Happy 18th Birthday Messages for Cousin Male or Female

Happy 18th Birthday Messages for Cousin Male or Female

For quite a number of persons, 18 is when life begins, it is the beginning of adulthood, and if one is not careful, people at this age might overdo things.

For example, age 18 has got so many youths thinking they are now mates with their fathers/mothers, which isn’t supposed to be so. Therefore, this age is worth all the encouraging and inspiring words, even from you to a loved one like your cousin.

Your cousin that is turning 18 needs all the words of encouragement he/she can get on their birthday. They need to be told how things are as they journey to adulthood.

They need someone like you to have their back and be there when things don’t seem right. Either you’re younger or older, they need to be encouraged by you.

The happy 18th birthday messages for cousin male or female below were written with thoughts of you in mind. They were crafted to fit your desired purpose. Your cousin is definitely going to be delighted to receive such thoughtful messages from you as they journey towards adulthood.

Just endeavour that you pick the best for him or her.

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18th Birthday Greetings for Cousin Brother

Just thought to send my greetings on your 18th birthday, dear cousin brother. You are one of the best brothers I have around, and I’m thankful for that. Happy 18th birthday to you.

1. Yaaay!!! It’s my cousin’s birthday. I am so happy for you, dear and I’m super proud of how far you’ve come. Just so you know, life begins at 18. So, brace up like the man that you are. Happy birthday, my dear.

2. It’s such a delight to see you grow into such an amazing young man. You’re gradually becoming a spec. Lol, don’t mind me. I hope that line continues to fall for you in pleasant places, as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

3. What more can I ask for in a cousin? You are sweet and amazing all-around. I thank God for making you, my cousin. If you weren’t a cousin to me, then you’ll probably be a brother. Happy birthday, darling.

4. I hope that you enjoy God’s grace anew, as you clock 18. You’re such a bright young man with a bright future in sight. I hope that your wishes come true, darling. Happy birthday to you. Meanwhile, we are all proud of you.

5. Thank you for making me a proud cousin. You need to see my shoulder pads whenever I talk about you to other people; they are always high. I love what you’ve turned out to be. Happy 18th birthday to you.

6. Look who’s 18. I can’t forget how I used to change your diapers, back then. You’re now a sweet young guy, and even taller than I am. Well, it’s all growth and I am super excited for you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

7. You had better start coming got lessons on how life is, starting from 18? My dear, even though I am very happy about this feat, adulthood still sucks. I hope you’re ready for what’s coming. Don’t worry, I will be here to guide you.

8. So now you’re 18 already? No one is as excited as I am, trust me. See the very little boy I used to carry everywhere I go back then. I am so happy for you my dear. Life is just about to hit you, though. Brace yourself, and be a man. Happy birthday.

9. I hope you’ve been told about how life begins at 18. In case you haven’t, then you will have to see me for lectures. Truth be told, I am so happy about your new age. May God bless you today and every day of your life. Happy 18th birthday to you.

10. I really wished someone sat me down and told me about all the lessons I will learn in my 18th year, I wouldn’t have made some mistakes. Well, it was fun. I will be here to put you through. Happy 18th birthday, cousin.

11. Dear cousin, I feel so delighted to witness this special day of yours. Just know that the journey of life has just begun for you. Not to worry, I will be here. Don’t allow anything to get in the way of the celebration. Happy 18th birthday.

12. Welcome to adulthood, where things seem so easy, but are actually hard. While I am happy that you’re progressing, I really wish that your 18th year brings you good luck. Congratulations on turning 18. God bless you.

13. World stop! My big cousin is 18. I’m so happy right now. Even before turning 18, you have always been so responsible and respectful. You stand up for yourself and your siblings, come what may. I hope that your future will be always bright. Happy birthday to you.

14. I know adulthood sucks, but don’t worry, God will always go before you. I have passed that phase, and I can boldly say that it wasn’t an easy ride. You will scale through, with the help of people like me. Happy 18th birthday to you.

15. As you turn 18, never ever be so full of yourself. Turning 18 comes with so much pride, and this has led to the downfall of so many. Endeavour to be humble always. Don’t be rude to your elders. Take corrections and act accordingly. You will be fine. Happy birthday to you.

16. You are the sweetest cousin brother ever. I really enjoy spending time with you, as you’re full of wisdom and insight. I hope that your good qualities help you in scaling through your adulthood. Happy 18th birthday to you.

17. Life, they say begins at 18. Well, that’s true in most cases. You will almost always find yourself wanting more irrelevant things, but you need to wave them off and focus on the important things. Congratulations on becoming an adult. Happy 18th birthday to you.

18. You are my cousin, but there’s no one in the family I enjoy being around other than you. You are so full of wisdom. A time with you isn’t a time wasted at all. I’m thankful for how far you’ve come. May God see you through adulthood. Happy 18th birthday to you.

19. I love you so much, cousin. And I’m glad that you’re getting a lot of things right. I’m so sure you’re ready to hop on the tasks this age has to offer. I trust you to face it with wisdom. Happy 18th birthday to you.

20. Dear cousin, as you turn 18 today, I really wish to sit you down and talk to you about some things you need to know. Not to worry, I will find time and come see you myself. Adulthood is no joke, but you can always count on me. Happy 18th birthday.

21. When I turned 18, your mom told me so many things I needed to know. She told me things that come with being 18. I’m sure she has told you the same. Just take it easy on yourself. We will be here to help you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

22. You’re a wise young man, cousin. I trust you to always tackle things the best way. 18th has got nothing on you, really. I wish you all the best, as you move on to better things ahead. Happy 18th birthday to you.

23. Being a man isn’t by mere saying; it’s not just by mouth. Now is the time to take up some responsibilities on your shoulder, so we can know if you’re man enough to go through this age. Don’t mind me, dear. Happy 18th birthday, lovely cousin.

24. What’s not to love about you? I will do anything for you, including telling you all you need to know about this age. I will tell you all I went through and how I made it out. Yes, I love you too much. Happy 18th birthday to you. Meanwhile, you’re not paying me for that.

25. Experience, they say is the best teacher. 18 will teach you some life’s lessons you will never forget. Just take it easy on yourself. If there’s any problem, feel free to call me. Congratulations on becoming 18. I wish you all the best.

Birthday Message for Cousin’s 18th Birthday – Male

You know I always have you in mind, hence this message. I’m so happy that you’re finally turning 18. I wish that God makes things easy for you, as you journey through. Happy birthday to you.

26. I really hope you’re charged enough for your eighteenth-year challenge. It’s going to be a long one; you will feel like quitting, but people like me won’t allow that to happen. I wish you all the very best for the future. Happy 18th birthday.

27. I was so excited about turning 18. I never really knew life for me, just started. I did lots of messy things, but in the end, I learned. Now, I am a better person; better enough to tell you to take it easy with age 18. Happy 18th birthday, cousin.

28. You’re my favourite cousin, and I love you too much. You have been my backbone for years, and I’m grateful. About turning 18, my big sister told me a lot of things about the age. Please find time to come see her, so she can help. Happy birthday to you.

29. 18 can be really cool and easily get into your head, but trust me, it’s just for a couple of days. Life hits differently at 18 because that’s the beginning of adulthood. You will be fine, trust me. Happy 18th birthday to you.

30. What’s with all these dancing and shouts all over the place because you’re turning 18? You really don’t know anything about this age. I’d suggest you come to me for some lessons. Happy 18th birthday, anyways. Wish you good luck.

31. As much as I love you, I really need to be truthful to you about this age you’re turning. 18 isn’t an easy one. You will definitely find yourself getting addicted to some bad things, but always remember I will be here whenever you need help. Happy 18th birthday to you.

32. Now that you’re 18, you are free to stay alone, if you wish to. This is to show you that you have come of age and life begins at 18. I want you to be really careful with everything you do. Think things through thoroughly, before talking about them. May God help you. Happy 18th birthday.

33. You are one cousin I love so much, and up till now, I still feel that my mom should’ve birthed you. I am so free around you, and that’s because you make it so easy. I’m happy about your turning 18, and I’m hoping to take some lessons from you when I reach the age. Happy 18th birthday.

34. Your 18th birthday is here, and trust me, you don’t want to know how happy I am. This is a new phase of your life that needs to be dealt with caution. Yes, you have to be careful about everything. Happy 18th birthday to you.

35. Dear cousin, you know I will do anything to see you happy. I am very sure that you will make us all proud. By this time next year, we will be singing your praises over the place. You can tackle 18, I trust you. Have a wonderful journey in life.

36. It’s such a huge blessing to have such a cousin like you in my life. You are always right in my corner. You encourage me to do more, and you never stop having my back. I know you will be a great man. Happy 18th birthday.

37. With every fibre of my being, I am officially welcoming you to adulthood. Here, things are planned very well, before considering whether to embark on them or not. I mean, you don’t just do things because you want to do them. God will see you through. Happy 18th birthday.

38. You are the best cousin anyone could ever wish for. Don’t worry about turning 18, because I will be right there to make sure that everything goes well for you. Enjoy this special moment of your life to the fullest. Happy 18th birthday to you.

39. I know you have a very bright future, and you’re fully charged to take on the tasks, but she 18 is very tasking. I know you will come out strong and victorious. Happy 18th birthday, my cousin. I wish you all the best.

40. This new age is looking promising already, I can feel it. All the same, I want you to know that you’re about to have more duties, more responsibilities and of course the greatest moments in life. Welcome to adulthood. Happy 18th birthday.

41. I know how long you have waited for this day to come. Now, it’s here. I want you to know that it’s not as easy as you’ve always pictured it. Most times, things will not go as you’ve planned. But you will be fine, anyways. Happy 18th birthday to you.

42. You make every one of us happy with your jokes, every time you are around. You’re fun to be with, and we’re all fortunate to have you in this family. May you be happy always. Congratulations on your 18th birthday.

43. You are 18 now, which means that you are now officially permitted to do whatever you want to do. Never include bringing rude to the list. Here’s the perfect time to know what your life will turn out to be in the future. Use it wisely. Happy 18th birthday to you.

44. I hope you know that you are no more a kid. You are old enough to make decisions for yourself, without guidance from anyone. Here, you get to define your own world by the things you do. Happy 18th birthday.

45. For you, adulthood has begun today. Here in this hood, you will make a lot of mistakes before you get things right. But don’t worry, those mistakes are important in making you excel. You will be alright. Happy 18th birthday to you.

46. You are an adult now, and you’re free to stand alone. You don’t need to be where you’re not celebrated, as it would affect you negatively. Make sure that you’re always found in the best circle. Happy 18th birthday, dear cousin.

47. I am sure you know you’re destined for greatness. No matter what 18 throes at you, always remember that you have young ones following your footsteps. So, never give up. Happy 18th birthday. May you be blessed and highly favoured.

48. I hope you’re ready for the experiences this age is planning to bring. 18 brings both good and bad experiences, and each has its own use. Make sure you use them wisely. I’m happy for you, dear. Happy 18th birthday to you.

49. Here’s wishing you all you need to function actively in this journey. May you not be tired of the journey, and I hope it brings you closer to true happiness. Happy 18th birthday to you. I love you, cousin.

50. This is the first day of adulthood for you. My advice is that you enjoy this day to the fullest because, after today, responsibilities begin to hit you. You might not find it funny, though. If you’re wise enough, it wouldn’t be that bad. Happy 18th birthday to you.

18th Birthday Quotes for Cousin Sister

No amount of quotes can do justice to how sweet you are. I feel so safe around you, dear cousin. I hope that you enjoy all the blessings that come with being 18. Happy birthday to you, my cousin sister.

Five things you must never tell an 18-year-old on his/her birthday.

51. Hey cousin, I want to specially congratulate you for making it to adulthood. Here, lots of guys (including married men old enough to be your father) will start chasing you. Don’t fall for their tricks, so you don’t get hurt. I love you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

52. I learnt a lot in my 18th year. It wasn’t really a smooth ride for me, because there was no one to put me through. Thank God you have me now, I am willing to tell you all you need to know. Happy 18th birthday to you.

53. You’re 18, already. Remember you’re a lady, and you need to adjust your crown at every opportunity that you get. Employers will start asking you for sex, once you ask them for a job. Don’t fall for that, they will only harm you. I love you, sis. Congratulations to you.

54. As you clock 18, one thing I need you to know is, you don’t have to be available every time. You have to make people see your worth by not being around all the time. By so doing, people will not take you for granted. Happy 18th birthday to you.

55. I want to welcome you to age 18. Here, you don’t have to accept everything deal, no matter how much is involved. Be and act like the queen that you are. Make people see your worth by turning down what’s not favourable to you. I wish you good luck. Happy birthday.

56. Now, you are allowed to have as much fun as you want, just like other adults do. But learn to know when you’ve had enough fun, so you don’t blame yourself later. Simple put, do things minimally. Happy 18th birthday.

57. I see all the love you’re getting, and I must say you deserve all of them. But not everyone will take you things that come with this age. I love you enough to open up to you, so see me later. Happy 18th birthday, beautiful cousin.

58. God is just starting with you, I hope you know that. Now is the time to give God good reasons to have your back. Never turn your back against God, because you will always need Him. Happy 18th birthday to you.

59. Today is your birthday, and it is a special day for everyone in our family. We are so delighted to be a part of your life. You have done really well, so far and we hope that you continue like that. Happy 18th birthday to you. You

60. In all you do, don’t let the “adult” title get into your head. Adulthood is far more than just being proud or boasting over the place. You have real tasks to tackle, so better be ready to face them all. Happy 18th birthday to you.

61. Your parents are about to stop doing certain things for you, like laying your bed. You will do practically everything, that’s one of the prices you have to pay for adulthood. In all, I wish you heaven’s best and true happiness. Happy 18th birthday to you.

62. This is the time you truly behave like a big girl. You find yourself too big to ask your parents for money and the likes. You just want to be in charge of your life, without disturbance from no one. Be really wise about all you do. Happy beautiful to you.

63. You are 18 now, and you shouldn’t be expecting your parents to disturb you with calls like before anymore. You are old enough to take care of yourself now. But be sure to call whenever you need me. Happy 18th birthday.

64. This is such an exciting time for me. I’m so happy and emotional, at the same time. We all never thought you would make it this far. Coming this fat shows how much you’ll make a difference. I love you forever. Happy 18th birthday to you.

65. I want you to accept my heartfelt wishes, as you clock 18. All your life, you’ve always been known for great things. I hope that this age never makes you go from good to bad. I wish you get everything you want in life. Happy birthday to you.

66. You are always by my side, no matter what. I never knew I could be so close to a family member. You changed the whole narrative about cousins not being able to get along. Thanks for not letting pride get in your way. Happy 18 birthday, beautiful.

67. I doubt if you’re as excited as I am, right now. I have been wanting to welcome you on this adulthood journey for a very long time. Thank God you’re now here. You will now understand that things are not always how they look. Happy birthday to you.

68. To my beautiful cousin on her birthday, it’s my pleasure to finally welcome you into adulthood. You deserve the most beautiful things of life, and I hope your 18th hear comes bearing these. Happy birthday to you.

69. Who deserves good luck, success, love and hope for the best future, if not you? You deserve these and more because you’ve always proven yourself to be equal to the task. There has never been a prouder moment in my life. I’m so happy for you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

70. You are so goal-driven and ambitious. Someone like you deserves to go through things with ease. I’m sure your 18th year will be most exciting and fun. Just make sure you always get things right. Happy 18th birthday to you.

71. How blessed can one be? I have a cousin and friend, just in one person. Please start calling me the most blessed. I’m so blessed to have you in my life, dear cousin. It’s been an easy one with you. I pray that God makes things easy, as you turn 18. Happy birthday to you.

72. Even though I passed this age, two years ago, I still need you to know some things about it. Please, find time to see me so we can talk. By the way, you get irresistibly stunning, by the day. I hope this new age looks good on you. Happy birthday to you.

73. You are my favourite cousin and my favourite person in the world. You are a source of joy and happiness to me, and things only get better with you. I hope things go as you’ve planned, in this new year. Happy 18th birthday to you.

74. I really hope you haven’t started drawing maps and planning on how you want your 18th year to be. These things are not necessary, as you don’t know what the age will bring. Just keep working on yourself. You will be well. Happy birthday to you.

75. With a gladsome mind, I am delighted to welcome you into adulthood. Adulthood is such a blessing; it is filled with numerous life’s lessons, and you have to be calm to learn. God bless your days. Happy 18th birthday to you.

18th Birthday Wishes for Cousin – Female

It’s your 18th birthday, dear cousin. You only keep becoming more beautiful by the day. Make your wishes, as you clock 18. I hope that God grants them. Happy 18th birthday to you.

76. This day is the beginning of a new dawn in your life. You aren’t permitted to see things the way you did the previous year. This age expects you to be wiser and know what’s best for you. Good luck to you. Happy 18th birthday, sweet cousin.

77. All the last night gist would’ve been boring and maybe meaningless if I weren’t sharing them with you. You make life so beautiful for me, and I’m thankful for your companionship. Don’t worry, we will talk about age 18. Happy birthday to you.

78. You’re the only one who makes being myself so easy for me. Others just want to judge me like, they don’t really care about my feelings. I’m thankful to have someone like you from my family. Happy 18th birthday to you, dear. I love you.

79. Your 18th birthday presents are here already, and I can’t wait to have them over to you. Some are to thank you for being so nice to me, while some are your actual birthday present. You will love them all. Happy 18th birthday to you.

80. I heard age 18 comes with a lot of pride. Well, I hope I’m not one of the people you’re planning to be proud to, else I will deal with you. I’m so happy for you, my cousin. Happy 18th birthday to you.

81. Telling all my friends to stay away from you is about to be one hell of a task. This is the time guys will start coming around talking about how hot you are. They will promise you heaven and earth, but they just want to get in your skirt. Be careful. Happy birthday to you.

82. I hope you don’t change from who you truly are. Don’t allow the paparazzi of adulthood to snatch your happy life away. I know you’re capable of going through this the best way. Happy 18th birthday to you.

83. I don’t really have fears about this your 18th year at all. I have known you almost all my life, and I know that contentment is your watchword. I trust you to keep this energy going. Happy 18th birthday to you, with lots of love from me.

84. I keep living with you more and more. Other members of the family don’t know what’s going on. Let’s keep confusing them with our love. Happy 18th birthday to the sweet human I know. I wish all your wishes come true. I love you.

85. Since the moment I first held you in my arms, I made the promise never to let you lack anything good, so long I am alive. It’s the most beautiful experience keeping to my promise. I hope you’re enjoying the big aunty benefits. Happy 18th birthday to you.

86. You have succeeded in making me the proudest aunt in the world. How did I get so lucky? God must really love me. You give me so many reasons to take care of you, my dear. I’m willing to continue this, as long as you keep doing well. Happy 18th birthday to you.

87. I have always known you to be someone who has bigger dreams and will stop at nothing to make sure they are well actualized. You are a great lady, and I hope you keep this energy going. Happy 18th birthday to you.

88. The 18th year comes with the big girl tag. You are not expected to be dirty or dress shabbily like you always do. You really need to change now, as a lot of younger ones will be looking up to you. Happy 18th birthday to you.

89. You are 18 now, and this means that you’re eligible to become a role model to anyone who cares. You need to start doing things differently if you want to be taken seriously. I wish you all the best on this day. Happy 18th birthday to you.

90. I want you to know that you’re the closest to my heart, and I think about you even more than you think. I have always wanted the best for you, and this is why I will be available to answer any question about age 18. I’m ready to put you on the right track. Happy birthday.

91. You are one of the reasons I am happy with life. You have always been there for me. You go through worse, but you never show it. I hope that you get to enjoy everything you’ve always wanted. Happy 18th birthday to you, my cousin.

92. Personal hygiene is very important, but you don’t take it seriously. Now is the time to be intentional about taking care of yourself, if you don’t want to be labelled a dirty girl. Happy 18th birthday to you, sugarpie.

93. We have really come a long way. In fact, I can’t forget all the stupid, funny, exciting moments we shared together. Don’t worry, we are about to create even more wonderful memories together. Happy 18th birthday to you.

94. You are my sister, not just my cousin. We have a lot of things in common, and this is one of the reasons our relationship keeps going. You are one of such kind, and I hope that God gives you the strength to go on with adulthood. Happy 18th birthday to you.

95. You are the best cousin anybody could ever wish for. You inspire me to become better and achieve better results while I do my thing. I hope she 18 ushers you into great things in life. Happy 18th birthday to you.

96. My lovely cousin, you are one of the most important people in my life. You make my life reachable to people who haven’t even met me. You are about to have the biggest party for your birthday. Happy 18th birthday to you.

97. Cousins are great but greater as best friends. I’m glad I can call you my cousin and best friend. You are a very important part of my life. Thank you for having my back when no one else is. God bless all you do. Happy 18th birthday to you.

98. There’s no such thing as boredom, with you. You make everywhere lively by just opening your mouth to talk. We are grateful for having you in this family. We hope that you have a beautiful year ahead. Happy 18th birthday to you.

99. No one else understands me better than you. You took your time to know the kind of person I truly am, and I’m glad I have never made you regret the decision of getting close to me. It can only get better. Happy 18th birthday to you.

100. Our bond is deeper than we think; it’s so special and unbreakable. I love how positive we are in achieving great things together. Welcome to chapter 18, where you don’t have to seek permission from anyone before you get things done. Happy 18th birthday to you.

Hello there! I hope you’re happy with all the happy 18th birthday messages for cousin male or female up there. Please, if you are, endeavour to share with family and friends, including acquaintances. Also, stay glued for more exciting contents. Thank you.

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