Heartfelt Good Night Prayer for Friends

2023 Heartfelt Good Night Prayer for Friends

Night is a very special time of the day in anybody’s life. We all want to go back home and rest after a hectic day’s job. But, nothing makes this moment somehow unexciting like not getting a Heartfelt Good Night Prayer with Wishes from a Friend.

Now, this is how your friends feel when you don’t send them a message. They need to read a heartfelt text message from you before they go to bed because it keeps them feeling happy and cherished throughout the night.

So, if you want to make them experience a splendid night all because of your message tonight then, Below is a list of inspiring
goodnight prayers for friends, with good night, wishes quotes for him or her.

Do Have a Goodnight Prayers for Special Friend

Your special friends and, of course, best friends deserve accolades that come in wishes. They deserve inspiring words that remind them of how special they are to you. And these good night prayer for friends are for such lovely friends to have the best of the night and wake up next morning energise and inspired.

1. You are my most treasured friend. You are not just a mere one but, a kind of special person to whom I have reserved a soft spot in the bosom of my heart. And as you lay on your lovely bed to rest for the day. May your night be filled with joy and peace of mind, my dear. Good Night.

2. This Good Night prayer goes to the one reading this very message. I pray and hope that your morning begins with smiles, giggles, excitement, and laughs due to the Sweet Dreams you will get to see when you go to dreamland tonight, my dearest friend. The one whom my stomach develops butterflies for.

3. These days, people come online or even offline to complain of not haven “slept well” due to one problem or the other. But, as you lay down gently and pull your blanket to cover your body. May all that will bring you sadness fade away as the night begins to wrap-up and give way to the morning too. Good Night, my friend.

4. Good Night to my one and only chum. You are the one I can proudly call my “brother from another mother”. May God double your everyday hustle. In fact, may your efforts seem like you have a helping hand by your side even though you are the only one on your grind. Good Night my friend.

5. This prayer is to you, my dear friend. May your nights be covered with special shields by angles from above. As you go to bed to rest after your everyday activities may you find comfort and peace of mind too, my dear. Good Night Friend.

6. Whatever makes you feel bad or low right now, may it be washed off your mind as you go to rest on your bed, this night. May your nightfall be full of joy and happiness. May all that your heart sincerely desires be brought into reality this night. Good Night dear.

7. As you get yourself ready to go to bed and rest for the night. Let all your heart wishes become a dream come true no matter how gloomy this evening might be to you, my dear. I heart you and I don’t want anything bad to befall you, my dear. Good Night, okay?

8. What’s life without a good friend like you? I almost run short of words to describe how I feel for you, my sweet friend. May your night be full of sweet dreams and heart-calming mares. Good Night my adorable Friend.

9. Before, I wish you a good night rest. Let me say this, let your night rest be full of the lovely thoughts of how we used to cuddle ourselves whenever it’s cold or breezy when we are together. My love, I really wish you are here with me, letting me smell your body, your curly hair and all. Goodnight.

10. Good Night to the only one whom my heart throbs for. I really can’t imagine my life living without you my dear. Sometimes I wonder where you’ve been all this while that I keep searching for someone to fill the big hole in my heart. May your night be a well-used one. Good Night my Lovely Friend.

11. Good Night my one and only chum. You know that I care about you right? Yeah, seriously I do. Although, I know that I can’t provide for you all that you want and I can’t do all that you may expect a fried to because I’m not perfect. But, I’ll always make sure I pray for you to excel too.

12. Good Night my lovely friend. May this night bring about the end of your sorrows and also bring all flames of hope from all that you’ve ever lost in your daily struggles and aspirations. Good Night my friend.

13. Good Night to my one and only friend who has turned into a brother. Someone whom my heart wishes all the best for in his daily endeavours. May your night time make you find solace and peace of mind dear.

14. Let all that hurts you deep down in your heart become a bygone issue as soon as you wake up in the morning after this night. I know it’s going to be a hard thing to believe but,  that’s all I pay for you, my dear friend. Good Night.

15. Nights seem scary these days. Most times, we wish life had given us an option to die without facing the consequence of suicide. But, all I pray is that we get to pass through this trying times stronger together. Good Night, my sweet friend.

16. Life is full of joy and happiness. I really don’t want you to miss any episode of the good and happy moments you deserve my dear. May your night bring you a reason to widen your cheeks and smile while sleeping, dear. Good Night my lovely Friend.

17. Good Night my dear friend. I hope that you are still fine like I left you some days ago. Now that you are about to go to bed and rest. Let all that the enemy plans against you never come to up pass in Jesus name.

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18. Life sometimes throws some tests on our way that we have to strive so hard to overcome them. It’s really frustrating and energy sucking to have to fight a lot of challenges almost every single day of our lives. But, as you lay on the bed this night, may you realize more reasons to smile than cry. Good Night dear.

19. What’s the essence of life in the first place if you can’t get to enjoy your way through it. But, this only come and go. It doesn’t happen always. And as you sleep tonight may your night be filled with joy and tranquility. Good Night my friend.

20. As you begin to pack your wares to go home after today’s work and go gimme to relieve the stress you feel in your body. May the Lord God almighty guide you home and give you the most joyful night rest you’ve ever had. Goodnight my lovely Friend.

21. Good Night to the only person who does not only have my back. But, is almost always on my side to help me when I’m in trouble or passing through trying times. I really appreciate your kindness and selfless spirit dear. May God help get to accomplish your life goals.

22. Life has really been a pot of beans right from my childhood days. I never thought I’ll get to find someone so special and caring like you. I’m glad that our paths crossed. May God in his unending mercy grant you a joyful night rest my lovely friend.

23. Whatever is currently depriving you of the best and sweet things in this life be removed in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray that your back pains and headaches will be healed as you go to bed to sleep this night. Good Night.

24. Let the angels of the night be with you from the very moment you close from your workplace to eat dinner, wear your nightdress, get your blanket ready to rest. Goodnight my Friend.

25. I know that I may never be the best of friend you’ve ever had. But before you go to bed let me wish you this; I wish you a lovely night rest and sleep, my sweetheart. Goodnight.

26. For all that you’ve ever done for me just to see that I live a better life on this earth, may you get to receive it in ten folds, my dear. And as you go to bed this evening, may your night be a splendid one, my lovely friend. Good Night.

27. Upon all the stress and pains you had to pass through from morning, noon to evening. May your night numb the pains you currently feel as a result of the labour you had to do since morning. Good Night.

28. They say that “joy comes in the morning”. But,  may your night bring about the beginning of a new dawn in your life, a life full of happiness, joy, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Good Night.

29. If there is anything this life has been keeping in store for your future. I pray and wish that your future begins from this night. Starting from the kind of things you dream about to the energy you’ll wake up with bug morn. Good Night to my lovely friend.

30. Life comes in phases the say. Although, your grind was going on smoothly and of late, things have not been as smooth as it were for you. I pray that as you rest tonight your frustrations will fade away with the coming of a new day and you will soar like the sun. Good Night my friend.

31. Life is what we’ve grown up to find ourselves in; a land full of sorrows, a farm yet to be tilled, a race full of hurdles and as you go to bed tonight. May God take off the pains and headaches you are experiencing in life. Good Night my friend.

32. Even though you may not get to have whatever you want as soon as the craving begins in your heart and it may be hard for you to take your cravings automatically, whenever you have any. May the Lord of the most high heavens grant your heart desires my dear. Good Night my lovely Friend.

33. For the things you painstakingly did for me just to see that I’m happy I want to wish you a peaceful night rest do you can get to ease off the pain of the stressful day you had. Good Night my lovely Friend.

34. Good Night to the one whom I can beastly calk “my brother from another mother” for being there for me at trying times that I even feel like giving up. I wish you a Good Night rest and a blissful quiet time tonight.

35. “Life goes on,” they say. But, I don’t want the bad and terrible things that you had to battle with this year to continue. I pray that this night will mark the end of all your sorrows. Good Night my friend.

36. For all that you gave been working on, I pray that this night will bring about the beginning of your reap season so that you can milk the fruits of all your labour. Good Night to you my lovely friend.

37. It’s for you that I write this prayer; may the Lord protect you from any harm the enemy is trying to maim your life with, this night. Goodnight my lovely Friend.

38. Whatever it is that makes you feel sad throughout this day, may this fall with an unexpected blessing of good news that will dry away your tears. Good Night to you my friend.

39. Good Night my lovely Friend. Let all that your mind keeps wishing for be grated into you as you get to your bed to rest for the day sweetie.

40. I pray that you get to find solace tonight, despite all that you’ve been through this year. Especially these recent weeks that have passed. Good Night my sweet Friend.

41. Goodnight to the most caring, loving, honest and understanding friend I have. May this night be full of happy and sweet dreams for you.

42. I wish you all that you deserve to enjoy in life. May all your hearty cravings begin to pop up in your dreams even before you wake up in the morning to tap the blessings. Good Night my friend.

43. I wish you all the goodies you deserve in life. May all that you are supposed to be enjoying not be deprived of you. Begin to find a way of coming to you dear. Goodnight.

44. I wish that to ingest moon will be brighter than it has ever been and as you go to turn off the lights to retire to your bed, bear it in your kind that I’m wishing you a Good Night my lovely Friend.

45. No matter how people treated you tonight or even badly relate to you throughout your winding hours, today. Remember that I wish you all Good Night rest full of lovely dreams.

46. I may not have the best words, the best write up, the best language to text you about what’s on my mind. But, I pray that you have a lovely night sleep. Goodnight my dear.

47. I wish you sweet love, peace of mind and a blissful night sleep.

48. It doesn’t matter how bad you felt today. It doesn’t matter how annoying it feels to get turned down and maltreated by people in your workplace. May this minute make you find peace of mind. Good Night.

49. I’m wishing you a blissful quiet time as you go gown to meet your loved one, switch off the light and rest. Good Night.

50. May peace be with you every single minute of your night my sweet and lovely friend. Good Night.

51. Just like wallpaper is always constant on the screen of an Android phone. I wish you perpetual peace of mind as you go to sleep this night. Goodnight my lovely Friend.

52. I’m wishing a Good Night to the special person whose thoughts make my stomach have butterflies.

53. Goodnight to the only one I can boastfully call my love. Let your night rest be a blissful one. Muah!

54. The night may be boring and to quite but, I wish you a happy night rest as you keep dreaming about the happy moments we spend together. Good Night.

55. I feel so lonely and bored without you around. I wish you were here so we could discuss and talk about politics, football and business. Anyways, I wish you a joyful night rest tonight. Good Night.

56. If wines wishes were as easy as blinking an eyelid. I will make your feathers to fly home and start dozing off immediately you close from work. Anyways, I wish you a happy night rest. Goodnight my Friend.

57. As I reached out to switch off my lights and go to bed. My mind became flooded with thoughts of you. I wish you a night full of sweet dreams. Muah!

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58. I wish that as you begin to sleep every single things or issue that pains your heart will become less and less frustrating that you will wake up in the morning feeling renewed. Good Night.

59. Goodnight my charming, sweet and gorgeous friend. I wish you a happy night rest. Bye, bye.

60. I’m just texting you this message to wish you a happy night rest because I know that you must have had a stressful day’s job. Good Night my lovely Friend.

61. I know that I won’t be there to entertain you with sweet tales and stories to make your night a lovely one. And I know that it may seem somehow boring to send you a Good Night wish but, I hope that you find peace of mind as you go to bed tonight.

62. I wish you a blissful bedtime and a warm feeling as you go to your bed tonight. Good Night my lovely Friend.

63. Though, your lover is not around to keep you warm this night. But, as you start offing the bulbs to say “lights out” may the feeling of happiness and fulfillment still keep you throughout the night. Good Night.

64. I wish this note I’m texting you has a warm chest with soft and tender palms to hug and huge you heart-melting cuddles this night. Good Night my friend.

65. I wish to wake up tomorrow by morning, calk your line and hear you tell me that “you had a splendid night time”. Good Night my lovely Friend.

66. Let everything formed against you this night be set asunder. May you sleep comfortably than you’ve ever done. Good Night.

67. I pray that your night will be full of sweet dreams for even the moon is happy tonight too. Goodnight my lovely Friend.

68. May all the angels of the night come around to protect you against any weapon formed against your peace of mind by the enemy. Goodnight, okay?

69. May tomorrow’s morning be full of praises as you wake up, push your blanket aside, stretch yourself to get out of bed to prepare for work. Good Night my caring friend.

70. It’s been fun all the way. Having someone like you around me has been so nice and exciting. As the day begins to fold up, may you find comfort in your bed. Good Night my adorable Friend.

71. Every day feels like a pro version of yesterday. And it’s all because I have an amazing friend like you. I always look back and appreciate the very moment our paths crossed. Good Night dear.

72. Sometimes when I don’t see you, I feel like a pet of me is missing or someone has detached a delicate part of my body away. May your night be full of sweet dreams dear, wishing you all the best.

73. May your inner cravings become a reality for you dear. I know you may find it hard to believe but may you find joy and fulfillment in that you strive for starting from now you are about to start sleeping. Good Night.

75. Let all the dreams you used to have that seem impossible become a past experience in your life. Have a Good Night my adorable Friend.

76. Now that you are about to go to sleep and small creatures keep screeching and making eery sounds, may you be kept so safe by the angels too. Wishing a sweet night rest my lovely friend.

77. Good Night is all I can text you this night. May you find comfort and peaceful night time.

78. I can’t tell how your day went or how you currently feel. Because I’ve not being able to call you throughout today. But, I pray that whatever ails your heart will fade off like the thick colour of this night by morning. Good Night my friend.

79. It doesn’t matter how bad you used to feel while at your workplace. May all that troubles your heart be washed away as soon as you go to sleep. Good Night my lovely Friend.

80. You are too special to me not to get a night wish from me. May your night be filled with happiness. Goodnight.

81. Tonight is going to be a splendid one for you. It doesn’t matter how annoying you felt by the bad things you faced today, it doesn’t matter how low you felt before opening this message. Good Night my friend.

82. May your night time be a restful one. May all that has been troubling your heart get resolved even before you put the lights off. Good Night my friend.

83. I’ve missed you a lot. May your night be full of smiles. May you wake up feeling energetic and strong. Good Night my friend.

84. May your abilities be brightened just like the moon is lightening the sky and may your weak points be dimmed like shadows. Good Night my friend.

85. Good Night to the only person I can call my brother who was given birth by another mother. May you have a perfect night rest.

86. May you have a perfect night rest my dear. Rest well okay? So that you can wake up tomorrow full of energy and strength. Good Night.

87. Even if you are feeling low this evening. May you rise just like the moon and stars tonight. And may you wake up feeling strong and healthy in the morning. Good Night my friend.

88. Good Night to the only one who I can trust enough among my friends. May you continue to soar in your hustle, my dear. Good Night.

89. Let all that is currently standing in your way to attaining success be removed. May your night rest be secured by the Angels of the most high. Good Night.

90. May you have a joyful night rest my lovely friend. I’m wishing all the best that you deserve tonight my dear. Good Night.

91. I am sending you this message as a reminder that I aced about you ANSI wish you the best in life and business. Goodnight, my adorable Friend.

92. Let all that is yours become your possession. And may all that the enemy is planning to take away from you be kept safe by angels. Good Night my lovely Friend.

93. Good Night to my only dearest friend. The one whom I will not mind killing for (literally). Yes, I can do that for you, you know? Lol. Good Night okay? Bye.

94. Good Night to my lovely friend. I will miss the remaining hours of today without you. But, I pray that you enjoy your night and wake up feeling good and energetic dear.

95. Bye-bye to the bad moments you have today, bye-bye to the heartbreaking news and stories you heard or read. Let the night time you’ll have soothe all the pains as it keeps fading away till morning comes. Good Night.

96. You’ve been with me since the times we used to play on the sand in from of our compound. Remember those childish moments we used to pay for owning a mansion? Yeah, I wish that this night will make you have a realistic vision to build one. Wishing you all the best. Good Night my childhood friend.

97. Winning is going to be your portion in all that you’ve desired to achieve but failed in when never you try. I’m wishing you a Good Night my adorable Friend.

98. Good Night to the one who prays for me and I know he does because he is always rooting for me too. Take care and bye for today, okay?

99. I know that your eyes are somehow sleepy as you read this message or maybe you’re already asleep as I type this now. But, something in my heart just keeps tickling me to wish you a sweet Night Rest. Goodbye.

100. Good Night to my real nigga. I pray that you eke up feeling more energetic than you’ve been today. May you have a great night ahead.

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