100+ Best Good Morning Inspirational Prayers for 2024

Just as the chick hatches out of the mother’s womb so also is the beginning of a new year. A new year is definitely a time and season to set new goals, aims and aspirations, just as it is commonly said, “ New year, new resolutions”.

Every dawning of the morning is equal to the beginning of a new year. And it’s important and very sweet and loving to start each day of the year with a very inspirational good morning prayer and equally important and charming to send these awesome prayers to that special someone of yours every morning to charge them to the experiencing of newness all round. Isn’t that cool and loving?

Knowing that each morning holds for us all new favours, goodness, and the breaking of new grounds. But all these are definitely actualised by the power of prayers to God.

Therefore plug into the socket of these powerful and Spirit inspired prayers both for yourself and your loved ones.

Make sure you are in the mood right!!!!!!

Awesome Good Morning Inspirational Prayers and Quotes

Morning in the beginning of a beautiful day and the best thing to start a day with is prayer. Are you in need of Powerful Good Morning Prayers to Inspire your day? Here are Lovely Good Morning Prayers and Quotes you will love to always have every morning.

1. O Lord of all seasons and time, I give You all the thanks and worship for making me witness another gracious year and a beautiful morning. My heart adores You, Lord. I pray that this new morning and this brand new year will be a year of divine blessings and connection. May every of divine favour come upon every of my labour and cause newness for me in all I lay my hands on. Thank You, Lord, for this grace once again. All glory to You. Happy new year to me!

2. It’s a new day, it’s a brand new day and a beautiful year has begun. All thanks to You O God for all You’ve done in the previous year. I commit myself to You this morning that has I set out this day I will not know any form of evil and good tidings will come my way. As this year emerges and this morning begins, may I experience a new turn around in all my endeavours and be blessed with goodness and mercies from above. Amen.

3. Glory and honour to the Lord Most High for His unending mercies and sure protection over me and my family throughout the year and even to see the dawning of another new day and glorious year. I decree by the grace of God that this morning and the new year will speak of glorious and wonderful surprises for me and my family. We shall be surrounded with the goodness of the Lord and be guided all through our journey today and throughout the year. Thank You, God, for answers to prayers always.

4. By Your grace O Lord have I surmounted the hurdles of yesternight and the crossed the bridge of last year, all glory to Your Name. As the morning dawns today being the beginning of a new year, may the light of God shine upon me and lead me through the path of His righteousness, may the doors of favours and divine blessings be opened unto me till I will be made a blessing to many others. Thank You, God.

5. Praises and honour to the King of kings for all He has done for me. Heavenly Father, I bring myself humbly before You this morning of a new year that the blessings attached to the beginning of a new day will not pass me by. And every plan of the enemy against me and my household shall not prosper. Wealth and prosperity shall be ours throughout the day and this year. Amen.

6. Eternal Father of Light, I pour out my heart in appreciation to Your holy name for Your countless wondrous works in my life and family’s, thanks to You alone. Here I am before You this morning, praying that as this morning begins, I will be filled with great strength to overcome every obstacle in my way, and everything I need to succeed will be provided for me with ease in Jesus name. May I be blessed beyond measures. Thank You, Lord.

7. My adoration and hallelujah goes to You and You alone, O God for the great acts and workings of Your hands for me throughout the year. May the joy of this morning be filled in me and every happening of gladness come my way. The new year will be a year of breaking new grounds for me. Amen. Thanks to You God

8. I thank God for His wonderful works in my life, I really appreciate You, my Father. I believe that as I step out this morning, good things await me and Your presence shall go with me till the end. Amen.

9. Its another new morning in an awesome year like this, oh let every good opportunity that comes my way be well utilized even by Your grace O Lord. I receive strength and insight to make use of them wisely and profitably. Amen.

10. Thank be to the Lord God Almighty for a new day and for life to witness another year in good health. I commit my day unto You Lord that the mistakes and errors of yesterday will be made correct and better by the reason of Your grace and mercy. This day will speak of good things for me. Amen.

11. Hello dear friend, all glory to the Most High God for His sure guidance and everlasting mercies over us all. I pray for you that as you wake up this morning even on the occasion of the celebration of a new year, may your life be filled with newness and beauty. Goodness and mercy shall follow you always. Good morning! Happy new year.

12. Its morning already dear, wake up for the Lord has prepared His favour for you. You shall be filled with laughter of joy throughout your life. Tap into it by faith. Go and explore!

13. Being successful is not achievable in the dream but waking up and working towards it is the real deal. May you be endowed with heavenly ideas and strength to achieve all that destiny has out in place for you today. Amen. Good morning, love.

14. May this morning bring to you a hope of success and a gracious life ahead. Good morning.

15. Wake up sleeping beauty, its morning and indeed all glory to God in the highest for His mercies to us-ward. Its time to set out for the day’s activities, may you be granted strength and a light and joyous heart to surmount every hurdle on the way to your success. Amen. Enjoy your day!

16. Hallelujah to the Lord God Almighty. We praise His name on high for He has done what no man can do. Once again in His mercies, we are alive. I pray that each and every member of the family shall enjoy great peace and tranquility throughout the day and this year. No weapon targeted against you all shall prosper. Good morning to you all.

17. May new possibilities come your way and may you be granted grace to access them to the progress of your life. Amen. Have a splendid day ahead. Good morning. Happy new year.

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18. Hey friend, hold your head up high and stay focus for today will yield for you great increase and profit. Don’t be afraid, God is with you. Good morning.

19. Hello, my love, the sleeping beauty, arise from your bed and go out there and perform exploit for the goodness and favour of God is upon you. As you are my sweetness, may sweetness and love be with you always. I love you, darling. Good morning. I’ll see you later.

20. Regardless of what life has put in stock through various circumstances, may you shine above every obstacle and problem that comes your way. Have a very blessed day. Good morning.

21. There is definitely no hold to the shining of the sun every morning. So also, may you not know any form of hindrance to your shining and glowing this day. Enjoy your day, love. God be with you. Good morning to you!

22. Be more resilient, for yesterday’s losses shall bring great achievement for you today. You are blessed. Good morning!

23. Wake up dear, go out there, with a Heart of belief, a mind full of strength to achieve and grace to become successful. Go dear! Heavens got your back.

24. Looking at the stresses you went through yesterday, you’d want to feel reluctant to overcome such today. But here is God’s assurance for a new strength and ease in all you do today. Believe it, friend. Good morning to you.

25. May you receive more energy to become more successful today. Excellence is yours all through. Stay focused. Good morning!

26. There shall be no limit to your progress and no hindrance to your achievement. The sky is just your beginning. Go, love, grace is backing you. Love you!!!

27. Hello daddy, all praise to God Almighty for waking us up to a bright new day today even a new and beautiful year. I pray for you sir, that as you wake up, may you be revitalised and given new strength for the day’s activities. May you grow more in wisdom I Jesus Name. Good morning sir.

28. As the sun set out from the east this morning, may your life be renewed and graced with unspeakable joy all through your lifetime. No sorrow anymore. Good morning dear friend.

29. I know you are stretching and yawning now, wow, hope you slept well? All thanks to God in the highest. May you receive calls of joy and messages of life that will be of a lasting thanksgiving for you. Arise and shine!

30. The happenings of yesterday are irreversible and cannot be changed. But today is here with grace for you to do the right things and achieve all of God’s desire for your life. Bask on God’s faithfulness and love, darling. The Lord be with you. Good morning.

31. Good morning Mummy, hope you slept well ma. All glory to God. I pray for you this day that as the Lilly opens up to the dawning of the morning so also shall the earth open up all her treasure to you and everything you lay your hand on shall be prosperous. I love you, mummy! Good morning ma.

32. My sweetness and my darling, you look astonishingly beautiful this morning, you are indeed a beauty. As you arise from your bed this morning, everywhere you step your feet on today shall not be of hurt to you, and loads of sweet and lovely things shall come your way, bask on God’s love for you. All thanks to God for our lives and also for giving me a special someone like you, so dear to my heart. I love you so much, sweety. Good morning.

33. A brighter future starts with a brighter morning filled with gracious words of prayer. I pray for you that every second of your day today shall bring you to the realization of a bright shining future. So get up and begin the process.

34. May all the good and pleasant things this day holds, be released on you. Stay blessed and favoured. Good morning.

35. Arise from your bed and go and conquer for the power of the Lord shall overshadow you. No rebuttal to your progress. Shine on!

36. I pray for you today, as you resume to today’s work, may you be rejuvenated and revitalized to overcome all fears and troubles. Have a stress free day. Happy new year.

37. Hey dear friend, as you wake up to the brightness of today, may you encounter with mercy and the favour of the Lord shall follow you through all your encounters. You shall return home with thanksgiving to God.

38. The dawning of each morning reminds us that every day is a gracious gift from God and worthy to be thankful for. We appreciate You gracious Father. As you set out to do the day’s job, may you never come across people that will tackle and go against you. May you know peace all through your life. Good morning, my big brother.

39. Light is known for the morning and darkness for the night, may the light of God shine upon you and illuminate all through your path in life. Remain blessed. Good morning.

40. Even when the seas roars and the oceans rise, the truth is enduring. Mat the truth of God shield you and build you up to God. Good morning, how was your night?

41. Blessings and favours shall locate you and abide with you throughout your day and your lifetime. Good morning, friend. Have a nice day!

42. Hello love, how was your night? I believe it was splendid. And I also believe that as you wake up to the brightness of this day, goodness shall find you and mercy shall abode with. I’m really missing you even our meeting yesterday was so sweet. Good morning darling, I’ll see you soon.

43. I pray for dear, that you shall find grace and enablement to do it right according to the will of God. Go and explore! Good morning darling friend.

44. Wake up dear and let your heart be filled with joy and gladness for the Lord has made that sorrowful situation a joyous and comely one. Fret no more, God is in control.

45. Best friend, all thanks to God for waking us up to another new day. I want you to believe because Christ lives, all fears are gone and the obstacles of your life are surmounted because He is on the throne. Go out with this assurance. God loves you! Good morning.

46. The day is waiting for you to explore and do great exploits. By the grace of God, you shall not company below expectations. Go and conquer! God be with you. Good morning!

47. Arise from your bed, for its time to go out and shine. The Lord shall be your guide all through the day.

48. May you never be a victim of evil circumstances and the arrows that fly in the day shall not hit you. Hope your night was great? Good morning.

49. May your today be more gracious than your yesterday. Good tidings for awaits you.

50. As you awake to the brightness of this new day even this new and great year, may you be endowed with great strength to make this day count and you shall find indeed have a lot of blessings countlessly. Have a great day ahead. Good morning.

51. Good morning dear, how was your night? Thanks be to God for His mercies. May you dwell in the mercy of God and be led all through the day in His grace and favour.

52. May all your labour be crowned with so great favour as you step out to do your day’s work. Good morning.

53. As you set out today, preparing for the day’s job, you shall never be weighed down by any form of trouble. Peace shall flow like a river in all you do today. Good morning, friend.

54. I pray that you will find every reason to celebrate this day, there shall be no room for any kind of sorrows. Go and succeed!

55. Wake up beauty, its morning. Just as the morning is beautiful and charming so also are you. May your beauty never diminish and there shall be no hindrance to your success today. Soar higher, sweety. Remember God loves you so much and I love you too. Good morning.

56. Waking up is as coming to the knowledge of new ideas for success. May great insight and astonishing ideas visit you and grace be given to process them into reality. Have a great day.

57. May your life be made more beautiful and your existence in this world be of pleasure to the heavens. Arise and shine, God is with you. Good morning, friend.

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58. Blessings and favours shall locate you and bring divine benefactors your way today. Be positive and of a faithful heart! Good morning, dearie.

59. This morning will bring its blessings to you and lead you to a better noonday and alight you to a gracious evening. All together a successful day. Have a very pleasant day.

60. May you never come across sadness and disheartening messages throughout your day. Awesome and pleasure filled messages shall come your way. Good morning, sweetheart.

61. Your path today, shall be lined with kindness from God and man. Favour is over you. Amen. Good morning.

62. Arise, shine and continue shinning for your light shall never know any form of attack. Brace on dear. Good morning.

63. As you awake this morning darling, goodness and mercy even gracious favours shall follow you all through. Go in the peace of God. Good morning.

64. That expectation of your heart concerning that job or situation shall be graciously fulfilled and not be cut short. Happy new year once again, good morning.

65. May your day be filled with sweetness and awesomeness. Have a wonderful day ahead.

66. Open yourself up this morning for great and wondrous things from heaven is coming your way today. Good morning.

67. As you rise to the beauty of this morning, your life shall be braced with strength and the joy of the Lord shall be your strength. Happy new day.

68. May the freshness of this beautiful morning dawn on you and make you more refreshed and revitalised. Stay strong!

69. May you experience fruitfulness in all you lay your hand to do today. Great increase shall be yours! Have a very successful and progressive day. Good morning, love.

70. All thanks to God Almighty for making us witness a beautiful day again. Dear friend, may your life be beautified with great and awesome things even from this day on. Go on and shine.! Good morning to you.

71. Good morning to you, all praises to God for He has made another beautiful day and granted us mercy to see it hale and healthy. I pray for you daddy and the rest of the family that no sickness shall keep you all stick to the bed and no disease shall stop your going out. You all shall remain strong, hale and healthy body, spirit and soul. Good morning daddy, greet mummy and my siblings for me. I love you all.

72. As you go on your journey of performing your daily duties, the sun shall not smite you either shall you wear out by reason of the stresses under the sun. May you be strengthened above them all. Have a very pleasant day. Good morning.

73. Good morning to you, bestie. How was your night? I want you to receive these prayers with faith. As you go out today, you shall meet with mercy and divine benefactors shall find you and bless you indeed. Go in the power of this prayer.

74. Blessed shall be your day and favoured shall you be among your colleagues and friends. God bless you more. Good morning, darling.

75. Happy and gracious shall you be throughout your outings today, you shall know no sorrow. Hope your night you had a great night? Good morning to you!!!

76. Lovely night? That’s good. Your morning shall be more lovely and you shall receive favour from all sides and be a blessing indeed to many others. Good morning, dearie.

77. The night was very so relaxing and cool. And you woke up renewed in strength? May this strength never be diminished but you shall become more and more strengthened. Good morning love.

78. All your expectations and anticipations shall not be cut short as you set out for your great achievement today. Wake up and get ready!

79. Gracefully shall you be broken and encompassed with great strength and vigour to conquer your troubles and hindrances today. You are a very strong person. Ride on with vigour.

80. May you not fall to the terror of the day and the arrows that fly by noon shall not catch up with you. Have a wonderful day. Good morning to you, sister.

81. May the light of God illuminate your path and bring you to a victorious day. Good morning.

82. Praise be to the Lord God for He has done what no man can. And I pray again that in His mercy, He shall continue to do that which no man can do in your life. Believe and be strong! Good morning friend.

83. Let your heart be overflowed with joy and your mouth be filled with praise unto God for His innumerable goodness over us all. Be assured and faithfully for God shall fill your heart with boundless joy and your life with countless blessings even as you from this day on. Good morning, sweetheart.

84. Hello dear friend, happy waking up. I pray for you that as you set out to work this morning, every opposition against you, shall not have their way. You shall be guarded and kept by the power of God through your life. Enjoy your day, buddy. God bless you.

85. As you wake up this morning, great rejuvenation and renewal of strength shall be yours. Go forth and take your place in the sight of destiny. Good morning.

86. May the peace of God flood your heart all through your sojourning in the day. Let not your heart be troubled. God is with you. Good morning dear. Have a nice day.

87. Thousands of blessed memories shall be your experience today and great shall be your day. Have a wonderful day ahead. Good morning.

88. Happy new day. Splendorous moments awaits you today. Go and do exploit. Good morning darling.

89. Many are shall be your blessings and countless shall your divine encounters. Have a gracious day ahead.

90. Hello friend, have this in your heart this morning that God shall cause stagnancy to your enemies and cause speed to your progress in all ramifications. Have a great day. Welcome to a new year and a bright morning.

91. May you dwell under the shadow of the Almighty God and remain under His guide all through your sojourning today. No record of casualties for you. Ride on, heavens are without and within you.

92. Good morning, dear. Know this that wondrous things shall surround you today and your life shall be a wonder to many around you. Remain positive, friend. I love you so much.

93. May you receive grace to soar higher than your expectations today. Great height is your portion. Good morning, stay focused.

94. Praise to the King of kings who has blessed us with so great blessings of His mighty hand. May His blessing be manifold over us all today and forever and be granted grace to heartily show our gratitude to Him. Good morning brother, how was your night?

95. God’s love and faithfulness has once again brought us to a bright new day. I pray that this day will speak of untamable achievements and unspeakable joy shall be ours. Good morning, partner. See you later in the day!

96. Hallelujah for the Lord God Omnipotent reigns in all things. As the Lord lives may you never experience any form of lack for the Lord shall be your portion in the land of the living. Have a nice day. Good morning.

97. Brace yourself for the day’s work. And the blessings of the Lord shall come upon all you do today. Happy new day. Stay refreshed.

98. As you wake up today, every place you have been rejected and abandoned, you shall be graciously accepted and be of importance. Favour shall abode with you. Hope you had a nice sleep? Good morning to you, darling.

99. Nothing shall be of hindrance to you. But every step you take towards achieving a brighter future shall not be truncated. The Lord is your guide and reward. Good morning!

100. I give all thanks to God Almighty who has counted me worthy of today’s dawning. I pray that as I set out today, goodness that surpasses my understanding shall come my way. I shall be blessed abundantly.

101. The peace of the Lord that is calmer than the river shall flood your heart and cause every turbulence and storm of troubles to be still in your life. Go in peace for the Lord is with you.

102. Among all odds and obstacles, you shall rise and take the victory. Take charge and be positive. Good morning!

103. The portion of your blessings today shall never elude you. Today shall be of favour and kindness everywhere you step your feet into. Amen. Good morning, dear. Have a great day!!!

104. May your steps be of peace and everywhere you put your head into, you shall be highly favoured. Good morning to you.

105. Each of your aspirations and goals shall be achieved today by the special grace of God. Good morning, go out there and overcome.

106. Gracious supplies and abundance of goodly materials are yours today. Arise and take your possessions in Christ. Good morning, friend.

107. New possibilities coming your way today, get up now from your bed and access them for grace from God has been supplied to you.

108. As the new day sets out, so shall you also experience newness and freshness in all your endeavors. Amen. Good morning.

109. Wake up refreshed and renewed in strength. The day’s job awaits its conquering. Go and overcome.

110. A new lease and release of life shall be yours today. Arise from your bed, new achievements await you. Good morning to you, dear.

With these set of awesome good morning prayers for the new year, you are indeed set to go out and explore in the strength and grace of God. Connect faithfully and hopefully into these prayers and you shall thank God you visited this site on time. Have a great day ahead.

Do you really want more? I bet you’ll be happy to see that you can have more beautiful prayer points to start each day both for you and that special someone of yours, therefore don’t hesitate to select and share to those loved ones.
I believe it’s really great and awesome to do these more often, isn’t it?

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