Good Night Blessing Messages (2023)

The night is another season entirely when most creatures rest and get ready for the next day.

Surprise the people that you care about by sending them an inspirational and lovely good night message. As we have made available a wide collection of good night blessing 2023 messages for family members, friends, your spouse, your husband, your lover and your loved ones that you can send.

Wish them good night, tonight and every night.


Have a Good Night Messages and Blessings

Make your special someone happy with these good night blessings and good night messages for him or her; The best of good night wishes, messages, greetings, prayers and quotes for Friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife and family members.

1. May your sleep tonight be peaceful, blissful and restful. Good night, my darling, God bless you. Sleep tight, sweetheart. I love you!

2. May your dreams be lovely and sweet just like your sweet tender love. Good night my queen, sleep tight.

3. My love for you is so deep as the depth of the ocean, like a gentle moving bird in motion ready to land again in my true emotions of course my love for you is a beautiful version. Sleep tight, my Love. Good night.

4. Hey love, as you lay your head on that pillow of yours and embrace your blanket, keep this always in mind that I love you and will always do. Good night, my Love.

5. As the night draws near, may your sojourning throughout the night be of peace and full of awesome dreams. May you wake up to bright and shining daylight, good night, darling friend.

6. As you lay your head to sleep tonight, may you sleep comfortably and be without trouble during your sleep. May you wake up more lively and rejuvenated. Good night, love. God bless you and keep you.

7. Tonight’s sleep shall be a sound, sweet and healthy sleep for you. May every unfavourable issue within and around you be made settled and made favourable. God bless you, darling sister. Good night.

8. May the Lord bless your heart with happiness, fulfilment and joy overwhelming. This night shall be blissful and restful for you. Good night, dearest brother.

9. As you sleep tonight, may the Lord strengthen you and reenergize you. May His blessings rest upon you abundantly. Sleep tight, sweetheart. Good night.

10. Take no thought of all the stress and hullabaloo you went through today for the Lord shall rejuvenate you as you sleep tonight. Enjoy your sleep, dearie. Good night to you, precious dad.

11. Sleep tight dear, a lovely give up to the night, for the rejuvenation of your body, indeed a gift of a blissful night. Happy night rest love.

12. May the gentle blowing breeze of the night lull you to sleep and puff you with its calmness, my love. Good night!

13. May the berceuse of the sound of the silence of the night comfort you and cause you to have a peaceful sleep. Good night my angel!

14. Being with you every night to hold you close and gaze on your lovely face and embrace you through the night, my love. I love you so much, sweetheart. Good night.

15. The night is so calm, your love is like a soothing balm. May God send His angels to take charge over you as you sleep, my love. Good night! Love you!

16. As you sleep tonight, may the angels of God keep vigil over you. May your sojourn into the dreamland be guided by God’s light. Make sure you find me in your dream, for I’ll be there for you also. Good night, love, sweet dreams! My radiant beauty!

17. Hey friend, I know you might have been stressed out because of the day’s work, anyway I pray that all the labours and struggles you went through today be crowned with favour and success. The Lord shall bless the works of your hands according to His will. Good night, friend. Sleep tight.

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18. May you have a very sound sleep tonight darling, delete from your hearts every weighty thought for the Lord shall give you peace and make your night indeed peaceful. Good night, sweet mother!

19. May the Lord give you peace from every trouble of your heart. Good night, dear sister. God bless you. Love you!

20. Hello darling, may this night be sweet, sound and strengthening for you, sweetheart. Enjoy your sleep, love. Make sure you dream of me!

21. As you lay your head to sleep, may the Lord give His angels charge over you through the night and bring you to bright and shining daylight. Sleep tight, dear. Good night!

22. This night shall be a night of great rest and blissfulness for you. Your sleep shall be peaceful and trouble-free. Good night, darling dad, love you!

23. May your sleep tonight bring you peace and new strength. May you receive more grace to do your day’s job excellently. Sleep tight, darling. Good night!

24. Now the day is over and the night is drawing near. As the dark draws in and the night comes in, may your sleep be calm, cool, trouble-free and very rejuvenating. Good night dearest sister.

25. This night shall be a silent, sweet sound night for you. Your sojourn into the night hours shall be peaceful and blissful. Good night, my love.

26. Friend, take away from your heart every weighing down thoughts from and have faith in God, He shall give answers to all your troubles. This night shall be peaceful for you. Good night darling friend!

27. Whenever you feel sad about anything just let it always be at the apex of your heart and mind that God cares for you and will solve each of our issues. Keep this in mind, clear your thoughts and finally, have a nice and calm sleep tonight. Good night, my sweetheart.

28. I have a friend that always look out for His own and will never leave them in any situation. That friend is Jesus, of whom you are also you are a friend of. With these words of mine, take a deep breath, calm yourself down and have a good night for that trouble our friend, Jesus has solved it already. Good night, daddy!

29. Are you trying to sleep now? That’s good darling, take a deep breath, clear off that pressing thought, relax your mind and enjoy your sleep. May you wake up refreshed and lively. God bless you, my love. Good night.

30. As you lay your head tonight to sleep, may you not sleep into your death. May your sleep tonight be stress-free and very peaceful. I love you so much, mummy. Good night to you!

31. Having a good sleep is a function of how peaceful the night is. May this night be peaceful, blissful and warm for you. Make sure you cover yourself well against the cold. Good night darling friend.

32. I enjoyed our togetherness today and hope to have more of it. Sleep tight darling friend and have a good night. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

33. May this night be a night of calmness and blessedness. Enjoy your sleep and wake up more lively. Good night, my handsome brother!

34. As the night closes in and you close your eyes to sleep, may you sleep soundly and sweetly. No form of disturbance shall spoil the soundness of the night for you. Do enjoy your rest darling sister. Have a very good night.

35. The day was indeed stressful and nerve-wracking but, knowing that you are mine makes my heart feels so cheerful and calming. Good night, rest well my sweetheart.

36. May the quietness of the night bring you peace of mind and cause you to have a sound sleep. Good night, sweet sister! See you tomorrow!

37. The night is calm and cold, as you venture into the realm of sleep, may your sleep be calm and full of warmth. I wish you good night my love.

38. Mothers are gold that one could have, godly mothers, are indeed priceless gold to posses. I can’t trade you, mum. Do have a very good night sweet mum.

39. You have raised me as a virtuous personality. God has helped you to do this mother. I can’t ask for anything better than this. Your day might be a bit stressful mum, but your night shall be restful and blissful. Good night my lovely mum.

40. Nothing can take your love from my heart, sweet mother. I love you to the moon and back. Rest well tonight mummy for I pray that this night shall be once again peaceful and blissful. Good night!

41. May the serenity of the night make your sleep full of tranquillity. Sleep, tight darling friend. Good night!

42. Bounce on your bed, take a deep breath, close those lovely eyes of yours, clear your thoughts and ride on into the land of dreams. Hey, don’t forget to dream of me! I love you, sweetheart. Good night!

43. Fathers are like a shield and a teacher for one. You have been like such, dad. I love you. May you have a good night rest and a rejuvenated strength when you wake up.

44. The stars are up there shining their light and the moon gives out what its ordained to do. Tonight is blessed to make your rest sound, sweet and strengthening. Sleep well, father. Good night!

45. Sleep well and relax your mind dad? Don’t worry, that disturbing situation is already solved. Just believe daddy, and enjoy the night’s serenity. Good night to you, my precious dad.

46. May tonight rest be indeed restful for you. May your sleep be trouble-free and your strength be rejuvenated. Good and splendid night rest to you, dad.

47. You are stressed out now right? Go to sleep and see how you shall be re-energized. Take no thought, father. And have a good night rest!

48. For the fact that I’m not around doesn’t mean I don’t care about your resting period, my dear wife. As you sleep tonight, take thought of me as I am around you embracing you as you get ready to sleep. I love you, my darling sweetheart. Do have a lovely night sleep.

49. Place your head gently on your pillow and curl you blanket softly around you as you adventure into the night peacefully. Do have a blissful and calm night rest. Good night, my sweet wife.

50. Sweet lullabies of heart singing out to you, calm and cool breeze of the night and indeed the silence of the night. All these are ready to make you have a wonderful night experience. Good night, sweet friend!

51. I wish that you will always be smiling and even forget all your worries despite. May your rest tonight write off all your worries. Good night to you, my sweetheart.

52. As you lay your head to rest tonight, dear, may you enjoy every bit of your sleep and have a taste of the calmness of the night, do have a lovely night rest, friend. Good night!

53. Good night, dearest friend, sleep tight. I hope that you will have a great night rest and be energetic tomorrow morning.

54. Each time you close your eyes and fall asleep, may your sojourn into the dreamland be a sweet adventurous one. And every time you open your eyes in the morning, may the reality be also great! Good night.

55. It still baffles how fast this long day has ended. Anyway, I’m wishing you to peaceful rest and energetic recovery tomorrow. Your beauty needs to be ravishing the more. Sleep is necessary for our beauty. Good night my beautiful jewel!

56. Not being around you is always so boring, life with you is so much better, friendie. Can’t wait to see you again. Goodnight!

57. May you be guided by the angels of the Lord and your night be blessed with the sweetest of dreams guide. I love you so much, mum. Good night!

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58. Tonight’s sleep shall be happier for you and your morning be the happiest of all. I love you and miss you, brother. Have a very good night!

59. I can’t do without texting to wish you a lovely night rest and sweet dreams too. Sleep tight, buddy, do have a very good night.

60. May your heart find great harmony as you sleep tonight. May your sleep be peaceful and blissful. Have a very good night!

61. I hope that you sleep well tonight, buddy. I will ensure to appear in your dreams, tickle and play with you until you laugh out your ribs. I’m really missing you here. Anyway, do have a very good night, friend.

62. I will see to it that no sleepless night ensnares my lovely friend! I will combat with every nightmare so that your sleep will indeed be peaceful. Actually, let’s say the truth, I’m missing you like seriously! Goodnight, my lovely friend.

63. Good night dear sister, may God see you through the night and wake up with renewed energy.

64. May the Lord bless you with lots of happiness and relieve you of your stress and cause you to have a good night. Good night brother.

65. I wish the night become so beautiful for you. May Lord quench off every form of disturbing issues from your heart. Enjoy your sleep darling. Have a blessed night.

66. Good night dearest cousin, I wish you a very sweet night. May your sleep tonight be a calm and peaceful one. May you wake up more strengthened and rejuvenated. Have a nice rest.

67. Hey buddy, my wish you tonight is that you have a sweet night and that tomorrow brings you more blessedness. God bless you and lead you in the path of success. Good night, best buddy!

68. Hello nice nephew, as you sleep tonight, may you sleep peacefully and wake up rejuvenated. we all shall be thankful again to God at the dawn of the day. Rest well, dear. Good night.

69. I wish you good night, May God guide you through your sojourn in the night. May you be blessed with lovely dreams that will turn into reality at the dawning of the day. Have a beautiful night rest, sweet sister!

70. We are thankful to God for a beautiful day we’ve had today and heartily grateful for His guidance through the night. As you retire into the night, may you sleep well, sleep soundly and wake up healthily. Good night, daddy!

71. Good night dear mother, may you have a peaceful night and a wonderful tomorrow. Good night mummy! See you tomorrow!

72. My sweetness, my love. I wish that we are sitting together tonight under the tree despite the weather knowing that we are destined to be together for my love for you is forever. I really can’t wait to have you by my side right now. Anyway, tomorrow is just around the corner. I wish you a very lovely night rest. Good night, my love.

73. Good night dear, May God bless you and grant you to sleep in the peace of mind and heart every day. Good night sweetheart!

74. Hello, my love, the beauty the night wears is not complete just with dazzling stars of the night and cool glowing of the full moon; its beauty is complete when two hearts knitted in love share the same lovely thought. Good night, my better half!

75. As the day tenders its retirement, set all your day aches, stresses and worries aside and let the coolness of the night wrestle down the lashes of your eyes to have a restful sleep. Have a lovely night, my dearest friend. Good night.

76. Take a walk towards your bed, take your first step by laying on your bed, gently close your eyes as you count number 1 to 10. The cool breeze of the night is set to give you a warmth sleep tonight, oh what a cool night it shall be for you friend, can’t trade you friend.

77. Sleep with a great sigh of comfort as the night is prepared for you to have a blissful sleep. Good night

78. As you walk to your bed for a peaceful night rest, may the coolness of the night and the quietness of its nature coupled with my lovely good night wishes make this night a blissful one for you. Good night, my precious jewel!

79. As the night sets in and creatures go into their place of rest, may you as a beautiful creature of God be blessed with an abundance of tranquillity and comfort as you go to sleep. Do have a very good night rest, darling friend.

80. In the silence of the night, I see nothing but the twinkling of your eyes which are tied to the calmness and coolness of the night. Wishing you sweet dreams, dear. Good night!

81. Having you as a friend is a lot of blessings packaged in a bond called friendship. Take your rest in my sweet good night wishes for you tonight as you retire to the night. I wish you a whole lot of joy and comfort even as you sleep, do enjoy the calmness of the night. Good night friend, see you tomorrow!

82. The dark mystery of the night is always followed by the brightness of the day full of new strength, joy, hope and exploration of realities. Good night, mummy. I love you!

82. The blowing of the breeze each night reminds me of the tenderness of your love and the softness of your touch. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much. I love you, sweetheart. Do have a very good night!

83. Each time I sleep, I will think about our lovely moments spent together and wait to be with you again. Good night, my love.

84. The night seems to be too long, this is because I can’t wait to behold your lovely face and hold you tight in my hands. I wish you a good night rest and also wish that the morning comes quickly. I love you, darling.

85. Good morning, oh! Sorry! I wanted to say good night. I’m just so missing you here right now that I am seriously waiting for the morning to dawn that I can be with you again. Good night, dear friend.

86. Never end the day with a negative thought. Regardless of how hard things were, tonight’s rest will cool off your stress and get you ready for tomorrow’s a fresh challenge and you shall indeed be a winner. I love you dearly, my sweet sister. Good night!

87. May the angels of the Lord guide you through the night and see you through as you lay your head to sleep. May your night be blessed with calmness and tranquillity. Good night cousin.

88. Lay your head gently, close your eyes slowly for the dazzling of the night’s calmness is set to make your sleep a blissful one. Good night, darling friend.

89. May you have a sweet night rest darling. See you tomorrow! Good night!

90. The night is here and it’s time to rest. Take a deep breath sweetheart and swing into the calmness of the night. Good night, my wife. I love you!

91. May you have a good night coupled with loads of lovely dreams. Don’t worry I’ll be in your dreams to make you laugh out your ribs. Good night, darling.

92. As you retire into the night, just lay your head, close your eyes, take a deep sigh and release yourself to the tranquillity of the night. Good night, dear friend.

93. The day was indeed stressful and you are worn out already. Relax, write off every thought of the stresses of today for you are awaited by quietness, calmness and comfort throughout the night and with new strength shall you wake up tomorrow. Good night, daddy.

94. Go into the night with the belief that every lingering disturbing issues are solved already. Enjoy your sleep dad. Good night sir.

95. This night shall be a night of blissfulness for you, you shall enjoy every moment of it as it climaxes into the day full of brightness and liveliness. Good night dear friend. Sleep well.

96. Have a great night rest dear. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. May each moment of your rest tonight be peaceful and blissful. Good night dearest brother.

97. Looking back at how the day went, you just can’t wait to spend your honeymoon with your bed tonight. I wish you have a great night rest and a rejuvenated strength tomorrow. I love you, my sweetest mum! Good night ma.

98. I have a few wishes for you tonight as you go to sleep. May you sleep soundly and sweetly. May your dreams be filled with joy and happy moments. And may we be together forever. I love so much, my sweetness. Good night!

99. Each time I lay on my bed, the thought of the day’s lovely outing with you just kept on coming back to me. I miss you a lot, dear. I wish you a very good night. Hoping to see you tomorrow.

100. As you retire into the night, may all your troubles melt away, may all your mountains of problems be levelled down to the earth. May you find all the happiness you deserve and the joy apportioned for you. May tonight’s sleep melt every sorrow in your heart and bring you to a bright and new day full of opportunities and possibilities. Good night, my friend.

Wow! The night is indeed an important part of human existence.

It is the major time for rest, rethinking, regaining, and restrategizing in everything of our lives.

I believe with these inspirational and lovely good night messages for all, you would do a great deal in ushering such a one to having a memorable and lovely night rest.

Take the first shot, dear. Send these and complete your loved one’s day!

Take the second shot by commenting on this post as your comments will be highly appreciated and loved.

Good night to you also, do have a splendid, super and sound sleep.

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