. It’s always good to wait on God. He’s always on time, whether you’re waiting for your first date or for the world to end. When you’re waiting on God, it might feel like a long wait, but He has timing.

102. When you trust God and wait on Him, He never lets you down. The Lord is a time-keeper. You may be in a situation where you can’t see God’s plan, but that doesn’t mean he’s not at work. Make the most of your circumstances, have faith, and trust him.

103. Never lose hope. God is always there for you. Do not forget to praise him. God has a purpose for your life, so never give up.

I am sure you know that there is no better time to wait with patience than in the vine of Jesus Christ. Let go of this world and depend on God’s timing with these God is always on time quotes.

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