Gods Artwork Quotes

God’s Artwork Quotes

Have you ever wondered how you were formed or how some things came to being? I have, and I believe you should have, too, at one point or another. The truth is that we are all God’s artwork, and we are his hand works.

We are pieces of art that represent his work and his essential nature, for he is the creator of everything, and we are all but one of his masterpieces. We are the product of God’s creative power. He used His own hands to create our bodies.

It is awesome to know that every part of our body was created by Him, down to each strand of hair on our head which shows that God has an amazing plan for our lives. But just like any other piece of artwork, you have to be patient and wait for time to do its magic before you start to see your true self.

So, below are some carefully compiled God’s artwork quotes that show God’s awesomeness and creativity. Enjoy!

God’s Artwork Quotes

Everything that God created is God’s artwork, and we are his hand works. He painted our lives as masterpieces. There are some things in our lives that we cannot change, but we can always be thankful for them.

1. God’s artwork is a work of art. It was formed, planned and created at His convenience.

2. We are God’s artwork, and we are his hand works. As his creation, you will always be unique and beautiful.

3. We are God’s artwork, and he is our creator. We are His handwork, and we are His masterpieces. He has created us to fulfil our purpose in life and to be content regardless of our circumstances.

4. God has a plan for us, and he will make it out. We need to trust in his love and care for us.

5. The creator of the universe painted a picture so beautiful and perfect. He created you as his masterpiece and stood by to witness you grow. Despite your past, God has plans for your future. He sees potential in you that even you might not see.

6. We are God’s artwork, and we are his hand works. We cannot define creation, but he did.

7. When I look at everything that God has placed in front of me, I see the beauty, perfection and intricacy of His Creation. From the natural to the supernatural, from the smallest particles to the largest galaxies, the designs are always pleasing, fulfilling and unique.

8. The way we were created, the way God placed us, each one of us is a masterpiece. He made us that way intentionally and not randomly. He did it as an expression of his love for us. We are God’s artwork, and we are his handworks.

9. We are God’s artwork, and we are his hand works. We’re made in His image, and He loves us to the end.

10. We don’t have to be perfect other than to be faithful and trust Him. He has a plan for each one of us. We can focus on the present and learn to live each day, trusting him as we wait for our future life together with him forever because we are God’s artwork.

11. God is the artist, and we are the work. He has a plan for every person’s life, and everything that happens in our lives is just another brushstroke on his canvas.

12. I am God’s masterpiece. He has created me in his own image. I was created to bring glory to him, to reflect his beauty and praise him.

13. God’s masterpiece is you. And each time you see him create something, he sees you in it too.

14. The world is filled with beauty, but sometimes it’s hard to see. That’s where God comes in. He creates art, and that makes the world look a little bit deeper than it really is.

15. The artworks are made by God, and the beauty of it is not in creation but in the eye of the beholder. The beauty lies in the viewer’s imagination.

16. His mind is the place where the artworks are made.

17. Creation is a grand, beautiful and intricate work. The grandeur and the intricacies of creation are beyond our comprehension. God’s artwork reveals His love and His praise that we now see in this universe.

18. God creates all things in wisdom, working together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose.

19. When we gaze upon the magnificent works of God, we are reminded that He is the Master Artist.

20. How God creates the artwork: His incomparable skill and artistry are beyond our comprehension. But, it’s beautiful nonetheless.

21. God is the one who creates our beautiful artworks, and he is the one who guides and directs us to do things right. We don’t understand how God creates artwork, yet we trust him because of his promise to keep us safe and happy in this life and in the next.

22. God creates the artwork as he wants it to be. He doesn’t create anything that can’t be improved.

23. God’s masterpiece is not only in the Heavens but also on earth. His artwork is everywhere as we live our lives. And not only can he create artwork, but he can inspire us to be more creative!

24. God creates all things so that you and I might live. And create you see God’s own nature reflected in the world around us.

25. The creator’s creative process is complex, but the end result is beautiful.

26. A heart for the creation of art, the skill to bring a creation to life.

27. God’s artwork is the space He fills with His Spirit, using our own hearts and minds to create something beautiful.

28. God’s artwork is always beautiful, and sometimes it takes a while to see it.

29. God’s work is never finished. He is always creating works of art in our lives and in the world around us.

30. God’s artistry has touched my life in ways I can’t fully describe. All I know is that I never want to miss a single step in His creation.

31. God’s artistry is a glorious thing to behold.

32. God’s fingerprints are all over this world. He designed it so perfectly, and no matter what we do, he’s still creating his masterpiece. So let us praise His Creator!

33. Come to the Father, and God’s artwork will be revealed.

34. God’s artwork is a work of art, and it’s never finished.

35. God has created an artwork of our hearts, and only He can use it to make us beautiful.

36. God’s artistry is evident in every detail, from the beauty of a sunrise to the miracle of life.

37. All the arts and crafts that have been made by God are noble.

38. God’s work is never done, so we should always be working to make Him proud.

39. When you look at the flowers, they don’t see a work of art—they see a reflection of Him.

40. God’s artistry is so brilliant we sometimes overlook it. He crafts a beautiful masterpiece every day, just for us. His creation is waiting to be appreciated.

41. God’s artistry is beyond compare when it comes to the creation of man. He has gifted us with so much beauty and grace we cannot even begin to imagine how magnificent His work truly is!

42. God’s artistry is brilliant. It’s a privilege to be a part of it.

43. God’s great creation is a canvas of infinite beauty, limitless possibilities and endless inspiration.

44. The works of God are great, wonderful, and beyond compare.

45. Every piece of His creation is an awesome masterpiece, and each person is a special creation. The glory of God dwells in the hearts of every child of God.

46. God created the stars, and He put them in the sky for all to enjoy. God created the earth, and He put us into it for all to enjoy.

47. God’s Artwork is His creation. We are not worthy to gaze upon it.

48. God’s artwork is a work of art that never stops. It continually keeps on bearing fruit, bringing new life and new hope.

49. God’s artistry is the most beautiful thing you will ever see. It is simply magnificent, and it is everywhere. The artist could be in your living room, in your kitchen or in your bedroom—it doesn’t matter. You just have to look for it and look hard enough to discover its beauty!

50. God’s artistry is unique and amazing, so don’t be afraid of the challenge.

51. When we look at the intricate beauty of God’s Creation, we will see His fingerprints.

52. He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men. Nothing is better than that.

53. God’s artwork is greater than any human creation. His creations are unfailing, never tiring, always fresh and refreshing. It is full of rich colours and the finest details.

54. The artwork of God is the work of an artist who moves us with his tender love, touches us with wisdom and understanding and heals us with his truths. Let us not only admire God’s masterpieces.

55. God’s artistry is everywhere. The miracle of a butterfly’s wing beating—or the spark of a flower opening its petals to the light—is His handiwork.

56. It is God’s artistry that gives life to the world: an exquisite masterpiece.

57. God’s artistry can be seen in the beauty of the sunrise, sunset, moon and stars. It can be seen in the curve of a leaf and the way water moves over rocks. It can be seen in bridges, mountains, trees and ocean waves. It is also seen in everything beautiful that God creates: flowers, birds and butterflies, even us — as artists of our own lives.

58. God is an Artist. He creates every work of art, nature and man with a purpose. His purpose for you is to make your life beautiful by allowing Him to use you in the work that only He can do.

59. God is the artist, and we are his creation.

60. God is an artist, ever creating and changing. His creation never ends. He is the master of time and space, of everything that exists. God can be found everywhere—in your backyard or in the most remote places on earth.

61. Incredible praise for the artistry of God, as seen through our life.

62. God’s artwork is beautiful, but it never looks like what we see. It is always unique, always different, and always will be.

63. Art is God’s masterpiece—uncompleted, imperfect. We should never tear it down. It was made by an infinitely gifted artist who loves us and cares for us.

64. The best way to describe God’s art is that it is beautiful and captures your heart.

65. God’s artistry is evident in the beauty of creation. It’s not just how it looks on the surface. It’s not just what you see but why you see it that way.

66. What a beautiful creation! The way God made us, the way we are. We are all works of art!

67. God doesn’t create anything without a purpose. He works with what he has, and the beauty is in the details.

68. The hand of God is on the face of every person. He has sculpted his work in our hearts and minds, just as he created it.

69. God’s artwork is stunning and breathtaking.

70. God’s creations are His greatest work of art.

71. God’s lovely handiwork is all around us. The intricate patterns of a spider web, the stunning colours of a butterfly, and the intricate beauty of a leaf are all miraculous works of art.

72. The greatest art of all is the work of a God that we cannot see but may know in its essence and effects.

73. God’s artwork is better than your best.

74. When you look at God’s creation, it’s like a beautiful painting. It makes you think of his great love and artistry.

75. God’s artistry is written all over your life.

76. God’s art is everywhere; when you look, you will see. When you listen, you will hear. So spend time looking and listening for God’s art all around you.

77. God’s handiwork is beyond compare.

78. God’s artistry is visible in everything He creates.

79. God’s great artistry shines in the original creation and if you want to see it, look no further than the wondrous beauty of a newly born child.

80. God’s artistry is visible everywhere. He designed the stars in the sky and the flowers that bloom, each with its own beauty and purpose.

81. All of God’s creations are beautiful. But if we could see His handiwork from space, it would be stunning.

82. The ultimate purpose of the universe, according to God, is to allow His creation to look up, down and all around—to see His artistry.

83. The beauty of God’s creation is beyond compare.

84. God’s hands are on you and me, and they can never be removed. Choose to see them in the sunrise and sunset, in the blue of the sky or through the glass of a handcrafted vase.

85. God created the beauty that surrounds us and has a special love for you.

86. When we allow God’s work to speak, we can be amazed at the beauty He brings forth.

87. The hand of God is evident in the beauty of a sunrise or sunset. He also uses that same hand to create miracles, like healing a broken heart and remaking someone’s life right before you.

88. God’s art is beautiful, designed to reflect His glory and character.

89. The greatest work of art was created by the hand of God.

90. There’s something about God’s artwork that is captivating and inspiring. When you see it, you want to experience it all over again.

91. We don’t create God’s artwork. We are a window through which the Divine Artist does His work.

92. God’s artwork is revealed in the beauty of nature, the perfection of a flower and even in the way that sunlight reflects off a pond.

93. God’s artistry fits into a variety of mediums, from painting to photography to sculpture.

94. God’s artistry is far more wonderful, powerful and beautiful than any artist.

95. Every day is a new opportunity to create God’s artwork, and He can use your art for His amazing purposes.

96. God’s nature is to create and nurture, not destroy. This makes it easier for us to see his hand in the world around us.

97. When I look at these pictures of you, I can’t help but see God’s masterpiece. You are so beautiful. You are God’s artwork.

98. God’s work is never done. He has the most beautiful artwork in the universe, and we have a small part of that beauty to share with you.

99. We are a work of God’s artistry and glory. We were created by him and for him, and we reflect him in all our beauty and worth.

100. Our God is an artist. He takes us by the hand, draws us close, and whispers a song in our hearts. We hear it—and then we see Him create!

101. As you look at the art around you today, think about how God has created such beauty in this world. Remember that He can use your gifts to help others see more of His wonderful creations.

I guess you can now see from these God’s artwork quotes that God is such a marvellous artist whose knowledge and wisdom are unsearchable. Kindly share any of the above quotes with your friends and loved ones and leave comments below.

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