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Mondays through Thursdays are days of the week generally accepted as business rush days.

Obligations, work responsibilities and commitments are devoted for such days. Things get done. Targets are set. Deadlines met. Goals are achieved. Power meetings upon meetings, networking… the list are endless.

The frenzy is real. The stress is out of this world. The pressure is inescapable. Everything wants more of you, and you realise 24 hours is never enough. You need at least 30 hours to balance each day.
You are sleep-deprived, burnt out, or on the verge of a breakdown… No vacation is in sight. But….

Fridays are special and different. Everyone’s favourite day. As faithful as the sunrise, full of promises. It’s time to unwind and grab some fun.

You need s quote or message to encourage loved ones to relax, rest or hang out?
We have it all covered. Stress yourself no more. Here we go.

Friday Morning Quotes

Make the Friday exciting by exploring these Good Morning Friday Quotes.

1. Goody, it’s Friday! Let’s paint the town red, guys!!

2. Incredible…. it’s Friday already. Where’s the party?

3. Can’t wait for Friday, it’s time to catch lots of fun.

4. Oh, what joy! It promises to be lots of fun, networking, reconnecting and much more. It’s Friday, Y’all know!

5. It’s fun time, let’s party guys! TGIF.

6. I hate Fridays, they do not last!

7. Finally, it’s here. The best day of the week. Thank God it’s Friday!

8. Tell my boss I’m not available, it’s Friday already!

9. I love Fridays… but they expire too quickly.

10. The fastest day of the week is Friday, it disappears too quickly.

11. Fridays are special days, they usher in fun unlimited.

12. It promises to be great and fun-filled. TGIF

11. Friday is my superhero. It never fails to rescue me from overworking. Tested, trusted and true. Thank God it’s Friday!i

12. Employees’ best friend is Friday. It gives them the chance to relax, regroup and refresh. Tackling a new task or completing an old one with vigour.

13. Fridays are life-savers! They rescue you from being burnt out. TGIF.

14. Good morning, my beautiful Angel. Ready for the weekend getaway? Can’t wait to be with you. TGIF.

15. Hey, handsome! Finally, it’s Friday. A special day, a special date with my boo of life. Looking forward to our dinner date tonight.

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16. Fridays are special days, I get to spend hours on end with special friends like you. Dining, wining, and frolicking sound great!

17. Good morning, twinnie. Can’t wait to see you tonight at our favourite restaurant. Lots of gists and fun loading tonight.
Thank God it’s Friday!

18. Oh, la la! It’s Friday already. The week was slow, the days were dragging endlessly. Oh, the joy of anticipating days of leisure and relaxation with you my darling.
Good morning, TGIF.

19. Good morning daddy. Today’s Friday. My favourite day of the week to spend a super duper weekend with my superhero daddy.

20. Fridays are always slow to arrive, quick to pull a disappearing act, with the weekend in tow.

21. Fridays are special. They come with double gifts of weekends of pure bliss.

22. Fridays are specially made in China, they do not last!

23. Thank God it’s Friday! Can’t wait to spend a whole weekend with you, my sweetheart.

24. Good morning, my beloved. Thank God it’s Friday! Do please tell the fairy to wave its magical band to hold the day in place. No more disappearing acts for this promising day.

25. Today is Friday! Good morning everyone!! It promises to be a great day. Let’s catch some fun.

26. Good morning, my merry fellows. It’s Friday already. Countdown to a fun time. TGIF.

27. My best days of the week are Fridays and paydays. So much fun and excitement in their packages.

28. Fridays are my lucky days, they never fail to bring fun and excitement. TGIF.

29. It’s a wonderful day. Filled with hope, tinged with excitement, and padded with fun. It’s Friday! Problem is, the clock is ticking ever so slowly!

30. Fridays are extra special days. They are reminders that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. TGIF.

31. I love Fridays, but they do not last. So, I know everything in life has an expiry date, including overwhelming problems!

32. Welcome to Friday. A double-edged day. Fun for employees, and frowns for employers.

33. Fridays strike a chord of sweet notes. They hold fond memories of beautiful moments we have shared together. Good morning, love. TGIF.

34. What a day. Filled with promises. Liberating. Unwinding. Breaking the monotonous weekday activities. Ushering in the needed break. TGIF.

35. Good morning, wonderful team. Ready for a new challenge? Oh, it’s Friday. Let’s party instead.

36. Fridays are specially made in heaven. It’s God’s gift to mankind to remind us we need rest.

37. F is my favourite alphabet. Freedom from work hassles. Fun day on Friday anticipating weekend and a weekend filled with joy. TGIF.

38. Good morning, dear friend. Have you heard? Friday finally landed. It’s smooth sailing out of here for a weekend of bliss.

39. A day of promises that never failed to deliver. A day that comes with a sure reward, all your own. Thank God it’s Friday, let’s rock it!

40. Dieu merci, c’est Vendredi! I can’t wait for our date at our favourite French restaurant, Mon Cher. Quiche au saumon et crevettes and wines like Merlot or Bordeaux on course!

41. Dearest rollercoaster week, I’m so over you, already. I’m leaving you for my bestie of life, lovely weekend. TGIF.

42. Special announcement: weekend has just landed! Let’s give it a rapturous welcome. Thank God it’s Friday.

43. Good morning, my precious ones. I’m pleased to announce to you that the rigorous week finally left via the last flight. Let’s celebrate this victory, TGIF!

44. The ship of the stressful week is sailing north at last. It left behind a special gift…Friday. Hey, folks! Leave your burdens, let’s unwind and catch lots of fun. TGIF.

45. It’s Friday, guys! I’m officially on leave till Monday. Fun things on my mind. Be my guests.

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46. Good morning love. Thank God it’s Friday. May you be blessed with the good and awesome gift from above.

47. Fridays are unique. They come with a special feeling of freedom. Daydreams of enjoying a cool drink at the poolside or watching a movie with a bowl of popcorn. What fun! TGIF.

48. It’s a beautiful morning, little sis. The time of the year you love beach games. Let’s make it a date this weekend. TGIF.

49. Oops! Back-bending, neck- breaking week is bidding its final goodbye. Anticipating a weekend free from the alarm clock, early morning rush, targets and the likes. Nothing as blissful as sleeping in. TGIF.

50. I’m so in love with Fridays, always come with special goodies. Weekends of relaxation and leisure. Reading and indoor games. Thank God it’s Friday.

51. Weekend fun loading, girls. Thank God it’s Friday. You can count on mind-blowing, drug-free escapades. Ready?

52. It’s my favourite day of the week, who’s ready for a weekend getaway, with sporting events and games? TGIF.

53. Good morning, dearest. Fridays remind me of our relationship – slow and steady, sure but short-lived fun. TGIF.

54. No better day than today. Pen down, sleeves rolled up, leg up… Time to slow down and get refreshed. Thank God it’s Friday.

55. Hey, partner! You’ve worked so hard all week. Time to let up a little, relax and unwind with friends and family, doing fun things. TGIF.

56. Good morning, darling. I’ve got a surprise for you. A weekend away from work and stress. Nothing but fun and rest, it’s all arranged. TGIF.

57. You’ve worked so hard, you are almost burnt out. You have earned this rest, time out for relaxation and fun. TGIF.

58. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Having worked hard all week, reward time is here. It’s time to play, rest and have a good laugh. TGIF.

59. I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning. Why? Today’s Friday. I can see a glimmer of hope on the horizon as the jolly weekend beckons. Thank God it’s Friday!

60. I’m full of excitement today. Work is no longer boring or nerve-racking. The weekend is peeping already. Thank God it’s Friday.

61. I’m as excited as a school child. Fridays sure take its time to arrive, but when it does…watch out! Lots of fun, adventure, and endless possibilities. Can’t wait, really. TGIF.

62. Fridays are like Santa Claus, bearing gifts for everyone. Gifts, as each heart’s desire. The weekend of fun or rest, you get to choose. TGIF.

63. ”Hello everyone. The weekend is knocking softly on the door. Hurry, get ready to fulfil all your secret fantasies”. Mr Friday announces, with obvious pride and glee. TGIF.

64. A gloriously beautiful morning guys! Our beach party is but hours away. Pull off your ties and dump the stress, it’s fun time. Let’s roll. TGIF.

65. After the storm comes the rainbow. Fridays are the delicious icing on the cake. After a stressful week, we earned this dessert. Let’s grab the rainbow of fun, games, wining and dining. TGIF.

66. The days dragged on so slowly. Friday is like taking forever to arrive. It’s the girls’ weekend getaway. Lots of gists, shopping spree, fashion ideas exchange…loading. Can’t wait to see you all. TGIF.

67. A weekend to remember. Away from routines and regular norms. Be wild with anticipation. Nothing naughty, but fun nevertheless. Mind-blowing and refreshing experiences. TGIF.

68. Good morning, darling. Looking forward to our date. Swimming, dining and cooling off at the poolside sounds so delightful considering the sweltering weather. Thank God it’s Friday already!

69. Hope comes alive when Friday creeps in unannounced. For there comes a weekend bright with solutions, relaxed mind emptied of worries. Indeed, TGIF.

70. I love twins. Fridays and weekends are Siamese twins. Totally inseparable. So is fun and leisure. TGIF.

71. Give me a Friday, and I’ll gladly dump all my ‘blues’. It brings a temporary relief from stress and trouble. TGIF.

72. Excitement is in the air. A little bird just told me Friday is within reach. With it comes my long awaited weekend of adventure, fast on its heels.

73. Today is bright and beautiful, devoid of distress and stress. This is because my best friend just got here. Friday is bae. So, I flushed my troubles down the drain. Fun and more fun, it is! TGIF.

74. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Love is meant to be wildly exhilarating and fulfilling. So is the weekend. Thank God it’s Friday.

75. I lost patience. The hands on the clock were moving ever so slowly, worse than a tortoise. Agonisingly slow until it brought my desire to life. A Friday of love, unwinding and enjoyment. TGIF.

76. Good morning, mummy. I know you are feeling pretty cool. It’s Friday, you see. TGIF.

77. I’m beaming with smiles. I’m filled with joy. It’s a Friday, the day I bubble with excitement. TGIF.

78. Sheath your sword, hold your peace. Don’t pick a fight with me. Today’s Friday, my battle-free day. Exclusively devoted to fun things. Join me if you care for it. TGIF.

79. I’m grabbing every moment life has to offer for enjoyments. Friday is one. Pop the champagne, let’s sway to the music and rock it. TGIF.

80. Good morning wifey. On a wonderful day like this, you put me out of my misery and accepted my undying love. The plans have been made, bags are packed, time for a second honeymoon. It’s Friday, jolly!

81. I thank God for His many blessings. Fridays included. Without which I’d have collapsed or become irrelevant.

82. Other days of the week are for responsibilities and obligations. Fridays are different and extra special. A constant reminder it’s time for self-indulgence, whatever your fancies. TGIF.

83. It’s a beautiful morning. Friday, a special day as a special gift, from an awesome God. A constant reminder to man, to slow down and get a much-needed rest. Thank God for Fridays!

84. Friday, a promising day that never fails to deliver. Filled with hope and sunshine. Setting the stage for much-needed refreshment and revitalization. And yes, thank God it’s Friday.

85. Incredible, the weekend is gone already! The hours fast receding, impossible to be recaptured. Life is fleeting, but Fridays captured its essence. Thank God today is Friday.

86. No matter how hard life becomes, hope is very much alive because Fridays never ceased to show up. With it, bright hope for tomorrow. TGIF.

87. Turn off the streams of worry. Switch on the sea of joy and bubbling. Don’t take life too seriously, nothing last forever. Even Friday appears and vanishes into the thin air.

88. Friends are for seasons or reasons. Nothing is constant, except Fridays. They always come accompanied by weekends and disappear with little or no notice.

89. Good morning, daddy. Distance is no more a barrier, I’m just a flight away from you. I’ve discovered the essence of Fridays. TGIF.

90. Fridays give us the opportunity to make lovely memories with loved ones. May your weekend be filled with joy and sunshine. Happy Friday!

91. Good morning. May your worries and sorrow disappear with the week. May today and weekend be filled with joy and hope. TGIF.

92. The sunrise shines its glory and the sunset displays its beauty. God is the giver of all. Fridays inclusive- it breezed with weekends and disappears like an illusion, leaving a lingering memory. TGIF.

93. Weekends disappears so fast, life’s troubles should learn from it. Fridays shine like stars, bringing hope and faith.

94. Hurrah, weekend arrived safely. Special thanks to Captain Friday, the pilot. TGIF.

95. Good morning, friends. Thank God it’s Friday. May you experience its blessings today and beyond.

96. Good morning. Let down your guard, loosen up a little. God has you covered pretty well. TGIF.

97. Life is good because God is good. Fridays are His priceless gift to humanity to enjoy the beauty of nature at our leisure.
Thank God for Fridays.

98. I discovered the ‘Oliver Twist’ in me during the weekends… I always want some more. Still, thank God for Fridays. Pretty glorious days!!

99. Fridays are so special. They give you the opportunity to have a fresh start, in a fresh week. Thank God it’s Friday.

100. You have worked so hard all week, you deserve to rest. Thank God it’s Friday. Take the day off and have an early start. Enjoy the weekend and come back to work as good as new.

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