Golf Course Quotes and Sayings

Golf Course Quotes and Sayings

Golf is an interesting sport, and the golf course gives you an opportunity to play in a myriad of different ways, especially when you have a diverse group playing with you.

Besides that, the golf course provides us with a great leisure activity for anyone who loves the outdoors and likes to compete. It has a rich history, which is key to understanding the game of golf.

So, seeing how the golf course is such a wonderful place to be, it is not surprising that there are many quotes and sayings about the golf course that might just hit home for you. That’s why I have taken the time to write this collection of golf course quotes and sayings I am sure you will enjoy.

Golf Course Quotes and Sayings

Golf is not just a sport, also it’s the nature and the camaraderie with other players that make the golf course the best place to be. Golf courses are the perfect place to practice patience and the true meaning of living in the moment.

1. Being on the golf course is like throwing a challenge at oneself ’cause all you want to do is to just become better than you were when you first started, not even to be better than anyone else.

2. Golf is one game that if you don’t devote yourself to it, you won’t have anything to prove to yourself.

3. On a golf course, it is possible to be disappointed in yourself. That’s the game trying your willingness to persist, then it rewards you as you persist.

4. On a golf course, rhythm and timing are the two most important things that determine a good shot. Miss anyone and miss the game.

5. Nobody excels in golf with a strong ego. You must submit to the experience before you can make any reasonable progress on a golf course.

6. Your commitment to golf must come with a hunger to succeed no matter how long it takes you to try, and the confidence to believe that you can eventually.

7. Don’t worry if you don’t have six packs, they are not important on a golf course. Golf is all about the mind and character.

8. To win on the golf course, you have to win in your mind first. If you don’t believe in yourself, there is absolutely no need to try. You have to work it in your mind until it reflects on the outside.

9. When you are on the golf course, all you need is your first shot, the rest comes with lingering concentration because all you would want to do thereafter is to get it right; the hold, the bend, the stand. All of that.

10. Every golfer is obsessed with hitting the ball ’cause there’s no score without a hit.

11. To have a good day on a golf course, you need to get your angles well, such that no matter the angle of the ball if you’re well positioned, you will hit the target.

12. Perfect shot or not, a real golfer must learn to accept the intricacies of the game, and to do that, mental discipline must be involved.

13. When it comes to the golf course and playing golf, the more you practice, the luckier you get.

14. The golf course inspires commitment because golf is a game of commitment. Once in, you have to play till the end of the game.

15. How does one manage to hit a small ball into an even smaller hole? The golf course is not a place for babies.

16. Once there is a flagstick and a ball, no blockage is too tall to manoeuvre. When you are on the golf course, always remember that anything is possible.

17. It’s funny how you start all over again even if you had a bad day on the golf course. No wonder they say playing golf is like learning life lessons.

18. The only thing a golfer has control over is the ball when it’s still on the ground but, once it becomes air-bound, it’s just all luck.

19. Playing on a golf course shows you that there is no such thing as a lazy shot. Every shot is important, every shot counts.

20. Wake up, feel the sunlight on your face, eat, go out on the golf course, and play golf.

21. Being on a golf course has the drawback that you can’t always tell why you played well or poorly.

22. You must be ready for anything if you want to have the best chance of doing your best on a golf course. That implies discipline and practice.

23. You have a higher chance to grow fast on a golf course because of all the life lessons it brings your way.

24. You can never become too skilled at golf. Although you can get better, someday, the golf course will let you know that you’ll never be able to master the game.

25. Golf is the world’s most challenging sport. You can never be perfect at it in any way. The moment you think you have it figured out, the game shows you exactly why you have not.

26. The best way to enjoy a lovely day on the golf course is to play golf. I mean, you could enjoy a beautiful day in the open, vast beautiful land but why not play golf?

27. The more you spend time on the golf course, the more you understand life. Life Is not always a straight road. There are various sharps and bends, the same way there are wins and losses.

28. There is no better place to learn to keep believing than on a golf course. It helps you keep even when it’s obvious you’re not doing it right. One day, you might get lucky.

29. The moment you get on a golf course, there’s no backing out. Same thing as being born into the world.

30. The fun of playing golf comes with the desire to just hit the ball. The constant putting and trying to avoid massive objects that could obstruct the ball is super interesting.

31. Golf used to be the game of the wealthy and overweight set of individuals. But, now practically anyone can get on the golf course and play the game if they have a core for it.

32. The thrill most people have about golf is the part where they hit the ball and it spirals across the sky. That moment is left absolutely to fate ’cause apart from the direction you hit the ball to, you really can not decide where the ball would land.

33. It’s annoying when birdies get in the way of your ball. Like, what in the world are they doing there at that moment? Why are they on the golf course as well?

34. Golf is a game for strong-minded people. There’s little or nothing physical strength can do on that field. Even the weakest man on earth can play golf as long as they can walk and swing their arms.

35. Intuition is almost useless when you are on the golf course. All you need is a little bit of confidence and adequate mind concentration.

36. For the first time, the golf course is the only place where you don’t have to wrestle or fight your opponent. Just focus on the ball.

37. The longer you spend on the golf course, the more you master yourself instead of the ball.

38. If you really can not afford to be seen, then don’t play golf ’cause it will certainly expose your true character.

39. Don’t go to the golf course with a troubled mind. You can’t play the game well with poor concentration.

40. Playing golf is not as easy as it looks from afar. Sometimes, the more you play, the more terrible your shot becomes.

41. If you want to feel good about your golf skills, play with someone you’re better than, otherwise, don’t play at all. Or better still, face your opponent head-on.

42. Golf: one game with so many nuances yet, no one is ever perfect neither does the length of practice determine how good you are.

43. If you want to humble a proud man, take him to the golf course. The greens, the clubs, and the balls are all exciting to watch yet, very disappointing to golf with.

44. People never really quit the game. Once they try it out for the first time, they will somehow want to still go out to the golf course and play golf every day.

45. If you are bored and want to get mad at yourself, just go to the golf course and play golf.

46. Golf has turned so many billionaires into millionaires. It’s no game for small boys.

47. Being on the golf course is like dancing to the music of the brave. It’s not every day people persist in having fun with something that could be very frustrating and disappointing.

48. If you love golfing, you have no business with depression. Because, most of the time, you will be out on the golf course where nature and its elements do wonders to the human body and mind.

49. Golf is a game of luck. It’s not really about mastery. The wind, the birds, and the pars might decide to be in your way. Nature has a mind of its own, you can’t negotiate your way out of it.

50. It’s far better to be on the golf course and feel good, even though you know that you are bad at it. What’s there not to try? It’s better to try than speculate.

51. Golf would have ceased to be a game if in the end opponents don’t shake hands and still be friends and partners.

52. Majority of the people on the golf course are unemployed men who have wealth and time to spare for fun and games where money is involved.

53. There’s no cheating in golf. You will only be cheating yourself if you try.

54. There are many obstacles to cross in life as there are on the golf course. He who plays golf understands life.

55. A good golf walk could be learned with adequate practice. It’s the ball that’s hardly ever well positioned.

56. Golf practice is effective with focus, and a great deal of commitment.

57. The easiest way to lose in golf is to play with your superiors.

58. All you need is a swing and a ball and a golf course. Left or right, no matter the direction of the ball, the lowest score wins.

59. If you want to test your patience, go to the golf course. It’s easier to be frustrated in golf than anything else.

60. The easiest way to not get tired of something is to make a financial commitment to it, ’cause the mind of people is always drawn to where their money is. So, no matter how frustrating the game may seem, they will always work hard for their money, even though it’s still a game.

61. When you enjoy doing something, you will give your best to always have time for it. That’s the reason golf will never cease to be a game.

62. Many women enjoy having their men go out on the golf course to play golf so that they could finally have some time for their personal needs.

63. Know when to stop. On the golf course, never take more chances than you can afford to give ’cause at the end of the game, you still have a life and business to go back to.

64. The golf course isn’t really a place for competition. Oldies play the game to curb loneliness and boredom. It could be played alone as much as it could be played with an opponent.

65. Golf shouldn’t be just any game. It can be a great source of self-improvement as much as it could also ruin people’s finances.

66. A golf course is to a golfer what a studio is to a musician.

67. The golf course can make you a billionaire and at the same time, it can turn a billionaire into a millionaire with just one game.

68. There’s always one opponent better than you. That’s why the most important golf shot is the next one.

69. You will most likely remember your poor shots more than the good ones because people hardly forget their mistakes. They always seem to dwell on them no matter how great they did. But, the reality is that you have to learn from them and move on.

70. Contrary to popular belief, luck does not just find anybody rather it favours those who are prepared. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. A golf course is a good place to learn this.

71. If you’re going out on the golf course, do not forget your wits. You need them to stay afloat all through the game.

72. Golf is always better when everyone gets a good laugh. Losing is painful, but, a good laugh is soothing to the soul.

73. The best way to always be on the spot is to find a way to lighten everyone’s spirit. Certainly, everybody loves to play with their favourite guy.

74. They say golf is the surest means to quick ruin, and I believed them. That’s apart from women and gambling.

75. Anyone can make good money on the golf course. But, one thing with making that kind of money is that it creates too many bad habits and invites people you never knew you could ever involve yourself with into your life. Money loves attention, both good and bad.

76. Sometimes, what you need is not therapy, you just need a good golf course to play.

77. Never play golf if you’re drunk ’cause, when you’re drunk your mind and focus are messed up. You can’t hold the golf club properly nor can you hit the ball or take a good swing.

78. Identifying the wrong golf ball is as hard as meeting new people. Not everyone has the potential to perform either of the two activities.

79. I don’t enjoy the gym or exercising so much. So, I love that the golf course gives me an opportunity to exercise while having fun.

80. Playing on the golf course once a week; that’s the doctor’s prescription I live by.

81. He sleeps all through the night just to wake up to go to the golf course. Nothing else in the world matters as much as golf to him.

82. It’s a great thing to try and be good at playing golf. But, most importantly, don’t miss the fun, otherwise, it’s no longer a game.

83. Don’t expect to shoot 76 or 80 breaks from the start. Too many expectations will kill your vibes on the golf course. You will need to dismiss the numbers in your head otherwise, losing could take a devastating turn on you.

84. Learn the foundation. Short games are important for beginners as it prepares you for the time when you are ready to finally take full swing.

85. You may be disappointed a lot of time on the golf course. But don’t let it overwhelm you. For what it’s worth, you’re going to be learning a lot about yourself too.

86. When starting out as a golfer, be humble enough to take lessons. Having an instructor will help you more than just doing it on your own, it will shorten your journey and enhance your experience faster. Coupled with that, you will make fewer mistakes.

87. It tiring to miss the shot but, don’t let it weigh you down or kill your spirit. Always focus on the next shot, as that is the most important one.

88. Whoever seeks to be better on the golf course must be committed to the course.

89. Between the time you hold your golf club and position your ball, you have enough control but, once you hit full swing, it’s up to the universe to decide.

90. Whoever you think is better than you were bad at it in the beginning too. If you can be patient enough to figure out how they got better at playing golf, you too can get better.

91. There are a few things in life that could keep your head up when all the going gets tough. Being on the golf course is one of them. At least, you get to have fun even if the game is not going well.

92. From discovering how to manoeuvre the golf course, you can become skilled at getting by some other life eventualities. Being committed alone to a game you love can change your life in unexpected ways.

93. Are we not all searching and seeking something better, more satisfying, more fun, and above all more fulfilling? What’s the definition of having fun without ever visiting the golf course?

94. Perhaps having something to look forward to every day is all you need to stay alive. There are so many depressing things in the world. Golf is not one of them.

95. People make a lot of sacrifices every day just to do things that make them happy. If being on the golf course makes you happy, then why not?

96. If there’s anything I love about being on the golf course, it will be that I got to know so much about myself. Understanding oneself is a life hack ’cause not a lot of people do actually understand themselves.

97. Playing golf is one way to get by the problems in the world. The greens, the bright sky, and the serene elements of nature on the golf course are sure to protect one’s sanity.

98. Rain is the most natural enemy to golfers. It spoils everything. Left to golfers, there will never be a drop of rain on the earth. Then maybe they could stop darkness from appearing too as long as it doesn’t stop their fun. But then, there will always be a home and a bed to go back to, which makes every other thing secondary.

99. Learning something new is like being a child again. You will be humble and ready to accept instruction, rules, and nuances, as long as it takes for you to have good days on the golf course.

100. The golf course; the golfer’s best friend.

Here’s a selection of some of the best golf course quotes and sayings about golf. While it seems that most are focused on the enjoyment of playing the game, there are a few that point out the virtue of hard work and perseverance on the course.

So, if you enjoyed this list, let me know in the comment section.

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